Here’s the comic that the meme “Crazy Diamond can’t fix people’s shit taste in everything” comes from. This comic was included in the Hirohiko Araki Works art book. It’s nice to see the disclaimer at the end since this particular “Josuke” Isn’t nearly as nice as the real one.

  • Scanned by MusicEdge
  • Translated by Daxing Dan
  • Typesetting by MistaL

Today’s excellent character of the day is Higashikata Josuke from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Diamond is Unbreakable)!

Josuke is a goofy, happy teenager who tries not to take things too seriously. He takes great pride in his hair, which looks super cool, if I do say so myself. He loves his friends and family dearly, and will protect them at any cost! He’s a very reactive person, so he won’t exactly go looking to pick fights with other people. He loves to look great and wear fashionable clothes! Keep on being excellent, Josuke!