hieronymus brunschwig

Hieronymus Brunschwig’s Liber de Arte Distillandi

Hieronymus Brunschwig’s Liber de Arte Distillandi, printed in Strasbourg in 1512, is a practical manual on chemical, alchemical, and distillation devices and techniques used to manufacture drug therapies. It includes instructions on how to distill aqua vitae, potable gold, artificial and natural balsams and how to use distillates to treat illnesses in surgical cases.

Hieronymus Brunschwig, Liber de arte Distillandi ... Gruninger Strassburg, 1512. The book is mentioned in the Honeyman catalogue (Volume 1 530) as being famous for its wealth of illustrations - “130 of the woodcuts show distilling apparatus and furnaces, some larger woodcuts show bedside scenes, apothecaries and anatomical illustrations.”