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what's the funniest joke you've ever heard

It’s not a joke as such, but it happens to be Good Omens related!

The first time I read the novel, Crowley’s little internal aside of

That Hieronymous Bosch. What a weirdo.

made me laugh for about twenty minutes straight, because if you know Bosch and 14th/15th-century theology and the social climate of the time, it just…

Look, IDEK what to tell you. I’m giggling about this even now.

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you spoil us so much with your fics!! thank you :D hope you're having a lovely day

Hello, anon!  I am having a good one, thank you.  In fact, I’m on lunch break and just got a nifty, unusual thing out of a fortune cookie:

(I hope you’re having a great one, too.  Thanks again, and I’m glad you like the stories!)

Hieronymus Bosch, Tree Man, (1505)

The focal point of Hell, occupying a position analogous to that of the Fountain of Life in the Eden wing, is the so-called Tree-Man, whose egg-shaped torso rests on a pair of rotting tree trunks that end in boats for shoes. His hind quarters have fallen away, revealing a hellish tavern scene within, while his head supports a large disc on which devils and their victims promenade around a large bagpipe. The face looks over one shoulder to regard, half wistfully, the dissolution of his own body. A similar, though less forcefully conceived, tree-man was sketched by Bosch in a drawing now in the Albertina, Vienna. The meaning of this enigmatic, even tragic figure has yet to be explained satisfactorily, but Bosch never created another image that more successfully evoked the shifting, insubstantial quality of a dream.

i’ve been looking at bosch’s the garden of earthly delights and i just can’t get over how messed up it is.

“hello, little rat, don’t be scared, come to me.”

“owl, please stay with me. you’re my only friend.”

“wow, you’re very interesting for a blueberry.”

“hi, i am leg. did you know i am leg??”

“i am wearing clothes so i hope you don’t know i am bird because i am actual bird.”