Stichting inzamelbank voor dieren Lelystad

Wat doen wij:
Wij hebben als doel, het inzamelen van diervoeding en andere goederen ten behoeve van particulieren in financiële nood. Wij zijn een ( dieren ) voedselbank welke cliënten helpen met diervoeding en andere producten als hierom wordt gevraagd.

De cliënten komen bij ons langs op woensdag en donderdag tussen 13.30 uur en 17.30 uur. Wij helpen de cliënten met voer voor hun dieren ,  daarnaast is het een tegemoetkoming maar geen vervanging ( u moet het zien als de gewone voedselbank )


I got tagged by lovely Hiermancy

1. What country do you like the most?

I’m obsessed with Japan atm. so I’m going with that! But I love my country too though, Norway! ;););););)

2. Have you ever done something illegal?
Downloaded stuff!

3. Do you want to live forever?

Yeah, maybe. :3

4. If you had one wish, what would it be?

100 Billion dollars to every human being and their state, maybe that would end poverty and hunger. Hopefully!

5. Which art style do you prefer?

Impressionistic art like Monet and modernistic andy warhol pop art thingies.

6. Your favourite song?

Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney - Blinded By The light & manfreds mann’s earth band - ebony and ivory! (they make me happy)

7. Do you think that animals are as intelligent as humans?

Maybe some, we really don’t know, maybe dogs have secret batcave……

8. What is the first thing a baby thinks about?

Their otp!

9. What’s your favourite meal?

Dinner, Taco.

10. Are you addicted to something?

Breathing, food and water!

11. And your favourite book?

George R.R. Martin’s Storm Of Swords :))

My 11 questions:

  1. People you look up to?
  2. Your OTP?
  3. First concert you’ve ever been to? And if you’ve never been to any, who would you want to see?
  4. If you could go back in time and stay there, where would you go?
  5. Your favorite pokemon?
  6. Your fave beverage?
  7. First country you went to? And you’ve never been to any country than your own, where do you want to go?
  8. Favorite artist?
  9. favorite games?
  10. First gaming console?
  11. Favorite quote?

I tag you, all of you!

Planeswalker Positivity Week 1: Gideon Jura

Day 2: The Lore

Unlike most Planeswalkers, Gideon doesn’t hesitate to enter combat. This powerful white mage is driven by loyalty and practices hieromancy, the magic of holy justice.

Gideon’s strong morals and sense of duty have served him well as an agent for the Order of Heliud, an organization that sought to bring law to the plane of Regatha. When the pyromancer Chandra Nalaar became an obstacle to the Order’s goals, they sent Gideon to intercept her on the plane of Kephalai. She was attempting to steal—for a second time—a powerful fire spell with a map to the Eye of Ugin, hidden away on the plane of Zendikar.

Never before had Gideon’s quarry been so crafty, resourceful, and elusive. On Kephalai, Gideon briefly apprehended her, but she escaped. Tracking her down to on the dark plane of Diraden, he then became Chandra’s unlikely ally as the two joined forces to escape the predations of the plane’s vampire ruler, Velrav.

Only on returning to Regatha did Chandra learn that Gideon served the Order and that she would have to surrender to prevent her adopted home from being destroyed. With Gideon’s help, Chandra survived this persecution, giving him reason to question the Order’s true motives. It wasn’t long before she departed again, once more in search of the Eye of Ugin.

After some soul searching, Gideon decided to follow Chandra to Zendikar, believing he could help her stay alive on that treacherous, unpredictable plane. By the time he arrived, Chandra was gone and Zendikar was under siege from the ancient world-eating beings known as the Eldrazi. Now Gideon searches the Multiverse for allies to help him save Zendikar from being consumed.

Gideon’s Orgin: Kytheon Iora of Akros by Ari Levitch
The Greater Good by Adam Lee
Battle for the Ninth by Adam Lee

Art:  Gideon, Champion of Justice by David Rapoza

((What we know about Gideon))

Before he took the name Gideon Jura, he was known as Kytheon Iora, a thirteen-year-old kid from the slums of Akros on the plane of Theros.  He possessed a strong sense of justice, and his magic made him resilient to physical harm. This combination led him to speak more with actions than with words.

He lead a small group of street toughs known as Kytheon’s Irregulars. Together, they acted as a force for justice and charity in the slums. While raiding a Akroan estate for food, they drew the attention of the city guards.

Still standing for justice even while incarcerated, Kytheon fought against the bullying and corruption around him. Hixus, the prison’s warden, began to admire Iora’s commitment to his convictions. He then starts Kytheon’s training in hieromancy, magic based on order and justice.


Grief-strike over the death of his comrades, his Planeswalker spark ignites, sending him to Bant.  He discovers a realm of chivalry, and is inspired to walk the path to knighthood.  He takes the name Gideon Jura and seeks redemption.