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I swear I’m not an ankh nigga. Like I don’t sell oils or incense on 63rd or call fine black women i’m into queens or smell like Egyptian Musk or reblog those really weird arts where the black woman’s belly is the world or her pooms is a garden or her afro is a tree.

But by the end of the year I’ll have two ancient Egyptian hieroglyph tattoos of the writing/library gods and like…I have to accept that I might be a semi ankh nigga. And that makes me sad. But I love these tattoos. 

Liam Payne debuts two new tattoos during night out with One Direction
It looked like Liam Payne decided to commemorate his 22nd birthday with a new inking which he made sure to flaunt whilst out at a friend's Bachelor Party in New York City on Sunday.

He recently celebrated his 22nd birthday.

And it looked like Liam Payne decided to commemorate his special day with two new inkings that he made sure to flaunt whilst out at a friend’s Bachelor Party in New York City on Sunday.

Partying the night away at The Biergarten, the singer was joined by his One Direction band mates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

The boys appeared in great spirits as they headed into the nightspot to knock back the drinks and spend time with their pals.

Keen to show off his new inking, Liam lifted the sleeves on his jacket so that his right forearm was completely visible.

The tattoo was comprised of a skull and a series of roses and also appeared to be laced with some motivational words, though they were partly concealed beneath his denim shirt.

A further inking was sketched on his right hand that showed an eagle flying against the sun.

The Wolverhampton-born star looked typically stylish for his evening on the town in the unbuttoned blue shirt, which he teamed with a white T-shirt, dark denim jeans and brown boots.

His band mates looked equally alluring, with Louis rocking black skinny jeans and a coordinating black T-shirt, and Niall in a white tee, that had been designed especially for the Stag Night, skinny jeans and sand-coloured desert boots.  

Earlier in the day, Liam was seen leaving a tattoo parlour in the city, where he stopped and smiled for photos with fans with his new design wrapped up for protection.  

The singer’s body is already adorned with tattoos, one of which is a feather that has the words ‘I figured it out..’ written beneath, reciting the lyrics of One Direction’s track You & I.

 Above the feather design is a hieroglyphics tattoo which consists of four small pictures of a lion, feather, bird and owl.

It’s believed Liam had the scribing done in 2013, during the same session as former band mate Zayn Malik got his Perrie Edwards tattoo.

Above the aforementioned inking, Liam has since had the phrase 'Somewhere is a place that nobody knows,’ added in April 2014.

Continuing the cryptic quotes is one that reads, 'Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll ever need,’ which the singer has imprinted on his left forearm.

There’s also an 'Only time will tell,’ quote on his wrist from 2012, and four chevrons which are branded on the outside of his right forearm.

Perhaps the tattoo most loved by One Direction’s fan-base however is the tiny inking that all band members have, with the exception of Niall, that depicts two tiny screws on their ankles.

Speaking to ABC’s nightline about the inking in August 2013, Liam dished: 'This was actually the first tattoo I ever got, all of us but Niall have got these on our ankles. It’s just crosses, I don’t know what it means. They’re screws, they keep you together. It’s like a keep you grounded thing.’

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