hiero's journey


A man, a bear and a moose fall into a trapping pit.

After a couple days with no food, the moose sees the man and bear whispering to each other.

The man turns to the moose and says, “Sorry Mr. Moose, but the bear and I are both carnivores and we’ve been a couple days without food.  But, you understand, eh?”

The moose says “ I guess you’re right.  But, listen before you kill and eat me, can I just ask for one last request? There is this birthmark under my tail that supposedly looks like a word, but I’ve never known what it says.  Do you think you could take a look and tell me?”

The man says “Of course”

So the man and the bear get real close to the back of the moose and lift up his tail. Right at that moment, the moose gets up on his front legs and kicks both the man and the bear in the chest.

The man is killed instantly. 

The bear is fatally wounded, and with his dying breath says “I don’t even know why the hell I looked.  I can’t even read.”

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