Living skyscraper concept is straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s dreams

Our greatest cities could see massive tree-like structures rising amidst their skyscrapers one day. Teeming with life, these vertical gardens could provide both food and a bit of green space for city folk. These enormous vertical farms could be the self-sustaining hearts of their host cities. They’ll scrub the air clean, purify local water and produce renewable energy. They’ll be so wonderful that it’ll almost be like living in Lothlorien.



A Jellyfish Barge (balsa água-viva) é um projeto desenvolvido pela empresa PNAT. Consiste num modulo flutuante feito com materiais simples, com uma estufa em formato de pirâmide (aproveitamento de espaço vertical) que além de culturas hidropônicas coleta energia solar e água da chuva, podendo filtrar água do mar e poluição através de membranas relativamente baratas. É claro que é apenas a ideia do design… o projeto no todo é bem simples e pode ser replicado e adaptado de diversas maneiras.

The Jellyfish Barge is a project developed by PNAT company. It consists of a floating module made ​​with simple materials, with a greenhouse in pyramid shape (vertical space utilization) that in addition to its hydroponic crops, it collects solar energy and rainwater, it can also filter sea water and pollution through relatively inexpensive membranes. Of course it’s just the idea of ​​design … the project in whole is very simple and can be replicated and adapted in several ways.

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Lo que necesitan saber sobre hidroponia, huertos en casa y muros verdes más un producto muy interesante juntándolos a todos / What you need to know about hydroponics, indoor gardens and vertical walls plus a very interesting product bringing them all together

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