My Saigenos Headcanons

You know, I’ve come to realize that I have certain headcanons that almost always appear whenever I write a Saigenos fic. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing, whether it’s angst or fluff or smut, this stuff shows up. So, I decided to write that shit down and share it with y’all.

  •  Genos’ equivalence to blushing/being flustered is steam coming off of his arms. I call it “the tea kettle thing”. Dude’s ruined so many shirts.
  • Genos’ eyes are bright and they glow in the dark. They remind Saitama of stars (which is why I use [inter]galactic/stellar/celestial/etc to describe them)
  • Saitama still has bouts of depression   
  • Saitama likes to run his fingers through Genos’ hair and he thinks his hair is wonderfully soft
  • Genos’ core kind of sounds like a laptop running. The sound drifts louder or softer as time goes on
  • Genos doesn’t exactly use ‘Sensei’ all the time. He typically uses it when he’s excited/worried/serious/etc.
  • Saitama likes how warm Genos is and he thinks his temperature is akin to a low running heater
  • Genos sings to Saitama sometimes, whether to help him sleep or cheer him up
  • Sometimes Saitama gets struck by how down right gorgeous Genos is and he’s caught staring at him sometimes
  • Genos has slight spikes of anxiety that he thinks he knows how to handle. He doesn’t 
  • Genos furiously cleans when he’s upset or frustrated
  • It’s become kind of routine for Saitama to go looking for Genos after a battle 
  • Saitama likes to be the big spoon

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46 and Saitama and Genos (of course)

omg yes

also I don’t know why, but ended up getting a middle!school au vibe from this @.@


     They had just gotten back from recess when that Blue-haired guy - Sweet Face? - decided to land a personal assault on Saitama.

    “So what’s with the rugged clothes, egg-face?” he called from the other side of the room with that smug grin. “Did you get them from the thrift shop?”

       (He did actually, but Sweet Face didn’t need to know that.) “Um. No?”

       A couple of his classmates giggled, and suddenly the raven-haired kid felt his uniform get hot. Why couldn’t he have just kept quiet? Why did he have to go out of his way to defend that kid with the glasses earlier? So far the only rule that ever mattered was keeping his head low and keeping quiet - and now here they were being blown out of the water by some k-pop idol looking-

    “I think he’s balding too!” Saitama blushed. “Can you believe that?”

       As the other children erupted in a fit of laughter and Saitama slowly started to feel himself slip away, the sudden urge to at least say something fought its way up his chest until he whipped around and pointed a finger at Amai, a vien throbbing at the side of his head. “Oi, blue face! Shut up, I am a delight! Even if I go bald…” he looked around, wild eyes spotting a tuft of blonde hair  “Even if I end up the biggest loser in the world, that guy would still hang out with me! Right!”

      The room was dead silent.

       With a slow sinking horror did Saitama realize who he just pointed at: young prodigy, handsome, popular “member-of-the-student-council-who-skipped-a-grade” Genos, slowly set his book down and looked up, golden eyes baring into his soul.

    It was a death sentence. Genos had probably never even heard of him before and was going to smite him where he stood right there in front of the class - they didn’t call that kid a demon for nothing!

       Some of the others were leaning forward on their desks at this point, anticipation rolling off their shoulders. Amai was shocked, one of the girls fainted, Sonic was recording - even that shy kid with the scar looked up from his game, heart audibly pounding from across the room. Saitama gulped. “Please,” his eyes pleaded, from one middle schooler to another, “Help me…”

       For just once, please, I just don’t want to be alone anymore…

       Genos stood up, chair scraping against the floor, and Saitama knew he was a dead man. He felt his emotions give way, felt the familiar mask of indifference start to form over his features. His eyes flickered to the floor and waited for doom.

      “Saitama-sempai is the coolest person in the world!”

         W h a t ?

      Saitama’s head whipped up so fast he almost heard a snap; Genos was, face dead-serious, praising him. “It would be the greatest honor to stand by his side!”

         “W…Wow.” That was by far the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. Even passed that one time someone left a bento in his locker. “Thank you, Gen-”

         “He not only works hard, but is incredibly selfless and dedicated, and would stand up for anyone whether or not they would return his kindness!” He whirled around towards Amai and shot a glare. “And I’ll have you know he is most certainly not balding; according to the notes taken in journal 43…”

      Saitama’s awe slowly started to descend as Genos started pulling out notebooks full of notes on him, going on and on about how great he was until the bell rang and class was over.

         By the time everyone filed out, confused and dazed, Saitama was beet red and decided that a lashing from Amai, in hindsight, was probably better than finding out some kid had been taking notes and following him for several months straight. 

         Even Genos was probably starting to think so: Saitama watched as he sheepishly turned around, the tips of his ears pink. “Um.”

      “We don’t have to talk about that.”

         Genos nodded. “My apologies. I just…” his hands, one fleshy the other prosthetic, gripped the straps of his bookbag. “I think you’re really cool, Saitama-sempai,” he said in a small voice.

      “Wait - me? You sure about that?”

      Genos eagerly nodded. “Certainly! You…” he looked around for words, “You’re delightful.”

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“Reaper, do you still love me?” Geno was playing with his phone, although his face were in front of the screen but all his pupils did was stare at Reaper, waiting for an answer.

“Of course.” Reaper answered, placed a smile on his face because of Geno’s silly question. He always love silly Geno.


“What makes you think so?” Reaper turned over to face his lover, and he saw his cheeks were blowing out. Suddenly he wanted to pinch Geno’s soft cheeks a lot.

“We’ve loved each other for like, 1 year, and you still haven’t…” Geno burst out, but stopped immediately. A few blue lines were on his face.

“Still haven’t?” Reaper questioned with his teasing tone, oh look at that smirk, Geno wanted to punch Reaper’s face so bad, yet still falling for it…

“Still haven’t… y'know… kissed?” Geno buried his blushing face into the warmth of his brother’s red scarf.

“Oh~ I know. So my little Geno over here wants me to kiss him? I’m a little surprised, babe~.” Reaper brought his face close to Geno’s, smirking like a fool. “Just try.”

“Try?” Geno used his doe eyes to look at Reaper.

“Ya heard me~”

Geno hesitated for a while. Now, not only his cheeks were hot, his whole face was hot as well. So cute… Geno stammered:


“Please what~?”

Oh right, that asshole likes teasing Geno like this a lot. Geno sighed.

“Pl-Please k-kiss me… Reaper…”

Reaper doesn’t have heart, and if he does, it would melt in front of Geno’s adorable gesture. His body was shaking, his beautiful face was blushing madly. Reaper was trying not to jump on Geno and- nevermind…

“What is that? I didn’t quite hear it?” Reaper giggled.

Too mad about his fucking attitude, Geno took the collar of his shirt and pulled Reaper into a kiss. It was sweet, it was passionate, it was… everything wonderful combined in this world. Reaper was very surprised about Geno’s sudden action, but also enjoyed the kiss so far. Reaper held Geno’s head, making the kiss sweeter and sweeter every second.

When Geno was unable to breathe, they let go each other. Reaper looked at him and smiled:

“Is that enough? Or you want more?”

“I-It…” Geno flustered, he actually wanted more, more of his kiss, more of his touch, but there was something inside him said that he shouldn’t say that. “It’s enough…”

“My sixth sense said that you want more, don’t you? Don’t even lied to me, I know you too well…”

“I KNOW! I lied! Can you quit your fucking tease and kiss me already?!” Geno shouted, dark blue blush covered his whole face.

“Okay, if you want, sweetheart~”

The night passed through quickly to us, but to them, it was like eternity. An eternity of passion, sweetness and… everything wonderful and amazing combined in the world…

Yayyyy~ My favorite ship of all time~ Enjoy folks! Another fanfic of the day…

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Hot young kindergarten teacher sidney crosby O.O

honestly im envisioning it so clearly like put an apron on him and some glitter in his hair and chalk marks on his pants, maybe like two or three kids hanging off his arms and legs, and voila….heartthrob kindergarten teacher