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person is Beautiful,…that her work is truly AMAZING. Hearing her talk about people Not…

Oh, I don’t mind at all if people think I’m wrong to recycle animal parts for my creations - I know where I stand on the subject, and that’s not going to change because a few brain-washed PETA freaks start heckling me. ;) 

The reason I wrote this post was because I started getting an influx of new followers after posting some of my most recent camping expedition photos, and I felt that it was necessary to point out the fact that my blog is not just about hiking, waterfalls, and forests. 

Seems some people follow me expecting trees and hippies and bonfires, then get upset when I post dead animals. They fail to realize that death is just as much a part of Nature as anything else. But since death is ‘nasty’ and 'dark’ and 'gross’ they pretend it doesn’t exist. So then when they see it on their dash, they get all huffy at me. 

Hence, I posted the warning - My blog is a nature and taxidermy blog, and people who don’t like it can GTFO. 

Super old Doodle I did a while back, when I started up when I got my tablet up and going again, Random but nice I guess.

Wolf skull with a Rose, I tend to do quite a bit of these two. Just something I enjoy and have a lot of practice of doing.

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New Stuff over on Redbubble!! 


The top two designs are new on Rebubble, The bottom two are recent Reff Sheets for two characters, one of my own, Cerb. And the other for my Mate of their character Dakota, a Cute little Trans Wolverine. 

Trying to upload more to my Tumblr, I know I’m not super active, but I’m trying to be haha. ©