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A post about Marcone

In any other series, Marcone would be the bad guy. There’s been a lot of discussion about him as of late and it scares me how many people think he’s some undercover good guy.

The person I can think of off the top of my head who Marcone most closely resembles is Wilson Fisk. A mobster who has risen from unknown origins to take up a seat of wealth and power in a city, and rule over the underground world.

It’s very easy to forget when one is dealing with literal blood sucking, soul eating, monsters, but Marcone is in his own way “a monster”. It’s a term he uses to describe himself.

He is the self confessed king of crime in Chicago. Which means nearly every crime runs through him, and he takes a cut of the money on the way through.

Drugs. Human trafficking. Bribes. Money laundering. Protection money. Con artists. Loan sharks. Contract kills. Marcone doesn’t make a habit of pulling the trigger himself. But sending someone else out to kill someone does not make him less guilty. It just makes it harder to trace.

The only time he gives out charity is for tax purposes. Every move he makes is strategically calculated on a scale of “how does this benefit me?”

Even when it comes to his own code of ethics, not killing children is not a base line for being a decent human being. People don’t get trophies for not doing things that wouldn’t even occur to most people. He won’t kill a child, but he’ll kill a child’s parents, he’ll make them an orphan. Even in Even Hand he seriously debates the pros and cons of handing Justine and the child back over to the Fomor. Then at the end he was fine with the idea of shooting Justine, but he decided the cons outweighed the pros.

Marcone spends his life making it look like his hands are clean, which is why he’s not in prison. But that doesn’t mean they are clean. And that’s why Dresden doesn’t get along with him.

Back when they first meet Marcone offers a business arrangement to Harry. He wants Harry on his staff. In exchange Harry gets money. And Harry debates it. It would make his life so much better to have that income.

But he chooses not to because of where that money comes from. It’s blood money. His easy life would be made off the misery of countless other faceless people. People who are less privileged than him.

Marcone’s livelihood is made off the back of people who can’t afford to get away from him, and people who don’t have the power to stand up to him. People who can’t say “fuck you, you bastard” and survive.

When Harry is standing up to Marcone he’s making a show of it. He’s showing Marcone that he’s not all powerful. He’s showing the people around them he’s not all powerful. He’s showing that there is still opposition. Marcone can’t touch Harry. But Marcone wants to change that. He wants to set up a fail safe because one day he won’t be low down on the chain of evil any more.

Like working with Lara, Marcone is the evil Harry knows. Like choosing Mab over Nickle Head, Harry works with Marcone because the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes they have to cross paths, and he would rather go with the evil he can say “fuck you” to and live, than the one that’s going to cost him a piece of his soul. Whenever they work together Marcone gets something out of it, be it revenge on those who endangered his life, a signature for the accords.

Marcone is Wilson Fisk. But Harry isn’t Daredevil. Harry can’t micromanage Marcone when there’s a vampire war, giant vortexes, people killing with magic, fallen angels. Marcone is small potatoes. 

For now.

But since book one Marcone has only ever focused on becoming more powerful, on being a bigger player. That’s why he wanted Harry in the first place.

Marcone is mortal scum. He chose every step he took. When fighting a monster, it is what it is. It didn’t choose the way it was born. But Marcone? Marcone is much more terrifying than that.

Marcone exists.

The Side You Hide

Summary: Sometimes it’s hard to open up a side of yourself no one has ever seen.

Type: Dash of angst with a Fluff ending

Member: Kyungsoo x Reader

Length: 2852 words

I am entirely unsure of how this turned out. I feel a little bleh about it, but maybe it’s because I am terribly sick and in a half-comatose state but enjoying the sound my fingers make when I type. Okay once I get this typed out, I am going to shut myself away and cringe out of my weirdness haha. I hope you enjoy this mess- I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be more angsty. Gray? Not being more angsty? *Gasps* what an incredible outcome. I think it’s safe to say I enjoy writing for Kyungsoo out of the EXO boys. Yeah

-Admin Gray

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“Y/N! Hurry up or you’re going to be late!” Your mom shouted loudly as you scrambled to finish writing your last thoughts. Inspiration had hit you just as you finished getting ready for school, and you couldn’t resist scribbling it down in your notebook in the small amount of time you had left.

“I’m coming! Just one more second,” You shouted back distractedly, your hand aching as you raced to finish your last sentence.  Marking it with a period more violently than intended, you capped your pen and shut your notebook, sighing in satisfaction. You began walking out your bedroom, halting in the doorway as one lone thought made you hang back. What if inspiration hits me again at school today?

The thought stressed you out more than it should have.You were a writer, yes. You wrote at any and all times you were offered. Though this was the case, no one else knew about it. You wrote about all sorts of things, ranging from short stories to your early morning thoughts that should not be read by anyone else’s eyes. Writing was your own personal release, something you only enjoyed acknowledging when alone and in the confinements of your room. The thought of anyone else getting their hands on your journal and reading it terrified you. But the thought of not getting to write any words down when you needed to made you more anxious than your fear. 

It’ll just be for today, you told yourself as you shoved the book into your bag, It’s not like anyone will read it in one day.

You made it to your class just before the late bell rang, hastily rushing to your seat near the middle of the room. You shyly smiled at your amused teacher, who blinked at you in response before turning back to the board. As the teacher began writing, your eyes scanned the class before landing on your closest friend- who happened to be staring right back at you.

Do Kyungsoo. Your most cherished friend since you were ten years old, and your official best friend since you were twelve. Who’s counting, though?

He cocked his head, silently asking why you were running more late than usual. You only grinned back at him, before shifting your attention to the teacher’s lesson as you pulled out your materials. Kyungsoo was confused about your early morning enthusiasm, fully aware of the typical grouch you could be in the mornings. He made a mental note to ask about your happiness before returning his own gaze to the board at the front of the class.

Halfway through the period, the teacher said something that triggered your mind to trail to the story you were writing. Your brain quickly sidetracked, becoming unfocused as your thoughts filled with ideas and brainstorming for what you wanted to write out. Before you knew it, you were hit with the overwhelming desire to write again in your journal, akin to the feeling you got earlier whilst you got ready for school. 

Glancing around, you sighed in relief when noticing everyone was either focused on the teacher or jotting down notes. Slowly and subtly reaching down towards your bag, you blindly fumbled through it before successfully coming into contact with the familiar leather. You smiled with glee, before pulling it out and setting it on top of your class notebook. Looking around once more to make sure the coast was clear, you checked out the teacher before opening up your notebook and your hand started to race across the page.

Kyungsoo was the reserved and observant type of person, someone who was rare within a quaint and lively high school you both happened to attend. His classmates and close friends- including you- knew it was his genuine personality. He cared about his studies, made it his top priority above everything else. That was also something you were highly aware of, for he had rejected your offers of hanging out on more than one occasion in order to complete his homework. One thing you you were unaware of, however, was something he vowed to keep hidden: He was as attentive towards you as he was towards his studies.

Do Kyungsoo was a straight A student.

Because of this hidden secret, one he kept buried beneath his quiet and composed nature, he only silently watched and observed you when you weren’t looking. His soft spot for you would be a secret he planned to take to his grave, in fear of losing you forever if you found out.

There he was, openly and curiously watching as you continued writing without any breaks between sentences, completely taken away by whatever thoughts were plaguing your mind. It was a fascinating sight to him, seeing you so caught up by whatever you were writing down. And he loved it.

You looked at peace, happy and fulfilled as time wore on, his gaze continuing to flicker away if you looked up in worry of the teacher catching you writing. Kyungsoo’s eyes honed in on the small journal resting atop your class notebook, noticing he had never seen it before. He also noticed how far along you were in the pages, meaning you were either a person who didn’t like to write in order or your have been writing in this unfamiliar journal for quite a while.

He didn’t realize how much time had passed until the teacher clapped once, signalling the end of the lesson for today. Kyungsoo blinked in response, unconsciously uttering, “What…” before glancing back at your distracted form. He shoved down his embarrassment of staring at you for so long, focusing on packing up his belongings.

At the sound of the teacher’s dismissal, you slammed your journal shut and shoved everything into your bag. By the time class was over, you had managed to get all of your ideas out with ease. An uncontrollable smile fell onto your lips as you trudged out of the classroom, heading for your next class.The sound of Kyungsoo’s soft voice urged you to stop, glancing over your shoulder to watch him rush to catch up to you. Shooting him a genuine smile, you greeted him with a soft tone.

“Hey Y/N,” He smiled, the both of you continuing on your trek down the hallway. The question swarming his mind was on the tip of his tongue: What were you writing?

Something prevented him from saying the words, though. Maybe it was your bright and satisfied smile, or the thought that you would have brought it up if you wanted him to know about it. So instead of confronting his curiosity, he brushed it off and opted to talk about something else.“I was wondering… after school today if you wanted to study together for that test coming up on Friday? I also know you have that history report due soon so you could use the time to work on that too.” 

Glancing over at him, your heart swelled with warmth at the sound of his suggestion, your eyes curiously studying his handsome face. You would never admit it to him openly, but some of your journal entries happened to be about the guy walking right next to you. It was a secret you definitely vowed to take to your grave. Nodding in response, you waved at him as you neared your next class, calmly calling out, “Sounds like a plan.”

It had been close to an hour since you two sat in the library together, and the topic of your writing had yet to be brought up. Kyungsoo was unsure why he was so curious about it, but the memory of your passionate gaze and your flying hands was enough to be permanently etched into his brain. It would be yet another thought that spurred on his forbidden feelings for you, yet he didn’t oppose to it.

It was funny how completely oblivious you both were to each other’s feelings.

“Alright,” you voiced distractedly as you shuffled through your papers, “I’m going to go hunt for a book in the history section. I just need one more primary source and I’ll be all done with the report.” You smiled politely before standing up and stretching out your limbs. 

He softly tsked at you in response, smirking at you as his voice feigned disapproval. “Now, now, Y/N. If you hadn’t procrastinated for so long, maybe you would have all of your references cited already. That way, you could have already been-”

“Focusing on the analysis. Yeah, yeah, sue me. I’ve heard this speech from you a thousand times already.” You waved him off, an amused smile tugging at your lips as you walked away. He secretly- always secretly- admired you as you turned to look over your shoulder and shot him a playful wink.

Head over heels is what most people would label his feelings towards you. However, he refused to acknowledge that. He valued you as a friend more than anything, and romantic feelings would only get in the way of that.

His initial plan was to continue finishing up his work while you were gone, but a flash of teal peaking out of your backpack tugged at his attention. His blood froze as he recognized the small journal from earlier that day, his mind falling back on his curiosity prior to your small get together. His fingers itched to grab the notebook, to soothe the questions that lingered in his brain. Glancing away, he tried- tried- to return his focus to his studying, but his curiosity got the best of him. What made Y/N happy so earlier? One peek won’t hurt…

The rational side of him knew it was wrong to invade your privacy, but the irrational and love struck side of him jumped at the opportunity to learn more about you than he already knew. Pulling the small and teal book into his hands, he smiled fondly as he ran his fingertips along the outside. Slowly flinging it open, his eyes immediately snatched onto your writing, instantly being drawn in by this new side of you.

Everything he read captured him, made him question how blind he was this whole time about your pensive nature, the thoughtfulness that seeped through every word. His heartbeat gradually picked up, his eyes trained and absorbing as much information on the page that he could get.

Your intricate words, your careful thoughts imprinted onto his mind similar to how they were on the page, and unknowingly he fell for you even harder. He was drunk on you, on the part of you that you hadn’t revealed to anyone, and he couldn’t contain the burst of adoration he felt for you in his chest. Everything you wrote was raw, completely empowering, and utterly you without him even having to acknowledge it. 

As he flipped through the pages, his hand paused on one in particular when his mind unconsciously picked out something in particular. Scanning the page, his eyes snatched onto a highly familiar word that immediately grabbed his attention. It was his own name.

He gasped audibly, his mind being drawn in as he read the words sprawled across the page. He read faster than he ever has before, somehow terrified that if he didn’t read it fast enough, the ink would disappear.

Kyungsoo was sad today. He never opens up to anyone about what’s on his mind, even me who he considers his best friend. But today, he simply told me, “It’s hard to feel happy when everything is crashing down.” If only I could tell him just how much he’s worth to me… maybe then he would know that he’s not alone.

My English project was about him. All the words I recited, about standing by this ‘him’ I didn’t give a name and that I would never turn my gaze to someone else. It was about Kyungsoo, and he didn’t even know it. He clapped just like everyone else in the class, flashing me a small smile that means he’s proud of me. His eyes shined like the beautiful angel he is. He’ll never know it was about him.

Oh, but now he knows. He hungrily flipped through the book, quickly catching onto the pattern. Whenever you wrote an entry or anything about him, you chose to write in red ink.

He inspires me. His silence has an impact on everyone, making what he has to say even more powerful than he can imagine. He is the embodiment of beauty, of positive influence, and he is completely unaware. How can one quiet boy inflict so much emotion from someone as hectic as me?

I wish he would smile more often. His smile leaves my heart pounding….

….He has to know his worth. If he doesn’t, I’ll shout it from the rooftops. I’ll paint it across his bedroom walls, in order for him to wake up and let it be the first thing he sees. I’ll sing it to him as a lullaby…

...He’s gracious… caring… thoughtful… wise.

Is this what love feels like?

That was the last sentence his eyes were blessed with before the book was snatched out of his grasp, startling him as he shot back in his seat. Slowly raising his eyes, his gaze fell into shock as he registered the betrayal and anger that morphed your features.“Y/N I-I-”

“Ever heard of privacy?” You hissed, your stomach wrenching in fear of what he read. You weren’t stupid; you recognized the red ink on the page he was previously reading when you walked up. You felt stripped bare, like someone had cut you open unwillingly and began studying a side of you that you didn’t want anyone to see. How many times did I write his name in that stupid book? Please tell me he thinks it’s someone else.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I just-”

“No one else is supposed to read that but me. I didn’t take you as the type to snoop,” You snapped coldly, grabbing your belongings as quickly as you could. You were terrified, your stomach squeezing in discomfort at the realization that someone had even gotten a remote glimpse at the part of you that only you knew.

Kyungsoo snapped out of his shock just as you left the library, carelessly throwing all of his stuff into his bag and racing after you. “Wait! Let me just-”

Whirling around, he froze at the sight of your chillingly calm features. “How much did you read?”

Gaping at you, he felt his palms immediately grow clammy. Swallowing thickly, he said in his usual quiet voice, “I read enough.”

Chuckling bitterly, you threw your hands into the air out of exasperation. “This is just perfect. Honestly, the icing on the cake-”

“Be quiet, Y/N.” You froze, surprise casting over your expression as you stared back at a serious Kyungsoo. Taking a deep breath, he braced himself before he began to speak. He was quoting someone. You gasped, realizing he was quoting you.

‘I will stand by him. He takes everyone by storm, leaving nothing but pure and unadulterated beauty in his wake. Flaws are evident but essential in someone that holds as much beauty as him. He is the eighth wonder. He holds onto my attention and never lets go. If only he could be considered mine,’” He quoted, stepping forward and gently grasped your hands.

“My english assignment,” You stuttered, your heart pounding in your ears as your brain replayed him reciting your own words. The words you had written about him.

He chuckled softly, before reverting his attention to the ground out of shyness. “I was so jealous that day. When you told everyone it was about someone you know, it killed me inside. I wanted it so badly to be about me, that I couldn’t sleep for two days straight thinking about your love for someone else.”

His gaze softened at the sight of your shocked face, his eyes holding your own. “I love you. I’m sorry for invading your privacy, but I don’t regret it. In fact, I am glad I did because if I hadn’t… I wouldn’t have known how you felt about me. I would have continued on being your friend, burying my feelings in order to make you happy.”


“I don’t care if you hate me now. I just know that I am desperately in love with you.” His voice sounded vulnerable, containing more emotions than he has ever revealed to you in the past six years that you had known him. He was absolutely moved by the words you had written about him. He wished he could never leave from this moment, as the sheer love he felt for you threatened to burst from within him. His heart raced and his face instantly flushed the moment you stepped forward and pressed a sweet kiss into his cheek.

“I love you too, Do Kyungsoo. I guess there’s going to be a lot of red ink in my journal from now on.”

He could only smile.

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