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13 and 6 for jily please!

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Once again James Potter found himself in a really uncomfortable situation.  But at least for once it wasn’t his fault.  Not really anyways.  See, they had been playing truth or dare, and Sirius had dared him to sneak into the girl’s dormitory naked.  For any normal human being, they would have refused, because that is a RIDICULOUS request, and one that could lead to expulsion, or worse, getting kicked off the Quidditch team.

But this was no normal human being.  This was James Potter, the kid who had once gotten away with giving McGonagall cat toys for Christmas.  He was the kid who called Dumbledore “Ally”, and nobody batted an eye.  Him and Slughorn had a book club together.  He and Flitwick once shared a bottle of Firewhiskey at the Three Broomsticks.  Basically, James got away with stuff.  And, to be fair, James not only could turn into a Stag at will, but also had an invisibility cloak at his disposal.  So, James took off his pants, put on his cloak, and galloped up the steps to the girls dormitory.  The plan was for Sirius to check on the Marauders Map, and James had to stay there for 15 minutes.  Not a problem.  

However, it soon became a problem, when James accidentally dropped his invisibility cloak just as someone was coming up the stairs.  And, since no one could know he was an illegal animagi, he was forced to Transfigure himself back into a naked teenager, and hide behind the curtains of an unaccompanied bed.

Which dormitory was he in, anyways?  He said a quick prayer that it wasn’t some room for first years, and listened for signs of life.

“Marlene, you left your clothes on the floor again!” James froze.  He knew that voice.  

“Ugh, I swear, if she doesn’t start picking up after herself, I’m gonna put all her stuff in the Vanishing Cabinet,” Lily Evans muttered to herself.  James prayed again that Lily left the room, and that this wasn’t her bed, but unfortunately those prayers went unanswered.  

Lily ripped open the curtains to her bed and stared at the bright red face of the boy under her blankets.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Lily asked calmly.  James started stuttering.

“Well, see we were playing truth or dare-SIrius made me-and I heard someone coming, and-”

“Would you like to leave my bed?” Lily asked, hiding a smirk.

“Well theres a problem,” James muttered.

“And what would that be?” Lily asked.

“I don’t have anything to cover myself with,” he said.

“I would think you would take my sheets, as I now have to burn them,” Lily said, brightly.  James nodded quickly, and stood up, holding a bundle of blankets.  “Why, may I ask, are you still here?”  Lily asked, annoyed.

“Well, the deal was, I have to stay here for fifteen minutes, and, well, its only been eight.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you are going to stand there, naked, for the next seven minutes, just because Sirius Black dared you to?”

James nodded.

“Fine,” Lily said, then reached down to look for something in her bag.

“What are you doing,” James asked, in the hopes that he would break the tension.

“Smile!” Lily said cheerily, as she pulled out a camera.

Any ordinary human being would have ran off right there and then, but James Potter was no ordinary human being.  James Potter struck a pose, and, many years later, framed the photos that Lily took, which is the story of why a picture of a half naked 16 year old James Potter was on the centre of a mantle place in Godric’s Hallow.

13. “Kiss me.”

Kiss me.”

James Potter thought it, everytime he and Lily made eye contact across the room during class.

Kiss me.”

Lily Evans whispered it, as James held her close, slow dancing at the Yule Ball.

“Kiss me.”

James Potter yelled it, after they won the Quidditch Cup, in front of dozens of people, as he embraced Lily happily.

Kiss me.”

Lily Evans said it, as she laughed while walking with James in Hogsmeade.

Kiss me.”

James Potter sang it, a little drunk, but happily, next to a smiling Lily.

Kiss me.”

Lily Evans shouted it, over the dozens of other graduates who were throwing their hats in the air.

Kiss me.”

James Potter breathed it, in relief and happiness, holding his new fiancee. 

Kiss me.”

Lily Potter mumbled it, as their friends and family looked on, the first kiss as husband and wife.

Kiss me.”

James Potter asked it, after Lily told him she was pregnant.

Kiss me.”

Lily Potter screamed it, as she was being rushed into a hospital room.

Kiss me.”

James Potter uttered it, as he held his son for the first time.

Kiss me.”

Lily Potter muttered it, as to not wake the sleeping baby.

Kiss me.”

James Potter screamed it, as the blood drained from his face.  

Kiss me.”

Lily Potter sobbed it, as she heard a body thump to the ground downstairs.

Kiss me.”

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