hiding the crazy pretty well at this point

The Day Of

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 902

Warnings: Swearing, EXTREME FLUFF

A/N: Here is Week 9, and the seventh installment of the Morning After Series, for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge! I am very sorry that I have not been active recently, this month has been, hectic, to say the least and I haven’t really been feeling like myself. So thank you guys for sticking with me, hopefully I will be able to continue this. Unbeta’d and unedited. This isn’t very good… I’m sorry.


To say you were nervous would be the understatement of the year. Your stomach was twisted into knots, your hands were shaking and you were starting to break into a cold sweat.

“Don’t look so petrified,” Briana said from behind you, making you jump.

You turned around, a hand on your heart, “Jesus Christ, Bri.”

Briana chuckled, “Sorry.”

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anonymous asked:

After reading what you wrote for Werewolf!McCree, it gave me this weird imagination about Hanzo changing into a dragon from seeing his s/o become badly injured by the members of Talon. He loses himself in a blinding rage from what he's seen but later his s/o would try to calm him down- DEAR LORD I'm starting to get all these different feels and its too much for me! Can you plz make a short fic or a list of h/c's THIS MAN NEEDS MORE LOVE LIKE HIS BROTHER

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

I really loved your headcanons/scenarios for for were!McCree!  They’re the perfect mix of saccharine and angst :’)  love that big ol pupper, but what I was wondering if you could whip up some similar headcanons for dragon!Hanzo?  idk what kind like naga or shape-shifter dragon?? is that a thing idek, but whatever strikes your fancy!  Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!!


Okay, okay, I see you. I’ve got you in my sights. BUT I raise you one generic powerful Dragon!Hanzo right, right and giVE YOU cursed dragon Hanzo because he is a fucking bitter asshole and his ancestors are all like ‘oh dear lord, Hanzo Shimada you need to learn a lesson in LOVE you little punk BITCH.’ Bam. Cursed Hanzo, right? Right, now lets throw some like Didney shit into the mix, because everyone loves some Didney, so Hanzo only gets to be human Hanzo in the evening like the beautiful dragon prince he is and in the day time he is—

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anonymous asked:

What about bendy with a s/o that is very affectionate and loves to give him kisses and stuff?

“ Would it be possible fluster Bendy? I want to make him do the tex avery cartoon heart ba-BUMP thing. Smooch him and play with his tail.”

Bendy the Dancing Demon (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

Flustering this ball of ink is very easy nowadays, honestly. He hides it pretty well, for a while, but give him enough kisses and he gets Melty and Flustered.

Give him a classic Bugs Bunny HUGE smooch on the mouth (bonus points if you wear lipstick and leave a lipstick mark on him). Just grab his cheeks and SMOOCH. That’ll make him go ba-BUMP really easily.

Playing with his tail is, essentially, like scratching a cat’s backside. He’ll raise his tail and start purring like crazy. Elevator Butt Galore.

Considering he’s all alone in that studio, he loves affection. Good luck getting him to let you stop.

Hidden Pt. 2 - Luke

Part 1

I pulled my purse strap over my shoulder and turned to face his sleepy eyes, biting my lip and holding my tongue to let him say what he needed to. I wanted him to have a good break, to spend time with me and for us to do what he loved, but it was hard when he was in this constant state of anxiety about people seeing us together. His lips didn’t move, nor did his body until he sighed heavily and let the time pass.

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anonymous asked:

Emma tells Snow she's in love with Regina, but doesn't know the mayor is in the next booth. When Snow asks if Regina knows, Ruby shows up there and tells them that Regina just disappeared in the bathroom. Emma follows her.

Thanks for the prompt :)

“What do I do Snow?” Emma asks resting her head in her hands. 

Snow sighs at her daughter, “About what Emma?” 

“I’m in love with her Snow. Like crazy, madly in love with Regina.” She hides her face in her hands before pulling them away to see how her mother reacts to the confession. 

Snow smiles her, “I know.” 

“You know?" 

"Emma,” Snow says knowingly, “It was pretty obvious. I know. Charming knows. I think everyone knows. Well, wait does Regina know?" 

"Regina,” Ruby says coming over to out table, “She was just there,” she points to the booth behind them and Emma goes bright red before groaning and hiding her face in her hands, “Oh my god. She heard. She heard me." 

"I don’t know what you’re talking about but Regina just ran off to the bathroom. I’m hoping it wasn’t the eggs." 

"It wasn’t,” Emma says with another groan before looking to her mother, “I guess it’s time to bite the bullet and just tell her.”

Snow smiles at her, “Good luck.” 

Emma nods thinking she’ll need it before walking towards the bathroom. She takes a deep nervous breath as she enters and finds Regina against the wall staring up at the ceiling. Emma can’t see her face nor read her expression and sidles up nervously.

“Hey,” Emma says. 

Regina tilts her head down and looks at Emma, “You love me,” she states and Emma smiles hearing the warmth in Regina’s voice. She was dreading rejection but in Regina’s eyes she sees hope and light and it makes her heart soar. 

“I love you,” Emma replies. 

Regina smiles brightly before dragging Emma out of the bathroom. Emma frowns, “What?” 

“I don’t want our first kiss to be in a toilet,” Regina says with an adorable scrunchy face before leaning in and kissing Emma. Emma couldn’t have cared less had it happened in the bathroom, the hallway or a field in the middle of nowhere. All she cares about is the soft caress of Regina’s lips against her and the way electricity sparks between the two of them as they hold each other close and revel in their first kiss. 

Regina pulls back with a small smile, “I love you too.”

Forever Is Composed of Nows, 27/? (Olicity, Mature)

Co-written with @so-caffeinated​, for @olicityficbang​

Summary: Sometime in the not-so-distant future, things aren’t going all that well. At least that’s the story Oliver and Felicity are told when a supposed time-traveler (and their supposed friend who is a supposed superhero supposedly named The Flash) pops up in the lair with a toddler in tow… who calls them momma and daddy. The Flash can’t quite control when he’s going at this point and there’s a big bad chasing him through the years. The future isn’t safe for little Elizabeth Queen at the moment (even if The Flash could get her there), but her once and future parents haven’t got a clue what to do with her. Slade Wilson, however… he might have his own agenda when he finds out his nemesis is apparently a father. (See Chapter 1 for additional Author Notes.)


Propping himself up, he eases his arm out from under Ellie as he says in a gravelly whisper, “Felicity, honey…”

“Not now.” She doesn’t even look back at him. She’s so honed in on the computer screen, he’s surprised she heard him at all.

“Momma monster,” Ellie sighs in a barely audible whisper. She rolls over onto her belly, peeking open one eye to look at them both.

She’s very perceptive, their daughter.

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