hiding tattoos

sweet dainty cosette who always wears long sleeves at her job as a kindergarten teacher to hide her full tattoo sleeves from nasty parents.

sweet dainty cosette who surprises all her colleagues when she pulls on her motorcycle helmet and rides away on the bike that she built.

sweet dainty cosette who meets grantaire and bahorel because she boxes at the same gym as them.

sweet dainty cosette who can take care of her damn self.

sweet dainty badass cosette who knows those things arent contradictory.

The War Was Over.

The war was over, and Draco was through with being told what to do.

It was his eighth year, his final year, his last chance at redemption or, at least, a spark of happiness. So he let go.

He cut his hair. Not all of it, of course. It was short in the back and on the sides, and longer on the top. He stopped using hair products in the morning and let himself sleep in. He liked how soft it was without gel and constantly felt himself running his fingers through it. Gone were the bags that had been under his eyes for years, and that’s not the only baggage he was able to let go of with each strand of hair that fell to his feet in the bathroom.

He stopped hiding his mark. Tattoos littered his forearms, and in his eyes, brought beauty to not only his physical but his mental scars of the war and of his childhood and of everything in between. The narcissus flowers wound up his arms like ivy and the golden snitch on the inside of his wrist fluttered at him reassuringly whenever he doubted himself, which was often.

Gone were his pristine pressed trousers and suit jackets. Button-ups were his new best friend. Muggle jeans made flying out on the quidditch pitch during his free period much more comfortable. He decided that muggle clothing should be instituted as the new Hogwarts school uniform, and made a note to tell McGonnagal about his brilliant idea. The wind whipped his hair about his face and flushed his cheeks red and as he flew higher and higher, he truly laughed for what felt like the first time. He felt like he could produce the world’s best Patronus.

Draco apologized. Not everyone forgave him, but he tried with every bit of courage he had.

He apologized to Harry last. Draco offered his hand to Harry for the second time in eight years and got a hug instead. That was the second time Harry had ever seen him cry. Something changed between them after that. 

He stopped eating his meals in his dorm and started sitting with Harry at the eighth year table.

The war was over, and Harry didn’t know who he was anymore.

He let his hair grow like Sirius had. He kept it tied back in a bun with his wand like he had seen in pictures from when Sirius was his age. On the days he let it all hang loose, Hermione would absentmindedly stroke it with the back of her hand while she buried her face in a book, and Harry wondered if this was what it was like to have a sister. His nightmares were gone, but he didn’t dream much about anything anymore. When he was alone at night with his thoughts, he couldn’t ever pinpoint his emotions.

Ron really did like Harry’s new ear piercing but Hermione wouldn’t let him get a matching one. “Let him do his thing, Ron,” she had instructed him curtly. “He’s still figuring himself out.”

Hermione was right. He didn’t know who he was. What would he say the next time he introduced himself to someone? “Hello, I’m Harry, and I’m-” Scarred? Lost? Alone?


Relieved because this was all fucking behind him; because he could lay out on the grass and enjoy the sunshine glaring off his glasses; because he wasn’t obligated to be anyone. Relieved to throw snowballs during the winter and to have a family to go home to on holiday. Relieved to worry about school, relieved to break things off with Ginny in the best way possible after she figured out she had fallen head over heels for Luna and he figured out that he was just gay in general. 

Harry apologized. Most of the people he encountered looked back at him with sad eyes and nodded their understanding because they all saw it was something he had to do to move on. He apologized to Dennis Creevey, to Teddy, though he was too young to understand, to Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and everyone he cared about.

But then Draco apologized to him.

Draco was unrecognizable, and not just because he had new tattoos and clothes and hair that looked so unlike him. There was pink in his cheeks. He carried himself with more humility, and the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth wasn’t a sneer. He reminded Harry of the springtime. He looked happy. He looked like himself, and his shining silver eyes were searching desperately through Harry’s and he was saying sorry, and tears were streaming down his cheeks.

Hugging Draco felt like New Year’s Eve. Like flowers blooming on the first of March. Like relief. Like forgiveness.

Harry stopped eating his meals in silence because Draco sat next to him and it was impossible to be silent when his boyfriend had his hand on his knee in the most casual way.

The war was over, and Draco stopped listening to what everyone else told him to do.

The war was over, and Harry had finally figured who he was. For now, at least.

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There are a great many things Jenny doesn’t know–strategic and military protocols are all good and well until you realize that most worlds expect you to have things like a job and money and a last name, and memories of childhood, and at least a minimum grasp of socialization beyond the ability to speak and conduct hand-to-hand combat–and this is more apparent than ever when she finds herself stranded on an unfamiliar planet in a strange universe. For instance, she doesn’t know why her father is here, or what things like Torchwood and Vitex are, or how there was one of her father, and now there are two. She also doesn’t know who his friend Rose is, or why they look at each other the way they do, their faces lighting up like they’re watching a sunrise for the first time. She doesn’t know why they’re always laughing, and holding hands, and kissing when they think no one else is looking. (What’s the point of kissing, anyway? Just two people mushing mouths together. It seems a little unhygienic, not to mention wet.)

But after she meets Clara, things start to make sense in a way they never have before.

Clara winks at her, and her hearts speed up in her chest. (She wonders if something is wrong with her cardiovascular system, but the Doctor just laughs when she asks.) Clara shoots her a smile from her place onstage, and Jenny feels warmth spreading from her cheeks to the tips of her ears.  Clara weaves their fingers together, and Jenny feels the corners of her mouth turn upward in a smile.

Clara presses a kiss to her lips, and suddenly it doesn’t matter what Jenny does and doesn’t know, because it’s all left her brain anyway. Thoughts and memories swim away to nothingness and a feeling like fizzy Cola fills her head in their place. And she doesn’t know why kissing Clara does this, but she does know that she wants more.

Everyone agrees, for reasons that Jenny doesn’t quite understand, that they should keep things quiet for now (“London’s premiere musician dating a member of the Vitex family? We’ll never get rid of the press,” Jackie complains), but it’s all right. There are some things Jenny doesn’t have to understand, and that is one of them. She knows that Clara smiles when she enters a room, that Clara is sweet and smug and ticklish and clever, that she cries during movies and that means they get to snuggle, that their stolen glances and rushed kisses and fumbled touches send adrenaline thrumming through her veins, that Clara is missing a mum just like she is, that Clara doesn’t mind that Jenny doesn’t have a last name or childhood memories of her own; she is more than happy to share hers.

Jenny knows enough.

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I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 5


Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Words: 1,507

Pairing: Joker x Reader

“Come on, run away with me. Forget your Mister J.” He runs next to me in the dark alley.

“Why would I run away? I already have it all, silly.” I respond.

A client of ours has been following me around everywhere for the past week. The only reason I haven’t killed the idiot yet is because of the money he’s giving us.

“What if…” Jordan taps his chin, “I took him away.”

I stop walking as I turn to him, “You take my life,” I toughen up my tone, “I take yours.”

Jordan shakes his head, “No, no, no. I won’t be taking your life, I’ll be taking his.”

“He is my life.” I tilt my head sideways.

“But he’s not yours.” He steps closer to me.

I tilt my chin up, “Wanna bet?” I ask as I raise an eyebrow.

“On what?” He asks as he strokes my cheek.

I smack his dirty hand off me. “Your life.” I grin. He backs up as if he didn’t expect to her that. “If you’re right, you live. If, and when I’m right, you die.” I finish off before walking to my destination, leaving Jordan to contemplate my deal.

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Doodles of one of my absolute favorite hidekane fics, inkstains and flowers!!  \(*^▽^*)/ 

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hp au where harry and louis are the Ultimate Enemies and they argue all the fucking time and glare at each other as much as they can from across the hall and their rivalry is known by literally!!!!! everyone!!! then one day in a twist of fate someone charms louis’ compass tattoo to make it point to his soulmate, the one other person on the earth that can fill all of his empty spaces and he could love with all of his heart. and lo and behold it points to his arch-nemesis harry bloody edward styles which is the worst thing that could have ever happened to him and louis’ devastated because he’s a romantic loser and this turn of events really isnt something achievable at all. so louis spends months and months trying to hide this tattoo from harry and literally everyone else but its kinda a lot hard because the tattoo’s really big okay? and it’s right there on his forearm too. but during a match of quidditch harry sees something in the corner of his eye on louis’ skin and he’s like wtf ?? because he’s never seen anything like that before and it seems to…..move…? then when harry later asks him about it louis turns vvv red so naturally harry becomes curious n determined to find out what it is. it starts out as a way to get at louis because it must be something really bad if Louis The Tomlinson’s this scared to show him. but it ends up with him kinda falling in love and theres a lot of feelings and i want this written now please


Human Bog

Look at that, he’s got primroses in his tattoo sleeves >__>
He got them while he was with his first love. When that didn’t work out, he started hiding his tattoos in public, constantly wearing his jacket. He hates seeing them. They’re a constant reminder of his heartbreak. 

The piece of amber in his staff in canon has been turned into a necklace, a gift from his father.

He’s covered in scars, most of them on his left side. He’s rather intimidating, especially when he’s riding around on his motorcycle. To most people he just looks like a thug and stay away from him, though his appearance is rather deceiving.


Jenna Joseph is so pretty 😍

yetanotherphangirl  asked:

Hey, I'm new to the johnlock fandom, and I was wondering if there were any pastel! and punk! au fics. Those are some of my favorites from other fandoms, so it'd be great if you could find some for me.

I have no idea what a pastel au is and I haven’t read a whole lot of punk or tattoolock but here are a few:

Skeleton Key: Sherlock Holmes is anything but predictable; a fact that John has grown used to over the year they have known each other. However, nothing could prepare him for his reaction to Sherlock’s mysterious decision to pierce his tongue.

Ink and Honey: Bi tattoo!John, please. John has tattoos hiding under all those jumpers. One of those tattoos gives away his sexuality, or leads to a conversation that does.

Operation Inked: John has a tattoo, and Sherlock won’t rest until he’s seen it.

Tattoolock rec list

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Pppp please !!! Requesting a smut filled captain boomerang x reader imagine, dealers choice 😍

I swallowed, feeling a tightness form in my trousers at the thought of finally, finally having Y/N in bed with me.

I could tell Y/N was apprehensive, but once she was in the right mood she could be wild. Biting and clawing at my flesh like an… Well.. an animal, spurring me on to bury her in the soft mattress.

“ All I want is nothing more than you have, Captain. ” she whispered, stroking my hair back from my cheek.

I’d barely locked the door to the closed off room before she was undressing me.

We’d seen each other naked thousands of times but she never failed to amaze me. She’d always be hiding some new tattoo or piercing that made my head spin.

She was such a beautiful specimen. And she was all mine until the end of time.

I held her close to me as she undressed herself, never letting a hand leave her beautiful skin. She was soft, but tough at the same time. Her hands were well looked after, but they were hard working hands. Her lips like fresh dewy roses. Her eyes, shone like sunshine. Her hair soft and shiny, swinging about her shoulders.

I watched her intently, never letting her leave my sight.

I lifted her up, holding her to my chest. I took her to the bed and set her down gently, pulling back the thick blankets.

We laid down together with our fingers interlocked. To this day, I’ll never forget how she looked. We lived and loved now. Not for tomorrow or next week or five years from now. Right now.

I kissed her, my heart speeding up. The kiss grew more passionate as I stroked her sides.

* * *

“ That’s it ..! Like..t-hat-.. ” I attempted to say before Y/N’s jerky writhing caused me to hit that spot again. I was moaning uncontrollably and she knew why. I continued to thrust into the exact same spot, getting off on the sound of her being pleasured. She arched her back, but tried her best to remain in control. She gave a sound between a sob and a moan and shuddered as she came for the last time.

She grabbed my shoulders and pulled my mouth to her neck.

“ Please, please, please, bite me, mark me, make me yours. ” she panted all in one breath.

I obliged and bit along her neck as I sucked lovebites into her skin.

I laid down beside her and we caught out breath.

“ I missed you, Digger. ” Y/N said.

“ I missed you more. ” I whispered.