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Fronts the Signs Put Up

Aries: Agression - Arians are bold and strong but not naturally aggressive in the sense that most think. As the children of the Zodiac they can struggle to express themselves and view emotions in a somewhat immature way. They feel that revealing the soft, loving, delicate part of them that hopes and dreams in ways that no other Sign could ever is a weakness, so they cover it up with a mask of aggression.

Taurus: Confidence - Taureans can seem like the most put-together, strong, and intelligent individuals of the Zodiac but deep down they are afraid. They don’t feel secure emotionally so they put up a front of being above such feelings and are typically materialistic - objects won’t let them down or turn them away, people do. When they feel weak, alone and they need something to rely on, they fake it till they make it.

Gemini: Know-it-all - Geminis have a lot of information swirling around in their heads and they are very intelligent. But they can use this intelligence as a mask. They act like they know it all, as if their knowledge makes them better, because at times they feel like that’s all they have. And if they have nothing to offer, no one will listen to them, no one will talk to them or value them.

Cancer: Sensuality - Soft Cancerians, so desperate for love, will use their sexuality as a method of receiving attention, to make up for feeling unloved, or because their gentler, romantic view of love is not always viewed favorably by today’s society. They need love and true connections which can be stunted by the harsh world around them and lead to this coping method or front.

Leo: Pride - We all know about a Lion’s pride but very few realize why Leos put up this front. In short, it’s because they are insecure. They boast and seek to control the world around them because on the inside they are in fact self-conscious. The next time a Leo seems too abrasive or pushy cut them some slack, they are doing what they can to feel secure.

Virgo: Dependability - Virgos are dependable, don’t get me wrong, but they try very hard to be. Their biggest fear is to be useless. When they are being your shoulder to lean on, in a strange way they are leaning right back on you. They need to help others, or at least be needed by them, to feel worth something. Though they may see so stable all on their own, they truly need others but they aren’t always ready to admit it.

Libra: Perfection - Librans feel they must be perfect at all times, they allow themselves no room for error, all because they care so deeply about what others think of them. They must meet the approval of others, this is their greatest desire, so they seek to appear as perfect as possible whether perfection to them is top grades and a clean appearance or appearing as if they don’t care and are above it all. In reality they are just like the rest of us behind that mask.

Scorpio: Cynicism - Scorpios are not cynical and dark to their core, they are simply afraid to hope. They know the dark inner workings of the mind and society, so love and success can seem like a mere fantasy to them no matter how desperately they want it. Pessimism becomes a shield protecting them from being let down or worse. No matter how distant they may seem, on the inside they are still hoping.

Sagittarius: Independence - To Sagittarius, independence is perhaps the most important thing in their world so when they are in need, instead of seeking out support or someone to lean on, they pretend to need no one. Despite being social creatures who seek to communicate and learn from those around them, they can’t admit that they need someone to come home to at the end of the day, making them sometimes appear hot and cold to others. Instead of seeking out what they need, they put up a front.

Capricorn: Seriousness - Capricorns are ruled by severe Saturn so it only makes sense that they work so hard to seem strong and mature, but this is only another front. On the inside they are trapped children who often didn’t have a proper childhood - sometimes this is simply because they themselves expect too much. If you give them the chance they’ll show you just how awkward, loud, and immature they really are.

Aquarius: Intimacy - Aquarians have a complicated relationship with society. They have a lot of friends and are very social but no matter how outgoing and intimate they may seem they are truly closed off. They want to be social and popular but at the same time they are afraid to grow close to another person, to open up and share their emotions. They fear that they will always be outside looking in yet they also fear what might happen if they truly let go. So they get as close as they can and hide their fear behind a mask.

Pisces: Lightheartedness - That Pisces that always seems to be in their own little world, who giggles and never seems to take things seriously? They are burdened by thoughts and feelings beyond what your average person experiences let alone handles. Their lighthearted, unsophisticated behavior is all a front in hopes of lessening that burden. If you were haunted, would you be strong enough to bear that smiling mask?

- Lavinia Amoun

questions for the signs

Aries: there’s a fire inside you, why are you trying to put it out?  your emotions are real, they’re strong, they’re burning a hole through the walls you build.  let down your barriers and embrace the flames inside of your head.

Taurus: why must you cling to the things that tear you apart?  you are so subtly stubborn; you attach and refuse to let go.  please, but don’t be afraid to release your grip on the sharp end of a knife before it cuts any deeper.

Gemini: what do you want?  your devotion is about as deep as a puddle.  you flutter like a butterfly, from flower to flower, but you never land for long.  remember this before flying away: some things can never be found twice.

Cancer: tears tumble to the ocean, don’t you wish you could go too?  the despair you feel will not last forever; you cannot spend life wishing the worst.  pick yourself up, put together the pieces, dance in the rain instead of crying.

Leo: you are a fierce protector of others, but who is there to protect you?  while you chase away the monsters of friends, your own are catching up to you.  turn around and fight your own demons away instead of sacrificing yourself to them.

Virgo: when you cover your eyes, what do you see?  maybe the still black of nothingness.  look deeper, there’s a world of imagination waiting to be explored, if you can open the confines of your mind and push your own boundaries.

Libra: if you give your life to another with nothing in return, what is left of you for yourself?  partnership is the sharing of hearts, a dance of two people, not a sacrifice of one. remember to ask for a piece of someone else before giving away all of yourself.

Scorpio: why is it so easy for you to rebuild walls? ages of chipping away at concrete is put to waste when you fill the holes of progress with your sharp tongue and poison glare. open up the gate, let others in, let your soul flood out.

Sagittarius: you run, run, run, but where are you going?  you turn your back on others, and chase after the sun instead of giving what you have to those who love you.  open the gates of your heart instead of running away with the key.

Capricorn: if you pour all of your heart and your soul into your work, what will be left of you?  you turn pain into productivity, but be sure not to get too lost in the task in front of you, or you might never find your way back home.

Aquarius: your smile is beautiful, but is it real?  it flickers on your face as you laugh, like a mirage in the desert.  instead of hiding your fears behind your everlasting kindness, let your secrets go, and let your smile fade for once.

Pisces: you’re staring at the stars, what do you see there?  you are so lost in your fantasies, and you will not allow yourself to be found.  descend from your dreams, embrace life, dance under the stars instead of standing and watching.

Gem Class Analysis: Pearls

Prior to the recent Steven Bomb, some of the most divisive fan theory characterisations have been for Blue and Yellow Pearl. Theories would range from their having a close and intimate relationship with the Diamonds, to their being physically abused, to it sometimes being a mix of both.

And we can understand the source of what seems like a contradiction. That these Pearls, in particular, are serving the Diamonds directly puts them in a very privileged position, not exactly in the modern sense of the word.

That Pearls are in such close contact with the ruling elite makes them privy to the goings on of upper Homeworld that other gem classes would remain ignorant to. At the same time, they’re also living objects, dehumanised and treated as utilities rather than individuals.

It’s a unique position of power and powerlessness and, unconsciously, we as fans pick up on that; hence, the muddled characterisations of what their relationship with their Diamonds would have been like.

In the latest Steven Bomb, we got to see more of all of these characters and we know now that their relationship isn’t one or the other but somewhere in between.

“Oh no. It was very serious. When I still served Homeworld, I saw it myself.”

In that regard, I want to talk about how Diamonds and their Pearls relate to each another, and look at the implications this has for our very own Pearl, who admits she served Homeworld at one point.

1. The function of the Pearl class

To get this out of the way as early as possible, Pearls are being dehumanised. It’s not right to limit an entire class of gems to objects and prevent them from having individual inclinations, when other gems can manage some level of individuality. Pearls are individuals with their own capabilities, thoughts, and feelings.

Even before we knew about the Diamonds, the way other gems like Peridot initially treated our own Pearl showed us that Pearls are one of the lowest classes on Homeworld.

Words like “owner,” “stand there,” and “hold your stuff” were being thrown around. Not much was expected from them.

In light of all the new information received, a consolidated understanding of what Pearls were expected to do on Homeworld would help in the succeeding discussions. And what we know is that Pearls were gems created specifically to serve particular individuals. This service did not entail doing a job like other gem classes.

Other gems serve a specific function in servicing gem society as a whole. Like builders, soldiers, technicians, and leaders.

This public- or collective-oriented approach to organising gem society makes a lot of sense considering the way the gem life cycle is perpetuated.

The reason we don’t have gem classes specifically for private affairs, like the home life, is because their concept of “home” is much different from ours. Gems are born as full adults; they don’t need to eat or sustain themselves physically. That means a lot of our human necessities don’t apply to them.

That in turn puts the service sector of Gem society, where Pearls are, as something extraneous to functioning. 

It’s much the same for social constructs. Would the Ruby Squad consider themselves a “family?” Probably, but not in the way we understand the word. Instead of families, gems are groups into classes. And in these classes they socialise each other on what it means to be the gem they are.

The best example of this would be the soldier gems, who train each other and depend on each other in missions.

Leggy, the newbie “just born yesterday,” according to Rebecca Sugar’s early sketches of the Rubies, was being oriented by her more senior teammates.

Even though we felt threatened by the Ruby Squad, and Eyeball in particular, Leggy had absolutely no fears hiding behind the latter and it’s more than clear their shared experiences made them more cohesive as a unit.

In that way, gems don’t seem to spend a lot of time with gems outside their class.

The very “function” of Pearls is very different from that of other gems. Their work is relegated inward into the private sphere. They attend to very specific individuals. They are always with gems who aren’t like them.

And the key to this is the value system on Homeworld.

I talk about the utilitarian nature of Homeworld a lot of the time. So in a society in which utility is one of the key aspects, having work that is visible, like the creation of buildings or the colonisation of planets, puts a high premium on certain types of gems.

Service is invisible.

It’s not as easy to measure the impact of telling people they’re great everyday has on the rest of their lives. But this is the work Pearls do. Their work makes Pearls appear like they’re of even less use, which in turn puts them lower down in the eyes of individuals.

It’s very similar to how the work of medical nurses wasn’t recognised as legitimate until very late on in the history of medicine. Nurses comforted patients, checked on them daily, and attended to them, while doctors stepped in for a diagnosis and prescribed the treatment plan.

Because one involved something tangible and the other involved the daily grind of caring for another human being, the “usefulness” of latter was taken for granted.

It was (and in many places still is) very difficult to quantify the effects of their contribution and they were viewed lowly.

2. Servicing the Diamonds

Now to the specific question: What exactly do Pearls do?

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Humans Are Weird (and innovative)

Humans have advanced in a short period of time on Earth, what if we advance faster than the already technological geniuses of the aliens?

“It has only been 2 months since we have discovered a species who call themselves ‘Humans’ and already we are surprised at the alarming rate in which they create new and innovative technologies. Soon enough they’ll be on par with the rest of the galaxy.”

The report of the scout surprised his chief commander. No other species advance that fast. Their own tech needed centuries to develop, and millennia to mass produce. Surely this scout is bluffing.

“Reports show they have only recently developed space flight and they are already colonizing and terraforming planets that were considered ‘inhospitable’.”

Terraforming! Such a thing surely doesn’t exist! “What evidence is there that a species that has only discovered how to fly in space know such baffling technology?! Do not play with me!”

But it is as real as it gets, the humans are advancing as a civilization quickly. “Sir! I would not make up a report! I suggest we observe them and research their methods.”

Soon enough, humans are the ultimate force in the galaxy, and they are oblivious to it. Humans pioneer everything, and the aliens hide their fear behind welcoming gestures and pretend happiness.

Compared to humans, alien ships are tin cans beside human behemoths, alien weapons are slingshots beside human star blasters, alien medications are just placebo pills beside human miracle pills.

No one talks about how advance the humans are and their happy to keep it that way because humans still think the aliens are somehow more advance. Its probably their motivation as to keep making new things. Granted, species now advance just a little bit faster because of them, but they’re still afraid that the human will end the universe because they wanted to harness a black hole’s energy.

anonymous asked:

Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

​Cute lil baby bean~ I’m pretty tall but I reaalllyyyy wish I was smol and adorable. 

BTS: Reaction to you hiding behind them when you’re scared

•Jin: Jin jumped a little when you suddenly held onto his shoulders and buried your face into his back. He almost scolded you but realized why you scared him; it was because you-yourself was scared. He knew how jumpy and easily scared you were, but he found it extremely adorable, even though he sometimes gave you shit for it.He turned around to face you and squished your soft cheeks.

“It’s ok, Oppa’s got you.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

•Yoongi: His heart instantly jumped to his throat. He couldn’t stop the smile threatening to crack on his lips. It was the tinniest banging sound that made you so scared, and he found it annoyingly adorable. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at you. 

“What? That scared you? You’re such a baby.” He grabbed onto your hand tightly. “I’ll protect you.”

Originally posted by cyyphr

•Namjoon: I wasn’t too long after Namjoon broke another thing that Band PD came in to yell. You were not very fond of yelling, so you would hide behind Namjoon out of fear or as a safety habit. Namjoon just laughed at you and called you cute over and over again. But he still wanted you to know he wouldn’t ever let anything hurt you.

“Do you think I’ll let you be yelled at? I dare someone to.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

•Hoseok: He heard it too, that loud crashing noise. But he also knew the source of it, so he didn’t even flinch. But seeing you jump behind him made him laugh instantly. You were scared of yourself dropping a stack of books. He gently tapped his hands over yours to reassure you.

“Really baby? Even I wasn’t scared. You’re so cute.”

Originally posted by 4jiminnie

•Jimin: He isn’t able to contain his laughter. It’s how he expresses his happiness. When you hugged onto him from behind tightly and whined about the small spider across the room, he instantly lost it. He covered his face to try and contain some laughter so you wouldn’t be angry.

“You want me to kill it? It’s half the size of your fingertip baby just-”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

•Taehyung: He didn’t necessarily like it when you were scared, but he adore your reaction. But he loved it so much, he didn’t want the other members to see in fear of them falling for your charm. Instantly after you hid behind him, he’d turn right around to face you, and wave his sleeves in front of your face. 

“Stop it stop it you’re too cute for them to see.”

Originally posted by maidxsama

•Jungkook: He was genuinely worried about you. When your nose buried into his back and your shaking arms wrapped around him from behind, he’d get protective. You being so smol, he felt like he needed to stand up for you 100% of the time. Fixing his hair and sighing heavily, he turned his head to glance back at you. 

“Are you ok? Who do I have to hurt?”

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Mission: Impossible Probably Doesn’t Have This Much Gay Panic

aka that ridiculous super tropey cliched jeremwood gta fic i started ages ago and have now finished as a valentine’s gift for @ryanthepowerbottomguy
rating: m for nonspecific dick mention
content warning for bad humor, deliberately vague heist details, and ryan “you can’t catch me gay thoughts” haywood
on ao3

“It just needs another minute.”

“We don’t have a minute,” Ryan says. He presses an ear against the door and shuts his eyes, tense, waiting, mapping out a dozen escape routes in his head. “We have maybe thirty seconds. Does that work?”

“Look, the thing—it says it needs fifty-three seconds, okay, do you want me to argue with the computer?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what Gavin does!”

“He—okay, wait, no? He definitely doesn’t just argue with the computer, what the hell, what exactly do you think Gavin does when he’s—” Jeremy cuts himself off, goes still and quiet when heavy footsteps stop in front of the door.

“Alright,” Ryan murmurs, shifting to move into a better position to intercept the guy when he comes through the door. “I’ll try to take him down quietly and maybe we won’t, uh, no, what are you doing,” he says, bewildered, when Jeremy vaults himself over the desk neatly and starts moving in Ryan’s direction.

“I saw this in a movie once,” Jeremy says seriously, and then he’s grabbing Ryan by the lapels of his ill-fitting suit and hauling him down to kiss him.

Fully. On the mouth. With tongue. It’s a little dirty.

Ryan wants to say he plays it cool.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 38: Party

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Arriving at the bar, you weren’t surprised to see many people had already shown up. People you talked to on a daily basis, or even those you seldom saw, but worked on the set of Supernatural. A back room in the bar had been rented, and food and drinks were scattered on tables on the far wall. Music from the bar could be heard through the open door, creating a festive but relaxed atmosphere.

With your arm in Jensen’s, you walked into the room to the cheers of everyone inside. One by one they came forward, hugging you and letting you know how much they enjoyed having you back on set. Jensen stayed by your side, a possessive hand on your waist as his eyes scanned the crowd.

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With You By My Side

This is a part one of a rewrite for Essence/Existence/NIHT (and me trying to write something longer). Sparked by this anon . The beginning is from Essence, the rest is mine. 

The scene as the elevator doors opened was reminiscent of a play; a wicked, fucked-up comedy. Except there was no humor, no amusement on their faces. Krycek, their sworn enemy, stood in front of them, his intentions as murky as the rest of him. Mulder swallowed the need to hide Scully behind him, to protect her with every fiber of his being. Yet, a plan began to form in his mind.

“What do you want me to do?” Krycek spat as Mulder, as gently as possible, pushed Scully towards him. She went willingly at first, albeit a bit confused, turning to Mulder.

“You’re going to protect her.” Mulder said, not looking at Scully, and realization hit her.

“I’m not leaving without you, Mulder. I’m not doing anything without you.” Her hands reached out and stopped the elevator. Her eyes met Mulder’s and for a short moment everything else was forgotten.

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I have no doubt we, this gorgeous and eclectic and vast we, can get to where we need to go. We can become what those stunningly worded promises signed in high ceilinged rooms believed we could become. A beautiful man with a beautiful dream believed it too, he spoke eloquently of it and the echo of those words reverberates across this land still. We are better than what we have been of late, we can do so much more. The time is now to love harder, fight fiercer for equality and decency, and lend our voices to the chorus of those unwilling to hide behind fear and ignorance. We are all the same, in the end, we all want to love and be loved and close our eyes peacefully at the close of each day, surrounded by those that feel like home.

When a Friend in Need

A/N: This is for @rikersgirl22 who asked Can I have a Magnus Bane imagine? Where the reader is also a warlock and had nowhere to go for Magnus takes her in? I hope that you like it! I am still taking requests so keep sending them in you wonderful people. I would like to thank @jessiedangerous for taking time away from her summer to look this over for me. You are the best!

Warnings: NONE 

Parings: Alec/Magnus  Reader/(Friendship)Magnus

Originally posted by 6luh

Standing in front of this door sends fear through my body. It’s not fear of the person behind it, but fear of what happened to me in this home. I raise my hand to knock on the door and shudder at the loud rapping noise. The door is pulled open by a disheveled-looking Magnus Bane.

“Y/N! What happened to you?” He pulls me into the loft apartment. I take a moment to look around, finding no one else in the home. Everything is the way I remember it, making me feel a little more comfortable.

“I was attacked by the Circle.” My voice breaks a little bit before I feel the tears start to fall down my cheeks. Magnus pulls me into his arms hugging me, making me cry harder. This is the first time I’ve really had an encounter with the Circle. I wasn’t expecting the brutality that they showed. I don’t know how long I stood there and cried with Magnus’s arms around me. Eventually, the tears stop and I pull out of the hug and wipe my face.

“Are you okay? No injuries?” Magnus pulls away and looks me head to toe. Taking in the bruises that I couldn’t be bothered to heal. The hand-shaped bruise that now wraps its way around my wrist. Small cuts litter my face and body, evidence of a broken window raining glass down onto me. My clothes are tattered and blackened from the fire they set to my home.

“It’s nothing a little magic can’t fix. I was able to get out before things got too bad.” A sad smile on my face. I don’t want to go into details knowing that Magnus has had his fair share of fights with the Circle.

“I’m glad to hear that, Y/N.” He knows I’m lying. I can see it in his eyes, but he chooses not to push it. A moment later, I can feel the warm feeling of his magic make its way across my skin, healing the cuts and bruises.

“I didn’t know where else to go. I hope you don’t mind.” Without saying it, I’m telling him that I trust him to protect me.

“You know that you’re always welcome here.” Just then, I can see the sun coming over the horizon. A new day is beginning.

A door opens and closes followed by footsteps, alerting me of someone else being in the house, despite previously thinking we were alone.

“Magnus?” The voice is sleepy and deep; another male heading towards us. With the footsteps getting closer, I hide behind Magnus. My fear overrides the logic of my brain, knowing this person won’t help me.

“Alexander! Good morning.” Magnus doesn’t move away from me when the young man walks into the room. The young man stops when he sees me and takes in my appearance. I do the same thing to him and in that moment, I can tell that he is in sleep pants and no shirt showing off the Shadowhunter runes that cover his body. I take a step closer to Magnus and fist my one hand in the fabric of his shirt.

“Hello.” He doesn’t move to me, seeming to understand that I would not handle it well. My curiosity takes over. What could a Shadowhunter be doing here, sleeping?

“Alexander is my boyfriend.” Magnus states causing me to lose my grip on his shirt.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” I give him a small wave. With that, he walks over to Alexander and gives him a kiss. I look away to give them some privacy.

“Would you like some breakfast, Y/N?” Alexander asks me after Magnus pulls away from the kiss.

“That would be nice, thank you.” I relax as he walks out of the room. I turn back to Magnus. “If I would’ve known, I wouldn’t have come here. ”

“Y/N, it’s fine. I am glad that you came to me.” Magnus takes my hand in his.

“I just don’t want to be a bother.” I mumble with a sad voice. He knows how I feel about needing someone take care of me.

“You are not a bother, Y/N.  And trust me, you could never be any worse than his brother Jace who stayed with me for a couple of weeks.” He chuckles.

“So, a shadowhunter?” I say coyly.

“Yes, this is Alexander Lightwood, head of the New York Institute.” He explains as he gestures towards Alexander. I can hear the love in his voice when he talks about him and all I know is that I’m glad that he has found someone. Magnus is one of the kindest person that you could ever meet. He loves quickly and very deeply.

“So, are you the one I need to tell I was attacked my some Circle members?” I turn to look at him, still keeping a distance between us. He seems to notice this and make sure he keeps the distance himself.

“You were attacked by the Circle?” He turns to place a plate of food in front of me. I smile in thanks as I pick up my fork and nod my head yes, not feeling it’s necessary to say anything with a mouth full of food.

“Are you sure?” Alexander asks me, making me roll my eyes.

“Unless you have people putting Circle runes on their neck just for fun, then I think it was Circle members.” I say in a sarcastic tone. Magnus starts laughing at seeing I’m getting more comfortable around Alexander, but also showing that I will be okay.

“Okay. Is it alright if I ask more questions?” Alexander leans on the counter.

“You just did, but ok ask away.”

We spent the next few hours discussing the events of the attack, telling Alexander all that I can remember. Every big detail about the faces that I saw to the smallest things that might not even be helpful.

After eating and answering all the questions, Alexander takes his leave and heads back to the Institute to inform them all of the attack that happened. Spending the rest of the day with Magnus is always fun and it takes my mind off what happened. The first thing that we did was get me something new to wear. A plain black v-neck shirt and some skinny jeans along with a pair of flats. We talked and watched some mindless TV. I let Magnus paint my nails and do my make-up, not something that I would normally do, but it made him happy, so I went with it.

Magnus and I are working in the kitchen cooking. Well, I’m cooking. Magnus is watching. Alexander walks in and gives Magnus a kiss that is so sweet it’s kind of disgusting.

“Do you like goulash, Alexander?” I turn to the oven to pull out the finished bread. This is the first time I talk to him that doesn’t have to do with the attack, which pleases Magnus.

“Call me Alec. I like goulash. Do you like cooking, Y/N?” Alec leaves Magnus’s arms to get a glass of water.

“Not at first, but it was something that I had to do for so long. Travelling helped make the learning fun. And well, I could make a decent living off it.”

“Really?” Alec says to me.

“Magnus, would you go pick out a wine?” I ask not turning away from the stove.

“Sure, Y/N.”

Magnus is not gone for long coming back with two bottles of wine for our meal. I trust him to have made the right decision, so that the wine would go well with dinner. Alec is kind and sets the table for dinner as I am finishing up in the kitchen. I place the fresh bread in a bowl and take it over the the table before pulling the goulash off the stove. Grabbing a ladle, I take the hot pot over to the table and place it in the middle.

“This looks fantastic, Y/N.” Magnus says as he sits down at the table.

“So what did you two do today?” Alec asks after we have all gotten something to eat. Magnus proceeds to tell Alec . How we went to get me some new things to wear since mine were ruined. I zoned out after that eating on autopilot and not hearing what they are talking about.

I don’t realize that time has passed until I feel a hand placed onto mine making me jump in my seat. My eyes grow wide for a moment before I realize that I’m safe and in no danger.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Magnus says to me when I finally look him in the eyes.

“Yes, sorry. I guess I’m just tired. Didn’t get too much sleep last night.” I say with a smile I hope is convincing. I can tell that he doesn’t believe what I’m saying, but chooses to drop it.

“I’ll go make up the spare room for you, so you can get some sleep.” Magnus says as has he stands from the table. With a wave of his hands, the table is cleared off and everything put away. Sometimes even I’m amazed at what magic can do and I’m a warlock.

“You don’t have to do that.” I state as he walks away from the table.

“I know that I don’t, but I want to.” Magnus leaves me standing there with Alec with a smile on my face just happy to have a friend like Magnus.

“So how long have you known Magnus?” Alec asks after a second breaking the silence that had fallen over us.

“Three hundred years or so. Most of my life, really.” I lean back against the wall. Magnus was one of the first warlocks that I met and he is one of the few people that taught me everything I know about magic.

“Are you okay?” Alec says as he takes a step towards me. I know what he’s talking about and it’s not that I am tired.

“At the moment, but I don’t think that I have really had time to process what happened. I managed to really stay out of the last war and I had no plans of being part of this one. I don’t even know how they found me. I normally stay hidden very well.”

“If you need anything, you can ask me. You are a friend of Magnus’s, so you are a friend of mine. We will find the people that did this to you.” I can feel the tears prick in my eyes at what he said and I can’t help but take the last remaining steps and hug him.

I can feel him tense just for a moment before he hugs me as well. It’s at this moment that Magnus walks into the room.

“You trying to steal my boyfriend, Y/N?” I can hear the sarcasm in his voice making me break the hug with Alec and start laughing out loud.

“What? Me? Never. Magnus.” You can still hear the laughter in my voice.

“I got the room made up for you and set out some pajamas for you to wear.”

“Thank you, Magnus. This means a lot to me.” I say as I go to walk out of the room.

“Y/N, one more thing. You can stay as long as you like.” Magnus says to me with a smile on his face.

“Goodnight guys and thank you so much.”

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Hiding in the caves
From the animals outside
Might save you from being their prey
But you’re devoid of the sunlight outside
And living in the darkness unable to find a way to escape

Hiding in your fears and inhibitions
Shying away from the things you wanted to do
Might save you from a moment’s embarrassment
But you’re devoid of giving your life those chances 
And living with regrets that kill you inside every day.


Take those chances, instead of hiding behind your fears and inhibitions. Something wonderful might just be waiting for you there.

you wish me well, i wish you hell

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Title: you wish me well, i wish you hell
Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader
Genre: Demon!AU
Summary: Jiyong had never fallen in love, not even when he was a human being…so now that he is a demon, he is more than confused about the feeling. However, it’s both beautiful and painful, he denotes.

The librarian hid a stack of books that were absolutely weird.

As a reader, she had found out about millions of topics and authors around the world, of course, some better than others. Nights would be spent finishing her favorite books because she is impatient and she doesn’t like marking pages to read later, so sometimes she spends late nights reading books at the local library, spending time there thanks to the old lady that she knew as the librarian, who often gave her the key to stay there. Lately, she had been interested in the librarian’s favorite books, mostly informative as they explained the existence of demons. As a person who didn’t enjoy horror or terror that much, she was more than surprised that she was interested in such a dream-like creature, one that brought all the evilness in the world together in a space or a body. Some were based on love, others were basically sent by the devil, but the variation between every single one of the demons almost surprised her. She flicks the page and lets out a loud sigh, finally finishing another book about those weird creatures and she moves her hair to stay out of her face, rubbing her aching eyes as she stretches on the seat. That night, she had finished reading a lot earlier and she had to wake up early the next morning to go buy some things before going to work. The librarian was still there but she was about to close the library sooner than later, so she stands up from her seat and picks up her backpack, empty because of the books she had returned and then, the librarian chuckles lightly to herself when she sees her position the book back on the bookshelf and she stares back at her, a tight lipped smile over her features.

“What makes you so interested in those books?” The librarian asks and she wonders why she was doing so as well. Normally, she liked the type of books that talked about youthful characters that changed the world and had a bittersweet ending, but it ended up turning into a love for thriller and horror. She shrugs her shoulders, muttering a small I don’t know before the librarian hums a bit to herself, being followed by the common visitor as she goes towards the entrance door. “I thought you told me you didn’t like horror at all.”

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Men to die in vain and apathy,
Ruled by men who know no empathy,

Resemble to rats we have all become nuts,
And we’re sitting reminiscing,
Of the glorious days before the dawn of our plaques,
Now we’re sitting on a globe,
Where there’s “Sex and Death and Human Crime,
In Monochrome,
For one thin dime,
All corrupted souls,
In pervaded bodies,
With laboratory substances,
Can’t we come out from this,
Wait, there’s a hope that reminds us all,
To simply,

Remember Remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

In the tunnel of life,
We can still find a light,
To stare and to follow,
Bulging eyes try to see,
The lost love and faded glee,
But what hides behind them simply is
Fear and Fraud in Everyone’s soul
Resulting from the ‘Big’ Ones,
Moments with people was a reason to live,
But now isolation is turning us into beasts,
Yes, there are actions that pull our strings and tell us

Remember, Remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Inner hope, inner strength
Will get us ahead
Not just wait for a man
To rule this land
On our own not alone
Remember the past
On our own not alone
we’ ll finally cast away.

Remember, Remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.


What they say to you before going off to battle…

Robb – Robb would hide his fear behind smiles and jokes. Just before leaving he would probably kiss your head and promise to come home to you. “Should I die…move on, love another…be happy.”

Theon – Theon wouldn’t let you see his fear either. He would laugh and smile arrogantly, joking about how “no one can beat the kraken.” “I’ll bring you back a souvenir.”

Ramsay – Ramsay would never go to battle unless he was certain he would win. He would show his arrogance and kiss you roughly on the mouth before leaving, “Time to go hunting, Darling, don’t stay up.”

Jaime – Jaime is a knight…a warrior…he doesn’t fear going into battle, or even dying. It’s the only thing he knows how to do…how to be. “Don’t worry, I’m the Kingslayer, they’ll be too busy talking behind my back to lift a sword.”

Oberyn – Simply, “Today is not the day I die,” and “I won’t leave you alone in this world. Never.”

Arthur – Arthur wouldn’t promise you anything, never one to be overly confident knowing death comes for everyone. Instead, he would kiss you passionately and promise to do his best to come back to you.

Jon – Jon would hold you close the night before and do his best to reassure you. Telling you over and over that it would all end up as it should. He wouldn’t let you see him worried because he needs your strength to be strong, “Look out for Ghost. He’ll be our white flag waving us home.”

Ned – Ned would be completely honest with you. He would tell you what could happen, the outcomes on both the win and lose side. “I love you,”

Joffrey – Joffrey would talk himself up, pretending as if no one could best him. “I’m the King! The rightful King! No one will dare lift their hand to me! And if they do…my Hound will take care of them.”

Stannis (my sister wanted this one lol) – “Watch after my daughter,” with a  stiff nod and a small “eyes soften” moment before turning around awkwardly and leaving the room.

~Stay The Night~

Part 2

Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

Pairing: Soukoku (Dazai Osamu x Nakahara Chuuya)

Trigger Warning

Since I’m not fancy and because I don’t want to give any spoilers, that’s all you’re going to get


Chuuya looked very peaceful when he was asleep.

What Dazai liked the most was the fact that Chuuya wasn’t able to yell at, kick or hit Dazai when he was asleep.

It wasn’t sure how long this state of peace would last judging by the fact that Chuuya had almost blown himself up the day before.

The day before the Agency had learned that the Port Mafia meant to use Corruption to take down a powerful enemy. Dazai could hardly believe it, why such a stupid decision was be made.

Then, of course, he remembered that all the Mafia cared about was getting the job done and not the casualties. They didn’t care about Chuuya or his life.

And since Chuuya was the loyal idiot that he was, it once again fell on Dazai to save his damn life.

That’s exactly what he did, with a little help of his colleagues. That is how Chuuya ended up lying unconscious in the Agency’s infirmary.

And for some strange reason people felt the need to come up to Dazai and ask if he was alright. He found that very odd and his response every time was “I’m not the one who almost got sucked into a black hole and got blasted out of the sky.”

Of course Dazai was fine. He didn’t even get scratched, he was perfectly fine! Alright, the fact that a Port Mafia member was lying around the Agency must have been conflicting, but why would that make Dazai not well? He was just fine.

It felt odd to be so close to him again. Although ‘close’ meant the distance of a room, but that was the closest the two had been in years without Chuuya trying to attack Dazai.

And it was kind of refreshing. Chuuya looked peaceful.

Before Dazai had the time to have a full flashback, the door was opened carelessly.


He spared the newcomer a glance. “What do you want, Kunikida?”

“To talk to you.” Kunikida looked at the sleeping Chuuya. “Outside.”

Dazai grinned at the other. “What, are you feeling threatened by an unconscious, 160 cm tall Port Mafia executive?”

Kunikida didn’t quite appreciate the joke and he walked over, grabbed Dazai’s ear and dragged him out.

“Ouch! Ouch, okay, what is it!?” Dazai asked with a pout.

At first Kunikida just watched Dazai, arms crossed with a serious expression, as if he was evaluating the situation.

“I know why you did it,” he said at last.

Dazai was genuinely confused. He tilted his head and blinked innocently. “Why I did what?”

Kunikida took a deep breath; making it look like that breath was what had prevented him from punching something. “I know why you were so enthusiastic about this mission.”

“Well, my guess would be that I generally prefer half the city not to be destroyed considering that I live in this city, but I imagine that you have something else on your mind,” Dazai said.

“I do, in fact.” Kunikida shut his eyes, once again taking a breath. “You wanted to bring Nakahara Chuuya here. I haven’t figured out why, why you would want him by your side, but I am almost a hundred percent certain that that’s what you wanted to accomplish.”

Dazai blinked. For a second he looked like he had just been hit by a brick. Then he composed himself and smiled brightly. “That’s silly! I don’t care about that little midget! Unfortunately, stopping Corruption from destroying Yokohama also includes saving Nakahara Chuuya’s life, so this situation is just an inconvenience, if anything.”

Kunikida didn’t seem convinced, but he decided to let it drop. “Alright… If you say so. I hope you realize that we will now have to deal with this inconvenience?”

Dazai nodded quickly. “Do you happen to have any idea how we will deal with the inconvenience…?”

“Not the slightest idea,” Kunikida said dismissively. “I have to go. I’ll have to talk to the President…” Then he walked away.

* * *

“I don’t think Dazai should be present while we discuss the matter.”

“Why? Do you think that he’ll try to manipulate the President into making the wrong decision?”

“I think that currently his emotions might be influencing his decision making skills.”

“Alright, if you’re so sure this is true, I’ll keep him away from the office.”

Dazai accidentally overheard this part of a conversation. So, he decided to leave for a few hours. He wouldn’t want to cause any trouble, of course. And he didn’t want it to even look like he cared about Chuuya, because he didn’t. Of course he didn’t. What a stupid assumption.

He went to one of his favourite places, and that one wasn’t a bridge. Instead, it was Yokohama Landmark Tower’s rooftop.

Staring at the street 300 meters below him was a familiar feeling. A lot of familiar feelings were coming back to Dazai at the time. It was odd and unsettling. Something kept picking at his mind, which Dazai tried desperately to push away.

In the end, however, he gave in.

Dazai was sitting on the edge, swinging his legs as he slowly unwrapped the bandages on his left arm and reached into his pocket.

* * *

He was getting lost in his head and what snapped him back into reality was the sound of approaching footsteps. Dazai had to act fast; he stood up, turned around and crossed his arms behind his back. It was a premature attempt to hide his arm but he was short on time.

As much as Dazai was shaking, at least he managed to keep his act together with his relaxed posture and a carefree smile.

But Chuuya didn’t look as good. It was visible how much Corruption had affected him. It made Dazai wince, seeing him that weak, his perfect stance ruined by the fact that he was barely holding himself upright. He also had a slight limp, making his entrance a bit less impressive.

“Chuuya! Long time no see,” Dazai said, offering a friendly smile.

“And it just couldn’t stay that way. How disappointing,” Chuuya replied, standing a few meters away from Dazai and the edge.

“You’re the one who came to me. I was hoping to be left alone, actually, but you just can’t seem to stay away from me.” He smirked, hoping that his pretentious cockiness would distract Chuuya from Dazai’s unwrapped bandages and his overall anxiousness.

But Chuuya knew better. He stepped forward. “What can I say? The Port Mafia members are attracted to danger, as I’m sure you are aware. In fact you are pretty damn obsessed with it. It’s irritating.”

“Are you really attracted to danger or is it just me?”

Chuuya sighed, crossing his arms. “Come on Dazai, you can do better.” He paused, giving Dazai a glare under his lashes. “Show me your arm. I’m not stupid.”

“My what?” That was Dazai’s next plan; playing dumb with an innocent tilt of his head. But he wasn’t stupid either. He knew that he couldn’t play the game for too long.

Your arm. You know, that thing attached to your shoulder,” Chuuya said, rolling his eyes. “What more can you do to protest? I have you cornered.

“From the two of us, I’m the patient one. I could stay here all day and not show you anything,” Dazai said, thus spending all of his plans. The last one was stubbornness. His body was also betraying him. He was shaking, he realized, with fear.

Fear of what? Being discovered? He hadn’t felt that way in years. He really couldn’t deal with Chuuya at the moment.

“Look at you…” Chuuya said his look clearly judgmental and maybe even full of loathing. It infuriated Dazai.

“I was your damn partner, Dazai, I know you. Get your act together.” With that Chuuya made a dangerous move – he reached out, taking a hold of Dazai’s wrist.

He responded quickly, but instead of attacking like he intended, Dazai panicked and yanked his hand away, pressing it to his chest. It was a wrong move on Chuuya’s part since Dazai had moved back, even closer to the edge. It made Chuuya’s heart beat faster.

“Dazai, be careful…”

“Can you just decide if you’re worried about me or you hate me? It’s hard to keep up. Why did you come here anyway?”

Chuuya attempted to straighten his posture, but he was still in pain. “To harass you,” he said confidently.

Dazai smiled, tilting his head. “I should have known. You’re doing a great job.”

Chuuya was getting impatient. “Oh, drop the act Dazai. You are being torn apart and I know it. You may be able to fool everyone else, but not me. All of this – it’s exhausting! If you really wanted to die, then you would try harder.”

Dazai frowned. Another odd, familiar feeling was rising in his chest. He was trying to push it away, but before he knew what was happening, his eyes stung with tears. He fidgeted with the razor he had been clutching in his hand.

“I can do it. Right here, right now, in front of you. I want to see that you truly don’t care, as you want me to believe.”

That seemed to do the trick since Chuuya immediately paled. “Dazai, don’t you dare. I will not be the one to drop your body off at the Agency’s doorstep. There is no way,” he insisted, his eyes wide. “Don’t.”

Dazai tilted his head with a sorrowful smile. “I knew it,” he hummed. “I knew you cared. At least a little…”

“Oh, get real! So many people care about you!” Chuuya was doing what he knew best, hiding his fear behind rage. He knew perfectly well that Dazai wouldn’t hesitate. “This isn’t fair. Why should I have to witness this?”

“You’re the one who came to me,” Dazai said matter-of-factly.

Chuuya sighed, crossing his arms. “I can’t do this. I take lives, I don’t save them…”

Dazai stepped forward unsurely. “Idiot. You’ve saved my life. You keep doing it every day.” It took a lot out of Dazai to swallow his pride and say that. He hated looking weak. And it was the crushing truth that Chuuya was both his strength and his weakness.

“I’m not doing a very good job then,” Chuuya said, his voice cracking. “You still want to kill yourself.”

The sentence hung in the air and it ached.

Chuuya, being the less patient one, gave in quickly. “I can’t do this,” he repeated. His eyes passed over Dazai’s arm and he quite visibly winced. “Let’s just take you back and get rid of that thing you’re holding…”

Dazai raised his eyebrows. “I got the impression that you’re here because you wanted to be away from the Agency. Now you’re willing to go back?” He tilted his head.

“You were at it. Some of those cuts might need sewing,” Chuuya said, trying to stop his voice from shaking.

“I think you have bigger problems than my arm. You’re barely standing, aren’t you?”

Chuuya grimaced, once again stupidly reaching for Dazai’s hand. But he no longer felt threatened, not with how weak Chuuya was.

And his intention wasn’t to harm hm. Chuuya held Dazai’s hand, slowly wrapping the bandages back around Dazai’s bloody arm, as he had many times before.

“I don’t know how many more times you want me to do this,” Chuuya muttered angrily. “Next time I’ll let you bleed to death.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Dazai hummed. “If your face was the last thing I’d see.”

Chuuya stopped for a moment, his hands shaking. Then he just kept going until Dazai’s arm was wrapped up again. “Let’s go,” he muttered, taking Dazai’s hand and leading him further from the edge.

Dazai spoke only once they were out of the building, “I’m sorry.”

Chuuya didn’t respond.

“I’m sorry. I keep putting you through this. You’re right, it isn’t fair. But… thank you. You know how to pull me out. Snap me back into reality, sometimes violently.” Dazai chucked bitterly.

Chuuya still didn’t reply. He just subconsciously squeezed Dazai’s hand. He let Chuuya lead him, presumably to the Agency.

“I’ve come to realize that… I’m tied to this world by something… Someone I love,” Dazai said hesitantly. It had once again taken him all his strength to say that.

“Yeah, I get it. Committing suicide with a beautiful woman is your thing now. Knock yourself out…” Chuuya muttered bitterly.

Dazai sighed. “Where’s your cleverness now? It isn’t a beautiful woman, Chuuya. It’s someone I would never ever want to go down with me.”

“Oh, so now it’s someone from the Agency?” Chuuya laughed, shaking his head. “Unbelievable…. I don’t want to hear about how close you all are…”

“Not from the Agency either.” Dazai stopped walking and Chuuya also had to, since they were still holding hands. “It’s a silly idiot I’ve known for ages. He’s the smartest person I know, yet at the moment seems to be pretty dense. Horrible temper, very short. Ringing any bells?”

“Apparently not,” Chuuya muttered.

Dazai closed his eyes, shaking his head. “You are impossible. It’s you, Nakahara Chuuya. I know you hate me, but… I suppose I don’t hate you. And as annoying as it is to admit it, I guess I’m… in love… with you…”

Chuuya dropped his gaze. He didn’t move or speak. He just let go of Dazai’s hand and started to walk away.

Before Dazai’s heart could completely shatter, Chuuya stopped. He turned around, walked back over and stopped right in front of Dazai. He climbed on his tip toes, grabbed Dazai’s hair, pulled him down and kissed him.

“Let’s just go,” he mumbled. But before he could start dragging Dazai again, Chuuya collapsed.


This is the song behind the title. It’s such a Soukoku song, isn’t it?

There will be a part two, I ended on a cliffhanger to get y'all to read the less interesting part. No, not the boring part, there I no bring part, but the less interesting part.

Now what’s really important in this author’s note is that this fic was based off of a role play.

‘Why ist that important,’ you ask.

Well, my friend, it is important because that means that I cannot take credit for all the things written here. Sure, the fanfc is mine, I changed some things, I changed the plot a lil bit, but the fact is that half or more of things said by Chuuya in this fic were not written by me, but by the impossibility talented @y-u-k-u-m-u-r-a 👏👏👏 kudos to you, my friend.