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anyway johnlock au where john and sherlock go to cons and john is always like, some battleworn badass in a variety of leather jackets (han solo being my personal fav) and sherlock always goes in some extravagant alien cosplay that like, totally alters and hides his actual face so john has never seen what he really looks like, but they go around to cons and end up seeing each other all at the same ones and start this cute lil friendship and john is like wonder why he always hides his face like that and of course it doesn’t matter but he’s curious. then they’re at san diego comic con and some important movie artifact is stolen and sherlock needs to recover it and they work together and kick ass and get it back and afterwards john asks sherlock to dinner, and so sherlock and john go back up to sherlock’s room so sherlock can change into regular clothes so he can eat and john is like psyching himself up to kiss sherlock and when he comes out of the bathroom as his usual self he’s like, i know, it’s a bit of a letdown after the alien thing isn’t it, and john is like 👀👀👀 absolutely not?!? and then he kisses sherlock pink and they never do make it to dinner

I feel like one thing the “queer is a slur” crowd overlooks...

…is that the word gay has been used so overwhelmingly as a pejorative, as a slur, that most children in the U.S. in the past several decades likely grew up learning “gay” as a word for bad, strange, or wrong before they fully understand that there are “gay” people, and that it’s not just a word with negative connotations.

Kids grow up hearing “That’s so gay!” said with such vehemence relating to topics that those same kids aren’t remotely educated about, and they just internalize that it’s bad. This is how you get elementary schoolers saying, “Mr. Hopkins gave us homework, he’s so gay,” and the same elementary schoolers grow up to be high schoolers and adults who say, “What? I don’t mean gay like gay people, I mean gay like stupid or bad.”

And some of them aren’t overt homophobes in any other way… but dang, you teach little kids that a word that describes a class of people means “bad” and “wrong” before they know those people exist, and that’s bound to shape the way they think about things, isn’t it?

And in contrast you get queer kids who start to put 2+2 together about what “gay” really means a little bit faster than the kids around them because they’re desperate for some information, some hints of meaning… but they’re also hearing the same lessons as everybody else, that gay=bad, gay=wrong, gay=undesirable, gay=something no one ones and no one should be, gay is the worst thing you can be.

In the small town I lived in and the school I went to, nobody ever hit me and called me queer. No one ever shouted “queer” from a moving car while I was walking home. No one ever threatened or inflicted violence on me with the word “queer” on their lips.

Gay, though? Yes. And variations on the f-slur, but gay itself was enough of an invective, enough of a pejorative, to the people flinging it.

“Gay” was the slur that cishet people threw at me as a form of violence, often in corollary with physical violence. “Queer” is a word that I learned online, from members of my community. My experience of the former word is as an attack, while the other was as a sanctuary and respite from that attack.

Now, I’m not a gay man, but a bisexual trans woman. I was still sorting that out at the time, but I doubt it would have made a difference to many of my tormenters if I’d been able to explain it properly.

So when “gay” is used as the happy-go-lucky umbrella for what I would personally call the queer community, gay with even its positive connotations strongly coded as male, I’m not just being misgendered/swept under a default label of male along with a lot of other women and non-binary folks, I’m being forced to accept a label that I never sought, one that is definitely used as a pejorative and a slur, and a slur that was specifically used as a weapon against me.

Both “gay” and “queer” have the same problematic histories and problematic presents. They have both been subject to reclamation efforts. To me, the difference is how those efforts are organized. 

“Gay” is an attempt to normalize, to assimilate, to take the elements of our community that are most palatable to the heteronormative homogeneous hegemony and emphasize them, making those elements even more palatable and altering or hiding the other elements of the community. 

“Gay” is like trying to get into an exclusive school that you fear is likely to reject you for prejudiced reasons, so you keep your nose clean, make sure you take all the right extracurriculars, polish your cover letter and personal essay, and try to make the right contacts with influential people on the inside… and if you have to hide some of your past activities, break ties with friends who are less presentable, and de-emphasize your family to make sure the admissions office doesn’t get the wrong idea about what you’d bring to their institution, well, it’ll be worth it, because that’s what you have to do get a, you know, fair shake.

“Queer” rejects that. Queer rejects homogeny, it does not demand that we sand down our rough edges or smooth out our contours. It does not seek to reshape ourselves or our community to fit ever-evolving standards designed to keep us out, but it challenges those standards.

If “gay” is trying to appeal to a bigoted admissions board by being smooth and shiny enough to slip in, “queer” is challenging the admissions board to accept or reject you on your own merits as you exist, and challenging the bigoted assumptions that underline the power structure as revealed by this. It’s bypassing the admissions board by creating your own infrastructure for sharing resources and information. 

I have a suspicion that a certain percentage of the intra-community backlash against the word “queer” is not because the negative connotations of the word hurt us as listeners, but rather that the radical connotations of the word hurt the effort to make the community acceptable to a presumed default “general audience”, to assimilate gayness into heteronormativity. 

I.e., it is less, “Queer makes people think it’s okay to bash us.” and more “Queer makes people think we’re not like them.”

Most people end posts in defense of the label “queer” and the umbrella term “queer community” by saying “I won’t call queer if they’re not comfortable with it,” and most of them get told, “BUT THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING WHEN YOU SAY ‘QUEER COMMUNITY!”

I’ve never yet seen anybody talking about the gay community have to disclaim that they’re not using the word to people who view it as unreclaimed slur or who just plain find it too hurtful to have even given that discourse any thought.

I won’t call someone queer if they don’t think of themselves a queer. I will use queer as an umbrella term. If that’s not you, you can cheerfully include yourself out of it. 

And heck, I’m doing you a solid. If you didn’t have a queer community to point to, you wouldn’t have anyone you could point to when you want to clarify that you’re not like those people.

For the longest time, longer than he cared to admit, Rex couldn’t remember what happened on Umbara.

He was told it may have had something to do with Krell messing with their minds before Dogma had killed him. “Jedi can alter memories, hide things and change things, even long after they’ve passed.”

Rex didn’t believe that, or maybe he just didn’t want to. The idea that any remnant of Krell could be crawling around in his head sends beads of cold sweat dripping down his back.

Others accounted it to PTSD. “Things like this can’t be cured with a hypo, CT-7567. It’s something we’ve yet to program out of any living being. Everything and anything can inherently change you, and the mind fights back best by forgetting.”

Rex liked that even less. No matter how terrible, he’d rather remember something than not.

Yet days turned into weeks and he couldn’t piece together exactly what had happened. Bits and pieces came back. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night, positive that he was under attack. Sometimes he’d have his blaster in his and and the sudden inhibition to shoot it washes over him like a wave.

When he finally does choose to remember, because, really, it was always him holding himself back from remembering, it’s when they’re sending Fives’ body back to Kamino to be processed for its genetic material and turned into more clones.

We’re made from our dead brothers, Rex thinks, and with those words, Umbara comes back.

Did they matter, or were they simply replaceable bits of a larger machine? Were they truly any better than droids?

Yes. He has to keep remembering that. They are men, no matter what.

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Can you describe the powers of hecate's children or the pros of being descended from hecate?

Uhm I’m sorry this has been in my drafts for god knows how long I apologize profusely? Also yes I am here for this 10000%

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve basically adopted Lou as one of my many children, and I’ve done a LOT of research into Hecate powers. And, I’ve actually mentioned them in this headcanon.


From what I’ve read in the books, I dislike the way Hecate children do magic, which is pretty similar to the Kane Chronicles. So in my view, it’s done in more of a Harry Potter sense of magic.

Children of Hecate have to have extreme control over their mental and physical forms to perform magic. They have to memorize all of the spells and clearly understand the theories behind them to be able to control them, as well as how to manipulate spells.

Wands are not needed to do magic, but they are used to focus your magic and are usually used across more beginner children of Hecate. As I said, extreme control. For younger children of Hecate, they need wands because they do not yet have the control to do wandless magic. To a well-practiced child of Hecate, a wand may be seen as more of hindrance than a help.

It’s not a cure-all. There’s karma. For example, using a spell to draw energy from things around them may cause a child of Hecate’s strength to grow, but it will kill the things they took energy from. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (My inner science nerd is powering up sorry).

Now, there’s a reason for all of this control that’s needed. With great power comes great responsibility, essentially. They need to learn to control themselves and their power in order to keep not only themselves but others safe. In my mind and writing, children of Hecate are extremely powerful, but that power comes with a cost. With a weight, a weight of not only knowledge but of sacrifice as well. 

Children of Hecate usually work off of scrolls/runes to learn spells, or learn from a master. They have to either have the scroll directly in front of them, or have the move memorized. The more they do a certain spell, the better they do the  next time they cast it.

The magic children of Hecate posses is sectioned off into branches. There’s main branches, destruction, conjuration, healing, alteration, illusion, and alchemy/enchanting. Children of Hecate can overlap, studying magic from multiple branches, but they do not have enough power to study all the branches, and usually only have an innate affinity for one.

  • Destruction magic: Magic which destroys others, offensive magic. Spells that are used solely to attack others. Usually a child of Hecate will find an affinity or even just a preference for one basic element, such as fire, water, air, etc.
  • Conjuration magic: Magic which conjures, can be offensive, defensive, or neutral. For example, you can conjure a creature to fight for you, you can conjure a shield to protect you, or you can conjure a shovel because you really need to hide that body but don’t wanna leave your dna all over an actual shovel. One attacks, one defends, and one is simply a temporary tool.
  • Healing magic: Magic which can be used to heal yourself or others. Defensive magic. Healing is pretty self explanatory. 
  • Alteration magic: The altering of something already in the world. Example, turning straw to gold. However, this branch requires a really good understanding of the elements and specific mastery of each type. For example, you want to make glass in a jiffy? You have to find sand and fire, and you need to have a specific idea in your mind as well as a specific spell for that object. Probably the toughest branch because one wrong move and kla-blamo.
  • Illusion magic: Hiding or altering perceptions. Muffling your footsteps, turning yourself invisible. Sure you could put all of your energy into making yourself transparent, OR you could just put like 10% of your energy into blacking out that monster’s sight so they can’t see you. This branch isn’t about actually changing the world, it’s about altering perceptions. Getting into people’s heads through spells cast on specific people or groups. That means they can also detect things like lies, or perhaps even cast telepathic spells.
  • Alchemy/enchanting: For people who don’t like actually casting spells that much. Alchemy is potions, which requires vast knowledge of the world around you, not super hard but very easy to get yourself killed if you don’t have a good teacher and you’re stupid. Enchanting is very hard, not for beginners, very very easy to kill yourself or someone else even if you’re not stupid.

And honestly? I don’t see a lot of pros of being a child of Hecate. You need to be rigorous, you need to be strict in your duties and studies, you need to be ready to sacrifice a lot to Hecate. Sure you get cool powers, but it’s also very likely you’ll kill someone unless you’re careful. 

That’s how I see Hecate, but you can totally just dump this in the trash and interpret her and her powers in another way. But Hecate is insanely powerful, and she’s a minor goddess. I think because of that, being one of her children comes at an insane cost.

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I wish they could name just one thing that all men have that they have and no woman has ever had that means they are a man and not a woman. They say it isn't biology, so then what is it? Name just one trait/characteristic/aspect of a personality that only men have. What is there to identify with men that means you identify as one?

In my experience gender identity ideologues will just whittle it down to “man” and “woman” both meaning nothing and meaning whatever any individual person wants it to. 

And then if you ask them why misgendering even matters if both words are functionally meaningless and interchangeable… well I’ve never gotten a straight answer for that. Or why “transition” then still involves an attempt to hide or alter sex characteristics. 

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someone is accusing us of being fake because they think my alters just developed and even though i tried explaining that i was numb to all emotion for years and suppressed all of my alters and left myself dissociating for an enormous, unhealthy amount of time, they don't believe its possible to suppress something like that. i had to you know? i kept getting beat for acting "wrong" and my guardian threatened to hire an exorcist. but now i'm doubting myself... it is possible right? are we fake?

That’s absolutely possible. Discovering you’ve been repressing DID for years is really, really common. Exactly what you describe- alters hiding themselves to escape abuse- is a good reason for alters remaining dormant for years. 

That doesn’t mean you’re faking! That’s pretty common. 

The Mind; Gemini and Scorpio

Scorpios are similar to Geminis in the way that their mind wanders very unpredictably. Gemini is known for their scatterbrained overwhelm of information that pours from one place to another. But Scorpio often is not. The Scorpio mind is significantly dark and known as a horror, its deep and dark as the ocean. I imagine the internal Scorpio as the stormy sea on a pitch black night. If you try to explore it you will inevitably drown. The mind has come to terms with life and death, and their views on the taboo can be frighteningly aloof. They may even laugh. In fact, their humor tends to central around people getting hurt. Mortality eludes them.
Both of these signs have curiosity, Scorpio is a natural detective and psychologist, Gemini is the student of the zodiac. The Gemini twin, is often dark, an alter ego hiding in the Gemini shadow, Loki, the trickster, who sets up painful pranks. And scorpion thoughts actually can melt from one to another, subject to subject, indescribable and unsurmountable.
And while they’re alike in their thought processes, neither would likely understand the other, Gemini is too light for the darkness of Scorpio. But they can be strongly attracted to one another, each one intrigued by the other’s bizarre individuality and deviation from society.

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Heya, im writing a character with DID, and im a little lost on the sharing memories thing (between alters). can an alter chose not to share a memory/memories of when they fronted? or does it happen automatically? for example, one of the alters found out a secret that she doesn't want to host to know: can she hide that experience from him (and the rest of the system?), but still share other memories that happened around the same time? just, like, not share that specific memory? thank you!

Alters can hide memories, yep! Alters can hide specific memories and share others that happened around the same time. 

As for how the memories are shared, that depends on the system. Usually it just… kind of happens. Some systems have a visual aid in the headspace (like a computer) where alters can “put” their memories and share them with others. This is just a visualization tool to make things easier. 

Amnesia affects everyone differently and it’s not always blackouts- most of the time, dissociative amnesia between fronters is just “blurry” or very indistinct/bad memories. Please let me know if you need any more clarification!

My headcanon is that nocturnes are capable of mimicry well beyond just acting. They are able to change size (which would rather explain their ridiculous glitches and growth), they will sometimes shift their bodies (limbs, features, hide, etc…), they may alter their color (chameleon-style)…. They’ve little to set them apart from true X species. Rather changeling-like. Similar to scrolls, but in-character, and not permanent.

Sometimes, just sometimes… nocturnes will mimic too well. Cue hydras, a fusion of nocturnes resembling the imperial emperors. Corrupt in magics and mind with the added weirdness of having warped features they shouldn’t like piranha mouths, a mass of spikes on their back, odd proportions…. The upside to them is that the fusion consists of live bodies. The downside is that attacking and destroying multiple hearts/heads/whatever you’re aiming at is never going to be an easy task.

Footnote I: There’s initially a heavy disadvantage in that, even if one heart is killed, the rest act as a backup, but there comes a point where it is weakened when there’s more mass than can be sustained by the number of live organs. The systems become overworked.

Footnote II:: Unlike their zombie counterparts, hydras may be not entirely bestial.

Footnote T: Emperors and hydras totally composed of a single element are capable of extraordinary magical feats (and also depleting a region of magic, rendering it barren). These have names: Eldritch emperors (shadow), chthonic emperors (earth), devil emperors (fire), cosmic emperors (arcane)….

Look, an accompanying poem! Where did this come from? Oh right, midnight coffee…. Enjoy my weird and pretentious but nicely rhythmic poem.

Wyrms with blazing wings alight,
For god and glory and honor and flight.
Battle in the roaring sky,
Where sundry dragons fall and fly.

Prepare the graves, but burn the light—
Beware which shadows swarm the night!

Gods despair as bodies rise.
They’ll b
leed ichor ‘fore this beast lies.
Peace be damned and hell begin.
Shed your blood for foe and friend.

We are myth,
We are might,
We are anger,
We are spite.

We are blight and of all end.
Rage will rise and wrath descend.
We are they omit from lore.
It is death who wins this war.

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still haven’t got a sign off do ya? maybe just use your trademark sign???
also i wrote this as ty becoming blurry (bc i am still inexperienced with him) and then fucking josh i hope that is chill my bb ♥ if not just send me more shit!
come for the sin stay for the feels wow

Quite frankly, Tyler had had enough of this assignment. It wasn’t going well and he was fucking annoyed. After the 14th time trying to draw the lines in the right places, he could feel his control over his own mind starting to slip. Young Ty didn’t have much control over his head when it came to Blurryface, but there was one person who could always help him.
He grabbed his phone and smashed in Josh’s name, shaking as he lifted the phone to his ear.
“Ty, hey, look I’ve bee–”
“Josh? C-can you come over and do your assignment here? I just.. I need a hand,” he said, not wanting to admit what was happening. 
“Uh.. yeah, sure. Just give me a half hour or so, can it wait that long?”
NO!!! Blurry was screaming, but Tyler was holding on with whatever he had left. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you soon.”

Josh was worried as he packed his canvas into the back seat of his car. Tyler sounded.. off? He wasn’t sure. Their relationship was still new, and J could tell there was more to him yet, but was this it? He drove way faster than he should’ve, but he was terrified. 
He pulled up and looked out the window. He couldn’t see Ty waiting, which was weird, Tyler always waited for him.
He left his stuff in the car for now, walking up to the door and opening it carefully. “TyJo? I’m here!”
“You’re too fucking late, sugar.”
That was certainly Tyler’s voice, but not Tyler’s tone. Josh’s head whirled around only to find someone sitting in a chair to his left, his back to him.
“Tyler?” Josh’s voice was shaky. 
“Mm, nope. Next guess?” the voice with the body of Tyler stood up and turned to him. It still looked like Tyler, but Josh knew it wasn’t him. His eyes weren’t brown, they were dark. His posture was much straighter and more overpowering, and he had a cocky smirk on his lips. “Ah, I’ve heard about you. Josh, right? Tyler’s little plaything?”
“Who the fuck are you?” Josh spat. “And what have you done with Tyler!?”
This person moved a lot faster than Tyler could. He was toe to toe with Josh in seconds, his hand pressed against J’s chest. “They call me Blurryface, baby. I like to play with Tyler’s mind sometimes. But, I prefer to play with his friends too.”
Josh was confused, but also understood. This is what Tyler was hiding. An alter-ego of sorts. “Ty, I know you’re in there. Cmon, this isn’t you.”
The hand on his chest suddenly moved to grip at his throat, cutting off his air but not hurting him. “Tyler Joseph is dead as long as I’m here. I’ll go when I’m good and ready.”
“Fuck you,” Josh spat out, meeting Blurry’s eyes dead on.
“Oh, you’re going to.”

Josh barely had a second to register what was going on before Blurry’s lips were forced against his. He wanted to push back, to force Tyler out, but god, Blurry was a good kisser. 
“You’re gonna do exactly as I say, Josh. And maybe, if I think you’ve been good enough, I’ll let Tyler back out,” he growled in J’s ear, his hand reaching down to grope at him through his sweats. Josh let out a little groan and blushed bright red. “Aw, you don’t normally submit, do ya princess? I’m gonna make you my bitch today.”
Josh didn’t dare argue. Him and Tyler hadn’t had sex in ages, and Blurry’s hands felt so good..
Before he knew it, his shirt was being literally torn from his skin and shredded onto the floor, and a firm hand was pushing him down onto his knees. “Gonna suck me off, huh, Josh? Gonna be the submissive little bitch, like Tyler is?”
Josh hated that he was fucking loving this, but more than anything, he wanted his Tyler back. So he did as the stranger said, pulling his jeans and boxers away and getting to work on him. He looked up at the black eyes, intently watching his every move.
“Stop. Open your mouth, let your jaw go slack. Gonna fuck your pretty little mouth,” Blurryface ordered. Josh was shaking, no one had ever done this to him, but he obeyed. 
Blurry wasn’t gentle, but he did have enough decency to not deliberately hurt the boy. He groaned as he fucked into Josh’s mouth, using him purely for his own pleasure. Soon enough, though, he stopped himself. He had other things he wanted to fuck. 

Blurry grabbed at Josh’s hand and dragged him through to Tyler’s room, throwing him on the bed and tearing his sweats and boxers off his legs, running his eyes over him. “Fucking hell, I can see why Tyler likes you. Look at that pretty, hard dick. All hard for a stranger, aren’t you? Sub bitch, wanting someone to fuck the shit out of you.”
If Josh wasn’t horny as shit, he would have punched the guy, but he wanted this now. Blurry discarded his shirt, looming over Josh completely bare. “On your hands and knees.”
Josh obeyed, sticking his ass up in the air, shaking with nerves and unbridled excitement. Blurry spat on his fingers, running them over Josh’s entrance before slowly inserting one. Josh screamed out, he’d never had anything up there, that was Tyler’s job. It hurt like fuck at first, but the burn subsided and holy shit, it felt good? He wanted more.
Another finger, then another, scissoring in and out of him, preparing him for what was to come. Blurry removed his fingers and used that same hand to sharply slap Josh across the ass. Josh yelped and went to move away, but Blurry grabbed his hip hard.
“Uh-uh, baby. You move when I tell you to.”
Blurryface pushed into Josh, letting out ragged breaths as he did. Josh bit back his cries of pain, but at least Blurry let him get used to the feeling before he moved.
Oh, fuck.
Josh had never had anything touch his prostate before, and oh god, how the fuck he didn’t cum from that, he didn’t know. 
Blurry was rough, unrelenting on Josh. He scratched at his back, marked his throat, fucked him until he couldn’t scream anymore.
“Such a pretty little thing. Can’t believe Tyler is wasting an ass like this. Maybe I should come around more often, ruin Tyler’s mind, just to fuck you.”
Josh couldn’t form a response, just whimpers and pleas. “G-gonna cum, please let me cum..”
Blurry didn’t respond, not giving him permission, to the point where Josh was nearly sobbing in need. 
“You can cum if you scream my fucking name. Not Tyler, fuck Tyler. Me. Blurryface. The one who owns your fucking ass,” he said, finally wrapping a hand around Josh’s leaking dick.
If Josh was sane, he would have kept his mouth shut, but fuckin hell he was dying from this. “B-Blurry!” he screamed as he lost his balance, shattering into a million pieces. He didn’t even hear Blurry cry out as he came, could only hear the thumping of his own heartbeat for a few minutes.

“J-Josh? Josh!? Oh god, Josh! What did I do to you?”
Josh used the last dregs of his energy to roll onto his back and he was there, the one he came to see. The black eyes were brown again, the stature was Tyler’s slump. Josh was a fucking mess. His back was ripped, his throat bruised, and his ass absolutely wrecked.
“Wasn’t you, baby,” he managed to breathe out, holding his hand out to Tyler. Ty took it, curling into Josh’s chest, holding back sobs.
“N-no, it wasn’t, I didn’t mean any of this,” he was blurting out. “He hurt you. I hurt you.. Oh god, Joshie, are you okay?”
“Fine. Good, actually. Blurry isn’t as rough as he thinks he is,” he said in a raspy voice. “I’m okay, baby, truly. But hey, we’ve got years to get rid of that guy.”
“’M so sorry, so so sorry,” Tyler was rambling. “Gonna run you a hot bath, okay?”
Josh smiled his big, crinkly-eyed smile, and Tyler started to calm down. “Okay. Hey, Ty?”
“We’ll be writing songs about that guy someday, I can feel it.”

Vikings AU, where Athelstan is not Saxon. Rather, he is Norse and was basically abducted by Christian missionaries as a child, to be converted/raised in a monastery/turned into a convenient tool for Christian expansion.

When Ragnar and his crew arrive at Lindisfarne, Athelstan does not hide behind the alter (once he hears them speak, anyway). He runs into the arms of the first Northman he sees (Ragnar, of course), sobbing and repeating “Thank Odin. Finally.”

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Hey so I saw on a recent post of yours that said that the makeup industries is anti feminist. I'm aware that makeup has led to ridiculous standards, but is there anything else that I should be aware of? I'm a fan of makeup haha, but I don't want to support something that is hurtful.

Hey! So my issue with makeup is that women are hurt by it and men profit from it. I mean to give you an idea here are the ceos of the top 20 makeup companies 

1. L’Oreal
Was, Lindsay Owen-Jones, now Jean-Paul Agon

2. Procter & Gamble Co.
Bob McDonald

3. Unilever
Paul Polman

4. Shiseido
Shinzo Maeda

5. Estee Lauder
Fabrizio Freda

6. Avon Products
Andrea Jung

7. Beieserdorf
Thomas-Bend Quaas

8. Johnson & Johnson
William C Weldon

9. Alberto-Culver Co.
Vincent K. Marino (Carol Lavin Bernick exec chairman)

10. Kao Corp
Motoki Ozaki

11. Limited Brands
Leslie Wexner

12. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Bernard Arnault

13. Chanel
Alain Wetheimer, Gerard Wertheimer

14. Henkel KGAA
Kasper Rorsted

15.  Colgate Palmolive
Ian M. Cook

16. Coty INC
Bernd Beetz

17. Mary Kay INC.
David Holl

18. Alticor INC
Steve Van Andel (chairman) Doug DeVos (President)

19. Alliance Boots
Stefano Pessina

20. Revlon
Ronald Perelman

The bolded? Thats the only woman of these. So its men who are putting out ads of inhumanely “flawless” white women surrounded by the words “correct” “hide” “alter” and a thousand other words suggesting a woman can look inherently wrong. (And seeing these models actually damages our mental health)

Besides, makeup hurts your skin, and takes 20 minutes that teenage boys get to sleep while teenage girls have to ensure that they look “presentable.” Were taught that we have to wear it not only by the media and socialization, but women are told they have to wear it to work and have harder times getting jobs if the don’t (x) (x). They are also promoted more, so while all women are paid less than men, gender-conforming women are paid more than non-gender conforming women. This is also a class issue, as makeup is expensive but necessary for getting jobs, another shackle holding women back in the workplace. Women also have more distress from not wearing makeup than from public speaking, first dates, or job interviews. This all begins at age 13 or younger. This is the time that self esteem drops for young women, and they feel the need to change themselves, and we oblige them rather than working to change the society that makes women hate their natural states. When I was younger, my best friend would set an alarm and get up before me when she slept over to ensure that no one would ever see her without makeup. Makeup teaches girls that being a woman means wearing a mask because our natural states are unacceptable. Behind the schemes to sell us these products, its a way of keeping women submissive by letting them know their born selves are flawed while men need to make no alterations. A lot of more liberal feminists say makeup is their choice and its antifeminist to question it, but when you look at it, how much choice our we really afforded?