hiding alters

For the longest time, longer than he cared to admit, Rex couldn’t remember what happened on Umbara.

He was told it may have had something to do with Krell messing with their minds before Dogma had killed him. “Jedi can alter memories, hide things and change things, even long after they’ve passed.”

Rex didn’t believe that, or maybe he just didn’t want to. The idea that any remnant of Krell could be crawling around in his head sends beads of cold sweat dripping down his back.

Others accounted it to PTSD. “Things like this can’t be cured with a hypo, CT-7567. It’s something we’ve yet to program out of any living being. Everything and anything can inherently change you, and the mind fights back best by forgetting.”

Rex liked that even less. No matter how terrible, he’d rather remember something than not.

Yet days turned into weeks and he couldn’t piece together exactly what had happened. Bits and pieces came back. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night, positive that he was under attack. Sometimes he’d have his blaster in his and and the sudden inhibition to shoot it washes over him like a wave.

When he finally does choose to remember, because, really, it was always him holding himself back from remembering, it’s when they’re sending Fives’ body back to Kamino to be processed for its genetic material and turned into more clones.

We’re made from our dead brothers, Rex thinks, and with those words, Umbara comes back.

Did they matter, or were they simply replaceable bits of a larger machine? Were they truly any better than droids?

Yes. He has to keep remembering that. They are men, no matter what.


what are we doing here?
where are we heading?
we earn money and then we spent it, what is this

everything is so bare
everything is so silent
an earthquake of high magnitude leaves my mind
tangled and vibrant

I am in the wrong crowd
or am I the wrong one in the crowd?
I stare at everything, I stare at you
I can see through, I think
can I see through?

people are so curious, they shape me
my mind, my demeanor
sometime soon I will stop thinking
about them, about their feelings
I know I am alone, I will be alone
like a random thought
in a moment, I think
I would like to be alone

my ideas are solid, they are
I don’t judge, I just think
I am obstinate sometimes
I know you are too,
can’t alter/hide this feeling
can I move on?

why are you so hungry all the time?
why do you always need someone to feed you all the time?
where does this hunger come from?
I am just curious, you don’t have to reply,
my mind.

My headcanon is that nocturnes are capable of mimicry well beyond just acting. They are able to change size (which would rather explain their ridiculous glitches and growth), they will sometimes shift their bodies (limbs, features, hide, etc…), they may alter their color (chameleon-style)…. They’ve little to set them apart from true X species. Rather changeling-like. Similar to scrolls, but in-character, and not permanent.

Sometimes, just sometimes… nocturnes will mimic too well. Cue hydras, a fusion of nocturnes resembling the imperial emperors. Corrupt in magics and mind with the added weirdness of having warped features they shouldn’t like piranha mouths, a mass of spikes on their back, odd proportions…. The upside to them is that the fusion consists of live bodies. The downside is that attacking and destroying multiple hearts/heads/whatever you’re aiming at is never going to be an easy task.

Footnote I: There’s initially a heavy disadvantage in that, even if one heart is killed, the rest act as a backup, but there comes a point where it is weakened when there’s more mass than can be sustained by the number of live organs. The systems become overworked.

Footnote II:: Unlike their zombie counterparts, hydras may be not entirely bestial.

Footnote T: Emperors and hydras totally composed of a single element are capable of extraordinary magical feats (and also depleting a region of magic, rendering it barren). These have names: Eldritch emperors (shadow), chthonic emperors (earth), devil emperors (fire), cosmic emperors (arcane)….

Look, an accompanying poem! Where did this come from? Oh right, midnight coffee…. Enjoy my weird and pretentious but nicely rhythmic poem.

Wyrms with blazing wings alight,
For god and glory and honor and flight.
Battle in the roaring sky,
Where sundry dragons fall and fly.

Prepare the graves, but burn the light—
Beware which shadows swarm the night!

Gods despair as bodies rise.
They’ll b
leed ichor ‘fore this beast lies.
Peace be damned and hell begin.
Shed your blood for foe and friend.

We are myth,
We are might,
We are anger,
We are spite.

We are blight and of all end.
Rage will rise and wrath descend.
We are they omit from lore.
It is death who wins this war.

How Clark Kent hides his alter-ego with just a pair of glasses

1. Superman’s eyes have a slight hypnotic effect, the glasses amplify it, making Clark Kent seem a little older and droopier than Superman

2. Clark Kent moves and behaves very differently than Superman, the way he walks, stands and distributes his weight make him seem like a completely different person.

3. Nobody can tell that Clark Kent is Superman because nobody suspects that Superman has an alter-ego. Superman doesn’t hide his face, so nobody suspects that there’s a secret identity to him. Most people don’t see what they’re not looking for.

Vikings AU, where Athelstan is not Saxon. Rather, he is Norse and was basically abducted by Christian missionaries as a child, to be converted/raised in a monastery/turned into a convenient tool for Christian expansion.

When Ragnar and his crew arrive at Lindisfarne, Athelstan does not hide behind the alter (once he hears them speak, anyway). He runs into the arms of the first Northman he sees (Ragnar, of course), sobbing and repeating “Thank Odin. Finally.”

Alright so I just watched the leak for Too Short to Ride, which wasn’t too much new material we haven’t already had outside of official clips

It definitely caught my attention that Peridot keeps mentioning how much she loves her new screen and technology, and specifically having it attached to her body

The last words of the clip are “Ah, to have tech again!”

I know a lot of people are counting on a fusion in the episode, but I’m very intrigued by the possibility of learning about limb enhancers or perhaps seeing a return from them? We haven’t seen a single pic of Peridot after Too Short to Ride, and I suspect they may be hiding an alteration to her form, whether it be a star or maybe even the return of her limb enhancers? 

I don’t know if she’ll be getting them back this episode (I tend to doubt it), but it does open the door to that possibility as well as an opportunity to learn more about homeworld tech in general, which is all very interesting


Antonio was pretty bored. He spent a good amount of his morning terrorizing a ‘friend’ of his, by destroying a balloon filled with green dye over his head. For the longest time, he had believed that he’d never be free from the other but luckily for him, his legs refused to give in and he finally found freedom from the ‘raging bull’, as he would put it.

Picking up a couple water balloons that he had found in a tub, he scurried from one wall to another, altering his hiding spots with the trees that surrounded the academy until he found a someone to annoy next. Quickly, he threw one of the water balloons over to the female but missed, hitting the ground in front of her. ‘At least the water splashed on her’ he thought as he retreated to a hiding position.


look at this sick outfit. i’m super proud of it, and it makes me feel good about the body i’m in. i also identify as genderfluid. sometimes, i feel like the body i have isn’t always one that matches my gender. i often spend hours attempting to hide and alter my body, walking differently, attempting to talk differently even. more masculine. and although my personality is more masculine at times, why should i have to change my manerisms into something that is traditionally “male”? i am JUST as much as a male wearing my croptop and jewelry and having a soprano voice and having a god damn vagina. why? because it is my IDENTITY. not my fashion statement. i’m not speaking out for every non binary person, only my personal experiences with gender identity. we all deal with body dysphoria differently, so do what makes you happy :)