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Sleepy Time

Prompt: Fluffy text about Damian finding you super sleepy in a couch on the Wayne Manor and him talking and trying to keep you awake like this because when you are sleepy you always tell the absolute truth and most times forget. Fluffy Damian!!!

Words: 303

         Damian finds you asleep on the couch when he comes home from patrol. The two of you live in an apartment right off of campus together. It’s a bit smaller than Damian is used to, but it’s homey. You’ve decorated it with comfy furniture, and pictures of the two of you, and your families. It’s the first place that has ever truly felt like home.

          He sinks down next to you, and brushes hair away from your face. He smiles a bit, as you lean into his touch, a small smile on your face. He loves when you get like this, because he found out shortly after the two of you moved in that you answer questions in your sleep. The coolest thing is that your answers are all one hundred percent honest.

          “Hi sweetheart.” You just smile. “Where did you hide the good cookies?”

          “Floor board under the carpet in the kitchen,” You mumble.

          He raises an eyebrow at that, “You pulled up the floorboards?”

          “Kept eating my snacks.”

          Damian just smiles. “Are you really okay with me being Robin?”

          “Scared. Love you. No hurt.”

          That makes him stop. The two of you have been together for nearly two years, and had been friends for even longer, but neither of you had ever said that to the other. “You love me?”

          You open your eyes and smile at him, “I love you.”

          He just smiles, and leans in to kiss you. “I love you too.”

          You kiss him again before you pull him onto the couch with you. He wraps himself around you, his arms encircling you, before pulling you tight against his chest. This time the two of you fall asleep together. Of course you’ll have to have a talk in the morning about questioning you while you’re asleep.

Trial by Fire #23

Chapter 23: Carbon Monoxide

  • A toxic gas, odorless and colorless, that is produced when substances are incompletely burned.

summary: When a series of fires unsettles the city of Magnolia, Detective Lucy Heartfilia unwittingly reignites a war between old rivals. But when she finds herself drawn to one of her suspects, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur.

A/N: *drops to the floor to avoid bricks* You know the title is pretty appropriate this time around. Fufufufufu…


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When Natsu arrived at Lucy’s home the following day, looking both cross and happy, she had a feeling they were going to be in for an interesting evening. He stood tall and casual, a pack of toiletries and a change of clothes slung over his tattooed shoulder. Hands were jammed in his pockets by his sides and he was staring at the manicured flower boxes hanging from her neighbor’s window with an odd expression of disgust.

For all intents and purposes, this was part of their ‘cover.’

Natsu would be staying at her place tonight, playing the role of a dutiful boyfriend who would be staying at his girlfriend’s place. In reality they would be getting him ready for the plan to trap Jackal with his own ego.  

Lucy was struck by the intimidating picture Natsu made as always. Wild pink hair, spiked into disarray fell over dark eyes. They were framed by even darker, long lashes. His head was turned, giving view to the industrial piercing through his left ear. The fiery tattoos skating along his throat jumped when he swallowed, making it look as if the flames were dancing.

As usual he donned cargo pants and a tank top. Untied combat boots hung open, but he didn’t seem to care as his eyes caught Lucy’s.

Then he smiled at her, and her heart did a backflip so hard Lucy thought it might have fled into her spleen for refuge.

Everything about this man should have been illegal.

However as striking as he was, it wasn’t the look the police wanted to show to snag a response out of Jackal.  Which was why Natsu was here.

And to borrow Lucy’s shower of course.

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Long Post about Kylo Ren

I really really want to explain why Kylo Ren is a wonderful antagonist for our generation but I can’t find the words for it. I’m gonna word vomit a little bit

Kylo Ren is a villain given to us ever so graciously by JJ Abrams who was entirely unexpected as the new (Sith Lord) evil guy of Star Wars. In the context of filling the spots of the old movies (aka we have a new trio etc.) Kylo has become the new Darth Vader. That being said, from what I’ve gathered a lot of people from older generations were not a fan of his characterization.

Used to the old Sith Lords of the original trilogy and the prequels, a lot of people were disappointed with the lack of cold, calculating, and epically written villains with daringly horrifying plans and actions. Instead of the cunning and calm Palpatine or Vader, we were given a villain who went from calm and collected behind a mask to a brash, angry young man who took bad news with a lightsaber and a whole lot of destruction. Even though Kylo is supposed to be the new Vader in the way Rey is the new Luke, he shares very little with the tact and utterly tranquil anger of Vader. In fact, though both force choke someone out of anger, Kylo is more enraged while Vader continues speaking to another character without even raising his voice.

That being said, I found that most people didn’t like Kylo at all and thought of him as a petulant little brat. I saw it very differently. (Here’s where I start bickering with my dad)

Kylo lacks emotional restraint. He’s conflicted, he’s hurt. He has very very deep emotional scars and we aren’t sure how they were inflicted just yet. In addition to this there are many speculating the possibility of mental illness (the same way they speculate over anakin in the prequels). All of this combined creates a character with depth and feeling–one audiences can really connect with rather than stand in awe of. I couldn’t find the will in me to hate him especially after the scene on the bridge. As angry as I was for what happened and the pain he inflicted on the other characters, I ended up just feeling bad for him. This is a boy who is all sorts of confused who obviously couldn’t find the help and support he needed at home or with Luke. A boy who has turned bitter and resentful to the people who couldn’t help him.

This is someone who is struggling and doesn’t have anyone to help him through it.

Kind of sounds familiar? Kind of sounds like our generation.

So he did what we did, he reached out to whatever he could find; people who stood by him and supported his emotions. This is a huge part of our generation–the generation that took emotional well-being and mental illness awareness and made them real and made them normal rather than smothering them and hiding it under the carpet like what was done by people in our parents generation. This is what makes Kylo Ren the villain of our generation. We can connect with him and understand his emotion and his conflict. I think that’s really important.

Sorry about the length and how ridiculous I may sound. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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7-Gail & Holly

Dear Sunglasses,

I could make up a brilliant lie as to why it took me so fucking long to write this prompt - buteh, let’s stick to the facts here. I’m an ass. Simple as that.

And woah would you look at that is this isn’t nice at all what is wrong with me. THIS DOESN”T EVEN MAKE SENSE WITH THE PROMPT WHY. 

You can club me to death anytime. Matter of fact I look forward to it.


You know very well all he wants to do is go back home. But this was something that had to be done. So here you are, with Holly - walking to the little ice-cream parlour next to the park - hoping for the best. You don’t want to hurt your son - and you know he absolutely hates going to places he hasn’t been to before - but at the same time - you don’t want him to grow up stuck in a place because he was too afraid of going out.

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Bye Bye Raylicity

I think it’s about time to write a tiny bit about Raylicity. Why? Because it’s about to end, if not already, and there will be so much Olicity to talk about in the next days and weeks that I won’t have either the time nor the motivation to do it then. So let’s close this chapter, once and for all.

Raylicity has always been a painful topic for the Olicity fandom. However I’ve never hidden the fact that I liked Raylicity. To a certain extent of course, I’m not totally crazy (even if this fact remains to be confirmed…). I’ve never minded Ray. He’s an eccentric, awkward genius who can resolve the most complicated equation but can’t manage to find how to navigate through feelings. He has never been a threat. Because Ray is about brain. When Oliver is about heart.

The power of the brain…

This is what Felicity and Ray have in common. A genius brain. Both of them can rely on their intellect to save them from pretty much any circumstances. They see things that most people don’t, they analyze facts faster than the speed of light and they seek pleasure in intellectual challenges. The downside? Both of them seek refuge in the rational part of them when they are in pain or threatened.

When Oliver died in Nanda Parbat, Felicity’s first instinct was to go to work. Intuitive mechanism of protection for her brain to take over her heart. Unconsciously, Felicity tried to shut down the trauma triggered by Oliver’s death by forgetting it, pushing it deep down her heart and covering it by intellectual activity, like a grave you would hide with gravel. Not seeing the casket doesn’t suppress the excruciating pain of the loss but covering it allows a certain closure.

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People need to stop hiding their idol’s mistakes under the carpet and try to make them seem wonderful when they are not. Unless they APOLOGIZE, they should not be forgiven for shitting over other idols just to get fame themselves or comments that are passed against other idols/groups. If your bias/bias group has a mouth to shit from, then they also have a mouth to apologize from.

Christians have had it so easy here in America. We grew complacent, we got used to things being easy, we kind of just melded into the world, slipping away from God, growing relaxed in our relationship with Him. And now we see the fruits of it: Christians ok with or even supporting sin, claiming that God is love so His just righteousness and holiness don’t matter, that we can sin willfully and it’s ok because He loves us. And so our faith doesn’t hold when it comes under fire, people being ok with abandoning God and His word just because you work in a place where you serve people, not minding the increasing pressure to make and keep God a private thing for at home or in the church. No. We need to reclaim our faith. We need to stand firm and not back down. Our faith needs to be on public display for everyone to see, not as boastful pride, but as humble worship. Worship at home, in the car, at work, out on the streets, in school, in our government. We must not compromise to make anyone feel better, society at large, our friends, our families, ourselves…. the Truth is more important than feeling comfortable, saving lost souls is far more important than having people like us. Preach the whole Gospel! Not just the warm fuzzy bits that make us feel good! Yes, God is love! But He is so much more! He is holy, righteous, merciful, kind, just, steadfast, unshakeable, unchanging, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, all powerful. He created the universe with words alone, and when we turned from Him and only deserved an eternity in Hell, He made a sacrifice of His own Son to make a way for us. He loved us so much that He made a way where we could never earn our way, but His justice and righteousness stand true, and He is unable to allow sin in His presence. So cut the false gospels! Stop telling people God is fine with their sin, He isn’t! The true Gospel is not some spoon of honey that’s all Sweet and makes us feel good. It’s powerful, it cuts us to the core baring all our shamefulness and sin, it exposes us and leaves us vulnerable, it shows us plainly we are unworthy, it finds us guilty of rebellion against God, deserving of sin. Of course the Gospel is going to hit nerves, of course it will make people squirm. But that’s no excuse to push it under the carpet, hide it away, never speak on it! For it is the very reason God sent His son. The raw judgement for our sin is complementary to His forgiveness. It’s the whole story in its completion. To preach one without the other is to lie and deceive.