hides under a rug

i take a deep breath and swallow it down,
only to release it into the sky,
is it alright to believe that anyone can find happiness?
…even me?

Everyone wants to give a writer the perfect notebook. Over the years I’ve acquired stacks: One is leather, a rope of Rapunzel’s hair braids its spine. Another, tree-friendly, its pages reincarnated from diaries of poets who now sit in cubicles. One is small and black like a funeral dress, its pages lined like the hands of a widow. There’s even a furry blue one that looks like a shag rug or a monster that would hide under it— and I wonder why? For every blown out candle, every Mazel Tov, every turn of the tassel, you gift-wrap what a writer dreads most: blank pages. It’s never a notebook we need. If we have a story to tell, an idea carbonating past the brim of us, we will write it on our arms, thighs, any bare meadow of skin. In the absence of pens, we will repeat our lines deliriously like the telephone number of a parting stranger until we become the craziest one on the subway. If you really love a writer, [make love to her] her on a coffee table. Find a gravestone of someone who shares her name and take her to it. When her door is plastered with an eviction notice, do not offer your home. Say I Love You, then call her the wrong name. If you really love a writer, bury her in all your awful and watch as she scrawls her way out.
—  Megan Falley, “If You Really Love a Writer”

• I had to find you, tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart
(Tinha que te ver, lhe dizer que preciso de você dizer que te escolhi)

•  "You know when you hide all the mess under the rug? So my I hide under a smile. “
(“Sabe quando escondem toda a bagunça sob o tapete? Então, a minha eu escondo sob um sorriso.”)

• If you have not given up, it is because you know it’s worth
(Se você ainda não desistiu, é porque você sabe que vale a pena.)

• If you never try, you’ll never know your value
(Se você nunca tentar, nunca vai saber o seu valor)

• "She dreamed of heaven, every time she closed her eyes.”
(“Ela sonhava com o paraíso, toda vez que fechava os olhos.”)

• Roll tears on his face, when you lose something you can not replace.
(Lágrimas rolam no rosto, quando você perde algo que não pode substituir.)

• I do not want another generation to pass,
I would rather be a comma than a full stop
(Não quero ver outra geração passar,
Prefiro ser uma vírgula do que um ponto final)

• If you love me, will not you let me know?
(Se você me ama,não vai me deixar saber?)

• The people could not believe what I had become
(O povo não podia acreditar no que eu havia me tornado)

• You can hurt me, hurt me a lot, but still I will get up.
(Você pode me machucar, me machucar muito, mas ainda assim eu vou me levantar.)

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anonymous asked:

Yeah, she thought they were the same person because they have the same name and are fans of 5sos. Maybe it's true, maybe not, but she didn't deserve it. Arzaylea is an adult, but she always act like a baby and tries (and fails) to hide her mistakes under the rug deleting everything and spreading fake bubblegum princess positivity.

^ -N

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i love your blog can i hide under the rug and watch your rps?

oh my gosh  !!!  omg please i’d be absolutely honored ? but you don’t have to hide under the rug at all, please help yourself to some tea, i have blankets   pillows  &  nice books to read as well, and i’m always around to talk to  &  tell puns with. make yourself at home!

The Signs Playing Hide and Seek
  • Aries: Giggles too much and gives themselves away // "I'M GONNA FIND YOU MWAHAHAHAHAHA" *chokes*
  • Taurus: Hides under the rug // Finds like four people in the first two minutes but can't find anyone else
  • Gemini: Hides in the closet // Looks in places that can't even fit a person, just in case
  • Cancer: Hides behind a door that the seeker passes by // Thinks back on the footsteps they heard and tries to trace their way to the hiders...
  • Leo: Goes out of bounds without knowing so // Feels ridiculed after not finding anyone in an extended amount of time and gives up
  • Virgo: Panics and follows someone else // Squints and looks everywhere suspiciously
  • Libra: Hides next to the toilet // Texts the hiders, "where are you?"
  • Scorpio: Hides inside a trash can // Tries to find people, gives up, and pretends that they didn't try
  • Sagittarius: Up on the ceiling probably // Finds everyone except for one person and forms a huge search team at the end to BUST that last hider
  • Capricorn: Didn't reach their hiding spot in time and gets caught right away // WAS PEAKING so finds everyone
  • Aquarius: Sneakily moves to different hiding spots based on where the seeker currently is // Sniffs their way to the hiders
  • Pisces: Hides behind the couch pillows // Passes by all the hiders at least once

so remember in dreamscaperers when Bill was pretending to be Soos.

And he said he knew that stan hides his arrest warrents under the rug in the gift shop. You may think it could just be Soos saying this but…

The rug looks like this 

That Bill right? In the rug.



We should be worried, he sees E V E R Y T H I N G.

TT-That time my family found my tumblr

Those of you who are new to me might think I’m all about family pictures, filtered selfies, and a positive attitude. That’s my goal. I see nothing wrong with what other people call boring.

But in earlier years, I worked through a lot of issues here-growing up in a brainwashing cult, childhood beatings and rape, and plenty of therapy. This was my safe place to let everything out, and my tumblr support system was wonderful. That’s a big part of why I stay, despite the awful lack of replies.

I’ve also blogged a lot about my dysfunctional family. About a year ago I got an email out of the blue from my only uncle-my mom’s brother. He announced that my cousin had found my blog and shared it with him and my aunt. He said he was horrified.

I’m pretty sure you can imagine the shock I felt. My family credo has always been “hide the ugly stuff under the rug and pretend we’re the perfect family.” Every time my mother calls to tell me some dirt, she ends with an admonition to not tell anyone. We are so full of secrets that most of us are lucky to have ¼ of the information ½ the time.

Instantly regressing to childhood, I was sure I was “in trouble”. I wrote my uncle an email apologizing for airing family dirt. To my surprise and relief, he wrote back, “Please don’t misunderstand. I’m glad you’ve found a way to get this off your chest. I am horrified at everything you’ve been through. I wish I had known and could have helped.”

You guys, I was so touched. I had never even considered asking anyone for help. We didn’t do that. To have someone say that to me was beyond comforting.

He told me that he was fighting anger with my mother, but that she’d had a whole lot of abuse in her own childhood. That didn’t surprise me, but she’s not one to share that sort of thing.

Despite my relief, I also felt that my sacred place had been desecrated, and I didn’t feel free to reveal so much of myself here. It’s taken some time, but I decided to hell with it. I was going to participate in this community. I tell the truth as I see it, post silly selfies and gripe about my day. I haven’t been too serious here for a while, but it’s good to know you guys (and my uncle, aunt and cousin) have my back if I need to do it again.

Thank you. You don’t know how much you all have meant to me.