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Happy birthday, Yuu-chan! <3 We all love you and we want you to be so fucking happy :'3

Me: *hides all the dark/twisted story ideas under a rug*

Me: *brings up only the cute/fluff story ideas*

Me: Yea, same! ^^; 

i take a deep breath and swallow it down,
only to release it into the sky,
is it alright to believe that anyone can find happiness?
…even me?

You found her, now go and get her ✘ Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: I’M FINALLY POSTING MY FIRST REQUEST, YAY! I’m sorry it took so long, anon. School kills. I hope you like it! As well you, guys!

I’ll tag WestAllen bc this one got Westallen, but it’s not a Westallen imagine. Tbh I ship it so fucking bad and MY HEART HURTED!

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

 (Y/F/N) = Your fake name. (Y/L/F/N) = Your last fake name.

✘ Request: This might get complicated but can you do a Barry/grant imagine where Barry is trying to move on from iris (maybe they broke up or something) and he is either shown through Gideon or travels to our world where he sees the reader (singer actress) and grant have been together for awhile and are very happy so he tries to find the reader on his earth with the teams help

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

Things had been strained between Barry and Iris since the end of their engagement. They didn’t talk, they couldn’t stay in a room alone, and when their eyes met, before so demonstrative of love and admiration for each other, would just look away, making both people uncomfortable and any other human or metahuman around being able to feel the heavy breeze from the pressure in the air.

They loved each other, of course, they had loved each other since forever. And when they finally got together, Barry thought that maybe this time he had really won, maybe he’d gotten his happy ending, his peace.

Holy shit, how wrong he was.

Iris missed him more than anything, and so did he.

But it was clear that the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t say or show it more when Cisco entered excited on the cortex, saying that the future had changed. Iris would live. Savitar wouldn’t kill her.

“Actually, I saw her in the headlines. ‘Iris West, the youngest Central City’s journalist to win a pultizer award, public an article about metahuman medicine, with help from her old  friend, Caitlin Snow.'’ Cisco spoke in a forced tone of journalist’s newspaper’s 7, smile never leaving the his face. "Guys, Iris is alive and Caitlin won’t turn into Killer Frost!”

‘’But what changed?’’ Julian asked, but no one could care about what event made the tragedy go away, the focus was clear: the worst thing won’t happen anymore.

‘’We won Savitar, I knew it! I knew it!’’ H.R said exltedly.

Joe hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes as Cisco hugged Caitlin and HR ran out screaming something about coffee and cake to celebrate the occasion.

As much as Barry’s heart was relieved - Iris, the woman he loved, would live and have the success in journalism that she deserved! -  A persistent doubt struck the back of his head. Asking Iris to marry had not changed the future. Had breaking up with her done it?

Barry smiled at Iris as their gazes met, the first real smile from the end, she took a step toward him, and he could not help but try to reach her as well, but Caitlin hugged her just in time, happiness and relief filling the room.

Looking at the people that Barry Allen most loved in the world in such happiness, he couldn’t help but leave when no one was noticing and go to Gideon. Barry had to see if a certain event had reappeared.

His heart pounded, hoping he would continue with Iris, the girl he always wanted…

But he was not.

Flash missing vanishes in crise.

By Iris West.

No hyphen, no Allen.

Iris was alive, but she would only be like this if he didn’t have her.

A solitary tear fell down the cheek of Central City’s hero.

It was surprising how he could save everyone but himself.

But it was okay, if his happy ending was Iris at least alive, Barry accepted that.

He loved her too much to be selfish.


It was 3 months since Barry discovered he could not stay with Iris anymore. He was doing okay as much as possible. The thought that she would be alive made him try to move on, for Barry knew that if he didn’t, the West girl would die.

So the speedster was trying. The best he could, at least.

“This time, I’m 100% sure that the particle accelerator will not get you to another earth.” Cisco said while putting the device in Barry’s suit.

“100%?” Barry raised an eyebrow, doubting his friend’s statement.

“Okay, maybe more to 89%,” Cisco said as he moved to the computer. “Or 67%…”

“Oh, great! ”

“Earth two?” Julian asked Caitlin, trying to find himself in the conversation.

“No, it’s down to earth 4. It’s where Supergirl came from.” Caitlin explained.

“Who?” Julian asked confused as Caitlin began to gesture and explain about Team Flash’s interdimensional travels and friends.

“Okay, get ready.” Barry prepared to run, happy to do something that would always distract him from the world around him. “1… 2… 3… Go! ” The Flash ran, leaving papers flying through the cortex, Caitlin rolled sighed and went to pick them up while Julian approached Cisco to see Barry’s speed on the computer, until it simply disappeared.

“What was it?”


The Scarlet Speedster could feel in his breath that that oxygen was not that of his earth. He sighed and looked around, looking for some information on where he was or how to get help to get home.

As much as “home” was now all his relative happy, uncomfortable moments between him and Iris, the sure certainty that he would not have a happy ending and…

Barry shook his head from side to side, trying to hide his thoughts like someone throwing dirt under the rug. Time to gather information, find help, and go back to his earth.

The hero looked around again, he was on a street, one that seemed to belong only to the richest of any place. Hearing a loud noise as loud as hysterical screams, Barry glanced back, managing to see himself waving to a group of screaming people. Was that version of him famous?

He sped in the big place, looking twice, was a recording studio. The Flash sped through the room, studying everything until it found a trailer that contained clothes in his size.

Barry changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack, putting his uniform inside, starting to look around the trailer at human speed.

“Cool.” A smile appeared on his face to see a photo of him with two more dogs, he always wanted dogs. Barry finally found a computer and searched for the name on the door of the trailer.

Grant Gustin.

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an American actor, singer and dancer. Best known for playing the role of “Barry Allen” in The Flash series from CW show.

Okay, what should he be most shocked about? The fact that he is representing himself  or that he can dance?

Anyway, Barry continued his research. Grant Gustin seemed like a completely normal guy, in fact, all of the team seemed to be normal. No metahuman activity here.

Indicated for the best chemistry award on TV: Grant Gustin and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

This was a new one, he didn’t know anyone by that name. Barry clicked on the link of the story, basically they and 4 other couples competed for this award. The Forensic Scientist kept looking at the photo of himself smiling and hugging a girl, whom he couldn’t see, although he could not help but feel curious and even neediss to meet her.

Barry coughed, moving away from the computer. He had not felt anything like this since Iris.

Search: (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

Allen sighed and clicked on the first link to youtube that appeared, “(Y/F/N)” was talking and suddenly began to sing. He giggled, her voice was wonderful.

The next video was one of an interview with her, Barry clicked on the link and folded his arms, waiting for what could come.

Fully open mouth in ‘’O’’ was a euphemism for Barry’s expression. His chest was full of excitement, confusion… Hope?

His version of this earth was with this girl for years, and he seemed quite happy with her.

This was not Barry’s life, he knew that. But something inside his veins was begging for him, go get this girl.

For the first time after Iris, Barry Allen could feel something.

Just then, Cisco appeared, smiling relieved to see his friend well.

'’How about a vibe home, bro?’


“They were together for like three years and they looked really happy. I have to find this girl. I just have to. ”

“You’re like one of those in love Disney guys, are you going to start singing for no reason like them?” Cisco joked.

“And she was a singer actress!” Barry remembered.

“As lovely as it is, you know this was not your earth, right?” Caitlin said, wanting to make sure his friend’s head was in order.

As Barry opened his mouth to speak, the rest of the team entered the room. His heart ached a little to see Iris, she’s still Iris after all. The difference is that, this time, he accepted his new idea of destiny, Barry Allen was happy. He would have Iris at his side as his best friend, fully alive and amazing at job and someone to love, that was more than enough. It took some months to accept that he wasn’t going to be with Iris and a couple weeks before he came back from the other earth to accept that he could be happy with another person. But he did it.

Barry Allen accepted it and would hold onto this future.

“What were you talking about?” Wally asked with Big Belly Burger’s mouthful, Iris rolled her eyes at his brother’s attitude.

“About the girl that B.A is looking for! She and his look-alike, can you believe it? Look-alikes! - were together and kaboom! He wants to meet her here!” H.R said excitedly, not noticing what he was really talking about and in front of who.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco chided him, H.R looked around, his mouth popping open and his expression showing surprise at what he had done.

Before H.R could stutter some apoloze, the reaction in the cortex was completely the opposite of what was expected. Iris smiled at Barry, a genuine smile.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Bear.”


“What do we have?!” Barry asked as he stepped into the cortex, already in his The Flash outfit. Cisco and Caitlin had called him to STAR Labs saying they had found something that needed to be resolved urgently, but the whole Team was there, which was weird for a wednesday morning.

“What do you have to get, bro.” Cisco said smiling, eating another of his candys.


“We found her.” Caitlin smiled sweetly. Barry looked around the room, his eyes wide and his crescent-shaped mouth resting like a smile. “Her name on this earth is (Y/N) and… ”

“And we’d say more information about how much work to find her we got, but I guess all you want now is to run for her.” Cisco interrupted and laughed at his friend’s expression, noting how excited he was but happy for him as well as his entire team was.

“Go get your girl, Flash.” Iris said, smiling in encouragement, he stared at her and nodded, running out as he received the information from her location by the microphone in his suit.

And then, the world seemed finally to stop when Barry laid his eyes on (Y/N). Nothing was fast or slow, everything was in harmony for the first time in centuries. Barry could swear on his knees that there were no wars or problems in the world, because… How could something bad happen in the world when her smile existed?

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Random prompt: by the time Mulder reaches Scully in Small Potato's it's too late and she's already making out with Eddie

This was much harder to write than I anticipated. Wow. Set, obviously, in Small Potatoes. Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic.

Mulder is sure that he’s either just stepped into a dream or a nightmare: there on her couch is Scully and she is making out with… him. At least that’s what she must be thinking. It takes him two seconds (though it feels like two millions), to slam the door behind him, run over and drag that pervert off of Scully.

“What the…” Scully’s voice sounds like rich, dark wine. Her lips, oh, he shouldn’t have looked there; swollen, glistening wet and so very red. When Eddie stumbles and falls to the ground, his appearance changes into his own and there he is, staring at Scully, who gasps before she gets sick all over her coffee table. Eddie starts crawling towards the door and Mulder catches him before he gets there. He hoists him up and his anger threatens to overwhelm him.  

“Mulder, don’t.” He turns to Scully, still on her couch, her face red, her eyes bloodshot. Mulder swallows the need to strangle Eddie van Blundth right here, right now.

“I’m sorry.” The man mumbles and sounds like a child. Mulder, however, feels no sympathy. He wants to punch him, hurt him, kill him. The rage runs through him like a current; the only thing stopping him is Scully’s presence.

“Call the police, Scully.” He hears rather than sees her grab the phone and make the call. Then she is by his side. For a moment she just stands there and Mulder wishes he knew what she’s thinking. Her hand, balled into a fist, comes up and Eddie closes his eyes, expecting the punch. But it doesn’t come. Eddie whimpers, waits and despairs, but Scully doesn’t hit him.

“I feel sorry for you.” She says, throws Mulder a look and then disappears into the bathroom. The door closes with a soft click. Mulder stares at Eddie who seems more baffled than sorry. Mulder’s anger is still there, apparent in his tight grip, but it no longer consumes him. He wants to be with Scully now, comfort her, talk to her. This man, this pervert, doesn’t deserve his time. Mulder knows that Scully will have to give a statement. She’ll have to come out of the bathroom at some point, face this again. When Eddie lifts his head, it hits Mulder; Scully was kissing him. Right before their lips met, Scully looked at his face, at Mulder’s face, and decided that she wanted this.

“I did you a favor you know.” Eddie says and that’s when Mulder loses it. He punches Eddie in the face, self-defense, he’ll call it and Eddie won’t refute it.

Hours later, after they’ve given their statements, Mulder and Scully reunite in the police lobby. Scully eyes him warily, Mulder tries to smile.

“Let’s go home, huh?” Scully nods and follows him. They don’t speak. Not one word is uttered in the car. Fifteen minutes of silence that’s not even interrupted by the radio. He parks his car in front of Scully’s building, leaves the seatbelt on and makes no move to get out of the car himself. Neither does Scully. She glances up at her window where the lights shine through. No one thought about turning them off.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner.”

“None of this is your fault, Mulder.” It feels like his fault, though. Eddie van Blundth imitated him, took over his life. He feels responsible. “I should have known it wasn’t you. I guess I…” But she trails off. How well do you ever know a person, really? Four years together and Scully could still be persuaded by an imposter. The thought makes him sick. He knows he won’t sleep tonight. Closing his eyes, he’ll still see it. His body, his arms, legs and face, so close to Scully’s. Their lips moving against each other’s hungrily. Scully holding on to his – Eddie’s – arm as she kissed him, tasted him, and let him do the same to her.

“I’m not sure I want to go home.” Scully tells him.

“Where do you want to go instead? Your mom’s?” She shakes her head, but doesn’t say anything else. “Do you want me to take you to a hotel?” Another shake of her head.

“My apartment?” He’s taking a chance with this and he knows it. After all they’ve been through today, he figures, it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s made out with him – or someone she thought was him – so the least he can do is offer her a place to stay.

“No, I… I guess I have to face this. Go home and… just forget about it.” Just this once Mulder doesn’t want to forget about it. They’re good at shoving their feelings aside; they hide them behind smiles, in cupboards, closets and under rugs. This time he wants to put them on the table.

“I’m not sure I can forget it. I’m not sure I want to.”

“Mulder, I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“What did he say?”

“Excuse me?”

“What did he say that made you want to kiss him – me?”

“We just talked and then…”

“Then you weren’t talking anymore.” Mulder mumbles.

“We never talk like that, Mulder. That should have been my first clue. You never come over with a bottle of wine wanting to talk.”

“Do you want me to come over with a bottle of wine? We talk all day, Scully.” Except right now. Silence climbs into the car, sits between them, and waits.

“I should go. Thank you for taking me home, Mulder.” She removes her seatbelt and is out of the car in a heartbeat. Mulder is slower, his brain and muscles not cooperating, before he follows her. In a few long strides, he is by her side. Scully, though, doesn’t stop walking, barely acknowledges him so he follows her upstairs. She leaves the door open for him and he steps inside. The air is thick with the smell of red wine and the sweet-sour stench of puke.

“I drank too much. I shouldn’t have… I should have…” Scully kicks at the empty wine bottle. He gets her frustration. If either of them were of sound mind now, they’d know that the blame lay solely with Eddie van Blundth. Instead they’re standing here in the disaster the man left behind while guilt gnaws at them.

“You wanted this, right?” Scully turns to him, her eyes flickering angrily at him.

“You think I wanted this?”

“No! Scully, no. I mean you said you thought it was me,” he waits for her to understand him and when she nods, he knows she does, “so you wanted me, the real me, to… kiss you. Or was that just a spur of the moment thing because he was so charming?” A dream or a nightmare, Mulder thinks again, much like he did earlier this evening.

“I wanted to kiss you. You, Mulder. Yes, I may have been influenced by the wine and the way you – he – listened and cared. But it was you, Mulder. It was you I wanted to kiss.” He walks towards her now, slowly, deliberately, and she doesn’t take her eyes off of him. He puts his hands on her face and lowers his head. Before their lips touch, he pauses to give her an out. Instead she is the one who puts her lips on his, dares to make the first step, and kiss him.

“Mulder, I can’t.” The one to start it, the one to end it, too. There are tears in her voice and then in her eyes; they fall between them, land on his lips and he tastes the salty desperation. “I want to. I really want to kiss you, Mulder. The real you. I just… can’t shake off what happened tonight.”

“I’m sorry, Scully. I didn’t mean to-” A finger on his lips stops him.

“Don’t be sorry, Mulder. Please. I want this and I’m pretty certain you want this, too,” they smile at each other, “I’m not saying no. I’m just saying not tonight.” Mulder sighs, nods. He hates Eddie van Blundth, hates him with every fiber of his being.

“Not tonight.” He confirms.

“Just to tide you – and me – over…” Scully says and trails off, leans forward and kisses him again; a promise of things to come. Soon.

IDKHBTFM is more than a band to Dallon (a conspiracy theory)

This is a more comprehensible format of the theory I posted a few days ago. It’s a bit of an odd theory but it’s my personal favorite. (!!! I didn’t come up with this; @/wethervanes on Twitter did) Let’s do this.
•Okay. So, we all know Dallon’s been doing some things outside of Panic!, right? (idkhbtfm) That’s what this theory is about, so buckle up bc it’s wild. Also, forgive me for randomly jumping around in this. I usually lose points on my essays for subpar topic organization.
•So, it’s kind of odd that Dallon always denies that he went to Emo Nite, and even denies IDK’s existence. (ex: “that’s not me”, “i don’t know what you’re talking about”, etc. you’ve seen the screenshots.)
•Relevant sidenote: Both Dallon and Breezy have tweeted about IDK as far back as 2009. A lot of artists plan out/tease “eras” ahead of time, like how Halsey was posting about HFK in 2015, but it was released this year.
•Different, but still relevant, sidenote: Dallon has said that after the Brobecks “plateaued”, Panic! was the last thing he’d pursue in music, because he wasn’t going as far as he (deserved) needed to and it was hurting him & his family. This was also around 2009. (gasp !!!)
•This is the part where the two sidenotes become something of a keynote (bigger gasp !!!) : if he had been planning IDK since 2009, he probably planned on pursuing it anyway, right? So, why is this all happening now? Pun fully intended, idk, but there are some ideas. (!!!)
•Y'all know Dallon’s being really weird when it comes to IDK, and he’s denying everything that has anything to do with it. The show on the 12th, Emo Nite/what he wore at Emo Nite, new music, etc.
•Obviously, he knows. It’s his own damn project. He can’t be clueless as to what’s going on. So, why does he act like it’s not him? Aunty Beth’s got an answer for you !!!
•Maybe, IDK is just something he doesn’t wanna acknowledge. And by IDK, I don’t mean the band (biggest gasp !!!) (fr follow me here) because Breezy has tweeted about IDK, so she knows about it (although even if she hadn’t tweeted about it she’s probably know bc like,,, that’s her husband but anyway). And Ryan Seaman obviously knows about it, because he’s in IDK, and had “I don’t know how, but they found me” as his bio on Instagram & Twitter and stuff like that.
•There’s allegedly an empty Soundcloud under IDK’s name, which, obviously, would be used for music. If it’s up now, that means there’s probably something coming soon. (Also there’s that video Dallon posted but that wasn’t a thing at the time this theory was created so it’s irrelevant to this)
•There’s also the small pieces of IDK songs we’ve heard. There’s a particular chunk that has people a little confused.
•"Stop, drop, drag me into place/Block (lock? idrk man) your fire escapes/I’ll break your fucking face"
-That’s pretty violent, obviously.
•So, what if IDK isn’t a band? What if it’s a character, a manifestation off all of the violent things Dallon thinks about ?(pun intended part 2)
•A lot of artists have personas/characters onstage and in their music. Melanie Martinez has Crybaby, Twenty One Pilots have [had (rip)] Blurryface, Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce (had? is she still doing Sasha Fierce?) etc.
•So, what if that’s what IDK is?
•We know that Dallon usually only swears (irrelevant sidenote: do y'all say curses or swears?) when he’s angry. In songs, sure, he’s sworn a few times, but usually he’s a very proper, generally inoffensive guy.
•He’s had violent lyrics before (Goodnight Socialite, Small Cuts, etc. The man has an album called “Violent Things”.)
•So basically, what if IDK is a character he uses to manifest all the bad shit he feels? Almost like a coping method for the violent, angry feelings most people hide?
•That’s why he “forgets” everything IDK does, and sweeps them under the rug. We all try to forget when we say or do something uncharacteristic of ourselves,!right?
•So, maybe IDK is the part of Dallon that no one “gets”, because it’s so complex and unlike himself. The side of him that’s angry and improper, unlike the chill, collected guy he generally is.
•IDK is his bad thoughts, the regrettable things he’s done, said, thought, etc. It’s his outlet for the negative things he feels. It’s an alter ego, for lack of a better term, that’s been growing for years, and he chooses to manifest it in music, because he can’t just do the shit he’s singing about. He wants to be blocking fire escapes and breaking faces. That’s Not Good™.
•Therefore, Dallon hides IDK as much as possible. He denies all of the pictures and videos because he doesn’t want people to know. He doesn’t want to be Exposed. So, when Dallon’s denying the silver jacket, he knows about it, he just doesn’t want us to.

((again: this isn’t my original theory !! it’s the brainchild of actual genius, @/wethervanes on Twitter !!!))

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Hello! Thank you for this beautiful blog❤️. Do you have any protective stories, where like one is being bothered or bullied and the other protects them? Thank you!

Heya! Okay so since these two kind of overlap each other, I thought to just smash them together oops. :D   

  • Protective/insecure

 I Missed You (Did You Miss Me Too?) (Continuation to this)  Taehyung gets home from America, Jeongguk wonders if Taehyung is as happy to see him as he is to see Taehyung. [insecure JK]

✄ Friction (I’ll be looking for your love) Jeon Jungkook is set on looking for the one who got away. OR “Don’t have too much fun in New York,” Taehyung only half jokes, hand slipping back. He ignores the way Jungkook’s warmth runs away from him.“Alright. Bye, Tae.” “Bye, Kookie.” Taehyung feels himself having trouble tearing his eyes away, a sort of emptiness taking place in his heart when Jungkook doesn’t look back [Insecure Tae, WIP]

✄ To Walk On Air For me, dancing is a lot less like perfection and much more like falling in love. When I’m on stage in front of all those people, I feel powerful and weightless, like I’m walking on air. [Insecure Tae/Protective JK, WIP]

✄ Under The Rug He knows it’s fucked up. He knows Jeongguk is probably waiting for him to reply because he left the younger boy on read. He knows he should be telling someone about how he feels but, Kim Taehyung being Kim Taehyung, he decides to hide it under the rug. [Protective JK]

✄ Baby Me and You (We’re the Perfect Two) Taehyung’s mother despises Jungkook and tries to set Taehyung up on dates; but, fret not, because their loyal friends are there to help (note: the helping part of things doesn’t go so well)! [Protective JK]

You Can Have Me (I’ll Be Your Family) “Am I dead? Are you an angel? Is that my blood on your shirt?” Or, Jungkook’s brother is an ass and Taehyung is definitely an angel. [Protective Tae]

and as always, please check the tags of the fic before reading! ^-^/

✄ Admin Amanda

Lmao that @xo-exo girl made it to Insta. Dragging her ass too, and yes I @ her. Messy? Perhaps, but I just thinks it’s funny.

You can’t hide your anti-blackness and toss it under a rug because you think your exo name will protect you. They exposed you on Insta and I was told it’s on Twitter as well.

Damn girl, now everyone knows you a racist.

She the same girl who said racial inequality wasn’t on her high list of important things.

The rug is getting faded these days but it’s still good.

Renovated the bun pen!

They have water, two litter trays, living works puzzle toy, some ramps, grass ball (attached to the left because dusty hogs all the greens so hops doesn’t get any. This is out of dwarf reach), pent house (goes very cool in summer when a frozen bottle added), wooden tunnel, a box, some toys and a bit of binky space.

Opens up to give whole room access when supervised. Access to the room is via a child auto closing safety system and two doors because dog.


idk i feel like i need to say this guys but… talk about your problems.

as much as you feel you might upset someone you need to talk through your issues with them otherwise they’ll just be ignored and things won’t get better. hiding things under the rug does nothing but make the build up become more obvious until no one can deny it anymore and it’s too late to resolve things.

it might seem tough but so close to world mental health day i figured it’s important to let y'all know how much better you will feel just talking through something even with your closest friend.

if they’re really a best friend, they won’t run away from the truth, they’ll discuss things with you until y'all come to an agreement and your relationship will be healthier as a result.

beaucoup d'amour xoxo

Can’t Help Falling In Love (Part 16)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Here we have the beginning of the end, make sure you leave a review and tell me what you think, what direction do you want this to end in?

Warnings: Language, violence

Word count: 2702

Sam x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

“I mean I could just go back to my other Demon friends, tell them where you all are and sit back for the slaughter-fest and walk on my merry Demon way” Meg says as she unfolds her arms and begins to pace the room.

Sam stays awkwardly silent on the bed and Dean stands to try and reason with Meg “he wasn’t gonna do it Meg, c'mon none of us need to start fighting now.”

Meg shrugs “I wouldn’t say there’d be much of a fight” she eyes both of the boys “well maybe a small one, I’ll tell you my plan but if you think I’m helping you after that you’re dumber than you look.”

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Do you think there's a chance of refcon? Like, ignoring root A and tellimg the story after Aogiri arc through flashbacks, for example?

Maybe but apparently there’s a tweet going around saying it’s “2 years after Root A” so at this stage it seems like a continuance. Honestly, there’s not really any major plot points they’ll have to retcon especially with such an ambiguous ending but it’s more that anime only fans will lose a lot of context and emotional impact with the scenes left out of TG

(who knows if we’ll ever go up to the part of the manga with Scarecrow but maybe Hide being given to the CCG will just be… swept under the rug and SURPRISE he escaped)

a quiet thing

something about empty library- the

( slight hum, creak & there is

a smell, memory of books

symbols & typed letters are hiding

under nonthought of-rug

Pardon our


We are shifting the non-fiction


shift collecting, reality has

& now has


someone started chip-eating

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My sister and I were talking and I said "The Greeks were so gay." and my sister was like "They weren't gay. Where did you hear that from?" And I just

I shared this ask in a groupchat and they all laughed because Ancient Greece is so gay compared to other societies. Make her read The Song of Achilles and that should change her mind, but if it doesn’t:

  • And maybe like allllll the myths about the gods taking mortal male lovers.
    • Zeus was gay for Ganymede and literally gave him immortality because he liked the guy so much.
    • Poseidon was gay for Nerites and they had a love child, in one version.
    • Apollo was gay for Hyacinthus, and like 10 other dudes according to Wikipedia.
  • And there was this commonplace thing called pederastry in Ancient Greece where older men would take on younger boys to like have relationships with them, teach them the ways of the world, love them, etc, and Wikipedia says that sex was usually frowned upon but it happened.
  • And they promoted homosexuality during war to improve soldiers’ morale because they thought they would be happier and fight better and want to protect their lovers. There was a separate military unit just for soldiers and their beloved. (Achilles and Patroclus were an example of this)
  • Mostly Ancient Greece was mlm gay but…. then there’s Sappho
    • How much more wlw can you get than Sappho?
    • She wrote 12,000 lines of poetry specifically about her love for women
    • She was the head of this community that would give girls education and a lot of the girls would experience same gender attraction, whether it be for their teachers or for other students.
    • So to answer my question: not much

Of course, most people don’t learn these things because gay history tends to be swept under the rug to hide it, but like as a whole, Ancient Greece was probably the most gay society (with how they promoted it, how commonplace it was, etc) that I’ve ever learned about.

send me a prompt! anon said: We love you too, Dante. <3 AND your writing. How about Sam writing stories/poems and showing them to Jessica at Stanford and Jessica is like, “you really liked this guy, didn’t you? who was he?” Sam’s answer is your choice.

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Sam rests the shoebox by his side, smiling softly at Jess. He really didn’t want to show her those stupid, old things but– maybe it’ll make him feel better. Maybe it can help him to forget Dean and whatever sinful, unhealthy thing they had before. It was wrong and disgusting and he should just forget. Jess can help him. She’s sweet, gentle, fierce. They can have a real, normal thing.

He can be normal, for once.

“Can I take a look?” Jess asks suddenly, and Sam just nods, pushes the box towards her and braces himself.

He knows she’ll ask and he’ll end up telling her, one way or another, because Jess is this determined and Sam isn’t strong enough to deny her. But he needs to keep his mouth shut. Whatever they’re having now, this is good and normal and beautiful and he can’t, he won’t destroy it with a tragic backstory and a completely wrong kind of relationship with his big brother.

Sam wonders if she’d understand, though. If she won’t run away as soon as he tells her he’s in love with Dean. It’s tempting. He needs to share this to someone, anyone who won’t look at him like he’s some kind of freak–

“This is great, Sam.” Jess says, smiling at an old letter in her hands. “I mean, all of this… you really liked this guy, didn’t you?” Sam just nods, not trusting his voice in that moment. He’s almost forgotten all the letters and poems and things he meant to send to Dean but never did, because his brother isn’t this kind of guy. “Who was he? Why didn’t you–”

“It’s complicated.” Sam mumbles quickly– because it’s obvious he needs to show he’s trying to hide his sins under a very thin rug. “Really.. really complicated.”

“Come on, trust me.”

“I trust you–” Sam says, grabs her hand softly and pulls her close to a kiss. It’s nothing like Dean’s, but again, he wants to forget his brother. He’s done with that life. Done with the hunts and monsters under beds… and Dean. “I just don’t wanna lose you. I wanted to go to college, he wanted to keep the ‘family business’… Things didn’t work between us, that’s all.”

Jess hums in understanding, but she doesn’t believe him and Sam is okay with that. He just needs some time to forget everything, some time to heal.

He’s grateful Jess is here to help.

this makes me really uncomfortable.

if you’re not allowed to say ‘this is harmful’ because you’re not in the correct ingroup, assholes can get away with hurting other people. like yes educate your goddamn self before you say something, don’t just Assume that whatever you’re seeing on fox news is true, but like. 

 if a lot of people say ‘this religion has spiritually abused me, and this is how and why’, it’s wrong to say ‘well, this religion ISN’T WHITE so I’m just gonna hide your spiritual abuse under this lovely diversity rug and pretend it never happened’. 

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge || May 16 || Apocalyptic:

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

There are places in the world where darkness rules, where it’s unwise to walk. But there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years, and Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts. Vampires never entered her mind.

Until they found her…

Or rather after the Apocalypse is cleaned up for the most part. I really like the setting of McKinley’s vampire novel. Its a world that went to Hell then cleaned up it’s act by hiding things under the bed and sweeping them under the rug.