hides under a rug

i take a deep breath and swallow it down,
only to release it into the sky,
is it alright to believe that anyone can find happiness?
…even me?

You found her, now go and get her ✘ Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

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 (Y/F/N) = Your fake name. (Y/L/F/N) = Your last fake name.

✘ Request: This might get complicated but can you do a Barry/grant imagine where Barry is trying to move on from iris (maybe they broke up or something) and he is either shown through Gideon or travels to our world where he sees the reader (singer actress) and grant have been together for awhile and are very happy so he tries to find the reader on his earth with the teams help

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Things had been strained between Barry and Iris since the end of their engagement. They didn’t talk, they couldn’t stay in a room alone, and when their eyes met, before so demonstrative of love and admiration for each other, would just look away, making both people uncomfortable and any other human or metahuman around being able to feel the heavy breeze from the pressure in the air.

They loved each other, of course, they had loved each other since forever. And when they finally got together, Barry thought that maybe this time he had really won, maybe he’d gotten his happy ending, his peace.

Holy shit, how wrong he was.

Iris missed him more than anything, and so did he.

But it was clear that the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t say or show it more when Cisco entered excited on the cortex, saying that the future had changed. Iris would live. Savitar wouldn’t kill her.

“Actually, I saw her in the headlines. ‘Iris West, the youngest Central City’s journalist to win a pultizer award, public an article about metahuman medicine, with help from her old  friend, Caitlin Snow.'’ Cisco spoke in a forced tone of journalist’s newspaper’s 7, smile never leaving the his face. "Guys, Iris is alive and Caitlin won’t turn into Killer Frost!”

‘’But what changed?’’ Julian asked, but no one could care about what event made the tragedy go away, the focus was clear: the worst thing won’t happen anymore.

‘’We won Savitar, I knew it! I knew it!’’ H.R said exltedly.

Joe hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes as Cisco hugged Caitlin and HR ran out screaming something about coffee and cake to celebrate the occasion.

As much as Barry’s heart was relieved - Iris, the woman he loved, would live and have the success in journalism that she deserved! -  A persistent doubt struck the back of his head. Asking Iris to marry had not changed the future. Had breaking up with her done it?

Barry smiled at Iris as their gazes met, the first real smile from the end, she took a step toward him, and he could not help but try to reach her as well, but Caitlin hugged her just in time, happiness and relief filling the room.

Looking at the people that Barry Allen most loved in the world in such happiness, he couldn’t help but leave when no one was noticing and go to Gideon. Barry had to see if a certain event had reappeared.

His heart pounded, hoping he would continue with Iris, the girl he always wanted…

But he was not.

Flash missing vanishes in crise.

By Iris West.

No hyphen, no Allen.

Iris was alive, but she would only be like this if he didn’t have her.

A solitary tear fell down the cheek of Central City’s hero.

It was surprising how he could save everyone but himself.

But it was okay, if his happy ending was Iris at least alive, Barry accepted that.

He loved her too much to be selfish.


It was 3 months since Barry discovered he could not stay with Iris anymore. He was doing okay as much as possible. The thought that she would be alive made him try to move on, for Barry knew that if he didn’t, the West girl would die.

So the speedster was trying. The best he could, at least.

“This time, I’m 100% sure that the particle accelerator will not get you to another earth.” Cisco said while putting the device in Barry’s suit.

“100%?” Barry raised an eyebrow, doubting his friend’s statement.

“Okay, maybe more to 89%,” Cisco said as he moved to the computer. “Or 67%…”

“Oh, great! ”

“Earth two?” Julian asked Caitlin, trying to find himself in the conversation.

“No, it’s down to earth 4. It’s where Supergirl came from.” Caitlin explained.

“Who?” Julian asked confused as Caitlin began to gesture and explain about Team Flash’s interdimensional travels and friends.

“Okay, get ready.” Barry prepared to run, happy to do something that would always distract him from the world around him. “1… 2… 3… Go! ” The Flash ran, leaving papers flying through the cortex, Caitlin rolled sighed and went to pick them up while Julian approached Cisco to see Barry’s speed on the computer, until it simply disappeared.

“What was it?”


The Scarlet Speedster could feel in his breath that that oxygen was not that of his earth. He sighed and looked around, looking for some information on where he was or how to get help to get home.

As much as “home” was now all his relative happy, uncomfortable moments between him and Iris, the sure certainty that he would not have a happy ending and…

Barry shook his head from side to side, trying to hide his thoughts like someone throwing dirt under the rug. Time to gather information, find help, and go back to his earth.

The hero looked around again, he was on a street, one that seemed to belong only to the richest of any place. Hearing a loud noise as loud as hysterical screams, Barry glanced back, managing to see himself waving to a group of screaming people. Was that version of him famous?

He sped in the big place, looking twice, was a recording studio. The Flash sped through the room, studying everything until it found a trailer that contained clothes in his size.

Barry changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack, putting his uniform inside, starting to look around the trailer at human speed.

“Cool.” A smile appeared on his face to see a photo of him with two more dogs, he always wanted dogs. Barry finally found a computer and searched for the name on the door of the trailer.

Grant Gustin.

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an American actor, singer and dancer. Best known for playing the role of “Barry Allen” in The Flash series from CW show.

Okay, what should he be most shocked about? The fact that he is representing himself  or that he can dance?

Anyway, Barry continued his research. Grant Gustin seemed like a completely normal guy, in fact, all of the team seemed to be normal. No metahuman activity here.

Indicated for the best chemistry award on TV: Grant Gustin and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

This was a new one, he didn’t know anyone by that name. Barry clicked on the link of the story, basically they and 4 other couples competed for this award. The Forensic Scientist kept looking at the photo of himself smiling and hugging a girl, whom he couldn’t see, although he could not help but feel curious and even neediss to meet her.

Barry coughed, moving away from the computer. He had not felt anything like this since Iris.

Search: (Y/F/N) (Y/L/F/N)

Allen sighed and clicked on the first link to youtube that appeared, “(Y/F/N)” was talking and suddenly began to sing. He giggled, her voice was wonderful.

The next video was one of an interview with her, Barry clicked on the link and folded his arms, waiting for what could come.

Fully open mouth in ‘’O’’ was a euphemism for Barry’s expression. His chest was full of excitement, confusion… Hope?

His version of this earth was with this girl for years, and he seemed quite happy with her.

This was not Barry’s life, he knew that. But something inside his veins was begging for him, go get this girl.

For the first time after Iris, Barry Allen could feel something.

Just then, Cisco appeared, smiling relieved to see his friend well.

'’How about a vibe home, bro?’


“They were together for like three years and they looked really happy. I have to find this girl. I just have to. ”

“You’re like one of those in love Disney guys, are you going to start singing for no reason like them?” Cisco joked.

“And she was a singer actress!” Barry remembered.

“As lovely as it is, you know this was not your earth, right?” Caitlin said, wanting to make sure his friend’s head was in order.

As Barry opened his mouth to speak, the rest of the team entered the room. His heart ached a little to see Iris, she’s still Iris after all. The difference is that, this time, he accepted his new idea of destiny, Barry Allen was happy. He would have Iris at his side as his best friend, fully alive and amazing at job and someone to love, that was more than enough. It took some months to accept that he wasn’t going to be with Iris and a couple weeks before he came back from the other earth to accept that he could be happy with another person. But he did it.

Barry Allen accepted it and would hold onto this future.

“What were you talking about?” Wally asked with Big Belly Burger’s mouthful, Iris rolled her eyes at his brother’s attitude.

“About the girl that B.A is looking for! She and his look-alike, can you believe it? Look-alikes! - were together and kaboom! He wants to meet her here!” H.R said excitedly, not noticing what he was really talking about and in front of who.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco chided him, H.R looked around, his mouth popping open and his expression showing surprise at what he had done.

Before H.R could stutter some apoloze, the reaction in the cortex was completely the opposite of what was expected. Iris smiled at Barry, a genuine smile.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Bear.”


“What do we have?!” Barry asked as he stepped into the cortex, already in his The Flash outfit. Cisco and Caitlin had called him to STAR Labs saying they had found something that needed to be resolved urgently, but the whole Team was there, which was weird for a wednesday morning.

“What do you have to get, bro.” Cisco said smiling, eating another of his candys.


“We found her.” Caitlin smiled sweetly. Barry looked around the room, his eyes wide and his crescent-shaped mouth resting like a smile. “Her name on this earth is (Y/N) and… ”

“And we’d say more information about how much work to find her we got, but I guess all you want now is to run for her.” Cisco interrupted and laughed at his friend’s expression, noting how excited he was but happy for him as well as his entire team was.

“Go get your girl, Flash.” Iris said, smiling in encouragement, he stared at her and nodded, running out as he received the information from her location by the microphone in his suit.

And then, the world seemed finally to stop when Barry laid his eyes on (Y/N). Nothing was fast or slow, everything was in harmony for the first time in centuries. Barry could swear on his knees that there were no wars or problems in the world, because… How could something bad happen in the world when her smile existed?

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Hello! Thank you for this beautiful blog❤️. Do you have any protective stories, where like one is being bothered or bullied and the other protects them? Thank you!

Heya! Okay so since these two kind of overlap each other, I thought to just smash them together oops. :D   

  • Protective/insecure

 I Missed You (Did You Miss Me Too?) (Continuation to this)  Taehyung gets home from America, Jeongguk wonders if Taehyung is as happy to see him as he is to see Taehyung. [insecure JK]

✄ Friction (I’ll be looking for your love) Jeon Jungkook is set on looking for the one who got away. OR “Don’t have too much fun in New York,” Taehyung only half jokes, hand slipping back. He ignores the way Jungkook’s warmth runs away from him.“Alright. Bye, Tae.” “Bye, Kookie.” Taehyung feels himself having trouble tearing his eyes away, a sort of emptiness taking place in his heart when Jungkook doesn’t look back [Insecure Tae, WIP]

✄ To Walk On Air For me, dancing is a lot less like perfection and much more like falling in love. When I’m on stage in front of all those people, I feel powerful and weightless, like I’m walking on air. [Insecure Tae/Protective JK, WIP]

✄ Under The Rug He knows it’s fucked up. He knows Jeongguk is probably waiting for him to reply because he left the younger boy on read. He knows he should be telling someone about how he feels but, Kim Taehyung being Kim Taehyung, he decides to hide it under the rug. [Protective JK]

✄ Baby Me and You (We’re the Perfect Two) Taehyung’s mother despises Jungkook and tries to set Taehyung up on dates; but, fret not, because their loyal friends are there to help (note: the helping part of things doesn’t go so well)! [Protective JK]

You Can Have Me (I’ll Be Your Family) “Am I dead? Are you an angel? Is that my blood on your shirt?” Or, Jungkook’s brother is an ass and Taehyung is definitely an angel. [Protective Tae]

and as always, please check the tags of the fic before reading! ^-^/

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Little truths of the Composite Chart

There’s many layers of compatibility, a.k.a synastry. One of them, which is obviously my focus for this entry, is the Composite Chart. Now one of the things that you need to understand is the Composite Chart does not feel, you don’t feel the placements and aspects. The relationship isn’t a person, it does not feel it. Just like a lamp does not feel cranky or would not feel Venus conjunct Saturn. The composite has very important elements that you can’t just whisk of with a broom and hide under the rug. Nope. It’s a pretty important document in the relationship. I’m going to shake up a few points, some things that I would like to share, perhaps make you see the importance and help with your synastry. I also need to say, composites aren’t only for love, but for family, friendship, business, and more. This is a long post so I highly suggest you read this from my blog on a computer so it’s laid out wider and easier. This will also show you that yes look at Synastry aspects and even the Davison, but the Composite is important too. 

From the moment we laid eyes on each other 

Wrong! The composite does not say when a relationship start because it’s always existed. You can make a composite with a celebrity, it does not mean you’re in a relationship with them (unless you’re dreaming so). I will say the transits in the composite are a “chained event,” they are connected to the past. They can lead up to the events you guys met with each other. In some, fated way, the stars can use the composite progressions and transits to align you guys together. I can also imagine it to even push you guys away from meeting, which you guys would never know because you guys never met. Yet those transits/progressions don’t happen right away, it’ll manifest years if it happens to. It creates events leading to you two meeting, therefore it does not give a birth date but a little path. 

The luminaries and rising 

Composite Sun shows the purpose of the relationship, what’s its function and value of the relationship is. It’s not a feeling but a symbolic image. It’s the potential of the relationship and the highest place it can reach. (a.k.a, the rising sign of both partners will be extremely important for that).For example, Composite sun in 10th needs to be a public image couple and needs to contribute to society. They’ll seem that way because the relationships vitality comes from being a “contributing couple.”They gain respect from the public but that’s not what this composite sun wants, it wants to do something together. Something ambitious. Composite sun in 7th need someone else with the partnership too, just like a natal 7th sun does. Even if it’s a group of friends or other work partners, anything alongside this couple. Even if the composite ascendant ruler is in the 7th. These relationships rely on feedback or even validation. Like I said, it really shows the life source and growth of the relationship. It kind of makes me think where you need to grow the plant and take care of it throughly so the roses blossom. The house it’s in and even the sign says a lot. The Composite rising like the Natal, describes what the relationship looks like even if you don’t identify with it or agree with it. “Usually, when a planet is in the 1st but in a different sign from the Ascendant, it takes time for it to show itself.” For instance an Aquarius rising with Venus fifteen degrees away. It does not seem like a romantic, lovely, Venusian relationship. It seems odd, interesting, unique, confusing like Uranian. Than when outsiders stick around long enough with this pairing, they see the Venus especially when it aspects a Natal planet from an Outsider’s chart. Keep in mind, It says nothing about how you feel in the relationship. The composite Moon is the “emotional coloration” of the relationship.

You matter so much to me 

When the composite sun touches any of your/their natal planets or angles, it sheds light and connects to their own Natal Chart. It affects them and creates a sense of purpose but this isn’t common,remember you’re looking for a conjunction. When we feel like the relationship matters, the composite planets and angles land on our Natal planets/angles. Usually the tighter the orb, the stronger and the wider ones don’t make it weaker but more flexible. This is only for opposition and conjunction, and for this situation, the tighter orb is what you’re looking for. 

The Hidden Strings- (Progressed Composites &  Other Links)

Now usually composites get a rep. for being useless, but this contradicts that when you read everything above. What emphasis this and even gets more undermined is the Progressed Composite and even the Transits in the Composites. When the progressed composite conjunct/opposition one of the partner’s natal aspects, they tend to act out the progressed planet in the relationship. Example: So if a progressed composite planet triggers a Natal T square, let us say the moon, he may tend to behave a certain emotional way which isn’t evident in his chart. It activates his T-square, adding strain.You don’t notice it’s you or the reflection of your natal aspect. When a progressed angle reaches a natal planet, or vice-versa, it’s usually acted outHeavy transits aren’t always bad, for example a transit from Pluto over the composite Sun can be the birth of a new relationship. Also transits don’t end relationships, people do. A relationship can die but in a different form, and it can start a new relationship together. I also wanted to mention the Composite Nodes and transit connections can create events, synastry between composite nodes and individual planets can say a lot, and vice-versa. Also, progressed composite Nodes are sensitive. These are very few things I could share, but it’s obvious to say the Progressed Composite and Transits play a big role in a relationship. Also, just to quickly say Progressed Planets and Angles can interact with themselves as well, it doesn’t always have to be with a Natal or Composite. That point is especially important because a transit can trigger it.

The interaction

Now I think it goes to show the Composite does play a big role, and you won’t be doing yourself truthfully if you don’t look at all the layers but picking to look at only the good/bad and depriving the other side. The truth is, the composite chart can create feeling. I think a little of what I mentioned in the above section proves this element too. Not necessarily just from the Composite but when looking at it to the Natal. Also, the Composite gets split in half. Each person plays a role, even if there Natal Chart wouldn’t describe that they wouldn’t remotely play that part. A Scorpio or extremely Plutonic person can play the freedom-loving Uranian part subconsciously, it does not matter. In a sense you don’t really get to choose. After I heard about this method, I was a bit curious by it until I read a book that discussed this that made me jump into it more. The Composite and even Progressed Composite can trigger your placements as well, making your Natal aspect more alive. For example, Natal Uranus squaring composite Moon may deny the emotional layer of the relationship. The Natal to the Composite makes the Composite aspect more alive. 

Example (feel free to ignore but it can help you)

Firstly, I couldn’t share all my notes without drowning you guys but I shared enough and the world is out there for you to gain more knowledge. I put this at the end so you can skip it if you want, but I thought I should share an example of the few points I gave out… 

My best friend and I have Composite Sun in the 3rd, which is often to be felt like a sibling relationship to a lot of people and it really does. It’s something I don’t say easily but we’re extremely close to each other and she really is someone I could call a sister. That’s somewhere the full potential and vitality of our friendship is, a sister bond and good communication. It even includes traveling together, something I did not put together till now because we have all these plans to go places. 

We also have Venus-Moon conjunct in the composite, which activates both of our Natal Venus. The composite Venus also sextiles her Natal Moon, so I think it affects her more strongly than it does to me, even though sextile is a mild aspect. It’s also an aspect my Water Moon is grateful for. We have composite Neptune-Uranus conjunct, and square Mercury which activates the exact aspect in both of our Natal charts. My Natal Moon conjuncts our Composite rising, as her 4th angle conjuncts composite Jupiter. Her Sun and Moon conjunct the composite 4th angle. My ascendant conjuncts the composite 4th angle. This is just a little part of it, but voila. I have to say, these aspects both influence us greatly and since it does connect to our Natal charts, our composite does feel really alive. There’s a definite strong connection to her 4th and just the 4th angle in general, making her possibily feel at home with me. As my moon feels comfortable with her. 

I also wanted to point out something in our Composite and the emotional side in our relationship which is very ironic and explains what I said above about playing roles, even if it does not fit our Natal. I have a Natal Pisces moon and she has a Natal Gemini moon. In the Composite, the moon sextiles Saturn as that Saturn sextiles my Natal moon, triggering my Natal Saturn-Moon sextile (I obviously carry that role). Therefore even though there’s a very highly affectionate friendship, something she says no one has every brought into her, I think I play the odd role of being a little more emotionally controlled. It’s very odd because I’m extremely emotional but I see how that works. In a Venusian way I am extremely affectionate in the friendship, as she is too. Yet emotionally, I’m a tad bit more controlled than her when I want to be. It’s a sextile, being a mild but not a major aspect. It’s just a “fluff” and has more freedom, so it does not make me rigid but I do a little bit of a better job than her. It’s extremely odd because I have a Natal Pisces moon and she has a Gemini but like I said, the Composite does not care. Anyways, I hope the example helped. 

send me a prompt! anon said: We love you too, Dante. <3 AND your writing. How about Sam writing stories/poems and showing them to Jessica at Stanford and Jessica is like, “you really liked this guy, didn’t you? who was he?” Sam’s answer is your choice.

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Sam rests the shoebox by his side, smiling softly at Jess. He really didn’t want to show her those stupid, old things but– maybe it’ll make him feel better. Maybe it can help him to forget Dean and whatever sinful, unhealthy thing they had before. It was wrong and disgusting and he should just forget. Jess can help him. She’s sweet, gentle, fierce. They can have a real, normal thing.

He can be normal, for once.

“Can I take a look?” Jess asks suddenly, and Sam just nods, pushes the box towards her and braces himself.

He knows she’ll ask and he’ll end up telling her, one way or another, because Jess is this determined and Sam isn’t strong enough to deny her. But he needs to keep his mouth shut. Whatever they’re having now, this is good and normal and beautiful and he can’t, he won’t destroy it with a tragic backstory and a completely wrong kind of relationship with his big brother.

Sam wonders if she’d understand, though. If she won’t run away as soon as he tells her he’s in love with Dean. It’s tempting. He needs to share this to someone, anyone who won’t look at him like he’s some kind of freak–

“This is great, Sam.” Jess says, smiling at an old letter in her hands. “I mean, all of this… you really liked this guy, didn’t you?” Sam just nods, not trusting his voice in that moment. He’s almost forgotten all the letters and poems and things he meant to send to Dean but never did, because his brother isn’t this kind of guy. “Who was he? Why didn’t you–”

“It’s complicated.” Sam mumbles quickly– because it’s obvious he needs to show he’s trying to hide his sins under a very thin rug. “Really.. really complicated.”

“Come on, trust me.”

“I trust you–” Sam says, grabs her hand softly and pulls her close to a kiss. It’s nothing like Dean’s, but again, he wants to forget his brother. He’s done with that life. Done with the hunts and monsters under beds… and Dean. “I just don’t wanna lose you. I wanted to go to college, he wanted to keep the ‘family business’… Things didn’t work between us, that’s all.”

Jess hums in understanding, but she doesn’t believe him and Sam is okay with that. He just needs some time to forget everything, some time to heal.

He’s grateful Jess is here to help.

I'm doing this too! Crazy Laws from Pennsylvania!

1)It is contrary to Pennsylvania law to discharge a gun, cannon, revolver or other explosive weapon at a wedding.

2)It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. However up to 120 men can live together, without breaking the law.

3)It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors.

4)Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue.

5)A special cleaning ordinance bans housewives from hiding dirt and dust under a rug in a dwelling.

6)You may not sing in the bathtub.

7)Fireworks stores may not sell fireworks to Pennsylvania residents.

8)A person is not eligible to become Governor if he/she has participated in a duel.

9)Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes.

10)Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk.

11)No more than two packages of beer at a time may be purchased, unless you are buying from an official “beer distributor”.

12)All liquor stores must be run by the state.

13)Motorized vehicles are not to be sold on Sundays.

14)You may not catch a fish with your hands.

15)You may not catch a fish by any body part except the mouth.

16)Dynamite is not to be used to catch fish.

17)Though you do not need a fishing license to fish on your own land, but a hunting license is required to hunt on your own land.

18)There is a ban on men becoming aroused in public. (Allentown)

19)Operators of bingo games may not advertise the prizes offered. (Bensalem)

20)Persons convicted of felonies may not operate Bingo games. (Bensalem)

21)One’s pants may be worn no lower than five inches below the waist. (Connellsville )

22)All fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires. (Danville)

23)It is required that a woman have a permit to wear cosmetics. (Morrisville)

24)Every outlet or switch (which can be purchased for 59 cents) that is installed requires an electrical inspection fee of 1 dollar and 33 cents. (Newtown)

25)It is still illegal to bring a donkey or a mule onto a trolley car. (Pittsburgh)

26)Horses are not to be tied to parking meters. (Tarentum)

27)You cannot walk backwards eating peanuts in front of the Barnstormers Auditorium during a performance. (Ridley Park)

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You've head the news? DragonDicks and and her cohorts bullied some MLP artist off Tumblr just because they didn't want to add a trigger warning for the color blue. Your thoughts?

The blue in question is the default color of tumblr.

They wanted this artist to put a trigger warning on the default color of a social media site:  A color which is incredibly hard to avoid–even using dashboard themes–because the site is constantly changing.  As someone who has a personalized dashboard theme that I keep having to fix, I know this all too well.  I mean, fuck–here are at least four posts in which I specifically lament that godawful fucking color, even going so far as to call it “that dark, murky turquoise of infinite despair”.

A trigger warning is meant as an aid for people to avoid things or situations that could trigger a genuine anxiety attack (by “genuine” I mean actually hyperventilating, feeling nauseous, and other symptoms akin to motion sickness.  Continuing to argue on tumblr is a pretty good indication that a person is not, in fact, experiencing an anxiety attack, particularly if doing so forces them to keep venturing into situations that allegedly trigger them).  For an example of a legitimate trigger, I know someone who had difficulty coping with the smell of burning wood after a fire broke out behind her apartment (she’s actually managed to overcome this after a pleasant experience camping in the woods).  This ties into the natural human fear of death, and of loss of home.  These are very common, very basic fears.  Before she overcame this fear, she would simply remove herself from situations where she might encounter smells that reminded her of that experience.

To add an experience of my own, I had a near-drowning incident when I was very young, and have been slowly trying to overcome my fear of deep, dark water (and large objects in said water).  Even just seeing pictures taken deep underwater makes me feel incredibly anxious (I’m happy to say that it’s getting a lot better).  HOWEVER, I do not seek out to find these things in order to complain about them, or try to force others not to post them.  It is also not my–nor anyone else’s–business to tell others what they are “allowed” to post, and how they are “allowed” to tag them.  Were we discussing something like images of explicit gore, it would be a different story.  That is something that is (hopefully) not omnipresent in the lives of the majority of human beings, and is a fairly universal taboo.

On tumblr, we have the ability to unfollow a person, block them, or to blacklist their posts in order to not see them.  These are tools with which a person can protect themselves.  Refusal to use these tools is the burden of the user, and no one else.  If you can’t take measures to protect yourself, why should anyone else feel compelled to give a damn either?  If you don’t buckle your seat belt, it’s not the car’s fault when your forehead ends up going through the windshield.

When we talk about triggers, we’re talking about legitimate physical and psychological concerns.  Unfortunately, certain people have appropriated this concept as a shield, and as a means of censorship against things they just don’t happen to like.  The value of others’ genuine suffering is being lowered and trivialized so that these people can apply it to themselves, and gain a sense of moral superiority by pretending to be “victims” that are “speaking out”.  It’s a means of receiving attention and credit for basically not doing a goddamn thing.

You do not get rid of a pile of dirt by trying to hide it under the rug.  All that does is leave a large lump of resentment just waiting to be exposed.  You get rid of it by learning how to clean better.  It is not the duty of the world to sanitize itself, nor to make itself “safe” for every person.  People like Dragondicks seem to be under the impression that the world needs to change just for them–they seem incapable of understanding that humanity is composed of people that think and feel differently than they do.  That which is “offensive” is also subjective.

We already saw this same behavior two decades ago when “politically correct” language came into fashion.  It was a joke then, and it’s a joke now.  It doesn’t matter which side it’s coming from.  In the end, unnecessary repression of expression is harmful.

Abuse of trigger warnings is psychologically detrimental to human beings.  This isn’t a sudden revelation, either.  Excessive sheltering behavior actually handicaps children:








It was never a case of someone being “insensitive”.  It was always a case of others having tools at their disposal to block out content they didn’t wish to see in order to protect themselves, but refusing to use them.  Think of it like a person deliberately seeking out and entering a store that sells clothing they dislike, and demanding that they remove everything from the racks.  All of this over something that is a default part of the site’s coding.  EVERYONE hates the blue, but IT’S ALWAYS BEEN HERE.  If they hate it so much, then perhaps they should remove themselves from tumblr entirely.

If they did, I’m sure the overall quality of the site would improve as well.

Honestly, I can’t believe how badly DD keeps embarrassing herself.  I still can’t help but feel sorry for her (especially after seeing… …nevermind…), but every time I give her an ounce of sympathy, she once again dives face-first into a brick wall, and expects to be rewarded for it.

For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU): Part 6

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!  

My latest installment in the For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU) story is below

This is the last installment of Section Two, and brings us current on the major pieces of backstory of how the characters got to this point. Subsequent installments will pick up with what the characters will do from here on out to find one another. 


Note: this story takes place in an AU where an adult Faith comes back into Jamie and Claire’s lives around the time of Voyager.

General spoiler alerts for Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Space Between, and more. 

Catch up on the story so far

SECTION ONE: Daughter : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

SECTION TWO: Fae: Part 4 Part 5

Part 6 begins below the break. 

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• I had to find you, tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart
(Tinha que te ver, lhe dizer que preciso de você dizer que te escolhi)

•  "You know when you hide all the mess under the rug? So my I hide under a smile. “
(“Sabe quando escondem toda a bagunça sob o tapete? Então, a minha eu escondo sob um sorriso.”)

• If you have not given up, it is because you know it’s worth
(Se você ainda não desistiu, é porque você sabe que vale a pena.)

• If you never try, you’ll never know your value
(Se você nunca tentar, nunca vai saber o seu valor)

• "She dreamed of heaven, every time she closed her eyes.”
(“Ela sonhava com o paraíso, toda vez que fechava os olhos.”)

• Roll tears on his face, when you lose something you can not replace.
(Lágrimas rolam no rosto, quando você perde algo que não pode substituir.)

• I do not want another generation to pass,
I would rather be a comma than a full stop
(Não quero ver outra geração passar,
Prefiro ser uma vírgula do que um ponto final)

• If you love me, will not you let me know?
(Se você me ama,não vai me deixar saber?)

• The people could not believe what I had become
(O povo não podia acreditar no que eu havia me tornado)

• You can hurt me, hurt me a lot, but still I will get up.
(Você pode me machucar, me machucar muito, mas ainda assim eu vou me levantar.)

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Panasonic’s latest Toughbook hides a surprisingly good computer under its rugged exterior
At first glance, Panasonic’s latest Toughbook — the Toughbook 33 — looks a lot like every other Toughbook model out there. The Toughbook 33 is a 2-in-1 convertible, with a completely detachable 12-inch tablet featuring a 4K touchscreen offering some unique software features to allow it to function in rain or while wearing gloves. Panasonic is selling the Toughbook 33 in both Intel Core i5 and Core i7 variants — the latest Kaby Lake models if you’re willing to run Windows 10, and Skylake chips if you still need to run Windows 7 (which many Toughbook customers do for backwards compatibility purposes.) Windows 10 users will be able to use Windows Hello using the integrated camera, which also has IR for use in darker situations. Read more
I'll take care of you

Song: Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Request:  Ask and thy shall receive, can you do one where the reader has wings but is really clumsy, and keeps breaking things, and she gets really mad at themself but young Charles comforts them? Thanks! (Sorry if it’s hard)

This was getting really annoying. Her wings were wider than her entire body and it was not working out for her at all. Looking at the broken vase on the floor, she lets out a frustrated grunt, stomping her foot in the process. Oh, these stupid wings!

What was she going to tell Charles and Erik?! They’re going to kill her! She was just adjusting to her new pair of wings that popped out of her back last months and, well, let’s just say she was even more clumsy than she was before. If that was even possible.

Glancing at the door then back to the vase, she darts to the broom that’s standing up on the bookshelf. She grabs it, running to the expensive shards of vase that are scattered across the floor, trying to sweep it underneath the rug at least for now.

The door flies open, revealing a rather scared Charles with his palm on the brown wood. “I heard a crash and came as fast as I could.” he pants, “Are you alright, Y/N?” She hides the broom behind her back, nodding. Please don’t look under the rug.

“What’s under the rug?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow and folding his arms. Damn telepath. He chuckles, stepping a little closer to her, “What are you hiding Y/N?” She looks down with a blush as he continues, “You know, you can tell me anything…”

She glances at him bashfully before removing the rug to show him the shards. He places both hands on his hips, biting his bottom lip, and glimpsing up at her. Before he can even open his mouth to speak, she stomps her foot in frustration, “It was an accident; these stupid wings! This is the eighth time I’ve broken something this week, Charles! I wish I never had them!” she mumbles, plopping herself on the couch with a sigh.

“Oh, darling…” he whispers, following her to the couch. Tears drip down her cheeks as he kneels in front of her. His fingers dip underneath her chin, lifting it up so that both are starring into each others eyes. “You are just getting a hang of them… You just got them, sweetheart.” he grabs her hands in his, showing her a big smile.

She rolls her eyes, screaming, “No Charles, look at them!” She searches his eyes, only to find nothing.

“I am darling! I am!” he pleas, gripping on to her hands tighter, “And you know what I see?” he waits for her to answer for a minute. She doesn’t though; her lip quivers and he runs his thumb gently over it, only to replace his thumb with his own lips.

“I see a beautiful masterpiece of artwork…”

Classics, the happy ending PT.2

Second and final part of @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Days Off Challenge

Characters: Dean Winchester, Singer!Reader, Sam Winchester, Janis (OFC)

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word count: 3k ish

Warnings: smut, dom!Dean- sub!reader (slightly),choking (slightly), cock slapping (is that a warning?), oral (both receiving), fingering, unprotected intercourse, and I don’t know what else…

(Part 1)

10 minutes and I can’t take it anymore. I excuse myself and walk outside to get some fresh air; I need 5 minutes on my own before I get on stage.

I sigh -naaahhhh- in content. And stare at the black starry sky. “It’s beautiful outside tonight” a deep voice startles me. I turn towards it in alert mode, it won’t be the first time someone tries to ‘approach’ me outside the bar, but I know how to defend myself, and if not I just need to run fast or scream loud for my brothers to come and rescue. ‘Yeah, lame’

“Sorry” he says, putting his hands up, showing me he doesn’t mean any harm. I relax a bit, not all the way… ‘You never know’.

“I’m Dean.” He speaks again.

Dean’s POV

“I can believe she ignored me!” Dean whispers-shouts to his brother, Sam chuckles shaking his head.

“Yeah, man! It is impossible to believe that hot chick is NOT into you!” Sarcasm flooding out of his words.

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astroquestions  asked:

how would you say the signs cover their sensitivity and vulnerabilities? which signs show a mask of anger, toughness, humor, etc.?

  • Aries; through anger, over-toughness, laughing it off, trying to prove they have no problems
  • Taurus; with humor, other activity, simply ignoring it and people who bring things up, pretending it’s all ok.
  • Gemini; dodging the issue, covering it up, lying about any pain in the first place, making a joke out of the situation.
  • Cancer; silence, focusing on the issues of others instead of their own, denial, saying “it’s not so bad”
  • Leo; bravado, “tis but a scratch!!”, putting on a stiff upper lip, becoming more stubborn
  • Virgo; don’t talk about it, don’t look at it, it’s not there shh, becoming cold and/or quiet while they mentally sort it out themselves
  • Libra; distancing themselves from others/their issues, fully embracing others/losing themselves in the noise of the world, smiling
  • Scorpio; shutting down, not continuing the conversation, pulling back when things get too deep, putting on a show
  • Sagittarius; laughing, making others laugh, sleight of hand, changing the subject, going somewhere else
  • Capricorn; doing something to prove they’re ok, being overly tough or taking on too much, putting on a thick skin, making a persona
  • Aquarius; logic, talking things down, brushing things off, distancing themselves while they regain composure, making themselves seem like they couldn’t possibly care about such things
  • Pisces; laughing it off, carefully sweeping their feelings under the rug, hiding, escaping, playing nice, a snappy comeback to end the questioning

anonymous asked:

Shiro + sleeping

Um. So this got way out of hand? I’m not sure this is exactly what you were looking for, but here we go! Over 700 words of Shiro hurt and struggling and eventually getting the help he needs from his family (shout out to @maychorian who got me absolutely hooked on the team sleepovers trope)

Content warning for mentions of torture, dead bodies and drugs

  • Shiro doesn’t have an easy time sleeping, to put it mildly
  • Oh he used to
  • He used to need like 3 alarms at the Garrison to get himself up, and even then it wasn’t uncommon for him to miss breakfast
  • His roommate used to laugh at him for it
    • It was endlessly amusing to watch the great Takashi Shirogane, straight A student and star pupil, loved by all the instructors for his respect and discipline and hard work, stumble into the simulator room about once a month disheveled and rumpled, apologizing profusely for his tardiness
  • But then Kerberos happened

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I reread The King’s Men yesterday, and I have so many feelings. I will never stop having feelings about this, but this time, it’s because of Kevin and Neil.

No, not for that reason.

Honestly though, Kevin Day is a character that gave my emotions whiplash. He turns up and I like him, and then I got so immensely frustrated at him, and at the end, I loved my baby like a proud mother.

It took me a while to like-like him, but by now I think understand where he came from.

I mean, Kevin grew up on Exy. He was raised to put it first. I can’t exactly blame him for his priorities - even if I wanted to shake him and yell at him to get them straight. 

And then there’s Neil - Neil who looks at Kevin like he is and has everything he ever wanted. We know this. We read about Neil’s bone-deep jealousy of Kevin since the first book.

But Kevin-

Kevin is used to getting his way, and suddenly Neil walks in, Neil - this diamond in the rough exy player whom he can’t hate because he’s  really talented; Neil who turns out to be the kid from his past with the psychopathic murderer for a father, and who was meant to grow up the same way he did, but who somehow got out - this very same Neil fucks his entire world up.

He completely pulls the rug from under Kevin’s feet.

Because Kevin hides behind the Foxes; behind Andrew and from Riko, and Nei kicks him in the ass and saying “fuck that. Don’t make the others get what you want. Fight for it and get it yourself.”

Of course Kevin’s fucking pissed at him for it, but he can’t hate him, because Neil knows running away and having a crap life; he’s got the same enemies as Kevin does, but somehow he’s still foolish enough to stand his ground.

Neil might just be the only one who has the right to say these things to him - not that Kevin admits that even to himself.

And the Foxes rally behind him, and Andrew supports him, and they’re all moving forward, and Kevin realises that if he doesn’t follow he’ll be standing still in the same place forever.

It’s so funny to me because Neil was so jealous at Kevin for having everything, and at this point, it’s Neil who has everything. 

He joined them with nothing, not now he’s got their team and Andrew at his back; he’s got the career prospects Kevin wanted for him, and he’s rid of the biggest demon of his past, because he’s worked for it. 

Because he deserves it.

I think Kevin sees that. I think Kevin wants that. 

Wymack told Neil that he had a greater influence on Kevin than he realised, and he was right. 

Part 17: Secret Trap - Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover Series

[Chapters 1 through 16]

“Something about her doesn’t seem right,” Sam said.

“You said she smelled like sulfur, right?” Dean asked Liam, but he ignored Dean as he tried to listen to Y/N talking to herself in her bathroom upstairs.

“Hellooooooooo?” Dean waved his hand in front of Liam’s face.

“Shhhhhh,” Scott said as he was also focusing on Y/N’s voice.

Together they heard Y/N talking about how she was once a young girl with insecurities too.

“Is she…?” Scott asked, but Liam finished his sentence, “talking to herself?”

Dean and Sam looked at each other confused. “What?” Dean asked.

“Hang on,” Scott said, he waited for her to speak again. “She’s talking about her body being too innocent and clean.”

Liam’s eyes widen. “And that it needs piercings in certain places that shouldn’t be pierced.” Liam shook his head. “This doesn’t sound like her.”

“It almost sounds like if she’s talking back to someone else…” Scott trailed.

Judging by what Scott and Liam were saying, Dean and Sam knew exactly what was going on. Sam let out a frustrated sighed as Dean murmured, “Damn it!”

Scott and Liam looked at the Winchesters confused. “Can someone explain to me what’s going on?” Liam asked.

“That,” Sam lowered his voice and pointed upstairs, “isn’t Y/N.”

“Its Ruby,” a hint of hatred wavered in Dean’s voice.

Liam’s eyes widened as Scott asked, “how?”

“Demons need a host. Normally, they pick someone who’s already dead or has no chance of living and are practically dead.” Sam said honestly.

Liam was about to say something but Dean interfered, “Let’s not assume, Y/N is dead. There’s a chance she could still be alive, especially if you’re saying she’s talking back to herself.”

“Right,” Sam defended his brother. “It’s possible ‘Y/N’”, Sam air quoted her name with his fingers, “is actually Ruby and she’s talking back to the actual Y/N.”

Scott looked confused but Liam was following. Liam rubbed his temples, “so how do we get Ruby out of Y/N’s body?”

“Is that even possible?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Sam answered and looked at Dean. “We need to get the stuff from the car.”

“Follow me, kid.” Dean ordered Liam.

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