hideout inn

I think my favorite idea I shared with ammeja is the one where Team Taka decide that keeping Mitsuki all locked in the hide out would be a little unhealthy, so for the first time, they take him out to a small village to partake in a festival.

So the beauty of this hc:

> Imagine Mitsuki becoming slightly shy because he never been around such a lively event, he’s use to the chill folks in the taka hideout. Clinging to Karin and Jugo, hesitant to run off with the kids that approach him and ask if he wants to join in the festival fun and shooting Suigestu dirty looks the rest of the night after he spooked him with one of those festive masks.

> Imagine Suigestu and Mitsuki playing festival games & more than once Suigestu manages to get them chased away by the person running the game.

> Imagine Mitsuki riding on Jugo’s shoulders after getting tired with all the walking around and/or to have a nice view of the fire works. Eventually he falls asleep and the trio take turns carrying him when they set out back to the hideout/inn/whatever they’re staying at for the night.

> Imagine me crying because I am.