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wake up in a perfect dream

Written for the Writer’s Guild August event: A Soulmate AU. 


Mike learns about soulmates from Nancy. They share your dreams, she tells him, her eyes shining with undiscovered love. When you close your eyes at night, you’ll see what your soulmate sees.

He hears his sister’s romantic chatter, but he doesn’t listen. Not really. Because Nancy is twelve and he’s only eight and soulmates are stupid and gross. So the lesson is pushed to the back of his mind and he pays no special attention to the continued dreams of action figures and bicycles and board games. Sometimes there are dinosaurs or aliens. And sometimes he wakes up not remembering any dream at all.

As Mike grows older, the concept of a soulmate steals back into his mind and he wonders, scientifically minded as ever, if perhaps it’s a biological process that suddenly makes him so avidly interested in the things that he dreams.

His dreams remain constant. Riding bikes up and down Cherry Street, hanging out in Castle Byers, going on adventures with his friends. There are no unfamiliar faces or strange places in his dreams and, for a long time, Mike believes his soulmate is one of his best friends.

But one day he overhears Lucas and Will whispering together, speaking in hushed tones about the exact same nightmare they had the previous night. Three days later, Dustin excitedly announces he saw his soulmate’s face in one of their shared dreams. She has the most amazing green eyes and she was riding a dragon, he says. My soulmate is kickass.

And Mike’s heart cracks just a little bit because if none of his friends are his soulmate, then who is? Why hasn’t he seen them yet?

For months, Mike doesn’t dream at all. He begins to worry that maybe he doesn’t have a soulmate. Laying awake at night, he racks his memory for any single oddity, a fleeting moment of unfamiliarity, in a past dream. But there was only the familiar smiling faces of his friends or complete and utter darkness. And no one dreamt of darkness.


Eleven has never learned about soulmates. She’s never learned much of anything except for The Rules. Speak when spoken to. Do as you’re told. Don’t ask questions.

Still, she soldiers through her days, long and painful, always looking forward to closing her eyes. Because at night, she meets people who are not Papa or the men in long white coats. 

When Eleven sleeps, she meets a smiling boy with dark eyes that shine happily. She sees children, others who look so much like her, outside on strange wheeled objects that she can only imagine are the stuff of dreams. It’s a nice change from the dreams she usually has of the Dark Place.

It’s her dreams that prove there’s life outside the sterile walls of the Lab and she craves it, cries herself to happier sleep with thoughts of it each night. So Eleven listens to The Rules and obeys because one day she might be rewarded with a trip there. To the outside.

She listens even when it’s scary to do so. Even when she sees the monster for the first time, far off but distinct. 

That night, she doesn’t see the boys and their colourful shirts or their plastic toys. She sees the hideous figure crouched over the in the darkness, gnawing away on something that sounds grotesquely like the bones she once snapped in a man’s neck.


So close and yet so far away, Mike awakes in a cold sweat. Could that have been his dream—his nightmare? Or maybe—just maybe—his soulmate is finally dreaming. And then Mike’s throat tightens and tears fill his eyes because how could his soulmate dream such awful things? What had they been through?

Every night for a week it’s that same dream. His feet are wet, he’s walking through the darkness, there’s a monster just ahead and he reaches out to touch. He notices, on the third night, that it is not his hands that reach forward—they are softer, smaller, paler. Girl’s hands. Delicate and shaking. And on his wrist—or rather, her wrist—there’s a tattoo. A small number. An eleven.

The eleven haunts Mike even when he’s awake. The harsh block characters of the tattoo are completely incongruous to the softness of the girl—or what he’s imagined of her.


It’s raining, cold thick drops soaking through her thin t-shirt. Fear sends her forward, careening through the trees, desperately seeking—something. She isn’t sure what. She’s not certain anything is safe anymore. 

And then, a garish beam of threatening light. Eleven looks up and her fear turns to something like relief. 

She knows these faces. She’s seen the dark, soulful eyes that look at her with concern. And she isn’t sure why, but those eyes feel like home. 

Later, he asks her name. She’s nervous to give it up, to speak to this boy who wanders through her dreams bringing joy with him. 

Still, she holds out her arm and watches as his cheeks turn red and his eyes grow wide. 


Team Fortress 2. Compliments

No one can tell how Pyro’s so happy and relieved at that moment…

I haven’t figured out how my maskless!Pyro would actually look, so I have to apologize for still hiding his face Besides, he’s only showing it to Scout! Not to anyone else. But I’d like to think he’s got burns that deformed his face and… yeah that.

Thanks to my twin for fixing Scout’s original compliment that I was supposed to use. He gave me a better one.♥

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Hey, how would the brothers comfort their and help their s/o through a hard depressive state? (I'm going through one rn and it is honestly the worst I have had in months)

This goes out to all of you struggling with depression and going through a hard time. (。•́︿•̀。) Better days will come.


He’s super excited to see you and probably has a million new stories and just as many stupid ideas to tell you about, but he instantly stops goofing around as soon as he notices something’s not okay with you. His expression turns serious and he kind of contemplates on what to do for a moment when he sees you’re deliberately trying to avert his gaze, but he decides to go for it anyway. Touching your hand gently, he starts caressing your skin with his thumb and softly interlocking your fingers, and the gesture makes you look at him by instinct.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asks in that sweet tone of voice, and he’s smiling at you, but it’s not his usual cheeky, playful smile. It’s soft and full of love and also makes you want to cry for some reason. The fact that you’re not replying leads him to the conclusion that you’re battling yet one of those days again, but he asks if anything particular happened to make sure, as he leads you into a preferably empty room. He drags a blanket out of the closet and grabs his favorite snack from who knows where it’s the safest in the Matsuno household. He insists on sharing it with you, regardless of you having appetite or not.

Asks you if you want him to hold you for a while, and he either pulls you up to his chest and lets you cry or just feel miserable as he strokes your back soothingly, or just lays down by your side with the newest volume of the manga he’s currently reading to keep you company. Won’t really ask you to talk about it, because he knows at this point that there are no specific explanations and you don’t know the answer either.


He had tried everything so far, buying you flowers, your favorite food, bringing you small animals (he ended up with bruises and scratches all over his arms), singing you a song, writing you a song, etc., but even though you smiled at him and told him he’s really sweet and caring, none of them seem to have actually… worked. You have to explain to him the feeling just comes and goes, and nothing can really make you feel better, at least not in the sense Karamatsu thinks, and he listens intently, wanting to understand your struggles. He decides to stick with whatever can get you to forget about your current state, even if it’s just for a little while, so expect him to continue to bring surprise gifts and shower you with love and affection.

He makes sure you eat and drink well, because “non, non, you have to stay hydrated, darling”. If the weather is great, he takes you up to the rooftop, accompanied with his guitar, and sings soft lullabies to you until you doze off in the sunlight.

He’s very good at making you feel loved and appreciated, and he will tell you over and over how wonderful he thinks you are and how much you mean to him. You know that even if he whole world is against you, at least Karamatsu is by your side.


He probably gets super anxious at the beginning of the relationship, because he doesn’t know what to do, fidgeting around nervously when you ask him to stay by your side, and it probably makes you feel even more horrible seeing him like that, so he does his best to research upon the subject and try to understand what you’re going through the logical way. When he knows what he’s doing, he turns into a doting mother: reminds you to take your pills (if you take any), makes sure you have at least some food in your stomach, and finds a quiet place where you can be alone together.

He offers to watch a movie with you on Totty’s laptop, and he lets you get comfortable in his embrace, but he will be sure to position himself so he could still reach your hand. Keeps holding and rubbing it soothingly the entire time, and he will also glance at you from time to time to make sure you’re properly immersed in the story, because, hey, getting your mind off of whatever’s going inside your head seemed to have helped him in the past, too.

Since he’s also struggling with irrational thoughts on an everyday basis, he’s the perfect person to actually try and talk to about what or how you feel. He will be sure to prove you how illogical is what your brain is whispering to you. Comes over to your place more frequently to see if there’s any housework he can help with.


You’re probably the one who made him realize he’s suffering from the same thing, and you’ve been even closer since. You taught him various ways of how to make it feel less terrible, and he shared you his coping mechanisms in return. He knows exactly what to do when he finds you in another really depressive state.

Surprisingly enough, he is the one that tries to make you put effort into the smallest things, like eating a good meal or taking a shower, because he knows they will at least physically make you feel a little better. Offers you a nice, long nap, the proper kind, with pillows and a futon, and he either holds you close or just flings a leg over yours and puts your hands together, depending on how you’re feeling. When you wake up, he insists you take a walk in the sunset. Jyushimatsu often drags him out when he feels particularly shitty, and in the end, no matter how much pain in the butt it felt to even get dressed for it, he’s always somewhat glad he did so, and he figrues it’s gonna be the same for you, too. You two hold hands as you walk along the river, slowly, steadily, lazily, stopping by to pet cats on the way.


The first time he sees you have a breakdown, it completely breaks his heart. Your smile and laughter means everything to him, and he tries so desperately to find something that makes you feel happy again. He makes funny faces, brings you food, carries you around your favorite places in town, carries you up a mountain to show you a beautifully blossoming tree, he would literally bring down the stars for you, but soon he has to realize none of these will help with your kind of sadness.

After consulting probably either Choromatsu or Ichimatsu, he now knows how to approach the situation, and he comes up with a very Jyushimatsu idea of how to keep your company.  Whenever you feel so overwhelmed and terrible you don’t even want to talk to anyone, but still crave human interaction and some sort of validation of your existence, he lays next to you and draws. Draws himself riding something that vaguely reminds you of a dolphin to battle. Draws hilariously hideous stick figures of his brothers and makes a funny story with them as the protagonists. His art gets more and more detailed until it shifts into ridiculously detailed caricatures. You reply with your drawings or complete his masterpieces, and it makes you feel like you’re a kid again, passing funny notes to each other in class – it feels somewhat liberating. You two fool around and laugh, even if it’s not a 100% happy laughter, it’s at least there.

When Jyushimatsu sees that ugly dark cloud get the better of you no matter how hard he tries to distract you from it, he brings a blanket and rolls both you and himself up into a burrito, and declares nap time. Just sleeping next to him might make you feel a little better when you wake up.


He thinks about what would he appreciate someone did for him if he ever were in your shoes, and tries to act accordingly. For starters, he would love to be pampered to death, obviously, so he, the spoiled littlest brother, buys, or sometimes even makes you sweets, and does your laundry, and washes the dishes and takes out the trash. Impressive, isn’t it? It makes Totty happy, too, because not only is he helping you, but he also feels like he’s taken the first step towards independence.  

And secondly, skincare has never betrayed or disappointed him, so he suggests you put face masks on and just chill with some drinks and stare at the ceiling or watch stupid talk shows you can make fun of. The next step is putting on makeup – if you usually wear makeup, then because of that, and if you don’t, then because of that. There’s no wrong time or place to be beautiful, Totty claims, and trust him, he’s got skills when it comes to applying that foundation and mascara. He knows how to put on a killer winged liner, and he can make it look feminine, masculine, or even neutral.

He snuggles up to you once you’re finished, scrolling through his feed on his phone and showing you all the stupid stuff and the cute animals, and you two end up watching funny videos until both of you doze off.


I decided to re-do my Roxy Harley sprite because it was hideous. And also I figured since it took me roughly 10 years to post this I should make sure it’s quality. I never liked how I sprited Roxy’s hair in the past, so I decided to pay close attention to fanart, and this style was the one I liked best.

Or at least, quality by this blog’s standards.

I never liked how I sprited Roxy’s hair in the past, so I decided to pay close attention to fanart, and this style was the one I liked best.

So, yeah, John and Jane Lalonde, Rose English and Roxy Harley. As usual, click for actual size because tumblr makes it look gross.

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Твои самые любимые блоги- это...?

Ну, всех кого я читаю и есть любимые :3
Но все же должны быть ОСОБЕННЫЕ!
И это alicerbear, alreadybreak, ambocornu, andrew-and-anthony-askblog, applenya, art-by-blackspot, ask-amato, ask-caffeine, ask-coco-arsy, ask-creepyshy, ask-dreamlight, ask-illian, ask-kado-kunask-konny-and-friends , ask-me-ask-lina , ask-nennsi-wolf , ask-rera-and-tea , ask-singing-dudes , ask-some-bff, ask-twinkle-star, askananas , askashugoseason , askevchan (только она куда-то пропала), askmilkyknight (этот тоже), askmushroom , askpixelspaiki , askrodneybatleezblr , asksherrepew , batponyeclipse , beyondoftheworlds , bigmoon206 , ask-fucking-bread , chizhh , chokolla , corner-of-lb (мне она еще нраффки со времен, когда у нее ОС был белого цвета, ага), dick7chan , elizalg27, fadingponyannblossom , faira-star , fizzy-juice , flinsyatina , funnytoy-the-rabbit , gatishzung , ghost9-stuff , hideous-figure , its-ri-chan , kapusha-blr , kilamuri , kiyu-123 , krisfox97 , kuomora , lampsarts , last-in-shadows , levinfiery-posts , lucky-clouddddd , Коффи ( но думаю, что тут не стоит :р), martintax , meityanfest , mirta-whoovlms-vote-saxon , monster-under-bed , mudak-chan , nelly-water-pessimist , orange-juice-pony , patrickandmoe , perpetymka , phantombush , photobombpony , purnightmare , rollwud , scribble-ask , shaperon-trown , slipper-blog , starlight-town , tasha-and-niki , time-writer , tomatoes-painter , two-douchebags , twotail813 , vladibearpony
Вот после этой писанины я понял, что эти любимые больше половины читаемых. Если вы себя не увидели, то не стоит расстраиваться и обижаться. Вообще я планировать сначала записать людей с которыми я общаюсь и которые больше по нраву, но потом все пошло по алфавиту :1
С некоторыми я общаюсь, от некоторых я теку, у которых мне нраффки арты, ага и т.д. Но все же причина почему Вы не попали в этот список,это скорее всего, что вы недавно начали меня читать и я вас. Я еще не ознокомился с блогом и т.д. и блаблабла… И я хочу спать, все, заканчиваю нах