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Hello! I love your fics so much I was rewatching some episodes and noticed Betty took off her cardigan while her and Jughead were in the B&G and I always kinda thought her cardigans were like a safety blanket. Could you maybe do a fic where Betty doesn't bother wearing them around Jughead because he makes her feel safe/doesn't need the shield?

Thankyou! I’ll give it a go!

She was lounging on the hideous plaid coach, her feet dangling over the end,the tiny flats she walked in with, abandoned in the corner. Humming along to the sound playing quietly out of her laptop speakers, oblivious to the fact that the dark haired boy hadn’t taken his eyes off of her for the past fifteen minutes.

It was a beautiful sight to see,

Betty Cooper, comfortable. At ease.

He couldn’t remember a time where she didn’t have her guard up, shoulders tense and posture stiff, he understood completely. You had to watch your back in this town, no one could be trusted. But here with him, the worries of the dangerous small town didn’t seem to bother her too much.

He admired the way her small golden shoulders looked without the light pink or blue cardigan covering them, the way her honey blonde hair fell carelessly out of her ponytail. She was almost never without her cardigan, it was a security blanket, alongside her tight, bullet proof ponytail. She hardly let anyone see her without these things and he couldn’t help the swell in his chest at the fact he got to see her like this. She was comfortable around him. She trusted him.

Twisting on the couch, Betty caught his slightly dazed smile and smiled back “what are you smiling at juggie?” He kept the smile on his face and shrugged “nothing really, I’m just really into this article I’m working on. I mean come on “the case of the missing science beaker?” It’s every aspiring journalists dream.“ He smirked teasing her.

She rolled her eyes, her smile getting even bigger, if possible "it’s a start Mr.Jones, think of it this way, when you’re the biggest novelist to hit Wall Street, you’ll be thanking me for these silly articles.” He couldn’t help but admire her smile, he thought, if they could only bottle up that smile, they would have the answer to ending wars.

“Yeah, yeah yeah. You got it boss.” Suddenly Kevin came crashing into the blue and gold office, sending Betty and jughead both into standing position
“Guys! Veronica is losing her mind on chuck Clayton, apparently he’s back to spreading rumors. You’ve gotta see this.” Kevin was gone faster than he came.

Jughead rolled his eyes, quickly packing up his work, he glanced over to Betty to see her fixing her loose ponytail and slipping into her shoes, grabbing her light pink cardigan, he walked over to join her. Tapping her on the shoulder, she turned throwing him a gentle smile. He held open the arms of the cotton sweater and helped her put it over her shoulders.

“Thankyou juggie .” She whispered softly. “Anytime bets.” He showed her an almost identical smile “now come on, we’ve got a raven haired princess, with a temper the size of riverdale to save.” She giggled threading her hands through his, as they ran down the hallway, maybe they didn’t need pink cardigans and crown shaped beanies to keep them safe. Maybe all they needed was each other.

Cater To You: Tom Holland x WOC

While everyone is off getting some good ole succ, I’m here writing about Tom giving the succ. A bit of inspiration from the Destinys CHild song- Cater 2 U. *SMUT for your Tom Valentine’s Day fantasies. 

You patiently waited for Tom to get back from the gym. He always went before you woke up and you were pretty sire that today he was a little late because he was getting the rest of your Valentine’s Day gifts together. You smiled when he came in with two arm fulls of bags and Harrison carrying the human sized Teddy Bear behind him. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love!” He handed you the bags and gave you a soft, tender kiss on the lips. 

“All of this for me?” You asked. “Of course, you’re the love of my life.” He blushed. Haz groaned and propped the bear on the couch. “Well I have to go prepare my things for Y/F/N!” He said his goodbyes and ran out the door. 

“So are you going to open the gifts?” he asked ushering you to sit down. You blushed at the amount of lingerie he bought you. After opening the huge amount of gifts you turned to him and smiled, “I appreciate these gifts but I don’t want you spoiling me anymore today.” He was a bit taken aback, “What do you mean? It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“I know but I hate how it’s usually about how the guy buys the girl stuff, so today is all about you.” You clapped. “Wow, okay.” He scratched his head and smiled. 

“Is it supposed to tickle?” He asked trying not to laugh as the lady scrubbed his feet. “Sometimes.” You laughed. He was a bit skeptical to go get his feet done but he was enjoying it. You had been wanting to take him to get a pedicure for the longest time, his feet were hideous and today was a good excuse to do so. 

He tugged at his robe and sighed in relief, “I never thought getting a massage was this amazing!” He said as the Masseuse rubbed his back. “You thought I was kidding huh?” After his pedicure you two were lead to the most quietest part of the Spa and given a couples massage. 

He walked out of the Spa with a wide smile on his face, “That was amazing.” He threw his arm over your shoulder and kissed you on the forehead. “I’m glad you liked it.”

You drove back home and started cooking brunch, “You sit down and relax and the food will be ready in a bit my love.”

You cooked and served the food, “Eat up.” You handed him his plate and he smiled. He finished and you took the plates back to the kitchen. “I can help-” You put your hand up,”Nope you relax, I got it.”

After spending  the rest of the day cuddling and making out, you got dressed to take him to dinner. “You ready love?” You asked stepping out of the bathroom and getting turned on when you saw him in his suit. “Oh that is definitely coming off tonight.” You winked and kissed him on the cheek.

 The restaurant was crowded with couples. “Okay so I have a few things for you.” You said. “I figured when I saw you carrying the bags.” He smuled, taking the gifts from your hands. You two sat in a quiet corner both away from the general public. “Oh wow these are some great shoes.” He said. “I love you but those fucking combat boots have got to go!”

“I like those boots!”, “Well I don’t.” You joked. After opening all of is gifts he smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “Their great, thank you darling.”

“Also I have this!” You pulled out a rose and he blushed, “W-what?”

“It’s a rose silly.” You handed it to him and he looked around a bit embarrassed. “Guys usually don’t get flowers.” He mumbled. “Are you embarrassed?” You asked. “N-no, it’s just that I’m so used to giving you flowers-”, “I know but you do so much for me and I wanted to return the favor.”

“Thank you.” He said kissing your hand. 

You were ready for the grand finale of your Valentine’s gift for Tom. You poured out something to drink an pushed him on the couch, “Wait here.”

You put on the lingerie he had bought you and you walked back into the living room, your heels echoing on the wooden floor. His eyes widened and moaned, “This has got to be the best Valentine’s day ever.”

You took the drink out of his hand and placed it on the table, you made him sit all the way back on the couch and you straddled him. You kissed him softly at first until he got impatient. His tongue separated your lips and soon you tongues danced around. 

You pulled away from him and unbutton his shirt while his hands roamed your body. You climbed off of him and got on your knees, he gulped and threw his head back as you pulled his hard cock out of his pants. He hissed when you kissed the tip and slowly took all of him in your mouth. You kept a steady pace and smiled when his hands grabbed your hair. The satisfaction of hearing him moan made you wet, his breathing got heavier and you knew he was about to cum. You stopped and stood up, sliding your panties off. 

You hovered over him, he grabbed your hips and slammed you onto him. You moaned at the feeling of him inside you. “Fuck!” You screamed as his pumped hard into you. You buried your face into his neck and sucked on his ear. 

“I’m gonna come.” He panted. “Come for me daddy.” You said sucking on his sweet spot of his neck. Sucking on his neck and calling him daddy was enough for him to release into you. Even after he came, he kept his steady pace and soon you felt yourself coming undone.

 You rested your forehead against his and tried to catch your breath, “Happy Valentine’s day baby.” You said kissing him on the lips. “Happy Valentine’s day, love.”


Let's Give it up to Tall Girls

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate our tall girls. They never seem to be wanted or romanticized. If you are a girl that is 5'7 inches or taller you are incredibly beautiful. You have gorgeous long legs and hideous big feet, but you are loved for that. If a guy doesn’t want you because “he’s into short girls or doesn’t like to date tall girls” then that’s his loss!

Vaira and I are only friends because my feet are hideous and because of it I’m the only person she can set aside her incredible foot-horniness and befri i cant finish this I’m so sorry.

Do you ever just want to cry because one of the only people Remus Lupin ever fully trusted betrayed him by letting Snape past the Willow?

Can you imagine what Remus must have felt? A paralyzing fear, of course, both that he might have hurt Snape, which could land him in Azkaban and saddle him with devastating guilt that he had permanently made his problem someone else’s, that he had been to somebody what Greyback had been to him? And then, once that fear was abated, a fear of discovery? The realization that he was now forevermore at his enemy’s mercy? The realization that Snape could ruin his life? That this enemy had seen Remus in the state he is most ashamed of?

And then the feeling of humiliation, and betrayal, because God, he had really trusted Sirius. And he had thought that Sirius was trying hard to understand. The feeling that the rug had been pulled out from under his feet?

The hideous pang of vulnerability that Remus must have felt every time he looked at Severus from then on, because Severus knew?

And Sirius did that, even if he didn’t know what he was doing. It was Sirius.

And what does Moony do? He forgives Sirius. He is willing to continue being friends with him.

I will never be as good of a person as Remus Lupin is.

Emblem3 Preference : Insecurities With Pregnancy

Wesley: Your hands cradled your stomach and you sighed deeply as you stared yourself up and down in the mirror before shaking your head and crawling onto your bed, covering yourself with the blanket and covering your head with pillows. “(YN).” Wesley says softly from next to you on the bed, pulling the pillows and blankets off of your body before smiling down at you. “What was it this time?” “My stomach is huge Wes! I’ve got stretchmarks all over and i look disgusting and horrible and i just want to be ignored for the rest of this pregnancy!” “No, you don’t, (YN). Come on, you look gorgeous. You’re carrying our baby boy and he’ll be here soon! So soon! I want to enjoy your pregnancy glow while you still have it, let’s go out on the town and have a night to ourselves, please?” With his help, you sat up and rested your head on his chest. “Fine, but you have to help me get dressed.” “I think i can handle that.” he laughed.

Drew: “Will you look at them, Drew! They’re absolutely hideous!” Drew looked up from his guitar, at you and shook his head. “What exactly am i supposed to be looking at, (YN), because i am extremely confused at this moment.” You sat down next to him on the couch and propped your feet up in front of you and thrust your hand in their direction. “My feet are swollen! They’re disgusting. They’re making it nearly impossible for me to walk and i can’t wear my favorite shoes because they don’t fit in them! My feet are hideous!” Drew had to hide a chuckle and put his guitar to the side before he got ready to help and tend to your needs. “(YN), we’ve been over this.” “Yeah yeah, don’t say it’s just because i’m pregnant, Drew! You know where that got you last time.” Drew’s eyes widened. “It got me sex, why would i not say it again.” You hit his chest. “I’m farther into my pregnancy this time, Drew!” “(YN), it was yesterday. Now, your feet are amazing! Let me massage them again.”

Keaton: “No, no, no!” you scream as you galloped around the room, jumping up and down trying to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans but it was no use and Keaton was about to prove it to you once again.      "(YN), will you please just give up and let us go to the store and get you a pair of maternity jeans or maybe a few more pairs.“ You stopped your jumping and glared at him. "No, Keaton. I swear i can fit into these, but my stomach is getting too big and my hips are horrendous and oh my god i need maternity pants! Why do i need maternity pants!” you fell backwards onto your bed and began to cry and Keaton crawled onto the bed behind you and kissed your forehead. “No need to be upset about it, you’ll still look gorgeous to me in anything that you wear. I want you to know that, okay?” You smiled as Keaton swiped away a tear. “Yeah.”


back in my day, slides were hideous searing metal that baked in the sun all day.

Side Effects- Chanyeol

Ties in the mama era superpowers

You work at a coffee shop in a small town, you had almost every costumer memorized, which peaked your interest when a hooded figure came through the door when everyone else had left. Who gets coffee at five in the afternoon?
“Hi! Are you new in town? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” You had said from behind the counter.
“No, I just haven’t come here.” The hooded figure said, his voice was deep and low, making it hard to here. “Medium coffee, black.” He said, putting a five on the counter. He didn’t say a word when you gave him his coffee and left promptly after that. 
This continued every day, and five in the afternoon the hooded figure would come in, order a medium black coffee and then leave.
On a particular rainy day, the man came in again, dripping from the cold rain.
“Hi again!” You say, wiping down a table near him when all of a sudden, his wet sneakers slid on the hard floor, causing him to fall straight on his back, his hood falling off his head.
He looked at you alarmed, eyes wide as you laid eyes on his skin, burn scars covered almost every inch of his skin. I bent down extending my arm.
“Are you okay? I probably should’ve laid out a rug so no one could slip.” You said, helping the tall stranger up on his feet.
“Hideous right?” He said when he when he was standing again.
“What are you talking about?” You say in pure confusion.
“You know, the scars.” He said, his dark hair fell over his forehead, his brown eyes were warm and gorgeous.
“Of course not. I’m happy I can finally see your face after all these days of you coming to buy coffee from me.” You say with a warm smile. He extended a hand towards you.
“I’m Chanyeol.” He said, making you smile even wider as you took his hand and shook it.
“Y/n.” You introduce.

“I didn’t think anyone lived here.” You whispered as Chanyeol drove you to his house for a date. You were wearing a cute floral dress and sandals, Chanyeol wore black skinny jeans and a Henley shirt.
“After the accident I moved here, didn’t want another accident to happen.” He said. As the both of you got out of his car and towards the house. It was fairly large, it had a stone exterior, the inside was decorated with dark wood floors and it reminded you of a cabin. He led you to his dining table in the kitchen, pushing in the chair for you. He sat down, pouring wine for himself and you.
“Can you… tell me about the accident?” You asked, hesitantly. He froze, swallowing hard before laying his hands against the table, palms up. A small flame erupted from his palm, let it stay for a bit before closing his hand.
“I was born with that ability. Me and eleven others. We grew up together because of it. We were all had different abilities, we were inseparable. But then…” He paused swallowing again. “But then things started to get out of control. Kai could teleport, but eventually he couldn’t control when or where he would go. Baek- Baek gets flash blindness from the light. Chen has these weird scars caused by the electricity. Anyway, we lost control, and one day I got a call that Suho drowned, I don’t even remember the flames, just Sehun pulling me out, and now I’m left with scars.” He finished. You sat there speechless before reaching out and putting your hand on his arm to pull him out of his painful past. 
“Do you still talk to them?” You ask.
“Yeah. Baekhyun actually lives with me, but he knows I’m on a date so we probably won’t see him tonight. The rest come by every now and then.” He said. You both then began to eat, casually making conversation every now and then. Chanyeol asked about your hometown, your family, what inspired you to open the coffee shop. You both laughed and joked around, you swore Chanyeol has the most breathtaking smile you’ve ever seen, and his laugh was like music. You both ate comfortably until you both heard screaming coming from the other end of the house. Chanyeol immediately stood up and ran to where the sound was coming from. You immediately followed him, curiosity taking over.
“Chan! Chanyeol-ah I can’t see. Chan!” The voice screamed. You ended up in the doorway of a room, a man the same age as Chanyeol sat on his hands and knees in the middle of the floor. His eyes were completely white, a look of sheer panic etched on his face. Chanyeol got down on his knees, grabbing the mans face in his hands.
“Baekhyun, Baek, I’m right here. I’m right here, it’s okay.” Chanyeol reassured. Baekhyun grabbed his hands, and his breathing started slowing down.
“I can’t see.” Baekhyun whimpered.
“I know. It’ll go away soon I promise.” Chanyeol said quietly. They both stayed there for a little bit until Baekhyun’s eyes returned to their brown color. He let out a sigh of relief his eyes landed on you, he cracked a smile.
“If I didn’t go blind from the light, I would’ve gone blind from your beauty. Hi, I’m Baekhyun.” He joked, earning a slap on the arm from Chanyeol.
“Listen weirdo, we have a date to go back to. You interrupted us.” Chanyeol joked. Standing up and grabbing your hand, pulling you out of his room. He led you down the hall, stopping to open the door. The room behind it was very modern and clean cut. The bed sat low to the ground, supported by a sleek black bed frame, the sheets were grey. A large window showcased the gorgeous forest.
“Is this your room?” You asked.
“It is. I’m sorry about earlier- that hadn’t happened in a while.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. You took his face in your hands, forcing him to look at you.
“Its okay Chanyeol, really.” You said softly, bringing him to meet your lips. His ]hands rested at your hips, hesitant. “It’s okay. You won’t hurt me.” You whispered against his lips. His hands traveled up your shirt, marveling at how soft your skin felt under his hands. Your hands moved from his jaw to his hair, running your hands through it. You walked backwards until the back of your legs hit the edge of the bed, making Chanyeol fall with you onto the bed. He hovered above you, his hands tugged on your dress, asking for permission before lifting it over your head. His hands stayed at the small of your back, holding you close. You let out a cry as a sudden rush of heat and pain fled to your back. Chanyeol shot off of you, horrified.
“Oh my god. I burned you. Y/n I- Why do I have to destroy everything I love.” He cried out, his hands covering his face as he sat on the edge of the bed.. You stood up and knelt in front of his, grabbing his hands off his face and holding them in yours.
“Chanyeol, I’m in love with you. All of you, even what you’re ashamed of. We’ll just have to be careful, don’t think you’re a monster. Please Chanyeol.” You whispered. He looked at you, eyes full of emotion.
“Y/n, I hurt you.” He whispered.
“It will heal.” You responded. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, his hands stayed clenched at his sides.
“Hold me- please.” You whispered. He carefully wrapped his arms around you, nestling his face in the crook of your neck.

I’m going to do one for each member, please request which one I should write next!