On the Bamco Sorey/Mikleo situation

In response to the various asks and discussions, I’m basically saying this: Bamco is being quiet about the Sorey/Mikleo situation. I’m not saying that I don’t wish they could be straightforward about the nature of it- I’m just saying that they actually could have very good reasons for doing so, because their approach is very realistic given the actual political and religious environment modern media has to deal with in today’s world. We’ve made progress, but we have a long way to go before such things aren’t controversial.   If they labelled Sorey and Mikleo as gay upfront, a LOT of people would judge the characters and there could be a huge negative impact by losing a huge chunk of their target audience, ESPECIALLY given that the relationship as presented in the game is in no way overt, sexualized, or anything that should be offensive. In fact, it’s handled the exact same way every other official Tales couple has been handled. If anything, Hideo Baba has given us MORE confirmation for them than he has with any other couple I’ve seen, by explicitly stating, in teh official guidebook, that Sorey/Alisha, Sorey/Rose, or any m/f relationship would not work for Sorey, and that Mikleo is “his one and only.” That’s more than I can recall him EVER confirming about other relationships, especially not the secondary/subtext only ones like Zelos/Lloyd (which must defer to Collete and Lloyd if we’re talking OFFICAL couple, not just a ‘canon’ couple in a game with multiple endings).  

Basically, the way Bamco is doing this allows them to DELIVER the kind of relationship a lot of us want to see, without creating a lot of negative hype about it that will cause a lot of people to judge these characters based solely on the relationship status before even playing the game.  It’s sad that such measures are necessary, but it is very practical. If Bamco didn’t want to give us this kind of relationship, Hideo Baba wouldn’t have confirmed the things he did. But Japan is not really any more open about same sex couples in mainstream things than the USA, really.  Just because yaoi is attributed to Japan doesn’t make it mainstream.  And as for the chaste romance, Japan is apparently MUCH more reserved about displaying romance/intimacy/affection in a given series if that is not the focus.  The kind of casual touching you see between Sorey and Mikleo is actually VERY comparable to what you might see between a heterosexual couple in most mainstream, non-romance series.  At least, that is what I have learned from friends who have spent a significant amount of time studying Japanese language and culture. 

No, it’s not good that Namco has to be sneaky about this relationship. But they’re not denying it, or even trying to hide it, or treat it less seriously than any het Tales couples.  The relationship is a beautiful, powerful, pure force, and slapping a label on it just to appease fans that want to take a mile now that he’s given us an inch, while potentially losing a large number of people that probably wouldn’t find it offensive in game, could be disastrous for the game. 

I am not saying you have to agree with this stance, I am just asking that people take a step back and try to understand the situation first before being so quick to judge.  After all, it’s because people are so quick to judge that Bamco has to be quiet about their relationship in the first place. Otherwise, their beloved characters would simply be judged because of a label instead of on their own merits, which is, I think, what Baba wants.


So during NärCon in Sweden 2013 I was one of 4 happy people who got to eat breakfast at a Hotel with Hideo Baba. He told us that he loved the kebab pizza (a Swedish favorite) he had eaten the day before, so we all joked about how he should add it as a recipe in the next Tales game.

He recently was in Sweden again, and after reminding him on Twitter, Baba-san seemed excited to eat kebab pizza again.

Aaaand Jesus Christ, I didn’t think he’d actually put it in the game, but he did :D Seems to give you 40% HP, which is about right if you ask me \ o /

The Tales of Zestiria presentation in a few pics!

It’s being developed for the PS3

And the animation will yet again be done by ufotable, who also did the animation to Tales of Xillia and are well known for other things, like the FATE series!

The main characters are called Slay and Alicia!

Slay is being voiced by Kimura Ryouhei, also known as Kise Ryouta from KnB and Judal from Magi!

Alicia will be voiced by Kayano Ai, known as the voice behind Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

Slay seems to be using his fists and a sword in battle, whereas Alicia uses her lance!

Tales of Zestiria Will Be Released Worldwide.

From Siliconera:

External image

Last night, Namco Bandai announced Tales of Zestiria, the next game in the Tales of RPG series for PlayStation 3. Although the game has no release date yet, Namco Bandai do have plans to release Tales of Zestiria worldwide.

“Over the past few years theTales of team has taken great strides to strengthen our relationship with players across North America and Europe,” said Tales of series producer Hideo Baba in a press release this morning. “To respond to their love and support I am honored to open a new chapter of the Tales ofseries together with Japanese and overseas fans.”

“2015 marks the 20th anniversary for the Tales of franchise in Japan and I would like to thank all the fans who have supported us for the past two decades from the bottom of my heart,” said Makoto Yoshizumi, Tales of Chief Producer.

“In recent years we have received anticipation for the series not only from Japan, but from overseas fans as well. Because of this I feel that the Tales of series has more potential than ever before. For this reason we are taking this opportunity to announce Tales of Zestiria as a worldwide title. This title will be going back to the roots of the series and boldly exclaim to the world ‘this is Tales of!’”

Tales of Zestiria features character designs by all four series designers: Mutsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Daigo Okumura, and Minoru Iwamoto. The game returns to a fantasy setting and is meant to convey the “zest” of adventure.

You can find more details on Tales of Zestiria here. Before Zestiria is released, however, Namco will release Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Tales of Xillia 2 in the west.


Tales Producer Hideo Baba’s Message To Tales Fans At NYCC 2012 (x)

Tales of Xillia At WonderCon 2013: Trailer, Voice Actors, Opening & Milla Figure.

From Abyssal Chronicles:

The Tales of Xillia panel over at WonderCon 2013 is officially over! Here’s some news gathered from the panel!

First off, nope, it looks like they STILL haven’t announced the proper release date. I’m hoping that bit of news will be what the Your Tales Of Twitter teased teased that will be coming up in a couple of weeks.

Next up, voice actors. So far, only Jude and Milla’s VAs were officially revealed: as many guessed, Sam Riegel for Jude Mathis, and Minae Noji for Milla Maxwell. Though Sam was there, Minae wasn’t around because of a shooting for a movie. She had a pre-recorded introduction video instead, with her ordering a burger and fries in Milla’s voice. Here is it:


Here’s a video of Sam Riegel talking about his role as Jude. Thanks to Kazemon15, who was there at the event, for the video:


Here’s another short video (again from Kazemon15) about Hideo Baba’s comment on the English voices:


Next up,“progresswill be retained as the game’s opening. I’m not sure if this is officially confirmed yet, but given that they kept on talking about Ayumi Hamasaki during the event, we’re assuming such. This was announced and is confirmed. Thanks to Kazemon15 for confirming! You can see the announcement video of it here on Facebook.

They’re also trying to get a “Western release for the Milla Maxwell figure”. I’m assuming they mean the one by Alter. Oh, apparently they mean the Ichiban Kuji Milla Maxwell figure, not the one by Alter.


There’s also a new mini trailer/video that features a bit of the other characters’ voices (mainly a bit of Elize, and some of Alvin and Rowen). Updated with a better video from Kazemon15. Thanks!


And lastly, for those who’ve played the Japanese version of the game: “bariboo” is now “”bazongas

Baba-san also apparently mentioned that they’re trying to lessen the time it takes to localize not-yet localized games. Awesome.

Most of the information was from Arrei from the Tales Forums, who was there at the event. Thank you very much!


Tales of Xillia will be released in the US and in Europe sometime 2013. Pre-orders are now available at the following places:

Tales of Xillia (US Version) - Play-Asia | GameStop | Amazon

Tales of Xillia (EU Version) - Zavvi | ShopTo.net | Play.com | Game.co.uk



Yay  I’m back from the Zestiria event in Milan *^* What a wonderful day *^*

The Zestiria presentation was just a “preview” in which only Sorey, Alisha, Mikleo and Lailah were presented, alongside the second japanese PV (subtitled in English). We hardcore fans already know all those informations, but it was really cool to see them on the big screen (and I was in the first row uhuhuh)

Fun fact: before the Zestiria presentation there was the presentation of the new Dragon Ball game (Dragon Ball Xenoverse). When Baba took his place near the big screen, there still was the Dragon Ball image, and he started with “Hello, I’m here to present to you the new Dragon Ball game” XD And while explaining the Sorey+Lailah fusion he said “which is not the Fusion in Dragon Ball” LOL Baba.

We had anyway the chance to know the localized names of some terms.

(in brakets there are the fan romanizations)

  • Glenwood (Greenwood)
  • Hyland (Highland)
  • Rolans (Lowlance)
  • Shepherd (the Monk/Priest)
  • Seraph (the Divine/Tenzoku)
  • Armatisation (the Kamui/Fusion)

I will make another post about these names when I will get the photos :) (I could’ve misspelled something) I don’t really like the “Shepherd” and “Armatisation” terms x.x

At the end of the presentation he also briefly showed Tales of Hearts R (just the preorder bonuses)

The bad news is that we couldn’t ask about the japanese informations, we could only ask something about the trailer and the information shown at the event. So no infos about Zaveid, no why Rose is apparently more important that Alisha and so on. Baba just replied “sorry but I can’t answer that now” T^T But he confirmed that the characters’ position in the cover has its importance.

The other bad news (really bad for me T^T) is that we couldn’t try the demo because of some kind of “problems” :/ Ouch, I really wanted to play with it.

Anyway I got again the chance to have some others Baba signatures XD

This time I didn’t bring anything to sign with me, but my dear friend rozenneige212 surprised me with a late birthday present, a Tales of Magazine issue, so I got that signed <3 (with some postcards that they gave us at the event) Baba asked me where did I bought it, and with my poor Japanese (I didn’t even realized that I started talking in Japanese x.x and we totally ignored his interpreter, poor girl XD) I told him they can be found online, but that one was a present from my friend ùwù

He also signed a photo we took together back in May 2013 (he remembered abou it :3)

I really enjoyed the day, I had the chance to meet new “Tales of” fans, my old dear friend and Baba-san *_* Awww <3

Bandai Namco, Hideo Baba: Bring Tales of Zestiria PS3 Collectors' Edition to North America
Many fans have become disappointed after learning that the newest Tales of game would not receive a PS3 Collectors' Edition in North America. After making the statement that the series would not soon be advancing to the PlayStation 4 platform, it seems unfair that the Collectors' Edition is being released everywhere else on both the PS3 and PS4. It is not okay to neglect North American fans by not offering a PS3 Collectors' Edition.

Let’s see if we can make a change!

I’m also going to be writing letters to Namdai over this event.