So here’s a long overdue update of my Love Live! sprites that I had been working on for a really long time now (more like I stopped working on them for a really long time and only recently started working on them again).

I had a lot of fun doing these and I’m not done yet. Expect the rest of the Season 2 outfits and maybe the PVs and Movie outfits as well (just don’t expect them anytime soon).


Transparent PC-98 and Print Work Touhous for your dash! This is the result of over 6 hours of stream last night, and I’d like to thank to everyone who stuck by through the whole thing! It was very fun, even if my hand might break at any moment now. Due to transparency, white parts might appear invisible, drag the images to check them out completely!

And let’s not forget this lil’ fellow. Without her this might’ve been impossible to finish!

PC-98 and/or print characters not your thing? Fret not, I also covered Windows a while ago!


So here is a little something I made in these two months I’ve been absent: Love Live MS Paint sprites! Here are all, if not most, all the Season 1 outfits of the 9 members of μ’s and the three members of A-RISE. I still haven’t started to work on the Season 2 outfits, as I actually want to stream it whenever I get chance to!