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Outlier || Wonhui || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 //

Word Count: 3465

Genre: pirate/historical!au, angst, drama, love triangle, mild-gore

Summary: You never felt like you were suited for the high class lifestyle you were born into but you didn’t mind it because that meant that you were able to meet Jeon Wonwoo. However, when your parents take a trip to survey the trade ports, you are dragged into a world even worse than stuffy dresses and tea parties. You are dragged into the world of pirates. 

“Catch her!”

You ducked under the swinging arms, pushing and kicking your way through the guards. It was hot under the Joseon sun and your arms burned under the clothes you wore. The cloth that was tied tightly, hiding half your face served its purpose well enough and you hoped that it wouldn’t fall off before you escaped. Under your arm was several bags of rice and you weaved through the crowd, ignoring the shouts of irritation and protest.

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