Miscast (X Japan Cover)
Dir En Grey

Performance from the Hide Memorial Summit back in 2008. This was not part of the PPV broadcast, and as far as I’ve found this is the only recording of it that exists. 


This are some picture of LADIESROOM members with X Japan member in different years.

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This was a band produced by Yoshiki

They were Hide’s good friends

1-. George and Taiji
2-. Sugizo w George at hide summit 09’
3-. Hyaku and Taiji
4-. Hyaku, Toshi, George, Taiji,-,Hide, Yoshiki and Pata

(Last pic taken from bunnychuu45)

hide Memorial Summit Press Conference [Part III]

Mr. X: LUNA SEA, T.M.Revolution and the members of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE have told us their thoughts on the summit. So now I’ll ask you, YOSHIKI, as the leader of X JAPAN. What kind of show are you going to produce?

YOSHIKI: Well, I just finished the Dome lives, so I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’m going to create a show where we can play with hide as we did at the Dome lives. I’m very glad to be able to inform hide that hide’s younger brother is working very hard and has been working hard over the past ten years to make hide’s will come true. Now returning to X. What do you think, TOSHI?

Mr. X: I played the Dome lives feeling like I was playing with hide. I was wearing an ear monitor so I could hear his sound all the time, so even though it has been ten years, I felt like I was playing with him. This time too, I want to enjoy the concert, make sound together and feel like we are playing together again. By the way, as we have all these people playing on that day, I think that there will be some expectations for a session all together. What do you think, YOSHIKI?

YOSHIKI: So everyone, do you want to?

Mr. X: We used to play sessions as “Muteki band (=unbeaten band)” often.

YOSHIKI: Well it’s up to you, RYUICHI. (laugh)

Mr. X: What do you think, RYUICHI?

RYUICHI; Is it really up to me? (laugh) Then I’ll do my best.

Mr. X: There are many artists who will take part in the event besides those who came here today. I’ll introduce you to the artists who will appear on stage. On May 3rd, hide with Spread Beaver, T.M.Revolution, DJ OZMA、RIZE, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, hurdy gurdy, Phantasmagoria, Versailles, MarBell and DaizyStripper will appear. YOSHIKI, do you think DJ OZMA will join us?

YOSHIKI: Yes. We want to make the event like a festival, so I think he’ll give it a good feeling.

Mr. X: And on May 4th, X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, Dir en grey, oblivion dust, MUCC, D'espairsRay, THE UNDERNEATH and heidi. will appear. Here, DJ OZMA himself sent us a message.

(TOSHI reads the message instead of him): I’m DJ OZMA, who will be joining the event. And most of you who hear this will probably think “Why are you coming?” That is probably a good question, and you are right to ask it. I don’t really have anything to do with it musically. But I dare to say that I’m a big fan of X JAPAN and hide, and I think that it would be strange if I didn’t participate in this historical event. I know that this event is a Memorial Day, but I think hide wouldn’t like it to be gloomy, so I take it as my role to make sure we all have a good time! Thanks to YOSHIKI for inviting me. Thank you very much, and I’m sure I’ll live up to your expectations. Something will happen, something in Ajimonoto Stadium, something that will be worth the wait. We are X!…by DJ OZMA.

Mr. X: Now we’ll accept questions from the media.

Q: Overseas, Japanese anime and manga have become very popular from several years back, and Japanese music is also becoming popular. Many people pay attention to Japanese bands. Among the artists coming to this press conference, some of you have already experienced lives overseas, and some of you received responses from overseas fans through mail and letters. Could you tell us how you feel about that?

TAKANORI: Until now, we were the side to accept and import foreign music, but now we are going to be the side that releases our own music to foreign countries. There are many things that I don’t yet understand, but I just want to get out there and give it a go. You might think it strange if I advertise for them (laugh), but X JAPAN just announced a live at Madison Square Garden in New York, and we’ll go to New York next week too. As for music, people can enjoy it all over the world now, so I want to appeal to as many people as I can.

RYUICHI: I like many overseas bands, so I really hope that I can one day stand on the same stage with them.

DAISUKE-HAN: We actually did live concerts overseas in March. There were many people who knew Japanese music and artists through Japanese anime. No matter what their reasons were for becoming interested in Japanese culture, they got very interested in Japanese music, came to our lives and sang together with us, which impressed me very much. It’s great that people look at us and think “This is Japanese music!” You know, from the viewpoint of a music lover it’s just awesome, which my mom (NAO) said. (laugh)

Mr. X: You have nothing to say, YOSHIKI? (laugh) Then, next question please.

Q: YOSHIKI, X JAPAN is becoming very popular overseas, and since many of the artists that will be at the hide Memorial Summit have already been overseas, are you considering taking this overseas too? You know that a great many people would like you to do that.

YOSHIKI: That is a great question. First of all, before this event, ten years ago, I think that this was too hard for me to do, as just to say hide’s name at the time would make me want to cry. But now, ten years later, it’s a miracle that we are back together and X JAPAN has reunited. So for the moment, I want to make sure that these events will go well, and then of course, if you support us, it could be fun. Maybe we would change the name, but it would be something like this.

Q: Actually, some people have been asking that we do this.

YOSHIKI: Also, as long as X JAPAN is part of the tribute, it’s, you know…

Q: You’ll finally do a live event after ten years. Could you tell us how you feel about hide and what existence hide is for you, YOSHIKI?

YOSHIKI: I think everyone who gathers here has various thoughts for him, but I was quite close to him. Before being a musician to me, he was more like “a mother” to me personally. For RYUICHI, I think he is like “an elder brother”. As he existed beyond our music, he was like my family. For me, he was like a mother because whenever we had a rehearsal, he kindly said to me, I’ll say it again but, “Don’t be late.” (laugh)

Mr. X: Finally, once again, please give a few words to your many fans, about the hide Memorial Summit, YOSHIKI.

YOSHIKI: I thank you, the fans, for making this event possible. And I also really thank the wonderful artists who will perform at the summit. You now, what I tried to do ten years ago will come true, so I feel like I’m dreaming. In the later half of the recent X JAPAN lives, I also felt like I was dreaming, but I had a muscle pain when I awoke (laugh), so I knew I wasn’t. (laugh) This time, I want to have the same dream; great concerts that will never make you sad, which will release positive messages, and have a real festive feeling to them. We’ll do our best together, so please support us.