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I was wondering if you could help me with an issue.If I'm making a campaign in D&D what would be some good ideas for Content?

That’s a pretty wide open question.  The contents of any given D&D campaign can be literally anything.  The simplest answer I can provide is to have your content be inspired by other things.  Fiction or non fiction.  I came up with a whole campaign once just based on the fact that I REALLY like the Monkey Island games.  So I made a pirate campaign.

Your inspiration can be something as small and general as that.  Big into the Cthulhu mythos?  Tell a similar story.  Change it in any which way you want.  And then after that specific events in the campaign can be inspired by similar sources (the same one even) or you could dig into something drastically different.  The pirate campaign I just mentioned?  The end events were inspired by this mc chris skit.

There is a quote often attributed to Einstein, I’m not sure if he actually ever said it, but that’s not important.  It goes “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."  I think it’s a very good philosophy for coming up with content for a campaign.


I’m not entirely sure what the My Little Pony spin-off series is about, but if I had to make an educated guess, this would be it.

The Horse Men are an elite fighting force, sworn to beat the hell out of evil wherever it may stand around and mind it’s own business. Whether it’s in the depths of the ocean, or the craw of space, know that if your plan on getting on the bad side of the president,  a firefighter, or a concerned girl scout den mother, or anyone else that shows up on the giant screen in their base and tells them to do something, you better pray to whatever god insures your ass, because it’s coming off. HARD.

Special thanks to uberchain for the amazing stills, and chaofanatic for the bullet spray particle effect.

“How are you feeling, Mr….Hetfield?” you asked consulting your patient’s chart. “You get a lot of Metallica jokes with that name?”

“Whoa, hot nurse who knows her music. I’m feeling a lot better now,” he grinned at you.

“Let’s get that bleeding stopped before you exert any more energy flirting,” you said and busied yourself with his bandage to hide your blush.

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