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  • wonder woman: robin! i heard you like dogs, so i brought my dog so our dogs could have a playdate! her name is joan and she likes nose rubs
  • robin: uh
  • robin: that is a crocodile
Newt Scamander//The Unknown (Part I)

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Keeping what you were a secret was hard, especially when you were happy. You are a shapeshifter. Not many are still alive since your type is being hunted. Being a shapeshifter also meant you were being hunted and that’s who you’re running from.  

“HEY!! Stop that woman!” One of the men yelled.

There was a crowd in front of a bank and casually pushing your way through the men and women you saw an animal that was small and black. Perfect. You can hide with it for a while. Now making your way towards it without startling it you looked at it then looked at your surroundings to make sure no one was looking at you. Feeling the weird but familiar tingling sensation in your body you looked at the small animal that looked like a platypus but not as big. You remember seeing this animal in one of your Magical beasts book when you at Hogwarts. It was a Niffler!

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On one of Branch and Poppy's date nights

Guy Diamond convinced the rest of Snack Pack to secretly wait in hiding within Branch’s Bunker for the date to provide romantic background music.

Once the environment had been set up by Branch (everyone else was still hiding and probably watched Branch get the candles, incense, cutlery & plates ready with the food) and Poppy arrived, and they both had gotten comfy, they slowly came out of hiding while singing “Can You feel the Love Tonight?”.

After that night Branch tried extra hard on checking his security measures.

Hello, lovelies! :) I am catching up on stories and then queuing some things, soooo if you are up at this time of night (well, it’s night for ME anyway lol) send me an ask if you want! Anon, too! HERE! ♥

I really, really like the fox tsukishima and bunny Yams au. It’s so cute and fluffy. Like, imagine Tsukki bringing him home for the first time after he gets picked on and Tsukki saves him and the family goes into a frenzy because “Tsukishima Kei we are predators but we do not eat live animals and we do not kill others!” And he’s just calmly standing there with a frown on his face and then he says, while hiding Yamaguchi behind his back, “Can you guys stop overreacting? You guys are scaring Yama.” And then he calmly proceeds to walk Yamaguchi upstairs and once Yama’s calm and settled in his bed he goes back downstairs and tells his mom, “He’s my friend and he got beat up so I’m taking care of him for a while before his mom comes home from work and picks him up. He likes chocolate or something like that… I think he’s allergic to cartots, ironically. He told me that just now when he asked for hot cocoa…” And he just stands there expectantly waiting for his mom to do something but they’re all just staring at him like holy shit it’s Tsukki’s first friend ever and it’s a very cute bunny but she nods anyways and goes to the kitchen to make hot cocoa for the mildly sick and tired Yamaguchi while tsukki awkwardly stands at the foot of the stairs ignoring the stares from his brother and dad. It’s cute, really. They all follow their little tsukishima up to his room only to find the cute bunny asleep. Of course, Tsukki pouts and wakes him up and the family is shushing him and frowning at him for is lack of manners but yams wakes up anyways and smiles cutely at them before drinking the hot cocoa and goes back to sleep. He sassily hands back the cup and tray back to his mom and lifts the cover but stops suddenly when he feels their eyes on him. “What?” He asks and they’re just like, “you guys are sharing the same bed?” And he’s like, “yeah? So what? It’s my bed.” Oh boy. Their boy has no manners. But Tsukki’s not gonna sleep on the couch or lounge around in the living room with his family so he ignores them and snuggles close to Yamaguchi under the covers. The Tsukishima family is just baffled at the Littlest Tsukishima’s lack of manners. At this point, the two children might have as well kissed and they wouldn’t be surprised by how blunt the youngest Tsukishima was. And they’re not wrong since that’s what Yamaguchi woke up to and giggles some more before Mrs. Tsukishima walks in and tells them that yam’s mom is here to pick him up. They’re both stalling at the door just staring lovingly into each others eyes before yams stands on his tippy toes, because there is a huge height difference here, and kisses him. Square in the lips and Tsukki just kisses him back as passionately as little grade schoolers could which is just cute, tiny, short pecs on the lips and there’s a lot of giggling on Yamaguchi’s side but both were sporting thwir own blush. The two pair of mom’s stares at them with wide eyes before looking at the other and sweating bullets because holy hell their children has no restraints on eachother. The next time yams come over, they’re surfing through the tv and stumbles upon a prey and predator show where a fox is violently biting into a bunny’s neck and the whole house goes cold but yams just turns to look at tsukki and says with a smile, “I don’t mind if you eat me Tsukki,” and he says back, “I wouldn’t mind eating you either,” and the family is just crying because what tf is this beautiful relationship? It’s so damn healthy and beautiful and it’s perfect and they’re gonna get married and have kids hopefully. Mrs. Tsukishima’s crossing her fingers already. TSUKKIYAMA BABIES FTW!!! I DO NOT REGRET THIS ONE BIT. THANK YOU. PEACE OUT.

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Girl! You write so beautifully. I'm currently reading Betty and Jughead's five snapshots while she was hiding him, and I can't stop! You're really talented. Not to mention it's so realistic, cause I can really see those things happening in Riverdale. You wrote them both perfectly

Oh Gosh can I say a million thank yous?? Because we’re just a few episodes in and even though those characters were in million comic books, they’re brand new in a lot of aspects so I really didn’t know if I would achieve a good reprendation of them in my stories and you saying that really gets my excitement up to the moon! Seriously, the feedback I get is trully awesome and can’t find words to thank all of you enough!!

Once again thanks so so so much for reading and leaving me this amazing message, dear anon! <333


‚It’s him. It’s really him.‘
That’s all you can think about while you try to hide your face behind your hair.
You don’t know if he would remember you and you don’t want to find it out.
“You fucking look at me when I talk to you.”
Lucille appears under your chin and afraid you slowly lift your head.
At first he just stares at you and seems to think from where he knows you.
Suddenly he tugs your hair, forcing you to stand up before he yells that the others can go now.
“Noo (Y/N)!” Rick shouts in panic and you turn your head to him, the first tears appears on your cheeks.
“Don’t worry.” You form with your lips, but you aren’t sure if he understands it.
The Saviors wait until you go in the RV before they leave your friends kneeling on the ground.
From what you know about Negan you’re sure that he probably didn’t talk with his past, about Lucille.
His wife and not the bat.
Lucille was your last patient before the apocalypse began. It was pure luck that you had the chance to spent a lot of time together, because you were to many nurses in the infirmary.
From the beginning you liked the tough lady and she liked your sunny disposition and your optimism.
‚Oh Lucille, things have changed.‘ You think bitter.
Negan watches you how you sit on the bench, lost in your thoughts.
You never knew what you should think about Negan.
Of course he took care of her, brought her presents and flowers and on good days in Lucille’s disease you all three sat together and played cards.
But there was the other side on Negan, the man who cheated on the woman he loved.
“I thought of her sometimes in the past few years.” You whisper with a sad smile.
“Did you told Rick about me or her?” Negan asks tense and you’re denying it. “Good. It’d be a fucking shame to kill you.”
A shocked gasp leaves your mouth at his harsh words.
The rest of the ride goes silent and you’re thankful for it.
After you arrived the factory he shows you your room. It’s small with nothing more than a bed and a window under the ceiling.
“Listen, you’ll work for me now.” Negan grabs your upper arm, his face is only millimeters away. “Dare you to talk about her and I will cut your fucking tongue off.”
Afraid you nod.
The whole night you’re lying awake under the blanket, shaking and crying.

The next morning Negan picks you up.
“I will show you where you work.” He just says and you follow him.
You’re thirsty and hungry and you’re sure that you look horrible in your sweaty clothes and the messy braid. But you’re afraid to ask him at least for a shower.
“Here.” Negan opens the door and you look around.
For a moment you think you’re in a hospital. On the right side is a patient couch and the cupboard in front of you is full of medicine and medical equipment.
“I have a doctor, but he’s fucking old. Whatever.” He takes a book from the cupboard. “Whenever one of my men get hurt you write it in the book. What you used and her or his name. Even when they just need a fucking plaster, got it?”
Your hands tremble as you take the book and you notice Negan’s worried gaze.

He is a head taller than you and you have trouble to restrain him.
“Sir, you can’t go in there.” Carefully you push him away, but he ignores you. “Sir, please. Let the doctors do their job.”
“No, no, no. Lucille!” He shouts and you sigh.
“Sir, look at me!”
You grab his chin, forcing him to look you in the eyes and he stops fighting and shouting.
It’s against the rules to touch someone the way you did. But better so like he gets barred.
“Everything will be alright, ok?”
The man nods.

“What does the po-.” You stop speaking as you hear Negan’s heavy breath.
He looks at you as if he knew exactly what you were thinking.
Again he grabs your upper arm and pushes you out of the room. The book falls on the floor, but he doesn’t care.
A few Saviors cross your way and Negan asks them shouting where Dwight is.
“Bathroom, boss.” One of them says cowed and without answering Negan leaves them, his grip around you arm getting tighter.
“You take her.” Negan pushes you in Dwight’s direction. “And don’t fucking talk to her.”
“Ok, boss.”
Dwight looks at you apologetically and points at the fresh clothes for you and then to the shower behind him. Thankfully you nod and disappear in there.
The warm water washes away the dirt, the sweat and the tears of the last hours and your muscles starting to relax.
Your new clothes are too big, but it doesn’t bother you as long as they’re clean and even Dwight sends you a small smile as he sees how comfortable you feel. Wordlessly he gives you an apple and muesli bars before he indicated you to follow him.
On the way you eat hungrily both of the things while Dwight watches you amused.
As you go back to the infirmary a little old man waits there for you.
“Ah Dwight, Greg is looking for you.” The doc says and he waits until Dwight leaves before he introduces himself as Doctor Malnik.
Slowly he starts to explain you a few things. For example the point system.
“Does that mean when they haven’t enough points we don’t treated him?” You ask him in disbelief and he nods.
“Except the boss decided otherwise.”

The days pass.
You see Negan only at breakfast, where he ignores you and the work is boring.
The only highlights of the day are when the doc talks about the Sanctuary.
“Wives? Like in pluarl?” You ask with widen eyes and Doctor Malnik laughs quietly.
The doc stops speaking as the door opens and Negan walks in. Quickly you both kneel down and the doc groans as his bones crack.
“Out, doc.”
“Yes, boss.” As fast as his legs can carry him Doctor Malnik leaves you alone.
“Thank you.” You say before you take Negan’s hand.
A warm feeling spreads through your body and you pull back your hand.

“I see how he looks at you.” Lucille says and you shake your head, not believing what she told you. “You are the only one I trust and you know how to handle him. Please, think about it.”
“I-I can’t, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to go out with him and, uhm, you know.” Embarrased you stare at your fingernails.
Of course you like Negan and he’s more attractive than he should be, but that doesn’t change your mind about Lucille’s wish.
“Hey baby.” Negan says behind you, going to Lucille and kisses her softly.
“I should go.” You mumble.

Later that day as you come back to her with the morphine she is alone.
“I talked with him.” Her voice sounds angry. “You’re both stubborn and full of guilt. Ridiculous.”
Lucille’s heart starts racing like you can see on the ECG.
“Lucille, calm down.” Strictly you look at her and she closes her eyes, taking some deep breath.
“Go out with him, (Y/N). Distract him. You don’t have to sleep with him, just do something.”
“Ok. In two weeks I change in the late shift.”
Satisfied she nods.
Three days later she falls into a coma.

“Why did you come?” You ask him after a couple of minutes in silence.
“You feel good here?” Negan avoids your question.
“Yes, I do.” Insecure you bite your lower lip.
Nervousness and excitement run through your body. A strange feeling you try to ignore and you wonder if he feels the same.
“I’m going to Alexandria today.” He says and your eyes widen.
“Really? Can I come with you?” You ask him.
Not because you miss them, but you want to make sure that they’re ok, especially Maggie and Carol. And that Negan kills no one.
“No!” He shouts and you wince. “They don’t fucking hurt me I don’t fucking hurt them, ok?”
You feel his heavy breath in your face and the desire to kiss and rub yourself on him grows with every second. His eyes blown with lust like he can see and smell what you think. You’re sure that he undresses you in his thoughts like you do with him.
But no one of you want to make the first step.
“Boss? You in there?”
Confused you blink to the door and even Negan doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.
“What the fuck do you want?” He growls at one of the Saviors after he opened the door.
“The cars are ready.”
Without looking at you again Negan follows him.

You begin to worry as it’s almost midnight.
Did Negan kill one of your friends?
Did they attacked Negan?
“(Y/N)! DOC!” Dwight shouts in panic and you run out of your room.
The first thing you hear are Negan growls and then you see the blood on his white shirt.
“Shit. Bring him to the infirmary. You!” You point to one of the guys. “Look where the doctor is. I, he needs him!”
The guy nods, but you don’t see it.
As you come to the infirmary they already pulled off Negan’s shirt and pressing a towel on the wound on his stomach.
“Malnik is drunk.”
“What? Shit, shit, shit.”
You can’t do this on your own, you don’t even know what kind of wound it is.
“Fucking do something. Get this fucking fuck thing out of me.” Negan hisses in pain.
“Ok, good.” Your heart races as you go to the cupboard and with the help of Dwight you take everything you need.
At first you put Negan an infusion with morphine.
“Alright, I’m ready. Take the towel away and Dwight hold Negan tight.”
It’s obviously that this is a gunshot and for a moment you ask yourself who of your friends did that.
And is this person still alive?
Negan groans and curses at you while you take the bullet out of his stomach, but you ignore it. He fights against Dwight’s grip and another Savior helps him to hold him tight.
Sweat running down your forehead and back and you sigh relieved as you sew the wound. Negan passed out, but as long as he breathes and his heart beats everything is ok.
“Shall we stay here?” Dwight asks and you shake your head.
“No, I will watch him.” Before he can go you call him back. “What happened?”
“I’m not allowed to tell you, sorry.” With this words Dwight leaves Negan and you alone.
Exhausted you take a chair and put it next to Negan’s head.
Every 15 minutes you make sure that his heart is still beating and he breathes.

You run through the hospital, trying to avoid the living dead.
At first you thought it was a horrible joke as Mr. Smith, who died 30 minutes ago, tried to bite you.
But it wasn’t and automatically you took one of the fire axes and split his skull.
“Negan, thank god.” You close the door behind you, your clothes is full of blood.
“The fuck is going on?” Negan asks confused.
“I don’t know. But we have to go.” You avoid to look at Lucille and take instead his hand in yours.
“No. I don’t go without her.”
“Please, Negan.”
You try to get him out of the room before Lucille dies and comes back again. He shouldn’t see that.
“Fucking go and save your fucking ass, but leave us alone.” He hisses angrily while he pushes you away.
“Trust me, you can’t save her.” Tears build in your eyes, but he doesn’t listen.
“Go.” His voice sounds weak and it breaks your heart to see this strong man like this.
“I’m so sorry.” You whisper before you put a scissor on her bed and leave the room.

“Finally.” You mumble as Negan starts to move and says something to himself.
“The fuck is going on?” Negan asks confused.
“A gunshot, but you will be alright.”
He seems to remember and looks at you.
“The second time you saved my fucking ass.” A rough laughter leaves his mouth and even you laugh quietly.
“Don’t let it become a habit.” You ask jokingly. “I will tell the others that you’re awake.”
Fatigue overpowered you as you stand up and go to the door.
“I can’t look at you without thinking about her. But I want to fucking look at you. I fucking want it, want you.” He says quietly and you nod.
“I know.”

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I don't know why you are bringing back all your blogs no one noticed you were gone. Your writing is pretentious and you're a worthless idiot people go to for a last resort.

I’m going to only say this once. I’m not stupid and you can only hide behind your age a short while longer. So get all your kicks in now.

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Yessss, always love to see new headcanon blogs! This one is off to a fantastic start too, you've really floored me so far. Anyhow, can I get some headcanons with Wamuu in a star-crossed relationship with a hamon user?

I’m honored, you have no idea

I’m sorry, I don’t feel like these turned out too well ;w; let me know if you want me to redo them!

  • Let’s get one thing straight; this relationship probably won’t have a happy ending. You know it, he knows it- Kars knows it too, since nobody can ever hide anything from him. So for now… just enjoy it while you can.
  • Whammu makes it very clear to you; no matter how he feels about you, he is bound to Kars and Esidisi first and foremost.
  • Being the warrior that he is, your secret late-night rendezvous are going to be fierce battles. You’re grateful for it, at least; this helps you find roundabout ways to use your Hamon, and you’re also learning Whammu’s techniques for when the inevitable happens.
  • Kars is amused by the entire situation; he’s had a few pets of his own, so he at least has a basic understanding of your and Whammu’s relationship. He makes a sideways promise that he’ll keep the vampires away from the two of you- but you don’t quite trust him on that.
  • Whammu is honorable to the core; outside of sparring, he’s simply not going to touch you. If you want any form of contact, you’re going to be the one initiating, and he’s at least willing to return the affection for a bit.
  • As time goes on and the inevitable final battle approaches, Whammu gets a bit more sentimental. He hasn’t felt this way for a long, long time, and he understands that things like this are very important to humans, so he’ll indulge you in a night under the stars at least once.
  • He’d take you out to a place that had been very special to him at some point in his long life. A small grove on the very edge of a lake, surrounded by tall, thick trees that seemed almost as old as he was. It’s here and now that he lets his feelings out, making sure that at least for tonight, there’s no doubt of what’s between you.

Hello! Alana, Molly, and I made you coconut rainbow popsicles for #POPSICLEWEEK 2016. It’s a little strange to say, but I honestly look forward to Popsicle Week all year. I love their icy hit of sweetness and tang, their individual serving size, the way they reduce their eater to a pure, elemental, childlike state of enjoyment. You can’t hide any psychospiritual truths while you’re eating a popsicle. Don’t even try.

Popsicle Week could not have come at a better time this summer, since temps on Monday topped out at 108º here in LA. The thing this city needed, more than anything else at all, was a mother-friggin’ popsicle. Molly, Alana, and I began planning our popsicle party weeks before Molly arrived from Minnesota. We decided on a three-layer wonder pop (not to be confused with a wonder pup, which sounds absolutely delightful), with a coconut milk base for each.

Read more and get the recipe here!


junhui during the yinyuetai gaon award interview


Imagine Sherlock showing up at your house while he’s supposed to be “dead”

Y/N: “And you think you can just come here to hide out? While I haven’t seen you in four years.”

Sherlock: “Well. Yeah.”

Y/N: “Goodbye Sherlock.” 

*door closes*

Spoiler Text for Chapter 75 of Tokyo Ghoul:Re

Title: K’s egg

The press machine is crushing the ghouls and becomes stained with their blood
Furuta seems to throw up
V member: Nimura
Furuta: …well, splendidly vomiting
To escape through the press is flexible and predictable 
It’s super laughable nowadays-

In the next moment Eto appears as the One Eyed Owl and destroys the press machine
She then kicks away the men surrounding Furuta
Eto: Did you predict this, you filthy bastard?
Thanks for the pâté (Shiono)
Can I have seconds please~ <3
(You’re next)
(I won’t let Shiono go to waste)

Eto’s kagune wraps around the press machine and stops it from moving
The ghouls inside look up at this
Ghouls: …Amazing…the press…
Banjou: Why is that bastard Eto…
Ayato: I don’t know…
But we have no choice but to go now

Kaneki extends his kagune towards Arima
While fending off the kagune Arima steps backwards and holds Owl in a defensive position
Then from around the quinque small kagune appear
As Arima swings Owl downwards, those kagune fly forwards at breakneck speed
Kaneki stops those kagune with his own kagune and extends them again towards Arima
Kaneki’s kagune pierces the hem of Arima’s coat
Arima simply shrugs off his coat and blocks himself from Kaneki’s view with it
Arima and Kaneki hit into each other from the front

Suddenly Arima notices something
Before he knew it, Kaneki’s kagune had wrapped around his quinque like a spring
Kaneki: (Come!!)
Arima: (“Release”)
In that moment, Arima’s quinque suddenly disappears which causes Kaneki to lose his balance
Arima: (“Remote start-up”)
While Kaneki is midair Arima triggers his quinque from around Kaneki’s foot and stabs his abdomen
Kaneki: (From above!!)
Arima: (“Release”)
Owl disappears again
Arima: (“Start-up”)
Owl appears in Arima’s hand and a falling Kaneki and Arima dive deeper into Cochlea
Kaneki: (My flesh and blood…not enou-…regenerate…no, defense…impossible to avoid…considering…that)
Arima releases an intense attack which Kaneki receives
Then Arima cuts Kaneki repeatedly with Owl
Kaneki: (After that it will just become one-sided,
Getting cut, getting torn, as soon as I regenerate something, it gets cut open
Especially as there is no feeling
Rather it’s like the calm feeling of a potato in a curry pot
Well, it’s not like I didn’t try)
Arima swings Owl and shatters Kaneki’s kagune
Kaneki who has coughed up blood appears to be unconscious

In complete darkness, Kaneki thinks about Touka and the others
Kaneki: (…Touka-chan and the others…
I wonder if they managed to escape…
They’re probably alright…
This is enough…)
From inside the darkness the sound of the press machine reverberates
A naked Kaneki starts to go into the River Styx
?: …no, oi!
Someone pulls on Kaneki’s arm to stop him from going into the river
That person is… Hide
Hide: …This isn’t enough!
Drowning yourself, are you that guy…
Seeing Hide, Kaneki’s eyes widen
Hide: It’s okay so get out of there
And wear some clothes, you being naked doesn’t make me happy at all~
Kaneki: Ah, sorry…

A clothed Kaneki is sitting down facing Hide
Hide: And so…you’ve bought more than enough time
With Glasses-san as your opponent, you’ve completely fulfilled your role
You’re the same as ever, you
Kaneki: W-With everyone cooperating…
…They must have reached the landfills about now
Hide: You liar, even though you were concerned about “that noise”
You get it don‘t you, that “something” happened above
You understand but… is it really okay for you to get defeated like this?
Kaneki: …But…I can‘t…
Hide: You can’t win, is it?
Kaneki: Yeah…
Hide: You can do it
You’re so muscly after all!
What happened, those muscles
Kaneki: …Maybe I can…
Hide: You definitely can!
A slightly downcast and quiet Kaneki begins to have a smile on his face
While looking downwards Kaneki starts to talk
Kaneki: Hide…
Hide: What is it?
Kaneki: I…I’m…lonely without you…
Hide: …Are you a rabbit or something?
…All these repetitious complaints that you “want to die” that you “want to disappear”
…You just can’t find a reason to live
You’ll find something like that easily
The life that you went to all this effort to pick up, don’t waste it
Hide stands up
Hide: See, you can walk now can’t you? Go
Kaneki stays sitting down
Hide turns his back to Kaneki and speaks
Hide: Kaneki “risking your life for someone else’s sake (dying in a cool way)” was it?
Idiot, at that time, “I want to live with you” is what I was thinking
I’ll say it until you hear it, even if it’s uncool, live

A crying Kaneki becomes white haired