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exist†trace miko Official Blog「Face the Music」: Offering to a Great Hero

2017-05-05 23:00:00
Original text: 偉大なヒーローへ捧ぐ

Yesterday was the hide tribute 2017 @ Kashiwa Thumb Up!

Thanks to everyone who came out for it!

hide was a truly great guitarist and artist.

I liked his music though I never got to see him live,

but ever since starting guitar and starting a band, I understood his greatness.

So at first when we were invited to this event,

since I’m not someone who’s been a fan for a long time or who began playing music because I idolized hide,

I wondered if it was appropriate that I was there.

But his timelessly outstanding style, for hide who cleared the way for me,

with so many people he gave a boost, with so many kids who started music to be like him.

While thinking it over, I realized, no, now bands who feel a large amount of respect

are an important factor for this event!

Now we want to take the things we feel onstage, and deliver that respect!

So I performed with that thought in mind.

Since this was our first tribute event my heart was beating really fast,

but from the beginning everybody gave us a really great rush!

We were among 3 bands covering “Pink Spider”,

Did you enjoy hearing different versions of the song?

It was like our great hero was smiling and laughing,

and we musicians and the audience both

will became dazzling heroes ourselves who won’t lose to his magic!

Which reminds me, yesterday a lot of people who said “I know Igu from last month’s Ga-on @ Kawasaki Club Citta!”

came up to talk to me.

Things like that, are so cool…

Whenever people remember us from somewhere, or get into a song,

it’s like I can see the spaces between the fences from conversations like that,

and I want to get to know more about everyone, and it makes me so happy.

If you see me at the merch table, definitely tell me how you started to love Igu.

Let’s make exist†trace history together with everyone!

The next page of history is 5/19.

[A story of existence]

is the title, and we’ll be waiting for you!

Shameless-Hunger Games AU where Ian volunteers to protect Debbie and in the process he meets Mickey, the boy from District 7, who seems to be the only one who doesn’t care about the Games. It’s not until they meet again while hiding from the career tributes that Ian learns that Mickey’s father was going to kill him for kissing a boy before his name got called and even if he goes back a victor he’s still dead.

It’s why Mickey takes an arrow meant for Ian because he didn’t have damn thing to go home to but Ian did.


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