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Nooroo is a little S H I T

So Nooroo is being forced to work for Hawkmoth, who the fandom has so far presumed to be Gabriel Agreste. But that doesn’t mean he has to work with him.

  • Nooroo tickling Gabe during important meetings
    • Gabe at an important gala or ball or something, and Nooroo tickles him so he spills wine on himself, Nathalie, or someone else.
      • Nooroo smells like wine for a week but it was so worth it.
  • Nooroo hiding pens, phones, remotes, and sketchbooks when Gabe isn’t looking.
  • Gabe hates open windows at night, so Nooroo starts opening every single door and window in the house at night. Especially if its winter.
  • Nooroo releasing all the butterflies in the middle of a board meeting
  • Nooroo letting his head peek out of Gabe’s chest pocket or whatever in the middle of a meeting
    • Someone asks about it, and Gabe has to save his ass by saying he likes to collect beanie babies
    • Now whenever he has a board meeting with those people he has to have at least one beanie babie out and around to keep up the act.
      • People start asking about them. “So where’s this weeks Beanie Baby?”
    • People in these meetings start telling other people; other boards, designers, interns
      • Eventually at the beginning of every meeting, Gabe is asked about the beanie babies.
        • Eventually he just shows it off even if no one is asked. Show and Tell. It’s added to the official minutes for each meeting.
    • Gabriel Agreste getting attached to the beanie babies
    • When Pap Pap is arrested, he asks if he can bring the beanie babies with him
    • Gabe gets used to having them around and starts using them as models

└ When we know who’s our real ‘fraidy-baby~ Oh Jun… (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 25.02.2017

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Summary: You had thought moving into a new city and starting a new school would be easy. That was until you met your neighbour.

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook + fluff/drama 

Word count: 5.3k

A/N : Part IV!!! It’s been a long, long, long time. (almost a year ffs) But here it is! Hopefully, the next updates will be much faster. Please do anticipate and criticism are very much appreciated. ENJOY GUYS!! 

Part I  Part II Part III Part IV 

You weren’t exactly sure where your position with Jungkook stood from then. Your relationship, if you could even call it that, was complicated. Twisted, bundled and full of tangled webs of confusion.

He was Jungkook and you were, well you. 

And with the way Jiyoon hated you, it was safe to say that associating yourself with the likes of him wasn’t the safest option. Neither was it an idea you particularly thought was good.

But it was fair to say that you’d always loved taking chances and Jungkook was a risk you were willing to take- willing to play against Jiyoon. 

Even if you didn’t know it just yet.

And you weren’t quite sure where in place that car journey put you even after you’d spent hours into the night pondering about it, racking your mind for something to ease you, some type of closure.

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Sorting (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part two of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3* 

You stood in the crowd of first years, legs actually shaking from fear. Most of the kids here were probably feeling the same, equally scared. It wasn’t even real fear, but a crippling sense anxiety that whatever house you will be put into will disappoint your parents.

Don’t be a Hufflepuff. Your father said sternly. Refuse to be in that house if you must. Don’t be a Gryffindor either. They’re a bunch of idiots going into dangerous situations just waiting to be killed. He grew silent for half a minute before continuing. In fact-only accept being in Ravenclaw. Slytherins are just a group of creepy little bastards that practice dark magic. You had frowned and crossed your arms, defending the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors and Slytherins as best you could.

Hufflepuffs are NOT useless morons, Gryffindors are NOT attention hogging idiots and Slytherins are definitely NOT creepy! Those are just stereotypes! And yes, Ravenclaws are very smart, but that doesn’t mean I want to be one! You had said, voice steadily rising from anger. Of course, you had still lost the argument. Parents were meant to be obeyed no matter what, at least that’s what yours said. So now as you were nudged and pushed by your fellow first years as they chatted and laughed, waiting for introduction, you tried to compress your body in a way that would help avoid all the contact, keeping your shoulders at an odd angle so people would get the hint and just stop touching you. Peter appeared by your side, stumbling over another kid’s feet and grabbed the sleeve of your robe to steady himself.

“Klutz.” You whispered in his ear. He stuck out his tongue and squished his face in a teasing expression. Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall stepped up and placed the Sorting Hat on the old stool. She tapped her wand on the edge of her podium, signalling for everyone to quiet down. When the talking stopped, she took a long look around the Great Hall, seizing everyone up.

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Let’s Make a Deal {Part II}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I am amazed at how much people are loving this AU so far!)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“Another gin and tonic for you, Mister Jethals?” You asked, as the man sitting at the bar waved his hand.

“Please. Been a long fuckin’ day at City Hall.” He slurred, as you raised your brows, pouring his drink and grabbing a napkin and pen, giving a look to Jasmine as she nodded her head, moving on to distract some of the patrons with a few of her custom drinks.

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Honestly I’m surprised Noah didn’t haunt the fuck out of Whelk…like if it was me I would have been the pettiest ghost, the dude did kill him after all… and I’m not saying Noah should have done any scary shit either…just be a general nuisance, hide his pens, knock his shit off the shelves, shit like that, make that bitch pay for the rest of his life

Operation: Space Cat

Written for @kiiyudono

“What…is that?”

Everyone turned to follow Allura’s line of sight to Hunk, who was standing in the doorway of the common room with an absolutely massive cat in his arms.

“It’s a cat!” Lance said in delight.

“Well, what looks like a cat,” Pidge corrected. “We found him on the rescue mission.”

Allura turned her glare to Shiro, lifting an eyebrow for an explanation. He shrugged, a sheepish smile on his face. “Uh…I said we could keep him? Didn’t see any harm to it. Plus, he is kind of cute.”

The cat in question purred loudly, flicking it’s reptilian tail in delight. It most closely resembled a Maine Coon cat from Earth, save for the tail, similar to a small alligator’s, and the ears, which were wider and much longer than a normal cats, to the point where they flopped like a rabbit’s. The ears were prehensile, as was the tail, and the whole animal was a dark green color. The only reason they had found him in the first place was because of Hunk’s headband, dangling in the wind as they searched the ruined city for survivors. Apparently space cats enjoyed dangling strings just as much as Earth cats.

“No harm to it?” Allura spluttered. “There are mice on this ship!”

Pidge held up her hands in a placating gesture. “No, it’s okay, we already-”

“Absolutely not! The survivors have been moved to a camp on the other side of the planet, they can take care of him. But I don’t want that cat on my ship!”

She spun around and stomped out of the room and the paladins slumped, turning to look at the cat. The purring had died to a small thunder instead of a full on storm, and the big blue eyes that gazed up at them were almost somber. Lance sighed and scratched behind the animal’s ears. “Sorry, Perce.”

“Perce?” Keith asked.

Lance glanced up at him, a smile flickering on his face. “Um, yeah? Like Percival? Come on, tell me this cat isn’t a Percival!”

Keith scoffed. “Um, no? He’s totally a Magnus!”

Lance wrinkled his nose. “You can’t be serious.”

“Guys,” Shiro interrupted. “Please. You heard Allura, we have to take him back to the villagers…besides, he’s definitely a Grendel.”

“What is this, English class?” Pidge demanded. “Look, I’ll take him down in Green and we can drop him off, be back here in a couple minutes.”

She held out her arms and Hunk deposited the cat into them, the whole team cracking a grin at the sight of Pidge carrying an animal that was almost half her size. She turned to head for the hangar, the cat’s rumbling back to jet plane level, and then glanced back, shifting him in her arms. “And his name is Alvern.”

The group followed her out, protesting that Alvern was a stupid name, leaving Hunk to stand alone with a bewildered look on his face. “I wanted to name her Denver,” he muttered to the empty room.


They were halfway to the camp when Pidge threw her hands up and halted Green mid-air. “Do we have to take him back?” she whined, turning and running a hand over the cat, who was curled contently around Pidge’s headrest and licking at the girl’s cheek.

Shiro bit his lip, fingers twitching at his sides. “Well…Allura really seems to think-”

“Shiro, please. We looked him up, we know his species doesn’t eat live prey! The mice were why we checked that in the first place, remember?”

A smile started to creep over Lance’s face. “What if we pretend to take him back?”

All eyes turned to him and his grin grew. “My siblings and I did that once with a stray kitten back home. We found him on the road, but our mom didn’t want any more pets, so we had to sneak him into Isabel’s room. We kept him a secret for months.”

“And how did that turn out?” Keith asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Lance imitated the gesture with a smirk. “Just fine, actually. He’s our parent’s favorite cat now.”

Hunk shrugged. “I’m sure we could hide her long enough. I could probably find something safe to eat, and there’s some bigger rooms downstairs in the base of the castle that no one ever goes into.”

Pidge hummed thoughtfully. “We already have a ton of stuff for Kaltenecker that we could use for like, bedding and litter and stuff. If we put him close enough to Kaltenecker, we could even just sneak out his used stuff with hers.”

Hunk frowned. “Uh, guys-”

“Perfect!” Lance declared. He spun on Shiro, clasping his hands together and sticking his lower lip out. “Pleeeaaaassssse Shiro?”

Pidge imitated the motion, and Hunk smiled warmly. Shiro studied them all before finally looking to Keith. “Keith? What do you say?”

Keith glanced down at the cat and gave a fond grin, scratching it behind the ears. “I say…Magnus and Kaltenecker will be pretty good roommates.”

“We are NOT calling him Magnus!”


The amount of times they almost got caught by Allura with the cat (whose name had still yet to be agreed on) was almost comical.

One moment, Lance would be playing fetch with him down the hall, and the next, Pidge would be sprinting around the corner, gasping about Allura coming their way. The first time it occurred, they got him hidden within seconds and were leaning over Kaltenecker’s pen as Allura came around the bend, smiling and waving innocently while she walked past. The second time, they actually had to hide him in Kaltenecker’s pen. The third time, Pidge had to go about jabbering to Allura so that she wouldn’t glance down and notice the alligator tail peeking out of Lance’s jacket.

They discovered early on that he actually liked food goo, and thus Percival-Magnus-Grendel-Alvern’s pen became the dumping ground for all the uneaten mush they could sneak away from the table.

None of them could agree on a name, so they took to calling him “GAMP” whenever they were together and their own personal names when they were alone. Hunk thought this was absolutely ridiculous, for a multitude of reasons, but he decided to sit back and play along, see how long it would take someone to notice.

Coran discovering Gamp’s existence was completely unsurprising; he took it well, especially when the paladins raced around showing him that Gamp didn’t eat mice, that Gamp was actually friends with the mice. The man agreed not to tell Allura, on the condition that the paladins didn’t let the cat take away from their responsibilities.

The biggest problem, however, was not Coran, or food, or even Allura.

No, Gamp wasn’t house trained.

Honestly, he had no reason to be, having been an outdoor cat in the village he had lived in, but the first time they discovered this, it was because Pidge took a very nasty spill upon walking into his room.

They covered the entire floor in hay and straw after that, pulling from Kaltenecker’s supply, but Lance informed them that they had to train him at some point, or else he would never learn.

Thus began the trials of “House Train a Space Cat Before He Pees Somewhere Allura Can Find.”

They tried everything from treats to toys to compliments to get Gamp to go to the bathroom in his designated corner, but no matter what they tried, that darn cat would find the time to go pretty much anywhere but the spot made up for him. It was irksome, to say the least, but they kept at it for days on end, finally seeing progress when they tried to lure him in with Hunk’s headband.

Hunk wasn’t too pleased about his headband being used as a cat toy to potty train with, but it was better than cleaning and replacing an entire roomful of hay every two days, so he let it go.

Of the paladins, Gamp seemed to like him the most. Whether it was because of his headband or his perfect scratches, Hunk wasn’t sure, but it was gratifying to walk in alongside the other four and have her race to him. The others got used to it, teasing Hunk about being a “mama lion,” and would set to cleaning up while he distracted her. He’d leave eventually, because he did feel bad about hogging what they considered a group pet, but for the most part, if he was in the room, Gamp was with him.

It happened one day while Hunk was busy helping Coran and Allura install some new bits and bobbles to the control panel in the main room. He was on his back, practically inside of the machine, when Lance came sprinting in, Pidge directly behind him.

“Hunk!” the teen yelped.

Hunk smacked his forehead on the inside of the console, groaning and rubbing his head as he scooted out from inside. “Lance, what’s-?”

“It’s Alvern,” Pidge whined, and it was then that he noticed both of them were on the verge of tears.

Lance didn’t argue about the name, which was how Hunk knew it was serious. “He won’t move, and we can’t get him to eat, and I don’t know what to do. We never had this problem with our cats!”

“Excuse me?”

They all froze and turned to Allura, whose arms were crossed over her chest. A frown rested on her face. “Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

Lance huffed. “Yes, we kept the cat, yes, we know it was against the rules, but it doesn’t matter, he’s sick, Hunk! And he likes you best, so I don’t know, we thought maybe you could help!”

Hunk stood up and dusted his hands on his pants. “Yeah, okay. I’m coming.”

He ran out alongside them, Allura and Coran on their heels, while Lance and Pidge rambled about his symptoms. Hunk had a pretty good idea about what was going on before they got there, just based on the last few weeks, and it was only confirmed when they turned into the room.

Gamp was stretched out along the hay, his maw resting on Keith’s thigh and his eyes shut. His ears twitched weakly under Keith’s fingers and Shiro was pacing in the back of the room. Both froze when they spotted Allura, but then Keith’s eyes flickered to Hunk’s pleadingly.

Allura glanced around the room as Hunk moved over to Keith, her gaze landing on Coran with suspicion. “You knew about this, didn’t you?” she demanded.

Coran gave a sheepish shrug. “To be fair, Princess, he doesn’t eat mice. Plus, he helped them bond!”

“He’s a girl.”

Everyone whipped around at that, jaws dropping as Hunk ran his hands delicately over the cat’s body. He peeked up at the silence, eyes twinkling and lips curved upwards. “I tried to tell you guys like, seven different times. She’s a girl.”

Lance clapped a hand to his forehead. “How did we miss that?”

Hunk shrugged and shooed Keith away, continuing his rub down and letting Gamp lick his hand halfheartedly. “I did a little more research than just what her species eats.”

Everyone glanced down, toeing at the floor, and then Shiro froze. “Wait, wait…you’d only be telling us that if-”



One week later found each of the paladins, plus Allura and Coran, cradling their own mini version of the officially-named Denver, all of them satisfied with Hunk getting to name the mother so long as they each got to name one of their own.

“I’m gonna name you Malulu,” Allura cooed to the one she was holding, grinning in delight as the baby licked her nose, tail whipping back and forth.

Keith, who was lying on his stomach alongside Pidge and Lance watching their space cats trip over their too-long ears, glanced up with a lifted eyebrow. “Thought you didn’t want any cats?” he teased.

Allura flushed and cuddled Malulu closer. “I take it back. I want all of them.”


Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: hey!!! Would you mind writing a namjoon imagine where he accidentally kills you because he’s clumsy and then you haunt him?? thanks ✨✨✨ 

Excerpt: ‘You could do what stereotypical ghosts are known for doing; you decided to haunt the shit out of him.’

Genre: angst, imagine

Length: 2.4k

Warnings: accidental death, swearing

A/N: so this isn’t actually scary cus i have to sleep at night

Originally posted by nelliel66

 Some things you can’t change, or run away from. You were a firm believer in fate and yet if this was yours why did it seem so pitiful?

You were surrounded by blinding light, your body screaming in agony as the light seemed to get brighter burning your eyes and then nothing; darkness. You opened your eyes to be greeted with the inside of a house, which seemed strangely familiar. The lights were all on and you could hear someone in the shower in the other room, the pattering of the water comforting in a way you couldn’t quite explain. In fact, you seemed unable to explain a lot of things like what you were even doing there or in the photo that rested on the mantelpiece; a framed photo of you and a boy mid-kiss.

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'how high are you?' 'yes.'

This one is about 900 words. Steve x Reader A little angsty a little fluffy. Surprise ending? Masterlist

Summary: You try smoking something from Asgard, that leaves you high as can be. Steve sees you passes out on the couch and takes care of you.

Originally posted by ireneknight

“I am defiantly going to regret this” I thought as I  took the glass pen from Thor. I breathed in and puffed blue smoke out. In its place, a fuzzy warm feeling was left. “Not bad” I thought. Thor laughed “Lady (y/n) is a natural. Do you midgardians have any substances like this?” Thor had brought some “Frendem” as he called it to one of Tony’s famous party’s. I laughed “Thor, earth has lots of drugs. Just don’t let Steve see these okay? We have training tomorrow.” I have had a crush on Steve for years now and I was trying to stick to the diet he had drawn up for me. It was comprised of only protein, and fat, so i highly doubted that he would be okay with my trying some mystery drug from Asgard.  I sat down next to Thor with the glass pen and got comfy.

A few minutes later I heard some angry voices. I looked in the direction of the voices and saw Thor and Steve yelling about something. I tried to focus on their conversation but my head felt so fuzzy. Oh no Steve! “Thor! Steve’s here! Its Steve! Hide the pens!” I yelled as loud as I could. My eyes felt heavy and my head felt wobbly so I rested it on the couch I was sitting on. Wait maybe I was lying on it? “(Y/N)?” “Yeahhh?” I said to the voice. A nap sounded really good. Through the gloom in my head I heard “(Y/N) you are not going to pass out on me. Thor what did you give her?” I didn’t want Steve to know that I smoked whatever Thor gave me.  "I didn’t take anything Steve. I promise" I said. Thor sighed “I didn’t know it was that strong Steve. My apologies.” Steve signed and cupped my head in his hand helping to support its weight. “(Y/N)” Steve said loudly and firmly. I opened my eyes and tried my best to focus . I looked into his crystal blue eyes and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. “How high are you?” he asked “Yes” I said confidently. Steve’s brow furrowed but a small smile appeared on his lips. He stood “Thor I’m going to take her to her room. How long does it take for the drugs to wear off?” “Thor shrugged. "A few hours. Giver her water and have her sleep.” Steve nodded.“Come on (Y/N)” He sighed lifting me from my waist and legs. “Whoa I’m flying” I said looking around the empty room. “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!” I sang. Steve chuckled walking towards my bedroom. “Good horsey” I sighed resting my head on his shoulder. I fell asleep almost instantly.

Steve’s POV

“F.R.I.D.A.Y can you open (Y/N)’s door please?” I asked. I had never been in (Y/N)’s room before. It was a open space with a few pictures on the white walls, a bed, closet, and fairy lights above her bed frame. I cradled (Y/N) In my arms being careful not to wake her up and I walked her over to her bed. I sat down on the edge of her bed setting her down gently. I took off her heels and I pulled a blanket up over her. She looked so peaceful sleeping. I had liked her from the moment Fury decided to put her on the team. She had a fiery passion for music and a fierce loyalty to her friends. I groaned thinking about what I had said to Thor. It had just hurt so much walking into Tony’s party and seeing you so loopy. Thor had given you drugs that had gotten you completely high and wasted. I wished that I hadn’t been so harsh with Thor though. “F.R.I.D.A.Y remind me to get Thor a box of pop tarts tomorrow” I asked the AI. “Of course Mr. Rodgers” she responded.

 I took a deep breath and stood up as quietly as I could. “Stevie” (Y/N) whispered. I turned around to see (Y/N)’s eyes still closed but arms extended towards me. “Stay with me please Stevie. Im scared.” I bit my lip wanting badly to stay with her, but I was scheduled to train Pietro first thing in the morning and I couldn’t be late. Gosh that kid had energy. “(Y/N) Im sorry I can’t stay.” I whispered brushing some stray hair out of her face. She wimpered like a sad puppy and dropped her arms. “Please Stevie” she said. Maybe I could push Pietro’s training just an hour back. He couldn’t possibly be up at 5am after the party. “Just for a little bit okay doll?” I said softly. (Y/N) smiled and shifted over to make room for me. I laid down on my back, keeping a few inches between us. As soon as I stopped moving, she clung onto me like a koala, effectively trapping me in place. One of her hands rested on my chest while the other was on my arm.  I sighed breathing in the smell of her hair. I could feel a breeze drift through her open window. It fluttered the curtains and cooled the room. “Steve?” (Y/N) whispered in my ear, sending tingles down my neck. “Yes?” I whispered up to the celling. “I love you.” she said smiling. My eyes widened at the confession, my heart quickening any palms growing sweaty. “(Y/N)” I began until I heard her snore.

Little Jeller ficlet set post 2.18 and inspired by something @gypsyscarfwoman said earlier on WhatsApp. What she said was way angstier but I decided to fluff it up a bit because we must send positive vibes into the universe to get a renewal, right? 

“No!” Her voice was loud and assertive and he’d barely had time to look up from the paperwork he was signing. He’d heard the door open and by the time he looked up, she’d stomped her way towards his desk and was standing in front of him, hands on her waist and a stubborn look in her eyes.

“Sorry, what?” He managed to say, confused as to what exactly she was refusing considering he hadn’t seen her yet today. It was barely after 7am. He had come in early, of course, to get things started after the day they’d had yesterday.

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for my dearest @frogspears who had a bad day. have this semi-finished dad!Bran and parents!Arya x Gendry AU that is all about Bran’s kid

Winterfell in the spring was a sight to behold, green covered the ground as the snow once did. The air still crisp as ever but somehow warmer now that the earth slowly rebuilt itself. Laughter and joyfulness filled the halls of the Great Keep once more and although there was still rubble to clear, there was no doubt that Winterfell was still as prestigious as before. The people loved their King, but it was his daughter that they adored. Or more importantly, it was their blacksmith that would falter with one of her little smiles.

Presently, that little princess was currently running around the courtyard in the hopes to escape the burly giant that was chasing her.

“Oh Gods help me, I think I’ve misplaced the princess. Where ever could she possibly be?”

The little girl giggled as the blacksmith continued to search the courtyard. She was hiding beside the pig pen by the tower and muffled her laughter when she caught sight of her favorite aunt.

But the blacksmith’s voice brought her attention back to the game. “Well looks like I’ll just have to give these lemoncakes to the boys then. What a pity, these are just scrumptious.”

Little Larissa gasped as the voice came from right behind her.


Larissa yelped as the giant picked her up. “Uncle Gendry! You found me!”

“I sure did sweetling.”

Larissa heard a snort from across the yard, Lady Arya Stark stood with her hands on her hips.

“You wouldn’t have found her if I hadn’t pointed you in the right direction, Gendry.”

Gendry sighed as he carried Larissa over to Arya. “You can never let me have one, can you m'lady?”

“Never.” Arya chuckled before her smirk became a scowl. “And don’t call me that.”

Gendry was contemplating a retort when Bran interrupted their bickering with a rather amused expression. Then again, anything that involved his sister and her blacksmith was always worth the interruption.

“Ah! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you young lady!”


Bran opened his arms as his daughter barreled straight into him. “Have you been skipping your lessons with Maester Sam again?”


Bran cocked an eyebrow.

“Mayhaps…but Maester Sam excused me from my lessons today because we’d already learned about Queen Nymeria and about grumpkins and snarks.” Larissa stared up at her father with large green eyes and a tiny pout. “Jojen and Edwyn stayed behind to learn more about the Age of Heroes and how Bran the Builder helped build the Wall.”

“Well, either way, your mother’s been waiting for you in her solar.”

Larissa looked at her father in confusion. “Why?”

“Why don’t we go see?” Bran replied warmly.

Arya and Gendry watched as the King of Winterfell and their princess strode towards the Great Keep. They were halfway across the yard when Larissa suddenly stopped and ran back towards her aunt and uncle.

“Uncle Gendry! I almost forgot.” Carefully, Larissa handed him a wrapped piece of cloth. Curious, Gendry peeled away to find another piece of cloth. This time the cloth was more delicate and precisely folded. When he unfolded the handkerchief, Gendry sputtered before smiling and embracing his niece.

“It’s lovely. Thank you, little one.”

The princess grinned big and bright when he winked and gave her the coveted lemon cakes before running back to her father. Gendry stared at the handkerchief long after Larissa left.


As Bran wheeled his chair towards his wife’s solar, Larissa regaled her father about her activities of the day. His daughter smiled brightly and her green eyes sparkled as she told him how she was excited to learn more about the Doom of Valyria and how she couldn’t wait for Aunt Arya to show how to Water Dance.

“Aunt Arya said that mayhaps in three moons after the babe is born, I could learn to dance like her!”

“I’m sure you are sweet girl. But how about you learn to shoot a bow like your mother first?”

“But mother can’t teach me and nurse little Jo at the same time! Besides no one will ever be as good as mother.”

Bran chuckled. “Aye.”

They had almost approached Queen Meera’s solar when his daughter grew strangely quiet. Summer whined quietly and nudged Bran. He waited until Larissa looked up at him.



“Can a person be brave even when they’re most scared?”

Bran felt as if he was a child again asking the same question. His eyes watered for a second before smiling and placing a hand under her chin.

“We are most brave when we are scared. Now what’s brought this on?”

Larissa sniffled. “Sometimes I have these dreams….and sometimes they come true. Like when Aunt Arya married Uncle Gendry and when Nymeria had pups.”

The green sight, Bran thought.

“And those dreams scare you?”

“Only the bad ones. Like when Aunt Sansa had a fall.”

Bran knew what it felt to be in her place and promised to never let her fear get the better of her.

“You are a Stark of Winterfell but you are most like your Uncle Jojen. He too had dreams that came true.”

“Was he ever frightened of them?”

Bran thought back to Jojen and his dreams.
“Ask your mother. But to me he was the bravest person I knew.”

He smiled and slowly so did she.

“I can be brave. I can be as brave as him too.”

Yes, Bran thought as his daughter embraced him, yes you can.

your-candy-coated-darling  asked:

Thanks for the answer, love! Made me feel a lil better! I havent been asking since I thought you were taking a break, but This made me wanna ask you another really bad,haha! Okay, so, how about something where Crush finds UF/SF/ skeletons and UT Alphys and US Undyne writing a love and confession letter to the Crush? But like, a REALLY embarassing one! With 'I love you s' and mushy gushieness. Bonus points Fell AU's cannot belive they have stooped to such a low level of writing. haha! ILY bye!💚

[ If I was taking a break for more than a couple of weeks or so – and for a reason, most likely – I would probably say so xD I’ve just been a bit slow lately because I wrote so much on the start and now it’s sort of just… gone xD Anyways, here you go! :D Mushy love notes time! xD ]

UF! Sans:

He really, really has no idea what he’s doing, but when you find him, he’s bright red in the face and chewing on the end of the pencil, consistently tapping his feet on the ground out of nervousness. He doesn’t know why he ever decided to go to Alphys for help, if this was her suggestion. He doesn’t even know why he agreed, but if she says it’ll work, then he’s willing to try it. But it’s a lot harder than he thought it would be. Stuck into the note, he didn’t notice you were in the room until you speak up, and he jumps, looking up towards you. “U-Uh, hey! W-When did… ya get here?” he asks nervously, shoving the note against his chest so that you can’t see what he’s doing. Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, he thinks nervously. “Oh, um… just a little bit ago. So, what are you doing?” Gah! Red tenses, looking to the side. “U-Uh, just… tryna write somethin’…” he mumbles, thinking for a bit, before quickly carrying on. “I-It’s, uh, somethin’ for Undyne. Yeah! Very important. So, uh, should probably… get back ta it?” he says, looking terribly nervous and sorry at this point. If you head away, he’s going to feel even more bad, but at this point he’s more determined to finish the letter than ever. As embarrassing as it is… he’s going to get it done. He can. He has to.

‘Dear  To (y/n),

First, I want ta apologise for any suspiciousness from my actions at any point, but… well, now ya know why. I’m writing this letter to you because I thought it would be the best way to tell that I love you. I’ve felt this way for a while now, not long after I met you, and I want you to know just how I feel about you. I would love it if you would return my feelings more than ever. But if not you can just, uh, forget you ever saw it.

Love, Red’

UF! Paps:

What on earth is this??? He’s so tempted to chuck it out and throw it to the side with how ridiculous it is. Is this really how humans confess?? Whatever, he would never be able to say it out loud anyways. It’s a lot easier to write, admittedly. He isn’t so caught off guard when you head into the room, and instead just slowly slips the paper behind his back as you walk towards him with a smile. “Hello there, human! What can I help you with?” he asks, placing a hand on his chest. “Uh, actually, I was just wondering what you were up to. You’ve been writing a lot lately.” Edge freezes a little, but tries not to show it. “Oh, nothing! Important stuff that I’d rather not explain – it doesn’t matter. But I think it would be best if I got it done sooner or later. We should… speak later,” he says, lies pouring out of him one after the other. He feels terrible when he sees your slightly sad look as you make your way out of the room, then quickly picks up the letter. Time to rewrite this thing.

‘Dear human!

Deepest apologies for my actions before; I was… admittedly very embarrassed about this simple form of a confession and did not want you to find out, but… well, suppose you know now. This may seem silly – I think so, anyway – but I wrote this to say that I love you, (s.o). If you wish to return the feelings, come see me at my house whenever you can – no rush! I do hope to see you there though, for I will be very happy.

From Edge (who was blushing when he wrote this)’

SF! Sans:

Most likely he’s chucked out about fifty pages of unfinished letters that even if he wasn’t holding one at the moment you’d be able to tell what he was up to. Well, for the most part. He’s pacing back and forth, grumbling and throwing his arms up in frustration because even this is difficult – stupid, too! He doesn’t really know why he’s trying, but apparently, his love for you is stronger than he thought, and he hates it. Not you. Just it. And the fact that he’s fallen to this level of a confession! Granted he doesn’t think he’d ever be able to say it out loud, which is stupid, too! He stops in his tracks suddenly when you head into the room, craning his head towards you, before lowering his eyes as you just stare at him…. In silence…. “What are you looking at, human?!” he remarks, causing you to jump slightly. “Oh, um, I was just wondering if you were okay…” you say, and he lets out a huff. “Just fine, human. But busy. Very busy,” he lies, sort of, making his way towards you as he lightly pushes you out of the room. “I’ll talk to you in a bit!” he adds, not giving you much room to speak before he shuts the door in front of you.
Letting out a sigh, Blackberry glares at the pile of papers in the bin, and then to his almost empty notebook. He’s going to do it this time. He just knows he can. No, he has to, no matter what.

‘Dear human.

I’m deathly sorry for my actions before. I was not thinking clearly, and I did not mean to push you! I hope this letter makes up for it, as much as it is meant to do so! The truth is, human, I love you. I was afraid of what would happen if it got out, but I cannot hide my feelings anymore. I love you too much to do so. I hope you will accept my feelings, and… hopefully not make too much of a deal about it, but! I promise to always care for you if you do so! And no more shoving, of course.

From, Blackberry’

SF! Papyrus:

The least embarrassed about doing so; he’s had a bit of a thing for poetry, so knowing there was a way to express his love in the form of a letter was more reassuring to him than anything. He didn’t worry so much about mistakes and preferred to just be himself, though he wanted it to be perfect, at the same time. You can probably still see the previous lines, but he used an eraser at least more than fifty times. Oh, well. He’s a bit surprised as you walk into the room, but unlike the others, doesn’t try to hide the letter. “Oh, hey there. What can I help you with?” he asks, looking slowly up from the letter. “I was just wondering what you were up to,” you say, and he looks a bit to the side. “Eh, it’s nothin’, really,” he says, and manages to keep up a calm conversation until you leave the room, doing whatever he can to make sure you don’t look without coming off as too suspicious. In the end, he casually turns back to the letter, though this time he’s smiling.

‘Hey, (y/n),

I’ve got something to tell you. I probably should’ve said it before, but I just wasn’t ready. I want to tell you that I love you. I love your hair, your eyes and your laugh. I love being there for you, and I love keeping you safe. I love everything about your personality, no matter what. I think you’re perfect, and I want to know if you’ll be mine. I may be lazy, but I promise I’ll always care for you, if you agree to be mine. I would never leave you hanging, I promise.

From Slim’

UT! Alphys:

She’s the perfect definition of a mix between nervous and excited. Her entire face is bright red as she sits up on the chair in a ball, staring at the letter. Is it okay??? She isn’t sure in the slightest, but at the same time she is?? She just wants it to be perfect, and not sound like the nerd that she is. She wants it to sound cool and romantic – not lame. She hasn’t written anything beyond your name at the top. She doesn’t know what to write. Just like Red, she’s caught off guard by you making your way into the room, shoving the piece of paper behind her back, but instead she quickly speaks up before you can say a word. “I-I wasn’t doing anything!” she barks, before quickly blushing and sinking back into her seat. “I-I mean, not really….” She wasn’t lying, not really. She hadn’t done anything, no matter how hard she’d tried to. She’s nervous the entire time you’re in the room, but manages to get through the conversation, and in the end she’s smiling, staring at the spot at the door whom you just left through, before snapping herself out of it with a bright red blush. “R-Right, letter,” she stutters, picking back up the crumbled piece of paper… and then throwing it out and reaching for a smoother one.

‘To (y/n),

I’m sorry if I seemed suspicious before – I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I… I want to tell you that I… I love you. You drive me so crazy sometimes, and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to be with for the rest of my life. I hope you accept… I’m sorry if this bothers you though… but you deserve to know how I feel about you.

With love,

From Alphys’


US! Undyne:

The calmest when it comes to writing the letter, and yet the most obvious when it came to hiding it. She’s tapping her pen on her chin with a small smile, despite the blush, and writing stuff down – whatever comes to her mind. She’s erased a few times, but most of all she’s just certain she knows what to put down, more than ever. However, just like UT!Alphys, when you enter the room, she freaks. She’s stuttering and blushing and hiding the note behind her back, though tries to keep more of a refined composure, sometimes. She tries, anyway. And, of course, after you’re gone, she feels bad for having lied, not to mention she was pretty convincing about it too. She turns back to the letter with a sad look at first, but then, determined, she gets back to writing. She knows she can do this. She has to.

‘Dear (y/n),

I’m writing this letter for you to tell you about how I feel about you – that is to say, that I love you. I’ve felt this way for a while now, and I wasn’t sure how to say it, so… I decided to write it for you instead. To tell you how amazing and kind you are, and tell you how much I would love to have you if you would accept. I’m sorry about before, I was a bit surprised, but I hope this letter helps explain everything.


A wishing Undyne


Hello everyone!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ this is for the anon who asked for a pen rec! (i’ll do the ntbk rec soon!) i actually didnt know what pen to recommend so i just made it a whats in my pencase post i hope you all dont mind that!! hihi also i have another pen case but idk theyre all colored pens but ngeh heres #1


*my pen case is fr national bookstore (ph) and idk the brand sorry :-(

SECOND PICTURE my fav (3x) pens! besides my brush pens  fr most fav to least? not rly least bc theyre all rly good tbh!!

  • TEST GOOD CHINESE BALLPENS  the best pens i’ve had: theyre cheap (10php!! @melbstudent and i talked abt these haha) they dont bleed through the pages and also they write really smoothly; maybe they run out of ink fast? or i just use them a lot! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  • DONG-A MY GEL PENS i use these pens for my notes, reviewers, lettering and everYTHINg but if your paper is thin the ink would likely bleed through your pages but still nice! (`・ω・´)”
  • PILOT G-TEC all my friends & classmates have these so i decided to join the bandwagon!! its really nice i love the 0.4 point not too thick not too thin! but i wish it was a bit cheaper! (its 70php!)(thats why i only have 2 i keep the other one on my desk) (*^▽^*)
  • MUJI HEXAGONAL RETRACTABLE PEN this muji pen is really nice!! i use this when i need thin handwriting (0.38) it also writes smoothly but i wish i got another point but it was just a gift so!! ∩( ・ω・)∩

THIRD PICTURE all the misc hihi only the pens are in order (from most used to least)

  • DY-188 CHINESE BALLPEN idk the label is in chinese so i just put the number (it works on google i promise u) thIS IS REALLY NICE like the test good ballpens its really cheap (12php) but its like a sign pen! and also the minimalist design of the pen!! (*´▽`*)
  • SAKURA PIGMA MICRON PEN my lettering pen! well i use all my pens to do lettering but…yeaH idrk a lot of people use this for lettering so i bought it but i liked the 0.4 better! 
  • AIHAO RETRACTABLE FRICTION BALLPEN even though i dont use friction pens bc they arent allowed in my school i just use this for notes bc its a friCTION ballpen + it writes very smoothly + the ink is thick!
  • FABER CASTELL MECHANICAL PENCIL my fav mechanical pencil ever! its looks cute + 0.7 is sO wah i love thick points sorry
  • PONYBROWN SIDE POST ITS just cute lil post its for tiny cute notes! also v cheap (20 pcs-9php) and the design is so cute!?!
  • CASIO CALCU i just have this in my pencase bc geometry!! thats it rly
  • MUJI ERASER my friends murdered the other side of it i had to hide it

thats it for pen case #1 idk if imma show all of u #2 so hihi i hope u find this useful? hahah u may drop me an ask or comment in my inbox (here’s my faq) I AM NOW OPEN to (2/1) more requests since i made 2 of them alrdy so drop me a suggestion!