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Big virginia tech wrestler showing off his HUGE bulge the entire match, constantly trying to hide his bulge throughout the match 💦🍆

Best movie night ever

Anon Ask: so sorry if im rude but would you ever write a ff about a threesome? like dan, phil and y/n for example. you’re great btw!

That’s not rude at all love :) I’m sorry this took so long and I hope it’s okay :) if you wanted a different situation don’t be shy to ask! I appreciate all requests <3

You were sat on the sofa of your two best friends house watching a movie.
It had traded a scene where the main character was have a threesome and you started to noticed the uncomfortable position of both Dan and Phil.
You felt a wetness grow between your legs and your cheeks heating up as your mind wondered to yourself in that position as the scene went on.
Dan suddenly shuffled closer to you, whispering in your ear
“Do you think you’d ever want to be part of a threesome” he asked at the same time as trying to hide the obvious bulge in his tight black jeans
“Uh… I.. I guess. Yeah I would” your answer making you blush even more
“Who would you do it with” he continued to interrogate you on the subject.
“I don’t know…”
“Would you do it with Phil and I?” This question was hard for you to answer… You knew you would but if you said yes would he think you were weird? Only one way to find out..
“Y/N said she’d have a threesome with us!” Dan suddenly announced, purposely trying to embarrass you
“Dan!” You yelled accusingly as you hit his arm. You heard Phil giggle and move to the other side of you.
“Well in that case..” Phil said as he moved his arm around the back of your head jokingly.

The teasing and playful flirting continued for a while before it slowly became more intense. You now had Dan kissing your neck, one hand resting on your breast while Phil was tugging at your earlobe with his teeth on the other side of your body.
You certainly didn’t expect any of this, and neither did the boys, but the sexual frustration had taken over them and now the playful banter had turned to much much more.
Phil’s hand slid down your body and cupped your clothed heat, applying pressure. You couldn’t help but moan at the sensation, your voice turning the boys on even more.
You shyly placed your hand over the crutch of Dan’s jeans and started to Palm him.
“Ah.. F-fuck” Dan moaned out as his lips disconnected from your neck
“Should we… Uh.. Go to a bedroom?” Phil questioned, his voice unsure as he wasn’t positive in wether this was leading to something more
“Yeah” Dan replied, too aroused to even question the situation
“Okay” you agreed

You all made your way to Dan’s bedroom, both boys keeping their hands on your body in some way.

You now lay on the bed, both boys topless, kissing you and hands roaming all over your body.
Phil’s hands took hold of the hem of your shirt, slowly removing it to reveal more skin. His lips went back to your neck as his hand found your breast, while Dan took advantage of your newly revealed flesh, kissing down it until he reached the buttons of your jeans, his long fingers fiddling with them until they were undone and sliding them down your legs.
Both boys moaned at the sight of you and it was the most beautiful sound you had heard.
You sat up and undid Phil’s jeans as Dan took care of his own. Both boys now stood in their overly tight boxers.
Dan gently pushed you down to the bed again, hovering over your body as he ground his hips down to yours, eliciting a high moan from your throat.
His lips attached to yours, his tongue instantly battling your one.
His sweet taste took over your senses as you got lost in the moment.
Dan sat up on his knees and glided your panties down your legs.
Dan stood up from the bed, as he removed his Calvin Kleins phil began to kiss up your legs, spreading your thighs as he positioned his face between them.
He looks up into your eyes, asking for permission. You give him a nod and he instantly takes a long lick up your wet folds. You moan as you tangle your fingers into his soft, dark hair.
Phil reaches his hand up, placing his thumb on your clit and moving it in a circular motion making you moan louder than you had yet.

As you finally peel your eyes away from Phil’s current activity your met with another beautiful sight. Dan was standing, completely naked as he watched you, jerking himself off. He slowly makes his way over to you, placing a soft kiss on your lips before placing his length next to your mouth.
You move one of your hands from Phil’s hair, pumping Dan a few times before wrapping your lips around his tip. You slowly take more and more of him as low groans leave his throat.
It wasn’t long until the pleasure was too intense, you removed Dan from your mouth to warn Phil
“F-fuck.. Phil.. I’m gonna…”
That was all you could get out before your body shook and your orgasm took over.
Phil cleaned you up as much as possible before removing his mouth and swapping places with Dan.
You watched as Dan rolled a condom down his length and hovered over you, wrapping your legs around his waist.
“You ready Love?” He asked. You simply moaned around Phil’s cock as a reply which in turn made Phil moan out.
Dan lined himself up with your warm centre before slowly slipping in.
“Shit! Ah.. Your so tight baby” Dan moaned out and started thrusting his hips back and forth.
You felt your second orgasm building as Phil fucked your mouth and Dan started pounding into you
“Oh my god! Dan.. I’m”
“I know baby, me too” he struggled out before moving his hand down to rub your clit. You moaned out, Phil took hold of your hair as he came into your mouth, moaning as he did so.
Your nails dragged down Dan’s back as you both came at the same time, Dan still slowly thrusting to allow you both to ride out your highs before collapsing beside you.
You all lay on the bed, catching your breaths
“That was way better than it was in my dreams” Phil randomly announced, causing you all to fall into a fit of laughter.
“Best. Movie night. Ever.” Dan stated
“And hopefully not the last..” You agreed.

open to: dominant males/daddy’s/alphas.

Conor shifted a little in his seat, not really sure why he felt so… Turned on. He chewed his lip as he glanced around the room. Did anyone else notice? He needed to get out, never mind the person he was waiting for. He needed to deal with this. Conor jumped out of his seat and accidentally knocked someone. “Oh god… I-I’m so sorry!” He squeaked and tried to hide the obvious bulge.

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How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if they saw their s/o was hell of a good dancer and saw them dance to a very sensual song? (for example check this out /watch?v=4i32ANEa5mk its kpop hope you dont mind) <3

i don’t mind at all and hot damn wow. let’s say that they’re doing this in private :)

AKASHI: He watched with dark eyes filled with lust. Akashi smirked throughout the whole performance, enjoying every curve, every swing of your hips. Licking his lips, he prowled over towards you after the song ended to give you the greatest night of your life – and maybe punish you for turning him on that much.

AOMINE: Feeling himself harden in his pants, he didn’t even try to hide the bulge. Aomine rubbed his growing erection through the fabric of his pants as his eyes remained fixated on you. Afterwards, he grabbed you and brought you to the room to show you just how much he appreciated you dancing for him.

KAGAMI: He was so embarrassed and turned on by the end of the song and couldn’t even hide the fact that he were unbelievably aroused. When you walked over to Kagami afterwards, teasing him, he growled and pulled you to his lap, grinding his bulge against your panties, making you just as horny as he was.

KASAMATSU: Although he was initially embarrassed and surprised by your daring moves, he found that he absolutely loved them. Kasamatsu did the same thing as Kagami and ensured that you knew how much he loved your performance and perhaps asked for an encore – on his lap – naked.

KISE: Usually easygoing, you never expected Kise to react that badly to your dancing. However, when you asked him how it was afterwards, he approached you wordlessly before crushing his lips down on yours and pinning you down on the floor, dragging his lips down your neck. “You’re so beautiful, ____-chi.”

KIYOSHI: His lips parted during your performance as his eyes couldn’t leave your moving body. He was amazed at how skilled you were and clapped. You thought that he wasn’t at all affected by your dancing but the fact that he kept fidgeting and that he suddenly grabbed a pillow for his lap indicated otherwise.

KUROKO: Kuroko who was usually so level-headed found himself feeling more and more aroused with every twist and turn. When you bent over to shake your ass in front of him, he cracked. He smiled and told you that perhaps it was time for a break, and it definitely wasn’t the peaceful, relaxing break you were expecting.

MIDORIMA: Midorima blushed and turned away, hoping that you would just leave him alone so that he could satisfy himself in the bathroom but you wouldn’t have any of it and took him inside your mouth. He wouldn’t even be able to control himself afterwards and might end up being rougher than usual – not that you were complaining.

MURASAKIBARA: He couldn’t control it. He really couldn’t. Halfway through the song, he appeared behind you and started to grind his erection as he whined, “___-chin, I’m hard now thanks to you. Could you please help me out?” With an amused grin, you nodded and definitely helped him.

TAKAO: Wide eyes, mouth gaping. He was astonished and impressed and incredibly turned on as he watched you move and bend over so many times in his own living room. When the song ended, he breathed out a sigh of relief and you were almost hurt until he jumped to his feet. “Now, let’s go to the bedroom!”

What the fuck do you think you’re doing. Hoseok frowns, sending Jimin one of those glares, receiving nothing but a cockily raised eyebrow and a slight smirk in response. It’s not that Hoseok doesn’t like what he sees. God, he loves it. But maybe- under other circumstances. He shifts ucomfortably in his seat, discreetly trying to hide the bulge forming in his pants as Jimin swirls the tip of his tongue around the pen in his hand. The thing about Jimin playing with various items like pencils, necklaces even basic stuff like cutlery during meals, putting them between his ridiculously plump, marvelous lips, licking around the tip, sucking at the- Yeah. The thing about this and the interview they’re currently doing, is that these two issues together make Hoseok feel extremely aroused and extremely desperate at the same time causing him to scream internally. He’s highly aware of the camera on his left, recording every single movement, every tiniest expression and he’s also painfully aware of the game Jimin’s playing. With him of course. The oval table they’re sitting at is probably the worst idea ever since he has oh, so nice view of Jimin’s actions, including provocative glances and bitten lips here and there. And the way the little fucker is leaning against the chair, with one elbow on the white surface, the pen pressed against his upper lip while the other arm disappears somewhere under the table causing Hoseok to bite on the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from making any unnecessary sounds, is just like the icing on the cake.

“J-hope, your turn” The interviewer calls him making him flinch slightly in his seat, before he puts a wide smile on his face and turns towards the source of the sound. He really tries to ignore the hot feeling on the side of his head, as if someone was drilling holes through his skull, instead of it, trying to focus on the question. “What’s been your weakest point lately?” What a great question… He sees it with the corner of his eye, the expression covering Jimin’s face, how his lips curve up into an even bigger smirk, how his eyes narrow just a little bit making them look more dangerous.

“Ah, well” He presses his thighs together, almost gasping at the friction against his crotch caused by his jeans. “I think it would be-” He shudders at the sudden feeling on his right ankle. “Getting frustrated easily” He blurts out, his gaze flicking over Jimin only to meet his satisfied and kinda sadistic look.

“Oh. So, is it common for you guys to get like this?” The interviewer gesticulates towards them all and Hoseok really doesn’t want to continue the topic, hopefully looking around to check if there’s someone willing to say something.

“I think it’s normal when…” Namjoon butts in, rambling about their schedules and living in a not that big house etc, stealing the attention much to Hoseok’s liking and what’s more, making the camera move towards the others so he can finally focus on the little devil in front of him, whose foot yes, has left his leg already, but instead the boy leaned forward propping on his elbows and started watching Hoseok through his half-lidded eyes. Hoseok cocks his head to the side, narrowing his eyes trying to understand what’s the younger’s intention. He follows the path Jimin’s pointing finger leaves behind as it moves up again to his lips, pressing against the lower one and lazily dragging it down. Hoseok’s mouth waters at the sight, his pants getting tighter and tighter with every passing second of Jimin’s dirty game. But he can’t tear his eyes away, not when the tip of Jimin’s tongue shows up, running slowly along his upper lip, stopping in the corner of his mouth before completely disappearing inside.

“Stop it” Hoseok mouths, looking to the side to check if anyone is watching them or, worse, if the camera is back on them, but fortunately, the cameraman is too focused on Taehyung talking about the drama he was chosen to be a part of.

“You’re no fun” Jimin mouths back, wide grin plastered onto his face as his leans back against the chair and starts playing with the buttons of his shirt, not breaking the eyecontact. Hoseok’s mouth, however, gets dry as Sahara. No way in hell the little shit would- And then, the first button’s undone.

“Fuck” He hisses under his breath, his pulse speeding up at the thought of the younger stripping for him. And well, for his members. And the interwiever. And fans. Holy shit. He watches as Jimin’s fingers dance across his collarbones, scratching the skin lightly before moving to another button, and lower to another one, and another. And before he even registers what’s going on, Jimin’s opening the shirt revealing his tanned, toned chest, delicious abdomen… Wait, what? He starts to panic, nervously looking around but no one’s watching, too preoccupied with Jungkook’s story about their last performance. His eyes wander back to Jimin, watching in pure terror as the younger pulls the shirt off and throws it away, his hands making their way to his buckle. Has he gone crazy? Hoseok starts to question the younger’s mentality, his breath getting uneven, his temples sweating and- fuck. He’s really aroused by the whole thing. God, no. He shakes his head trying to remind himself that- What exactly is he going to remind himself? That this is not their fucking room, that they’re in the middle of the interview, that there are people and cameras and- and… He gulps loudly when Jimin shoves two fingers inside his mouth, sucking on them obscenely, making loud, wet noises, still glaring at Hoseok as he arches his back, his hips buckling straight into his palm rested on his crotch. The older’s mind goes blank. He doesn’t know what’s going on, the rambling on his left stops, six pairs of eyes now glued to Jimin’s body. Seven, considering the cameraman. And it only turns him on more, the possesive side of him showing up, the rational part crushing into thousands of pieces. Suddenly everything happens definitely too fast, or maybe too slow. Either way, it’s crazy. Hoseok has gone crazy. One moment he’s just gripping the edge of the table glaring at the boy in front of him, and seconds later he’s pushing away from the said table to make a room for Jimin who’s just approached him and right now is straddling him, tangling his small hands into his hair smacking their lips together.

“What the hell” Someone on their left manages to utter, probably Yoongi judging by the thick satoori spilling from between their lips. Hoseok thinks he should be the one asking that question, but now, when it’s useless anyway, he just throws a glance towards his bandmates, shocked but clearly aroused by the sight in front of them, and probably the stupidest idea ever comes to his head. Or rather it’s Jimin who gives him the idea when his fingers start working impatiently on the older’s buckle. He breaks the kiss, bending Jimin over the edge of the table, making him half-lie on it as he himself sinks down to suck on his chest, leaving as many dark marks as possible while tugging at the younger’s jeans.

“I’m gonna fucking take you here. With them watching.” Hoseok growls against Jimin’s throat, digging his fingers into the other’s sides making him gasp and jerk his hips forward.

“That was the plan” Jimin grins as Hoseok shoves his pants down his thighs, lifting his legs so he can slip his shoes off and drag the jeans all the way down. There’s a short moment when the older’s palm is on his clothed erection, massaging him roughly before his briefs are being taken off as well and thrown somewhere on the table. Hoseok wouldn’t lie if he said he’s never been so goddamn hard in his life. He’s not sure though if it’s because of the fact that they have an audience or that the audience is quite specific. Are they going to watch just like this? Hoseok wants them to watch. He wants to mark his position, to show them why Jimin chose him from all the possible options. And he knows Jimin loves being watched, he seeks attention, admiration, he literally purrs when someone praises him, compliments him. So he just- lets it go. Without any warning he just spreads Jimin’s legs rather violently causing him to gasp heavily at the action and grip the edge of the table. Usually he takes his time with the younger, preparing him long and carefully even if he wants nothing more than to just pound into him and make him scream and moan and everything else because everything that is connected to Jimin is simply amazing. But right now it just doesn’t matter at all, not when Jimin’s hole is twitching in anticipation and so ready to swallow him inside into that wonderful warmth-

“Hoseok” Jimin cries out, his hands flying to the older’s hair as his lips make contact with his entrance, sucking at the ring of muscles causing a jolt of pleasure run up and down his spine. Long after the last of his reasonable thoughts left his mind, Hoseok looks to the left staring straight into the camera lense, narrowing his eyes seductively while his tongue finally pushes further into Jimin making him squirm uncontrollably on top of the table. He lets the younger pull at his hair with all his force, lets his nails scratch his sensitive scalp painfully, his heels dig into his shoulder blades. His gaze wanders to other members, briefly studying their expressions and, as he notices, actions. The first is Jungkook, red as a ripe tomato but still watching the scene in front of him tho his knuckles turned white from gripping the edge of his shirt so hard. Jin and Taehyung are just glaring with dropped jaws and it doesn’t surprise Hoseok at all when he spots Namjoon and Yoongi palming themselves with slightly parted lips and wide open eyes. And he fucking smirks because he wants them to feel aroused, to feel jealous, to have Jimin exposed like this within reach but he also wants them to be unable to touch him. Yes he is possesive, yes he is obssesed with Jimin and he’s probably mental. But who wouldn’t be. It’s Jimin we’re talking about.

“Fuck me for heaven’s sake!” Jimin groans fighting with the lust to pull away from Hoseok’s lips even tho his body wants nothing more than to press harder against the older. It takes only a few seconds for Hoseok to break the contact, pull Jimin down so he stands on his feet and to turn him around bending him over the surface of the table. It takes even less seconds to drag his jeans down to his ankles and just push inside Jimin trying not to come at the loud moan slipping past Jimin’s lips and the overwhelming heat surrounding his cock. He forces Jimin’s head to the side so he’s facing the other members, making sure that they can see his expression, hear his begs, feel his desperation as he starts to fuck into him.


Well, he should have prepared Jimin before doing so but the younger doesn’t seem to complain at all, instead begging him to go faster, arching his body and panting heavily into the white surface.


Maybe it’s crazy but he really wants to lay Jimin down on the floor, spread his legs as wide as possible and just let the others watch him like this, vulnerable and breathtaking, as usual.

“Hoseok?” Seokjin’s voice rings loudly through the room and suddenly Hoseok flinches, blinking widly and slowly turning his head to the side. What the hell?

“You’ve been staring at the wall for five minutes. Are you okay? Do you need a break?” The interviewer asks worriedly causing Hoseok to frown slightly because what the hell is going on? His gaze slides over the others’ worried expressions considering the furrowed eyebrows and questioning eyes. But he searches further until his eyes stop at the only person he needs to see now. He’s glaring at Jimin not really knowing what to think about all this situation. The younger is blinking at him, the pen still between his lips but, what’s more important, he’s not naked. Not at all. Every button in its place, the shirt tucked neatly into his pants, the buckle untouched. What the hell? Did he- No. No, no, no. Not again. Fuck.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I just felt a little bit dizzy. I’m okay now” He smiles apologetically, bowing his head trying not to look at the others, especially not at the cameraman.

“Okay! Then let’s talk about your-” The interviewer continues but all Hoseok hears is white noise, muffled answers as if he were behind the thick, soundproof glass, seeing all the members but not quite understanding what comes out of their mouths. Not that he tries to understand. His eyes are fixated on Jimin, Jimin who is currently tapping his fingers lightly against the table, cheeky smile covering his face as he sucks on the tip of the pen, one eyebrow raising provocatively. The little bastard knows what happened, he doesn’t even try to pretend. Hoseok grits his teeth together, his jaw clenching und unclenching, the tightness in his pants getting more uncomfortable than earlier. He carefully looks at the clock on the opposite wall, the action not going unnoticed by Jimin, and almost curses in desperation. 45 minutes more. At the other end of the table Jimin licks his lips.

Okay. So maybe Jimin was a little shit during the interview. Maybe Jimin was aware of the fact that Hoseok has been imagining thingsthe whole time. Dirty things. Dirty things connected with Jimin. Dirty things caused by Jimin’s behaviour. So maybe Jimin was playing with his boyfriend during the interview with a fucking smirk on his face and adrenaline running through his veins. Maybe Jimin wanted to tickle his ego a bit, watching as Hoseok was trying not to look at him as he was abusing the poor pen, trying to pretend it wasn’t affecting him. But it was. Jimin was affecting him and Jimin feels almost proud of himself. Almost, because the fear running through his veins, instead of adrenaline, is right now muffling his shameless self-satisfaction. 

Because maybe Jimin enjoyed teasing Hoseok  but he almost choked to death when the interview ended and Hoseok’s arm softly snaked around his shoulders pulling him oh so lightly against the older’s body, only one word coming out as a whisper from Hoseok’s lips, warm breath ghosting across the skin o his neck.


So here he was, hidden in Yoongi’s room, trying to breathe as quietly as possible, waiting for Hoseok to cool down. It could have been funny to watch how Hoseok, their literal ball of sunshine, turns into a murderous ball of silent anger, sliding across the dorm soundlessly like a ghost, if it hadn’t been because of Jimin. He experienced the ‘dark Hoseok’ only once, and it wasn’t even directed at him. Sometimes, he still can see poor Taehyung shudder at the memory and he kind of feels sorry for the younger every time he notices it. But he knows this time he’s the one at fault and he’s smart enough to stay away from the older until it’s safe to approach him (or at least to be in the same room with him). And it could have worked if Yoongi hadn’t kicked him out of the room a few seconds ago, leaving him completely defenseless in the middle of the dark hall against his raging shadow-like boyfriend. Oh my God,this feels like a horror. He turns his head to the left, then to the right, and making sure that Hoseok isn’t anywhere nere him he tentatively takes a first, small step, and another. Soon, he’s almost walking. Taking a deep breath he stops around the corner to peek into the living room, carefully, as if there was a possibility that someone (Hoseok) is waiting just right in front of him with a knife in their hand. He slowly curls his fingers around the edge of the door frame lowering his head and peeking inside. His muscled are tensed so much, that when somebody’s hand lands on his shoulder he jumps up in the air almost bursting into tears. Before any sound can leave his mouth, there’s a palm pressed against his lips, an arm around his waist and somebody’s body is pressing his own against the wall.

“Who are you hiding from?” Hoseok asks softly still keeping his hand on Jimin’s lips but looking so- calm, almost angelic as he’s standing with the younger in his arms watching him carefully. His hot breath tickles Jimin’s cheeks and his eyes flutter closed in relief. He mumbles into Hoseok’s hand expecting him to pull away but the older doesn’t move an inch.

“I can’t hear you Jiminie” Hoseok grins and it’s anything but angelic. It’s the mocking kind of a grin, the one that screams danger, the one that tells Jimin that he’s fucked up. 

“You know” The older brings his hand to the side of Jimin’s face, caressing his cheek lovingly, his voice soft and low. “During the interview” His fingers move further to Jimin’s ear, playing with the earrings, tugging slightly at the cool metal. “I fucked you at least three times” Hoseok’s eyes are fixated on the younger’s parted lips, a playful smile wandering around his lips as he keeps touching Jimin’s ear. “I’ve been thinking about taking you in front of the others” His fingers slide down to Jimin throat. “I imagined fucking you with them watching” Jimin mewls and he’s not even sure if it’s because of the idea or because of the thumb pressing against his Addam’s apple. “And you knew” His breathing becomes slightly erratic, his heart starts pounding louder and faster in his chest. “You knew what you’ve been doing to me” Hoseok leans closer. “You’ve been doing this on purpose” Jimin doesn’t break eye contact, intensely staring into Hoseok’s dark orbits. “And you know” Hoseok’s lips touches Jimin’s ones, barely, like a feather-like touch. “We are free tomorrow” The younger doesn’t dare to move. “So you don’t have to walk” He blinks but it’s too late. Hoseok is already dragging him down the hall straight to their room.


“Shut up, love” Hoseok cuts him off, sweetness dripping from his voice despite the iron grip on Jimin’s wrist. “Don’t you like playing?” Jimin gulps, his skin burning where Hoseok’s fingers are curled around his wrist. It’s just a few seconds, quick moment between stepping into the room and being shoved onto the bed so hard Jimin’s head bounces up and down from the impact before Jimin’s lips are attacked by Hoseok’s hungry ones. The older roughly tugs his arms over his head swiftly binding them to the headboard with his belt. How, Jimin doesn’t know. He briefly registers that Hoseok is kneeling in between his spread legs, his skinny hands quickly unbuckling his pants, dragging them down (not as carefully as they should) leaving red patches of irritated skin behind. The boy arches his back, gasping for air as Hoseok’s lips wrap around his cock in seconds, no teasing, no warning, just the feeling of warm, wet mouth on him. The pace Hoseok has set up is murderous, it leaves Jimin squirming and whining and his arms are hurting from tugging at the belt too hard, anything to finally put his hands in Hoseok’s hair. He more feels than sees how the older is bobbing his head up and down his shaft, sucking on the head of his cock, hollowing his cheeks while swallowing him whole, grazing his teeth along the length as he pulls out until only the tip remains in his mouth. And Hoseok can feel it, the way Jimin’s thighs start to tremble underneath his fingertips, a subtle movement telling him that Jimin is close, more than close, his hips spasming under the pressure of the release. Just as the high pitched moan escapes the younger’s throat, Hoseok pulls away leaving Jimin unfinished and completely wrecked judging by the desperate jerks of his arms, uncontrolled breaths and gasps.

“Damn, Hoseok!” Jimin growls thrusting his hips up into nothing but air, no wet lips, the warmth no longer hugging him. Hoseok laughs breathlessly, smoothing the marks he has left on the younger’s hipbones, leaning forward to hover over Jimin’s chest.

“How does it feel? You don’t want to play anymore?” Hoseok teases, licking a long stripe from Jimin’s Adam’s apple to his jaw making sure to dip his tongue right underneath his chin.

“Feels like shit” Jimin admits letting Hoseok suck on his throat, enjoying loud, sloppy noises even tho he knows it’s just a trick to distract him. But it feels so good, so addictive. His head falls to the side as he tries to ignore the throbbing in his length, the pain in his shoulders when something catches his attention. Blood rushes to his face and he abruptly lifts his head to look at the older, now busy sucking on his clavicle.

“Hoseok” He hisses through gritted teeth “The door is open” He feels embarassement sinking into his nervous system, his body reacting itself trying to break free.

“It indeed is” Hoseok hums against the side of his neck, his hands wandering to the neck of Jimin’s shirt as he spreads the younger’s legs with his knees.

“The fucking door is open and I was-”

“Pretty much heard by everyone in the dorm. Yes” Hoseok states calmly, his fingers playing with the first open button of the shirt.

“Let’s give them a free musical” The older leans to the back, hooking his fingers in the spaces in between the buttons and just like that, with a huge smirk on his face, he tears the fabric open sending the buttons fly all around the bed, some of them clanking against the wooden floor. Faster then a lightning, he sinks down to suck on the younger’s sternum, determined to leave the darkest hickey he has ever left on Jimin’s flawless skin.

“Hyung, hyung I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again just close the door- fuck” Jimin curses when Hoseok’s palm slides just behind his balls massaging the space in there softly yet confidently.

“But I want them to hear this, to hear you” Hoseok growls against the corner of his mouth, fingers dancing playfully around the younger’s entrance, purring at the noise Jimin makes. The younger forces himself to open his eyes, shooting an irritated glance at his boyfriend.

“Are you fucking crazy? Yoongi is going to dismember our bodies. Slowly and painfully. And he is going to do it with a fucking, psychic smile on his- fuck” He throws his head to the back biting at his lower lip when Hoseok pushes his dry, pointing finger all the way in.

“It’s not like you have a choice, baby. It wasn’t an offer, I just informed you” Hoseok pulls the finger out immediately going up to kiss the frown of pain between Jimin’s eyebrows. “Sorry 'bout that. I though you had a panic attack” He grins at Jimin when he tries to smack him with his (oops) tied hand. Yes, Jimin is aroused and desperately wants Hoseok to fuck him, hard, fast, as he wants. But-

“Seriously Hoseok close the damn- Wait, where are you- Don’t ignore me- Jung Hoseok!” He can’t believe Hoseok has just left him, naked, tied up to the bedframe with an angry erection standing proudly as if it was trying to tease Jimin as well. “Hoseok-”

“Why are you shouting?” Hoseok laughs tossing a small tube of lube somewhere near Jimin’s hip and crawling between the younger’s legs. “You wanted me to dryfinger you?”

“You have already dryfinger me” Jimin hisses but his angry attitude quickly melts when Hoseok’s lubed, cold finger slides inside of him. “I really love your fingers you know?” Jimin hums, slightly moving against the older’s hand in a circle motion. “Close the door”

He pleads quietly, hoping that Hoseok changed his plans. But he hears the smirk and then the finger is moving fast and hard and Jimin tries to swallow down all the whimpers.

“I almost jerked off in front of the camera because of you deepthroating the pen. So quit it” Hoseok smirks against Jimin’s chest, climbing up to breath into his lips “I won’t let you off this time” He presses against Jimin knocking the air out of his lungs, pushing another finger inside his body. It’s the moment Jimin would later pick out as his personal failure because he stopped resisting at all, instead rocking his hips against the fingers though he didn’t stop trying to muffle his noises. And it’s not the easiest thing in the world when all you feel is pure pleasure running through your muscles forcing you to make a sound.

“Let it go, baby. Let them hear you” Hoseok squirts some more lube onto his fingers before pushing three of them back inside Jimin’s hole making him gasp at the fullness.


“Come on, baby. Do it” Hoseok whispers picking up the speed of his thrusts, making sure he’s not hitting the prostate. Seeing that Jimin’s not going to cooperate, he pulls out, smiling at Jimin’s quiet whimper of frustration.

“Hobi” Jimin whines pointing at his arms still trapped above his head, now almost purple from the lack of blood circulation in them.

But Hoseok ignores the silent beg, shaking his head and reaching for the hem of his t-shirt swiftly pulling it up and over his head. Only now Jimin notices how hard the older is, sees the wetness on the front of his grey briefs as he kicks his jeans away, his own cock throbbing at the sight of this horny, heartless bastard called Hoseok. He watches (with lips parted, eyes half-lidded) how this demon takes off the briefs, freeing the monster hidden behind the thin layer of fabric. His gaze follows Hoseok’s figure as the older kneels again on the bed bending forward to place slow, wet kisses all over Jimin’s tensed arms up to his wrists. His body acts on its own accord, jumping up to meet Hoseok’s hard chest, to feel his hot skin and he moans when Hoseok’s hands slide down to his waist before spinning him around so he’s facing the pillow, his ass high up in the air.

“Let’s see” Hoseok hums against Jimin’s shoulder blades, his palm moving along the curve of Jimin’s spine “How loud you can get” Jimin doesn’t even have a chance to take a breath before he’s shoved against the cushions, Hoseok’s cock burried deep inside of him as he lets out a long, loud moan. “Just like this, baby” And it doesn’t go unnoticed how strained the older’s voice is.

“God, yes” Jimin cries out when Hoseok sets the pace, moving slowly against him in a slow but sharp motion, making his toes curl against the sheets. The head of his cock hits the blanket underneath him every time Hoseok pushes forward and he tries, really tries not to moan, but the friction is delicious, Hoseok’s lips are sinful, the grip on his hips magical and he really doesn’t have as much restraint in himself. Soon, the room is filled with Jimin’s not so quiet whimpers, begs and the sound of their bodies hitting against each other continously. Hoseok’s name spills from between his lips like a prayer, his brain not registering anymore that he’s loud as fuck, moaning like a luxury prostitute during group sex. He presses back to meet Hoseok’s thrusts but the sudden ache in his wrists makes him stop in his tracks, small whimper leaving his swollen lips and the older finally gets the hint, finally seems to have mercy on him because seconds later Jimin’s arms are falling against the pillow, the blood running painfully through his numb limbs causing him to frown and wine at the unpleasant feeling. Hoseok looks like he’s going to drown in the guilt washing over him and he even slows down opening his mouth to say something, something that Jimin doesn’t want to hear right now.

“Don’t stop, please. Not now” Jimin turns his head to the side, leaning into the hand that comes up to cup the side of his face. “Just-fuck- keep going” He finally pushes back against Hoseok’s hips and the moan that leaves his lips sounds so desperate, so pitiful.

“Louder” Hoseok demands and Jimin immediately follows his order, something between gasp, groan and moan escaping his throat but his week arms give out and his voice is muffled by the pillows, much to Hoseok’s dislike judging by the impatient groan vibrating against the skin of his back. The older pulls out, just for a second, to spin Jimin around and quickly reconnect them, spreading Jimin’s thighs as wide as possible. Jimin’s arms come up to curl around his neck, pulling him closer, closer until his puffy lips are pressing into the crook of Hoseok’s neck, until he’s able to moan into his heated skin, until his fingernails are scratching down Hoseok’s back grabbing both his ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly. He feels it building inside of him, the burning sensation of being swallowed by the pleasure, coiling low in his abdomen.

“Fuck yes, yes” Jimin is already loosing it, practically screaming by now, his prostate being abused doesn’t help at all and he really doesn’t care anymore. He just wants to shout as loud as he can that the dumbass fucking him right now, their sunshine, their hope is his, he’s making him feel like this and no one is going to experience that. Never.

“So hot” Hoseok growls into his temple and then Jimin notices three pairs of eyes staring at them from the hall. Something weird and hot curls in the pit of his stomach, tightening his guts and making the adrenaline run even faster if it’s even possible. Their friends are watching them, watching them having sex and none of them is stepping back, none of them is covering their eyes. And as fucked as it should be, it turns Jimin even more. It’s no secret Hoseok is his boyfriend, but they always try to keep the things to themselves, respecting the others’ space and privacy. Not this time tho. Maybe it’s Hoseok whose hips are doing incredible to him, maybe it’s his friends watching them doing incredible things, but whatever it is, it makes him gasp, beg and whimper before he releases between their sweaty bodies, Hoseok fucking him for a few seconds more before he’s finishing as well making sure to fill Jimin to the brim then pull away for others to see. The younger has hard time breathing, his eyes barely open, brain almost turned off from the amount of feelings washing over him. He look to the side but there’s no one in the hall and he feels both satisfied and disappointed. Hoseok stands up to get a wet washcloth from the bathroom and as he comes back, Jimin smiles at him, stretching his arms forward to pull him down on top of him. He’s going to feel so embarassed tomorrow morning, he’s fucking going to bury himself alive before any of the members can say anything to him. Hoseok got his revenge, he knows that, he humiliated him in front of the others, he fucked him with the others watching. And Jimin might be mental be he fucking loved it.

“I’m not done with you yet” Hoseok growls sexually against his lchin, capturing his lips in a heated kiss,

“I hoped so” Jimin replies after pulling back, his sore hand rubbing the side of Hoseok’s chest before he smacks their lips together.

Always at least one of “the boys” gets himself fat, looks like its the chunker to the left there sucking and hiding his gut and trying to cover it a bit with his hand, doesn’t want everyone on Facebook to see that he’s completely porked and gone to fat. Despite his efforts its not doing much to hide that bulging stomach and fleshy moobs. Gotten tubby.

All the color has been stolen from my life and I’m just a mere shell of a man that use to be something.

“And now I try hard to make it, I just wanna make you proud. I’m never gonna be good enough for you. Can’t pretend that, I’m alright, And you can’t change me. ‘Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever. I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect. Now it’s just too late and We can’t go back, I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect. I try not to think, About the pain I feel inside. Did you know you used to be my hero? All the days you spent with me, Now seem so far away And it feels like you don’t care anymore”
Simple Plan - Perfect 🎧

Chain Repulsion

Official lyrics from ARCHE EU


It breaks
It breaks from the mouth
It leaks
It leaks a pseudo world

After having a big laugh
It pierces into the bulls eye on the back multiple times
Global understanding

I just really want to live
Behind my favorite words
Your sacrifice is my life
Gulp it down
And hide the bulging vein with your hand

I hold the dazzling future close to me
A happy world for everyone?

That’s grand way to live
Are you a stage performer?

What now?
What now?
Contamination that knows no limit

After having a big laugh
It pierces into the bulls eye on the back multiple times
Global understanding
You too, calling yourself a supporter in public
After having a good laugh
To the marrow of the bone

I miss you so bad.