hide solo

Person A and B are in charge if decorations for a party for A’s friend, person C.But B and C never got along because of both sides overprotectivness over A.When A assigns B the poster, B makes the poster but using glow in the dark markers they drew dicks all over it, instead if sharpie ‘Cus hey if ur gonna prank someone, you need to be subtle.

But B doesn’t realize the party will be set outside, and the banner reveals at midnight.

But come party time and the banner is revealed, the dicks are blatantly obvious and A just stares at B who shrugs and tries to hide behind their red solo cup.

  • Sony/Syco: you've got to go solo! You're giving up on your dreams!
  • Harry: no, dad. I'm giving up on YOURS.



Okay, so I just read Zettai Zetsubou Kodaka for this week (May 26th, 2016) and…wow. It was really emotional, at least for me, especially given where I am now and how I’ve been feeling lately.

Basically, what happened is that Kodaka got permission to use hide’s “ever free” in the DR3 anime. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with a song that’s 18 years old, but as someone who grew up listening to X-Japan and hide’s solo stuff, this is more of the universe aligning in a delightful way for me.

Apparently, back when Kodaka was making the first Dangan Ronpa game, he listened to a lot of hide’s music, and made the game staff listen as well to give them an idea of what he was going for with the whole “psycho pop” theme. Even more than that though, he used to listen to “ever free” in particular all the time, like when riding his bike home in the middle of the night, to keep himself motivated. He’d listen and pump himself up thinking things like “it’ll be a hit that sells over 200,000 copies!” and “it’ll get a good review in Famitsu!” and “it’ll get an anime adaptation someday!”

The lines that particularly stand out to Kodaka are:

your dreams that everyone calls bullshit
they continue, still trembling within your breast
ever free, your story seems about to crumble
if you imagine it, would it be visible, your DReam?

(I’m sure someone at some point in the last nearly two decades has done a nicer job translating this song than I’m doing now, but you get the gist. Also, “DReam” with a capital D and R is legit part of the lyrics and just a happy accident in this case.)

Obviously success wasn’t as assured back then as it is at this point in the DR series, but “ever free” got Kodaka through all the nay-saying and the doubt, and he states that without “ever free”, there wouldn’t be Dangan Ronpa as we know it today. That’s why he wanted to use the song in DR3: The End of Kibougamine so badly.

And then he wrote this last paragraph, which speaks to me on a personal level:

And that’s my feelings on it. I guess this was a twist of fate. I hope that someday, just like I was influenced by hide-san, there will be someone in the next generation of creators who is influenced by my Dangan Ronpa series and gives birth to brand new art. If hide-san was still alive, I’d like to meet him, if only for a moment.

brb crying with DETERMINATION

Fic Rec Thursday ✿

thank you to all of the lovely people who were super supportive of me during my recent episode with anonymous hate regarding this fic rec (and super special thanks to @huxblush​ who’s such a sweetheart ♡)

–> Ascension (WIP) by @plinys
Ben Solo in hiding on Kashyyk, meets General Hux, this is one of my favourite WIPS in the fandom, the plot is just so unique and interesting that I seriously recommend you read this one, it’s amazing and so underrated

–> Catharsis by krispys_can
Hux/Finalizer, mechanophilia, and it’s hot as hell, Kylo is such a tease

–> Sought by Many, Found by One by @lady–starkiller
bounty hunter!Hux, one of the tags is “Ben Solo’s ‘Han Solo’-isms” and it’s so accurate, it’s really brilliant

–> Take Our Hands Out Of Control by @stereobone
♡ Hux working out his feelings towards Kylo, a stunning piece with highs and tragically sad lows about the evolution of Kylo’s and Hux’s relationship

–> A Satisfactory Report by @saltandlimes
♡ Kylo rides Hux whilst giving him interrogation report, pure sin, pure gold

–> How Vulnerable You Are by crystallineink
♡ post-Starkiller rescue, very sweet, lots of banter between them at the start

–> Bodies, Can’t You See? by sual
♡ omega Hux, mpreg, soft Kylux, lots of protective mama Hux, if you like mpreg then this is definitely worth it!!

–> Noah’s Ark (WIP) by graspthesanity
♡ AU, mafia baby!Hux & musician!Kylo, a super sweet first chapter introducing the primary characters, excited to see where it’s headed!

Under Glittering Chandeliers by @amndarose
♡ Kylo Amidala AU, fake relationship, BEAUTIFUL, Hux and Kylo are secretly protective of one another, greeeeat

–> There’s No Escape From My Authority (WIP) by @the-marron
♡ Emperor Hux and Kylux slow burn, Hux’s character is extremely well written and I’m super eager for more updates

–> Over, Under by @snaxo
♡ Hux braids Kylo’s hair and your teeth will rot from the adorable fluff

–> Oops, Engaged by JulieCox
♡ Accidental engagement, embarrassed Hux is cute, really adorable and has some super hot smut scenes in

–> Glowing Gold by @squire-reblogs                                                    ♡ post-TFA, Hux being reluctant to admit his feelings is reeeeeally cute, really engaging writing

–> Tug And War by @jonstarks                                                              ♡ power bottom Hux coaching virgin Kylo on fucking, EXCELLENT SMUT 

–> where the wild things go by @jonstarks                                           ♡ follow-up to and lead us not into temptation which is one of my all-time favourite kylux fics, my heart just can’t take how stupendous this work is

–> Ambitions by dentigerous                                                                 sequel to The Corruption of Ben Solo, which I just absolutely adored, and this piece is just as amazing, the writing is really immersive and its a really unique and vibrant take on Ben’s struggle with finding his place, super brilliant work

–> Tension by @mssdare                                                                       ♡ PWP, sub!Hux has a hungry desperation to get his release and its so hot, awesome smut

–> Homeostasis by @rex-luscus                                                               ♡ Bed-sharing, so cute, pre-Kylux 

–> All That You Left Behind (WIP) by @infinitelykylo                            ♡ Kylo dies and Hux doesn’t cope, fucking hell my heart was ripped out and smashed on the floor with this one, the tears were so real 

–> a change of plan by @poedatemeron                                                ♡ BDSM, bottom!Hux, a+++ smut holy hell 

–> The Slave With No Name (WIP) by @the-dead-play-witness             ♡ Slave!Hux, lovely characterisation of Hux, super interesting opening with the promise of only getting better with updates 

–> Space Cupcakes by @novasalt                                                         ♡ Tumblr AU, tooth-rotting fluff! 

–> find my way back to you by @bracefacefreak                                  ♡ redeemed!AU, Hux sensing that Kylo is in danger, fluff, hurt/comfort, protective!Hux is suuuuper cute

–> Heartless Machine by @the-cookie-of-doom                                     ♡ Droid!Hux, oh fuck my heart just breaks for Hux, the writing is super heartfelt and emotional 

–> Bloodsoaked Lullabies by @ficlet-machine                                      ♡ MafiaAU, sheer brilliance, the setting is really immersive and Kylo’s characterisation is extremely intriguing, definitely read this!

–> Fairway Gallows by @the-fluff-awakens                                            ♡ Teen Wolf AU, crackfic

That’s all for this week!


X JAPAN, “hide solo”, 1996.

I especially love.