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Daisy: Hey! 

Interviewer: Hi, how are you?

Daisy: I’m good, thanks.

Daisy mentally: So, they are most likely gonna ask me about Luke and Rey’s relationship like everyone else, I am prepared.

Interviewer: So, any information you can give on Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi?  


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You mentioned outdoor cats are bad for the environment and the cats health, however what if the cats nature/personality would mean it would be miserable living inside all the time?

There are plenty of ways to provide stimulation for an indoor cat without letting them roam unsupervised! Providing window perches, different heights and types of cat trees, rotating toys, food puzzles, hiding spots, and interactive solo toys are all things you can do to keep your indoor kitty mentally and physically stimulated. Also, clicker training and interactive play with your cat are great ways to be directly involved in stimulating your kitty! Here’s a link to a great article about cat enrichment.

Clicker training with my cat, Garrus. And you can see his tunnel in the background, which I rotate with other toys and boxes.

Going outside can be used as enrichment too–but they should be under your supervision, not roaming free. Instead, leash training your cat or providing outdoor enclosures are much safer alternatives. Leash training my cat was the best decision I’ve made for him. He is able to enjoy the outdoors, but in a safe and controlled manner. Here’s a little more information about leash training a cat. Indoor cats can become overweight, stressed, and develop behavioral issues if we as owners don’t make an effort to provide enough enrichment and exercise for them. However, that is not a good enough reason to let a cat roam outside where their health is at risk and the environment is at risk. What I would say for a cat that is miserable inside is that they are not receiving enough mental stimulation, not that they are incapable of living happily indoors. I know it can be hard to keep up with them; my cat spent half the night biting my toes because yesterday I did not do enough to stimulate him so he was totally bored and full of energy. Just keep reminding yourself that keeping them inside is what is best for them and the environment!

Garrus enjoys playing in the grass while out on a walk. Leash training is a great alternative to letting a cat free roam.

A Brief Recap of My Vacation Thus Far

- Yesterday, we accidentally took the wrong route and ended up on The Bad Bridge, everyone was panicked and our travel time was increased by an hour

- We still somehow made it here before the rest of my family. I get so much shit but honestly? None of us are capable of being on time

- There was a guy innocently dancing at a gas station, my grandmother called him a ‘nut’ and he heard and started laughing with us. This innocent interaction somehow sparked into a 30 minute race debate where I was told “It’s bad to be PC. You’re being too PC.” All I did was say “Hey, maybe don’t refer to non-white strangers as 'foreigners’”. Help me.

- My Grandmother, like, completely unprompted, started denying the fact that the world has a growing population that’s a bit of an issue??? Still confused

- I forgot. To pack. My headphones.

- My mother peer pressured me into drinking at dinner (omfg the waitress asked me if I had an id and literally before I could move to pull it out she goes 'who am I kidding, I can’t fucking see it unless you hold it all the way over the ocean). Despite my usually high tolerance, I hadn’t eaten all day so while I wasn’t acting drunk or tipsy I could not make my legs function properly rip

- I came home and slept for like six hours before my mother’s monstrous snoring woke me up at 2 am. Was never able to recover. I’m so tired rn

- The whole family, in true form, spent the morning ignoring me and then left for the beach without me. It took me over an hour to dredge up enough willpower to walk there myself

- I had to leave through the garage, in which you have to walk through the Hillbilly Murder Showers and struggle with The Very Small Yet Astoundingly Heavy Door. Despite pressing the button a total of six times, it still had to be essentially pried open

- This lead me to under the Boardwalk, which was covered with orange construction cones and had a huge gaping hole with Very Worrying Noises emerging from it, new feature this year. I almost took it as an omen to head back but trekked on anyway, managing to not fall into the hole.

- My family was found under a flag for the country of Montserrat, a place none of us have even heard of, but apparently my cousin kept getting emails that he had been promoted to the general of their military, and found the flag on complete coincidence and thought it fate. There was also an Eagles flag, because we are quite literally never allowed to forget that this is a Philly Family™

-  My mother learned the hard way that you’re supposed to Goddamn rub in the spray on sunscreen

- My hair got caught in my sunglasses so badly we almost had to consider using scissors to cut them out

- The Moon Was Apparently Out, But Only Eileen Can See It For Some Reason

- My younger cousins have a profound misunderstanding of what an undertow is

- The water was so rough today it was alarming tbh like HUGE waves hitting in the shallows, I was getting a little worried

- Even though alcohol has like, never been allowed on the beach, this year they apparently decided to Care About The Rules, so police officers were milling about. My family decided the best, least suspicious way to hide the beer was solo cups.

- I ate my weight in resses cups because I literally have no concept of self control

- Every time I pulled out my book, Jenna popped up going “did you know that movie sucked?”. She wouldn’t stop. I was there for three hours and barely made it to chapter 2

- Me, stuffing my face with cheese and sliced ham “idk veganism sounds kinda neat”

- My cousins three month old baby was there and my mom had to keep this child in her sight at all times like she was so convinced something was gonna Happen

- Also, the baby’s grandmother was holding her while she napped and she went on this little tangent to my mom like “My mother taught me how to put a baby to sleep-” like she kept going on in this nostalgic tone about her mother and finally mom was like “Kathy we’re literally sisters and mom is sitting right there you don’t have to do this no one cares”

- Megan took a nap and her seven year old woke her up to ask her where his shirt was and she got. UNREASONABLY mad at him. The whole 'God forbid I can rest I do everything’ spiel but like. Megan. Megan. You were asleep for like two hours. He’s seven. Megan he’s literally a baby he can’t exactly be independent all the time.

- Seanie came over and was sitting on the big wheel of the wagon next to me so I asked him what he was doing and he went “Well, apparently I can’t sit in a chair without people annoying me” and gave me a VERY pointed look so I just went back to my book so as to not invoke a 12 year old’s wrath

- Can I just say: Seagulls need to stay THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME

- I cowered in fear most of the day

- A man with a chair strapped to his back and very dark sunglasses wandered into our site, head tilted toward the sky and arms out in front of him, wobbling and almost fell into multiple holes my cousin’s dug. He didn’t seem to notice us as we called out to him, and eventually tumbled out of our site and plopped his chair down some ways away, which he collapsed into. The Elders and The Youngins’ were convinced he was blind and was whispering amongst themselves, if he’s blind where’s his cane? Why’s he here alone? Is he really blind. To which one relative finally quipped “Well, I’m sure some alcohol can MAKE you blind” and I was cracking up tbh like how HADNT they smelled the booze coming off him when he passed by?

- Danny, 12 years old, sitting calmly in the sun, drinking a large mason jar of pickle juice. When I politely asked him what the fuck, he turned and held eye contact with me for a solid three minutes, still drinking the pickle juice.

- When you’re scared about getting arrested for drinking a bottle of beer but someone can apparently start Blazing It™ feet away from the police with no repercussions

- Also…random observation but all the police officers, firemen, and various other In Charge people I’ve encountered down here over the years seem to be younger than me? Why is this place being run by 18 year olds?

- Intense debate about why there’s been so little promotion for Sharknado 5, airing this Sunday.

- Holy SHIT okay so I started leaving the beach right

- I’m having trouble trekking through the thick sand. My hair looks like a literal nest, I am unevenly pale and tan, a chair and bag are threatening to knock me over in the winds- basically I look outside like the mess I’ve always been inside.











- He said “Molly” one more time and I’m not kidding or exaggerating. I felt my name in his voice IN MY UTERUS.

- We did not speak the entire ride, but he somehow knew pretty much exactly where to drop me off and told me to have a great day before rovering off into the fucking sunset

- I am still so SHOOK right now who was this man????? I know for a fact I’ve never met him before so HOW DID HE KNOW MY NAME. Why did fate bring us together when I looked so authentically me???? Who is pulling these strings I Would Like A Word With Them

- I need to lie down it’s been far too long since I was this attracted to a person idk what to do goodnight


Ninety-two days
out of the mental hospital
you told me,
“cool it with the cookies”.

See, to supplement the Klonopin
I cooked up my own cure.

Three slightly underdone
chocolate-chip cookies
taken by mouth each night
with a glass of cold milk
and forehead kisses.

I was trying to bake
back you to life:
to that good old
golden brown.

Remind you what it is
to have sweetness inside.
Convince you to to be alive.
If for nothing else,

The same metal spoon
that crushed the pink pills
under the press
of your numb fingers
now scoops out the dough
into gooey spheres
plopped on the pan.

But the chub was chunking,
you said with a chuckle.
“Maybe some carrots and dip?
I want to start running again.”

That’s the first time I knew
you had moved back into
the home of your body.

Movie night,
indie flick,
Craigslist couch,
lightly salted
sweet potato chips
(sans chocolate).

I am the Little Dipper
and you are the Big.

She’s on the floor now,
the lady on the screen;
she’s committing suicide.
No. She’s attempting it.
There’s a difference.

My breath is suddenly
sucked into the quick sand
-trap of my trachea.

We are both so still and so quiet-
there is a stillness and quietness
to watching any movie,
of course.
But this is different.

This is a nauseating nostalgia.
They will call the police now.
She will stay there for weeks.
By the time she gets home,
the carpet will have been replaced
with eggshells.
The cutlery with plastic.
The locks on the bathroom
door with keys atop the frame.

Just then, your arms
tighten around
the circumference
of my belly
and you breathe
in the hair twisted
down my spine.

That’s how I know
you want to be here.

Some days the shadows are sticky.
Some days you wake up
with cinderblocks stacked
sixty stories high on your chest.

Some days I pull your parts
out of bed, piece by piece,
and assemble them back
into a body. Paste the knuckles
to the palms,
screw the knees to the bend,
shingle the shoulders
into their scaffolding.

Some days it works
and you walk out of the house
breathing mechanically.

Some days I can’t find the “ON” switch
beneath the bruising shadows.
Some days I flip it
and nothing.
I flick it up and down furiously
and you don’t even blink.

Some days lick you limp.
Some days I kneel by the bed
and cry into your toe pads,
begging them to curl
and carry you into your day.

Sometimes I swear
we are playing
Hide and Seek
because I spend all day
searching for you;
even through you’re right there.

Some days it’s all I can do
to push the straw
between your clenched teeth.

Some days your shadow
stands upright and drags
your carcass behind it.

Some days I play a solo game
of Hide In Case You Seek.
Stash all the steak knives
in my sock drawer;
bury the box cutter
in the plant’s dirt.
Count the pills.
One, two, three, four…

How long has it been since
I checked that you were still breathing?

How long has it been
since I took a breath
without measuring its
length, it’s intention,
its air quality
against yours?

Last night I watched you get tattooed;
the white plane of your wrist
reborn in sharp technicolor.

You did not tell the artist how
that very swatch of skin
had once been promised
to another;
another blade that was hungry
to spill hues across your skin;
but only two: red and then black.

As she scratched meaning
into your arm,
you began to leak
with your own pigment.
I watched you bleed
to live and not to die.

That time blood on your wrist
meant you had chosen life.

You just told me
you’re getting your graduation
picture taken this Wednesday.
And next fall
you’re going to the rainforest
to save the sick animals.

Look at you baby,
going places.

But for now,
you are here.
My head is on your shoulder.
I see your x on my map.
What a treasure.
You are here.

May you always choose
to stay.

El barely knows what Halloween is, much less who she wants to dress up as. Mike explains it as best he can, but the more he tries, the more he realizes that the concept is a little silly.

The idea comes to him in the middle of the night, and he can’t stop grinning over it. The next day he explains his plan to his mother and begs her to take him to the craft store. She agrees to help, and together they pick out bolts of fabric.

At home, he tells Eleven that it’s time she saw Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, after all, they’re the coolest movies ever. So they settle on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and start in on the first movie. Watching El’s reactions is fun for Mike; her face lights up every time Obi-Wan or Luke uses the force.

At the end of TESB, Mike can hardly contain his excitement and he asks El, “So what do you think of Leia?”

She smiles. “Pretty.”

Mike blushes before the next words even leave his mouth. “Yeah, that’s why I thought you should be her for Halloween. You know, the dress-up day?”

He’s flustered now, and he thinks about abandoning the conversation entirely. “I mean… and… I could be Han.”

El touches a finger to his chest. “Han?”

He nods, gaining confidence. “I mean, I kind of have the right hair for it.” Taking her by the hand, he leads her to his room and shows her the costumes he’s been hiding. Han Solo and Princess Leia.

“My mom made them. They’re pretty cool, right?”

A week later on Halloween, Mike says “I love you” to El for the first time. It is returned with a shy smile and a quiet “I know.”

Halloween doesn’t seem so silly to Mike anymore.


OH MY GOSH! the members called out Siwon’s name (who was totally caught off guard) to do another solo strip show and….fUCK! WTF ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  >> rockstar @ 8:24


Robert Solo smiled with infuriating mildness, pressing the scalding Epsom compress to Han’s chin again. Supine on the oilcloth-covered worktable Han hissed, digging his fingers into his own thighs.

“Hellfire. You gotta grind that salt in? I ain’t no—hey, hey!

“Just trying to clean the wound, little brother.”


“Horseshit’s what you get,” Robert snapped, “rolling around in the muck of Silver Street.” 

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