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fist panel : Discord please try to understand , its not you she fears

second panel : Its the power…the disharmony…the tragedy…

third panel: she has no good memories to hide in…

fourth panel : she is constantly expecting the worst 

princess Celetia explains to discord why ink wouldn’t be excited to be a element of disharmony

OK guys hear me out on this but- I think that the entire TAZ world, or at least the seven red-robes are running on a constant majoras mask/refuge year long loop that resets with the earth being devoured by The Hunger, and that there is a second voidfish that (up until now) kept this a secret

There will be a tl;dr at the end

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Allura pilots the Black Lion and gets annoyed when she finds out Black is hiding something from her. It's even worse when she finds out about Shiro. After some arguing with her, the Lion lets her see it. It's over an hour later when the others come looking for her. She's red faced and flustered. Black was hiding treasured memories of Shiro gushing about 'this most beautiful princess' to her.

i’m not crying i just have an OTP in my eye. please, for your consideration, think of shiro confiding to Black:

  • i just don’t know why she’d sacrifice herself for me. i mean, i’m just… and she’s-!
  • do you think she knows how i feel?
  • she has so much strength, but… it’s nice to know she feels she can be vulnerable about me. because she can, y’know? i want to help her in any way that i can.
  • god, black, i’m really screwed, aren’t i?
  • i mean, i fell in love with a princess who is strictly off limits for so many reasons and…
Mobile Masterlist *Renewed*




Baby Daddy 
A Little Too Much Information {Angel!Reader}
Turn That Frown Upside Down 
The Night Before Christmas 


Run And Hide-Memory Lane

Misery Loves Company

Hold Onto Me

Back In Black {Demon!Dean}

The Next Step 

And You Let Her Go

Treat Yourself


Flannel {Sibling!Reader}

It’s A Jolly Christmas 

Love Me Tender 

Run And Hide-Memory Lane 

Hold Onto Me

Happy Hour

All Blood No Tears

For Juju’s Challenge  @jared-padaloveme

All For A Book 

Angry Pets

Don’t Ask Why

Broken And Bruised

Dream On Dreamer 



Sweet Love


Game Changer














Acts Of Affection {GIF PREFERENCE}



Your First Kiss


Dating Dean Would Include

Dating Sam Would Include

Dating Castiel Would Include

Dating Lucifer Would Include

Dating Balthazar Would Include

Dating Gabriel Would Include

Sam Liking Dean’s Girlfriend 

Dean Liking Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam Having A Tall Girlfriend

Crowley Liking Gabriel’s Girlfriend

Being Dean’s Girlfriend Before He Turned Into A Demon 

TFW Dream Girl 

Lucifer Having A Fascination With Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam’s Girlfriend Being A Demon 

 ➤Dean Wanting Something He Can’t Have

Tfw Reaction To Hearing Their Gf’s Moan Their Names In Their Sleep

How Tfw Acts When Their Gf’s Are On Their Period

Popping That Cherry

Sam Finding Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant 

Benny’s Reaction To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

Tfw Reacting To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

A To Z Headcanon: O 



  ➤A To Z Headcanon:K-BMOL








I Don’t Trust Him 

Game On 

Caught In The Act

Burning Desire


Bad Things Happen To Good People 

Game On  


Coming Undone 

All Blood No Tears


I Don’t Trust Him 


My Favourite Salvatore 










How You’s Make Out {GIF PREFERENCE}

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Kai Parker Would Include 



Game Changer 


Focus On My Lips


Under The Mistletoe 

Chasing The Past 




Dating Mon El Would Include 




I’ve Got You 

My Saviour 


Did You Even Love Me

I’ll Just Save Myself


Dreams Do Come True

Something Else {Young!Derek}

Sweet As Sugar, Cold As Ice


I’ve Got You 


No Way Not Him

You’re The Only One I Want


Well Then


Only Liam

Anger Issues

You Should Of Told Me

Hunter More Like Heartbreaker 

What Are You Doing In A Boys Locker Room?

Forgive Me Please

First Time

Birthday Surprises

Should Have Knocked First


I’m Not Giving Up On You 

House Warming 


Can’t I Hug My Girlfriend 


My Little Fighter 


He Does Love Her 

No Way Not Him 


Love Is A Complicated Thing

Dating The Enemy

Bad Intentions

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

She’s Not A Failure

Dangerous Love



Mind Blowing 


Not Again 


Our Little Princess 

Secrets Have A Way Of Coming Out 

I’ll Just Save Myself 

What Have I Done 

Christmas Cheer 



The Green Eyed Monster 


Safe In His Arms 

Only You { Male!Reader}

Acquaintances To Lovers 

You Matter To Me  -You’re Not Alone 

She’s Not Allison

Picking Up The Pieces

Mood Killer

Just Like Animals

Love In Their Eyes


Unsaid Feelings 


Deja Vu 

Not Going Anywhere 



   ➤Stay With Me 

We’ll Find Her  


Bad Intentions 

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

The Wrong Girl

Mind Blowing

Fa La La La La 


Just Breathe

Darling You’ll Be Okay


Naughty Girl 


Backseat Fun 









You Die And He/She Isn’t Handling It Well

They Find Out You Aren’t Human

You Get Into A Car Crash And Lose Your Memory


You Are Dead And They Are The Only Ones That Can See You

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Jackson Would Include

Dating Stiles Would Include

Dating Liam Would Include

Isaac Having A Crush On Scott’s Girlfriend Who Is Lydia’s Sister 

Isaac Liking His Tutor

Isaac Dating A Winchester And Finding Out She’s A Hunter  

A To Z Headcanon: Y 


You’re So Jealous ➤D.O



➤ Come Home

➤ Secret Mission

➤ Touch

➤ It’s Always You

➤ No One Hurts My Girl


➤ Witch Girl

Peter Parker

➤ Love Isn’t What It Seems

Steve Rogers

➤ Holding On And Letting Go


Dating Steve Rogers Would Include

Dating Bucky Would Include



It’s All Good Baby


@redandlizzie this is for you ;-)

Okay, so pure speculation here, but I wanted to look at this Dr. Krilov guy a little closer and theorize about the bombshell he dropped last night - that he supposedly treated Lizzie a second time two years ago and erased another memory of hers… 

Also, were we given the final clue as to who was actually fighting with Lizzie’s bio dad when she shot her father the night of the fire? 

Time to go down the rabbit hole again folks :)

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This is all going to be fine. 

First of all Emma wasn’t even mad that Killian was the one who Killed Charmings dad. Emma knows that is all in Killian’s past. Emma is more upset that Killian was going to burn the memory and hide it from her. This is progress. This is a NORMAL couples fight. Emma and Killian will get past this and all will be forgiven. Killian, like Emma will learn to not hide any more secrets. Serious this is a VERY GOOD thing. This is part of a HEALTHY relationship.



Willow Rosenberg

I’m all sweaty and trapped, no memory, hiding in a pipe from a vampire… and I think I’m kinda gay.

Requested by @littleliefatpies
Happy 20th Anniversary to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


(((Lost? Read my previous ramblings HERE)))

DISCLAIMER: There is indeed a curse in the film, but it was directed at Nicolas Romanov. Rasputin said to him: “Mark my words; you and your family will die within a fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov reign forever.” 

Then magic and the revolution happens, the royal family falls and Rasputin dies. But since Anastasia cheated death, Rasputin cannot rest in peace and is doomed to an existence in limbo. He feels the consequences of his curse, but Anastasia is in no way affected by it throughout the film. 

Yes, she looses her grandmother and suffers from hallucinations and amnesia for 10 years, but these things are not connected to the curse from the beginning of the film. 

Anastasia - “Let me go! Please!”
Rasputin - “You will never escape me child. Never!”

So - back to my random thoughts on this animated classic from 1997!! The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. My problem with the magic in this movie would have been SO EASY to fix. The only thing needed would have been a curse cast on Anastasia, something along the lines of: “You shall forever be apart from all your family”

When the curse is first taking effect, that is when Anastasia is separated from her grandmother (instead of grandma just having a weak grip), and then Rasputin´s magic keeps her away from her family. There could have been a short montage her grandmother coming back to look for her granddaughter, but the curse is making it impossible for them to find each other.

Grandmother - “Hold onto my hand!”
Anastasia - “Don´t let go!”

Even Anastasia´s amnesia would have been more intriguing his way; the curse is actively forcing out her memories (instead of being the aftermath of an unrelated accident). But throughout the film the memories are trying to re-surface as best as they can in the form of hallucinations and dreams (que “Once Upon A December!!”). Imagine the ball-room scene slowly but surely becoming more and more green in color, as the curse is doing it´s best to hide the memories of her family. This way it would also make more sense why Anastasia cannot recognize her family (or even herself) when looking at the paintings in the palace (btw, why hasn’t all the shit been stolen during these past 10 years???)

It isn’t until Dimitri comes along and forces Anastasia to meet her grandmother again when the curse is finally broken. All in all: the whole idea of Anastasia being a victim of dark magic would have been more suspenseful from a storytelling POV, but this way we would also have had a much better connection between the main character and the villain. Not only are they both cursed, but now the magic that Rasputin possesses has been affecting Anastasia all this time.

Anastasia - “That face…”

As the movie is now, Anastasia is not in any way aware of Rasputin after she accidentally hits hear head as a child. And when they meet again in the movies climax he is simply the man who swore revenge on her family (and has been trying to kill her during the past couple of days without her having any clue about it)

But THIS WAY he would be 100% responsible for all her misery - her memory-loss,  the separation from her grandmother, her hallucinations - Everything would now be connected to Rasputin instead of being mostly based on a series of unfortunate events.

Rasputin - “And me… A rotting corpse… Last seen at a party like this one.”
Anastasia - “A curse!”
Rasputin - “Followed by a tragic night on the ice. Remember?”

Notice how all of these lines would have been more impactful if Anastasia was cursed too!! :o

The point of all this? 

IDK. It´s 3.30AM and this is what I do when I cannot sleep - Ramble on about animated movies. But admit that this should have been canon. :P

Winter Shadow - chapter 1

I’m kinda scared to post this (even though I’ve turned off anon), I’m sorry if it’s crap or you don’t want me to post stuff.

I’m at work today but it’s a slow day so I started writing someting. Sorry. This is from a prompt that @pixierox101 sent me ages ago. I hope I haven’t screwed up your nice idea, thank you for sending it to me. x

It was like a ballet, watching them together. They moved in perfect synchrony, every move complementing the other in a dance to the death. They didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. Decades of training, of suffering, had left them connected in a way that no one could break. They circled each other, back-to-back but aware of the other’s every move, ready to defend, to attack, to win.

They had their roles, each knowing their place on this mission. He was there to break, to destroy, to kill, to create mayhem and fear. She was there to infiltrate, to penetrate the unbreakable, to leave slow devastation in her wake, chaos that would insinuate itself into computer systems, into people’s minds. Each knew their role, and supported the other.

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I know JK, I know ;-) *his face tho*  *V’s sexy back*

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Something that will always confuse me is how Ishida implies that Hide is important to Kaneki yet Hide appears so little in the manga that he's very easily forgotten, at least I easily forgot about him and I never really thought that he was /that/ important to Kaneki until chapter 75 :re and that really took me by surprise. Something else that really didn't make me think of Hide as that important was that Kaneki didn't think of him when he 'died' like with everyone else. Strange relationship. :O

So weird, I was just thinking about a question I answered like this last night and woke up to a new one lol :’)

But anyway, Hide was Kaneki’s singular means of support during his extremely important formative years as a child, and they were best friends for more than ten years. Ishida just said recently, “Kaneki would be a lot more depressed if it wasn’t for him”.

If I could speak very personally for a moment, just for the sake of example, my dad died suddenly from an aneurysm on my birthday 13 years ago. I still can’t remember that night– only little flickers of what happened, because it was traumatic. I also spent ten years aggressively trying to block out and hide away anything that had to do with my dad, because I hated the way his passing hurt me and hurt my family; I hated crying, I hated feeling scared, I hated feeling that physical pain in my chest… so I tried to ignore it (turns out did more damage than good– surprise!).

So now consider Kaneki, who is not only grieving the loss of his best friend, but trying to block out the thought that he might’ve killed him. Kaneki isn’t thinking about him or talking about him because it hurts and he doesn’t want to. He’s even twisted the memory into Hide offering himself– taking the pressure off himself by making Hide a hero instead– but still not enough to bring the whole memory back. 

Basically, Hide is still extremely important to Kaneki. The thought of him is what saved Kaneki against Arima twice. He just can’t bear the idea that it might be his fault that he’s gone, so his brain has mangled the memory and hid it away in order to protect him from even more pain. Kaneki is purposefully not thinking or talking about him because he’s grieving and it hurts

Hidekane fic recs

In no particular order:

I Will Find You - Emmegs (T/22,727)
In a world where Haise never remembers Kaneki, and Hide emerges from the shadows of the CCG information division, Haise and Hide are undeniably drawn together – Hide because he knows who Haise is, and Haise for some undefinable reason that he can’t put a finger on.
Haise/Hide and Kaneki/Hide that is so so amazing, the reason I decided to even do a fic rec. Canon divergence very well incorporated into the mangaverse, the right amount of action, violence, angst, and fluff. What could have happened if Ishida Sui liked happy endings

Everything That Haunts You - EMmegs (T/8,114)
They’re just two broken people trying to fix the world.“I could have walked away when you disappeared. I could have moved on with my life, tried to find new friends. But… You’re my everything. I don’t think I had any other choice but to follow you. Even if it meant diving into the dangers of the ghoul world and insanity or even swimming with sharks. I couldn’t have stopped myself, even if I tried.”

Nighttime Memoir - hide_if_you_ken (T?/3,933)
Kaneki looks back on all the steps of the way that lead him to where he was now, tucked safely on Hide’s side, watching his bare chest rise and fall as his fingers threaded through his hair. It’s been a very long treacherous road, but Kaneki wouldn’t take back any step. It ultimately lead him home, and for that he was thankful.

Safe and Sound - PuppetRhymes (M/4,191)
Haise isn’t sure what it is about Hide that makes him feel so at home but he does know that the song Hide sings to him is oddly familiar he just doesn’t understand why.

Make It Right - thyandra (T/6,359)
They are like a puzzle in the way they fit in the tiny crevices and asperities of one another’s personality with extreme ease as if they know exactly where the other draws their line and never have to even cross it to feel it in their own skin as an outstretching of their own self. They are opposites, but that only adds to their nature. They are bound to attract to one another, and they are glad to do just that.

Or: the one in which Hide is an investigator from Division II and his partner in the upcoming investigation is a shadow from his past.

Anatomy Lesson - kerfuffle171 (E/4,482)
Hide has a big test in his Anatomy class tomorrow, but for the life of him, he can’t remember the bones of the body. Kaneki, knowing first-hand how many bones there are in the human body and what they are all called (sorry Ayato), offers to teach Hide with his own special method. He agrees, and will never, ever, forget them for the rest of his life.
Oh my was this fic some amazing slow build into smut ;D It’s all worth in in the end 

Testing Patience - kerfuffle171 (E/7,493)
Kaneki really, really wants to teach Hide using the same method he used before, except with the muscles instead of the bones. But, Hide really doesn’t want to remember the muscles forever and ever, so he refuses, saying Kaneki’s method is too much of a distraction. Kaneki, being the overreactor that he is, decides to make sure Hide will have no “distractions” until after Hide’s test.
The sequel to Anatomy Lesson ;d

Closing the Distance - walking_through_autumn (T/2,231)
Or, three times Kaneki keeps a distance, and one time Hide closes it. (Spoilers up to chapter 136.)
Beautifully written Kaneki pov

My Happy Endings All Have You In It - unknown/orphan_account (T/1,387)
In hindsight, it had probably been a terrible idea to ask a ghoul for sparring lessons and the unpleasantness of being thrown around like a rag-doll is to be expected, but the flex and pull of Kaneki’s muscles and the little things that it does to the butterflies in Hide’s stomach? Kind of unexpected.
My god there is so much fluff to it I love it; training and confessions what more can I ask for

Spirit In The Sky - lemaine (T/2,853)
In which Kaneki seriously decides to go home with Hide because come on, how can he not.
A.K.A. Yet another feels-y alternate ending to TG.
All the floofs and confessions after sewer events, best friends’ banter is just spot on

All Those Times We Could’ve Watched the Stars and Didn’t - kerfuffle171 (T/3,651)
Instead of best friend, Kaneki accidentally calls Hide his boyfriend when they’re attacked. Now, Nishiki keeps using the B word whenever Hide is in earshot. Kaneki is embarrassed. About everything.
Needed me some matchmaking fun

Declivity - ayadormouse (T/3,062)
Kaneki finds solace; he finds home. (inspired by events of :re chapter 75)

Coffeeshop Aromas - zynnser (E/7,366)
Kaneki should have known something was up when Hide didn’t complain about Touka not being the one to fill his order. A cappuccino made by the cutest barista indeed.

Trust Fall - zynnser (E/5,143)
Kaneki’s voice sounds choked, like he still can’t believe that Hide loves the parts of him that aren’t human and that? Is not acceptable.
So unexpectedly fluffy! Is pwp but so well written making me go awwh. All about how gentle (or not) those kagune can be

Massages - kahluah (E/3,378)
Kaneki’s back is a bit sore and Hide decides to give him a massage
Yeah you know exactly where this is going

Make It Easy (say i never mattered) - explows (T/3,474)
au; hide finds kaneki.

Inescapable Heat - kahluah (E/5,927)
Something was wrong with his body today. It was hot, uncomfortable, and he couldn’t stop his mind from drifting to rather… compelling imagery. The last thing he needed was for his best friend, Hide to show up and visit him.

Improper Usage - SlayerEnfiniti (E/4,735)
Hide finds out about Kaneki being a ghoul.

Stay, If Only for a Night - shatteredcrystalwings (T/4,099)
Hide almost becomes prey to a hungry ghoul only to be rescued by someone he hadn’t seen in months.
This one is absolutely hilarious and I love it when Tsukiyama walks in on awkward scenarios that seem suggestive but actually not lol

Work In - misanthrobot (T/3,101)
Sasaki Haise doesn’t meet his crush at the CCG, or in Anteiku, or on top of a tall building as the sun sets. They don’t lock eyes in an aquarium or at the park. They don’t even lock eyes. Instead, Haise meets him at the gym while he’s bent over the reception desk. Normally he’d point out the rule violation, but that’s hard to do when one is blatantly ogling another person’s ass.

Restless - Momus (E/3,723)
Hide can’t seem to find a way to entertain himself, so he heads to Anteiku to find someone who will.

For Him- Montana2163 (G/3,464)
Hide never stopped loving Kaneki, even after they drifted apart.
So much angst D:   

And In the Darkness, I Found You - potatopierrot (T/147,326)
Perhaps the addition of a certain blond to their family isn’t so bad after all.

279 Missed Messages- Icepool (E/8,568)
After receiving his phone for the first time since Kaneki officially “went missing,” the half ghoul realizes just how empty his life is without Hide.

Those Nights- immafluxing (M/14,306)
When he finds himself outside of Hide’s apartment late one night, Kaneki is forced to face the past he’s left behind, and finds himself tempted by a future that he knows he cannot have.

The Fall of Icarus- fishpun (E/12,782)
–in which what should have been a normal Friday night ends up being ruined when a storm knocks the power out, and their friendship changes forever.

Inconvenienced- Sinnykins (M/4,577)
Sometimes minor details are swallowed up in the intensity of Hide’s enthusiasm to please Kaneki. And sometimes that minor detail is an empty tube of lubricant discovered halfway through the act. Late night convenience store run shenanigans ensue to rectify this mistake. 
It was wild from start to finish, and hilarious lol

Your Body Told Me In a Dream - unknown/orphan_account (E/13,087)
For months Haise’s memories had been threatening to return. He knew that meant remembering the people he had once loved, but at maybe at the cost of losing himself to the pain he had experienced. One night, a recollection of Hide brings back his memories before he can stop them, and he’s desperate to find out whether or not Hide is still alive.

Hiraeth - aeliia (T/85,939) 
Panic. That was the feeling that consumed Hide’s mind while being held captive in a room for days. But being held against his will isn’t his only problem; there’s something different about his body, and he doesn’t know what.
Bamf Hide is the best 

Five Years Too Long - momus (E/4,229)
It’s been five years when Kaneki overhears CCG members whispering about a member unknown to him, so he decides to do some digging and comes face-to-face with Hide who’s been hidden away from Kaneki by the CCG so he can continue his work for them.
I love reunion fics  

—–Other Pairings—–

Truce- hyoushin, ijuono (M/3,832)
His sadness felt as cold as the icy rain freezing his body, but someone made him feel warmth again.
Amoneki (i actually shipped this before hidekane, way back when..lol)

Unintended - sasassy (M/6,267)
When Touka finds Hide after the Raid, she puts up with him for Kaneki’s sake, to honour his memory. She didn’t expect this sentiment to ever change - until it does.
HidexTouka - I actually only read this because I misread the tag ships as hidekane haha…I did end up quite liking it though!

Learning to Ride

A while back @audreycritter and I were talking about Jason and bike riding which bloomed the idea for this story. Thanks so much Audrey for all your help getting me through this. : ) 

Words: 5,200

Rating: Gen

Summary:  Bruce was going to teach Jason how to ride a bike, but he’d died before they’d gotten to try. When Jason finds his bike in the attic Bruce decides it’s maybe time to try again.

Warnings: None

AO3 Link


Jason couldn’t remember why he’d gone up to the attic. There’d been a reason, he was sure, but whatever it had been was lost on him the moment he laid eyes on the bike. Unlike most everything else in the dimly lit space it was pristine. Not a speck of dust or dirt rested on it. The paint was as fresh and red as the day Jason had picked it out at the store. The tires were full and the chain looked brand new.

He reached out and touched his hand to the rubber grips on the handles, brushing his fingers over the rough edges of one of the bike’s only imperfections. The rubber was scuffed just so on the handle from where it had hit the concrete. If he reached down, he’d find a matching scruff on the hard plastic of the pedal. He’d been supposed to go out with Bruce to ride it. Instead he’d been late, caught up at a meeting. What it was for Jason couldn’t remember, he hadn’t cared enough at the time, only that it had ruined a promise. He’d wanted to show Bruce, show him what he’d missed out on, by learning himself.

He’d found out quickly that the bike was a bit too big for him, just like Bruce had warned him, and the weight of it had been too much. Too much to attempt riding, especially when he didn’t know how. Except he’d been so angry. So, he’d acted out, wanting to stir an emotion from Bruce, even if it wasn’t the one he actually needed. All he’d gotten for it was a scraped knee and a scuffed bike.

He had the distinct memory of shoving the bike against the brick of the shed he was supposed to keep it in and stomping inside. He’d blown past a worried Alfred and disheveled Bruce, just come back from his meeting, only half an hour late for their promised time.

He’d seethed with self loathing for the rest of the night. At falling. At scratching his new bike. At himself for not waiting for Bruce. He couldn’t get Bruce’s confused look out of his head, or his words twinged with hurt. He’d promised. He’d left early. He’d even come back. If only Jason had waited. There was still a faint scar on his knee from the accident. A little white line as a reminder of how impatience and hotheadedness could mess up something good.

“There you are, do you need some help finding the box?” Bruce’s voice, jarring in the way it was so normal, erased the lingering tones of hurt Jason had almost been able to hear moments ago.

Jason turned to look at him, Bruce had noticed the bike. A small smile turned up the corners of his mouth. “I remember when I got that for you.”

It hit him again how dusty everything else was. How the room was filled with the disused, old, and forgotten. His hand fell from the handle like it had burned him. His mind went back to the memorial, always in sight, always ready to bring fresh the memory of his death. And his room, the first time he’d walked in it had been like a tomb. Frozen in time. Not a thing moved from where he’d left it, socks draped over his chair, a book half open on the bed. There hadn’t been a speck of dust to be found there either, it had even smelled clean. Like lemon, the bright scent a burning contrast to the dreary weight of memory. A room should never smell like lemon.

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We Make the Kingdom

Limbo is dark and numb and quiet. A perfect place to hide from probing memories of a haunting nightmare. It’s too good to last. The thud of booted feet and cold clink of metal on metal disturb your peaceful oblivion. The sounds drag you unwilling towards the threshold of consciousness. You don’t want to wake up. You don’t remember why, but waking is bad. Very bad.

The boots come closer, kicking wood aside. “I think this one’s still alive.”

“Is there a bite?”

Calloused skin and leather brush your cheek as someone pushes your head aside with a sniff and a sigh. “Yes. About a day ago from the smell.”

Hooves rattle the loose stone beneath your scraped feet. A saddle creaks and someone else takes another deep sniff. “She’ll turn soon. Kill her,” the second, deeper voice commands.

“Seems a pity. Looks pretty beneath the muck.”

“She will not be so pretty when she goes for your throat,” the voice replies with an irony-laden half laugh. His tone softens as he adds, “No one can survive a bite like we can, let alone this girl. You’ll-”

“Be saving her. I know, I know. I’ll be quick.”

Despite his words, the knife that presses against your heart hesitates. Its deadly tip doesn’t even break skin. Your remaining strength rallies to force your eyes open. If you’re going to die, you’re as sure as hell going to at least look the beasts killing you in the eyes. They had everything else far too easy.

The wide eyes that look back at you seem too deep to belong to a monster. The face too handsome too. At least what you can make out as your vision blurs.


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Show Me

You’re doing it again.

 You know exactly what I’m talking about.

 You’re doubting yourself again, thinking if you ignore the divinity in your veins, it’ll just stop. 

 Stop doing that. Sleep, I know you’ve stopped sleeping to hide from the memories.

 You aren’t okay, and it shows. It shows when you stare in the mirror and look for your halo. 

 It shows when you look to the night sky, in a city where the light pollution has taken over, and you miss home. 

 It shows so deeply when you get into fist fights with gods and laugh as you stare at your bloodied skin. 

 Stop doing that. Stop ignoring the pain of your lost wings.

 The more you ignore it, the stronger it’ll get.

 We can not change our fates, no, but we can embrace them.

 Embrace your inhuman soul and breathe. 

 Breathe and show me you’re doing it right.

 Show me you are living and you are strong. 

You’ve got this, you always have.

 Look into the mirror and draw your halo into the fog.

 Drive into the rural places and stare at the stars, and feel at home. 

 Get into fights with gods who are in the mood for a strife. I can’t stop you from fighting, now can I?