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George Weasley x reader Yule Ball

Pairing: George x reader

Warnings: Nah. It’s just fluff

A/N: Hey guys! This is my very first fanfic, hope you guys like it. The fanfic takes place in The Goblet of Fire and feel free to request. For now, I’m only going to accept Fred and George requests. Make sure to vote and requests are open! :^) 

My breath hitched.

My heart beat faster.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

There I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; The woman I’ve been madly in love with.

(Y/N) was a girl from my year. A girl that I find myself slowly falling for whenever I see a glimpse of her beauty and when I started getting to know who she really is. (Y/N) was sorted into Ravenclaw in our 1st year whilst I was sorted into Gryffindor. At first, I didn’t really care about it because I used to think of her as just another student in Hogwarts when in reality she’s more than that. The day I first talked to her was in the library when I decided to sit next to her whilst she was doing her homework in Transfiguration whilst I do mine. Whilst I was doing my homework, I accidentally nudged the bottle of ink which spilled black ink on her paper. 

“Oh crap! I’m so so sorry” I apologized picking up the bottle and trying my best to stop the ink from going to her parchment paper but, I made it worse.

She sighed. Frustration and anger showed on her face. She looks like she will punch me in the face any second for what I just did.

“I’m very very so-” 

“It’s fine. Just be more careful if you don’t want me to punch you” she said making me chuckle.

“I’m George Weasley” 

“I know. You’re the other half of the Weasley twins famous for your pranks”

“How’d you know? So what do you think about our pranks?” I said. A smirk growing on my face.

“Well, obviously I’ve seen some of your pranks and I can overhear girls blabber on how great you and Fred are and how you guys were a hot piece of meat.” she replied rolling her eyes at the last sentence. “oh and the pranks? I’d say I’m impressed about how you guys could think of such ridiculous pranks and manage to not get caught” she added.

“Right they are,” I said winking making her roll her eyes and laugh.

“What? Don’t you agree with them Ms? what’s your name?” I said.

“My name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and no, I don’t agree with them” she replied smiling a bit. 

We then continued our conversation; talking about our lives, interests, and sharing lots of banter. This soon develops a close friendship between us despite our differences.

Days, weeks, months, years, have passed. I started to feel something different when I’m with her. My heart beats faster when I stare deep in her (Y/E/C) orbs or by just simply glancing at her. The atmosphere changes whenever we talk to each other–feeling like it’s only the two of us in the room. The sadness I feel whenever she doesn’t go to our meeting spot in the library. 

That’s when I realize

That I’m head over heels for (Y/N).

I fell in love with her personality, her beauty, and her imperfections. Everything about her just seems perfect.

Now fast forward to the present.

The day of our Yule Ball.

I still can’t believe though that I had the balls to ask her out. Although I did say that I’ll only go with her as “friends” since I fear that she finds out I like her and that will ruin our friendship. 

She did say yes so the nervousness kind of lessened. My thoughts were cut off when my eyes laid on a particular person.

My breath hitched.

My heart beat faster.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

There I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; The woman I’ve been madly in love with. 

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) entered the room. Slowly capturing lots of people’s attention. Men’s eyes were widened and shocked by her beauty whilst some women gave glares and some gave her compliments as she replies a simple nod or a thank you to each of them.

bloody hell, she’s breathtaking. 

As she started walking near me, my eyes locked with hers.

Finally, she stands in front of me with a smile plastered on her face.

Today she looked different–in a good way.

She was wearing a blue, off-shoulder ball gown to represent her house color. She wore light makeup and ditched her eyeglasses. Her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) was styled into a fancy bun. A few strands were left. (sorry if you have short hair)

“hey,” she said breaking me in my trance.

“why hello m’lady,” I said trying to sound confident as possible to hide my nervousness.

“hello handsome,” she said with the same confidence.

“s-so u-uh want a  d-drink?” I said with my confidence crumbling into pieces.

“Is the George Weasley stuttering? Wow. First time to ever hear you like that” she said chuckling. 

“Oh shut up” I replied laughing as I started to feel my cheeks heat up.

“Sure. I’d love something to drink” she said.

I walked away and when I started blending in the crowd, my speed gradually increased and finally arrived at the table filled with food. I poured wine to two glasses then I felt a weight on my shoulder causing some of the wine to spill.

“Georgie! A beautiful date you got there. Finally got the balls to ask her out, eh?” Fred said

“Oh shut up. I asked her out as ‘friends’” I replied.

Fred groaned and said 

“Merlin’s beard George! You have got to ask her out on an ‘actual’ date before someone does. With that beauty and personality, I’m pretty sure a lot of men are willing to ask her out someday if you won’t ask her” 

Fred’s right. Just when I left grabbing a drink I saw a guy from Durmstrang flirting with her. I felt a sudden wave of pain when I saw this. I’ve always hated that feeling–the jealousy and pain I feel whenever I see her chat with boys and even sometimes she’s oblivious when the guy he’s talking to flirt with her. 

“You’re right, Freddie” I sighed.

“Now don’t just stand here like a wuss! Stop wussing out! Go and get her, Georgie!” Fred said pushing me lightly. 

“Alright, alright, I will,” I said and went back to (Y/N).

I went to her and spotted her by herself. I rushed to her and gave her the glass of wine. She thanked me and took a sip.

The ceremony soon started and soon enough we all started dancing to the music with our partners. The music finally ended and was replaced by a slower one. 

I placed both of my hands on her hips whilst her hands moved to my shoulders. Her touch lingering, sending shivers down my spine and making my heart beat faster. Our foreheads touched as we slowly sway to the music. 

“Had fun tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. 

We continue to dance in an uncomfortable silence.

“Come with me,” I said breaking the ice. 

“Excuse me?”

“Come with me” I repeated.

“To where?”

“Somewhere else,” I said and offered her my hand.

She took it and we both leave the room.

We both ran down the halls of Hogwarts with (Y/N) following behind.

“George slow down! It’s not easy to run with heels you know!” (Y/N) panted.

“Sorry!” I said slowing down my pace.

We then finally arrived at our destination: The Astronomy Tower.

I heard a gasp behind me so I looked at (Y/N)’s astonish face as she slowly walked next to me.

  The view from the Astronomy Tower was fascinating. The moon illuminated in the sky along with the stars and there weren’t many clouds.

I glanced back at (Y/N)  and the first thing that I noticed was how her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Her nose was in a shade of red and so are her cheeks due to the cold breeze. Her skin illuminated in the moonlight. And those lips that are tinted in a light shade of pink. Looked so soft and kissable. 

All I can say is that she’s way more beautiful compared to the view.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” she asked breaking my trance.

That’s when the nervousness came back. The same amount of nervousness when I asked her out to the Yule Ball. What should I do? Should I kiss her already? Should I make a long sweet message? Or should I- Oh no word vomit.

“I l-like y-y-you,” I said.

“What?” She asked in shock.

“I l-l-like y-y-you. I’ve always had. Ever since I spilled ink on your homework. I love everything about you. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, your laugh, and even your imperfection. Basically everything about you. I know this sounds so cheesy and all but a day without you feels blue.” I said.

She stood there. Her cheeks got redder and her smile was gone.

“I know you probably don’t like me back and I’m pretty sure I look like an idiot but I hope this won’t end our friendship” I replied. I felt a tear fell down my cheek and my heart breaking.

Soon enough I was crying. In front of the girl that I love. 

I felt embarrassed and my legs felt week. I fell on my knees as I felt her stare at me.

She came near me and sat next to me. She made me look at me by grabbing my chin with her thumb and index finger. She wiped the tears falling from my face and I felt her forehead against mine.

“I,” she said as she came nearer.

“love,” she said. Our lips centimeters away.

“you” she whispered.

I crashed my lips to her soft ones and it was the best feeling I have ever felt. I finally got to kissed the girl that I love. The kiss was cut off when we heard someone cheered from the back.

“WOOH YEAH GET SOME GEORGIE!” we heard Fred’s voice.

“Oh piss off!” I shouted looking at (Y/N) whose face is red.

“So, date at Three Broomsticks next week?”

“absolutely,” she said.

“best. day. ever” she said.

“not only did I get to wear this beautiful dress and get to kiss you, I get to see you cry too!” she added laughing.

“Oh shut up,” I said and kissed her again.

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request: Hello, i hope you are having a great day! May i request some Kim Seokjin iPhone home screen wallpaper? The icons are hiding his handsome face in most lockscreen pictures, so its kinda hard to find ones were we can see his full face. I moved the icons so that if you split the screen in 4 squares like this 田, the last square is free. If you see what i mean… :/

Hello there! :) I hope you’re having an awesome day ^^ Here you go, darling 💖



Sunshine and Shadow, Chapter II

Romance/Angsty Fluff


Sooo Chapter two is up! Based off on this post by @nijigendiaries and @laurifakristalina . This chapter also feature Fem!Masamune, Kojuro and Shigezane. For those of you who had been asking about my Ieyasu fic Personal Injuries, worry not, It’s still ongoing! I’ll be posting a chapter soon!

As he felt the branch gave, Saizo chided himself for being too distracted to be able to properly mitigate their fall. He should know better to carry more equipment when it came to shadowing the wild little lady. Oh well, there’s only one thing to do now and that was to keep her as intact as possible, though maybe the real impact of this could very well extend beyond scrapes and bruises.

So in the few seconds of their fall, he reached for her and flipped their positions so that she would land on him. He could see his own face reflected in her sea blue eyes. She looked startled, wide-eyed and not really comprehending what’s happening to them. Behind her, the sakura tree shielding the bright sunny skies while pale pink petals fluttered around them. At the back of his mind, he knew he would forever associate sakura showers with Yukimura, and trouble.

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Pure (F/A)

Since this is my first full on BoyXBoy fic, I’ll be releasing part one first and if I get good feedback I’ll for sure do a part two. 

Genre: Fluff, and the tiniest bit of angst (a smol ounce of stuff hinting to smut) 

Length: 1,088 words

Originally posted by very-bts

Jungkook’s Pov:

“How do I look?” Tae asked while walking up and down the hall as if it were a catwalk, showing off the brand new tux he has just bought for his date. 

Jungkook stood there, ‘critiquing’ his outfit, “Hmm..” He began, trying to hide how distraught he was. Tae was so handsome, all the time, he constantly was leaving him near speechless every time they hung out; tae could be in sweats and a raggedy old shirt and would still look absolutely gorgeous to him. “You look- You look great Tae-Hyung.” Jungkook said softy, flashing him a sweet smile. 

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The Fairest Of Them All

Requested by @skumar402 : Hi! Just wanted to say your writing is fantastic and I love your imagines! I was wondering whether I could submit an imagine for GoT. Could you write an imagine where the reader is the most beautiful woman in Westeros yet her family’s social status is at the bottom but yet all the sons of the noble families want her as their wife. You can choose who she ends up with! Thank you! Xx 

Word count: 873

The wind is warm and makes you smile. You don’t know why you had to put a dress on and brush your dark hair until it’s perfectly straight. Is it about politics? Will you use your beauty to blind someone and make them accept stupid terms? Probably. Your beauty uses to be a curse instead of a blessing. Poems and tributes are made about you, throughout Westeros. Even tough your House isn’t rich or famous, every Lord in Westeros wants you as their wife. You hate them. You wish they knew that you enjoy hunting more than anything in the world; that you love books more than you love people. But no, you’re no more than a beautiful Lady. The most beautiful of Westeros, they say.

“My lady. You look wonderful as always. ”

“Thank you, maester.” You offer him a sweet smile. It’s not his fault, after all. The old man knows how much you hate this, but he needs to follow your father’s commands. “What is it about? Some soldiers are hunting and I wanted to join them.”

“You have a new proposal.”

“Which House is t now? Bolton? Tyrel? Lannister? Martel?” You take a deep breath, mentally  counting how many letters you received this year.

“Stark, my Lady.”

“Good. Send him a Raven with my answer.” You wave your hand at the master, turning your attention back to the big trees outside the walls.

“He didn’t send a Raven. He came here.” The master words make you feel tired immediately. Now you have to deal with the Stark in person.

You meet him in the balcony, talking with you father. When they notice you presence, both come to greet you. You hug your father and let the Stark kiss your hand.

“I’ll leave you to talk.” You father smiles at you and disappears.

“My Lady, I am Robb Stark, first son of Lord Eddard Stark.” The man is very handsome, strong and gentle. You stare at him for a few seconds before moving away, sitting on one of the chairs, staring at the horizon.

“I know who you are. You’re the only Stark that looks like this.”

“Like this?”

“Yes.” You notice him sitting on the chair beside you, his eyes on your face. “Well, my answer is no.”

Behind you, on the hall, you can hear the soldier’s voices. They’re celebrating the hunt, and you can hear perfectly when someone says that it was the best hunt of the year. You sigh, shooting an angry look at Robb, who raise his eyebrows.

“Did I say something?”

“No. You decided to come here to ruin my plans and now I missed the best hunt of the year. Thank you so much, Robb Stark.” You stand up, walking fast to leave him, but Robb is faster and grabs your arm.

“Wait. You go hunting?” He seems impressed, a shadow of a smile on his beautiful lips.

“Yes. And riding and reading and fighting. Are you impressed?”

“I’ll ignore the sarcasm, but yes, I’m impressed. You’re better than I thought.” Robb lets go of your arm, but you stand there, awkwardly staring at him. “They were right about you, you’re the most beautiful woman in Westeros. But I wish someone told me you like this kind of stuff. I’d come earlier.”

 “Go home, Robb Stark.”

 “Would you ride with me? The woods around here are fascinating.”

You think about denying, but something forces you to say yes. You father allows you to go for a ride all alone with Robb, and soon enough you’re both outside, tall trees surrounding you. Robb’s horse walks right beside yours, and the man keeps staring at you with a stupid smile on his face.

“Don’t waste your time, I’m tired of marriage proposals. Being beautiful is a curse for sure.”

“I know, Lady (Y/N). But now I have a new proposal.”

You raise your eyebrows at him. “What kind of proposal?”

“I am very impressed, my Lady. I want to get to know you. You can spend some days with me at Winterfell. The hunts are even better.”

“Winterfell? Do you know that the heir of the Iron Islands, Theon Greyjoy lives there? He sent me dozens of ravens.” Theon tried everything to have you as his wife, declaring that he’ll be Lord of the Iron Islands even tough he lives in Winterfell.

“Theon won’t bother you, I promise.”

You try to hide how much you want to go. Robb is so handsome that you almost said yes when you first saw him. And the way he acts around you is different from anyone. You do want to spend more time with him. There’s something pulling you to him, you can’t deny it.

“I’ll-I’ll accept. Just a few days.”


The days turned into months, and the months turned into a whole year. Robb proved to be everything you ever wanted. He would hunt with you, teach you new moves with a sword and go for long rides with you alone. You fell in love and so did he. His eyes looking at the real you, not just at your pretty face. After two years living in Winterfell, you married him, the happiest day of your life.

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.


Original sketches for Ranger Iwaizumi based on Allie’s “I Followed Fires” (which you should totally read if you love yourself).

My plan was to draw the scene in which we first meet Iwaizumi in the story.
But I also felt bad for hiding his face, while simultaneously dying to draw exactly this?!!
So, in the end I added the 2nd one. Typical.

I decided to focus on the one showing his face, as this was a birthday present for Allie who is basically responsible for all of this (curse you.. bless you), so I had some kind of deadline to meet and just knew I’d never finish both on time.

While drawing the one you already know, the picture/atmosphere changed quite a bit and it doesn’t fit the exact scene I had in mind before, so I will just leave these design sketches at this!!

I like the sketchy-style as well :>
I gotta learn to /leave/ things be anyway!! è v é)9

Private Chamber

Hey folks, so here’s another nasty story about banging Kylo Ren. Spent more time on this one, it’s a bit longer but not overwhelmingly. Hope you enjoy it!! ;)
I paced the hallway nervously several times before I reached his door. I knew sooner or later he would sense me so I choked down my fear and stepped up to his door; with a surprise he opened it immediately. He probably knew I was out there the whole time, I thought and grimaced to myself.
I was a little curious as to why he had his mask on. He didn’t have it on earlier, why the sudden need for concealment?
“Hello again, Kylo Ren. Found your mask, I see.” I said, nearly floating into his room.
“These are risky times. The resistance scum lurks and one must always be prepared.” He responded quickly and led me into his room, locking the door behind us.
I looked around at the dark room, the lights were very dim and I didn’t see a bed. Just a small table, and a few chairs against the wall.
“Nice place, but where’s your bed?” I turned to look at him. He walked over to the small table with his arms folded behind his back, “Darkness never sleeps.” He looked at me and after a brief silence he continued, “Just kidding…” He pulled a handle on the wall and a bed folded out. I was not expecting to see silky smooth, bright white sheets. They looked immaculate as if untouched by any human before. I assumed he rarely slept, and immediately felt the need to tuck him in and watch him drift off, but I also wanted his naked body on top of me again.
“Wow, much nicer than mine, commander. Jeez, if I get promoted again will I finally get some decent sheets like these?” I laughed nervously and looked around the room.
“Don’t be so nervous.” Kylo whispered behind his mask and stepped towards me, he was now only inches from me. I looked up at him, so tall, such strong, broad shoulders. I put my hands on his huge biceps and sighed. I don’t know why you make me so nervous all the time, I thought. He put his arms around my waist and I reached up to lower his hood, smiled and pushed him onto his bed. I thought I heard him laugh as he lied down putting an arm behind his head and the other on his belt.
I kneeled down at the end of the bed and started unbuckling his boots, I took them off one by one and looked up at him, noticing an erection in his pants. I blushed, and started for his belt when there was a buzzing at his chamber door. He growled and sat up.
“I’m not to be disturbed right now.” He yelled.
“Sir, it’s very important.” A voice said over the intercom.
Kylo got up in a rage and opened his door. I hid behind his bed and peeked to see a worker I had never seen before, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he looked flustered. I was relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one a little unnerved by him.
“These matters concern your general, do not disturb me again.” Kylo Ren said grimly.
“I beg your pard-” he was suddenly choking and gasping for air. Kylo had his hand up from several feet away and was force choking him. I had to hold back my laughter and excitement. He threw him out and slammed the door shut. The lights flickered and he looked over to me. I couldn’t help but smile at him. Seeing him so angry and violent made me want him even more.
I got up and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“Won’t you take that mask off now?” I quietly spoke, trying to hide my racing heartbeat.
“The next person who intrudes on me is getting a light saber through the chest.” He put his hands on my back and tapped his fingers along to his racing thoughts. I pulled him over to his bed again and sat him down. I tried to inspect his helmet but could not figure out how he took it off. Sensing my frustration he removed it at last and looked at me with his big, dark eyes; his sweet lips pouted and his black hair curled around his face. He looked so tired and weary. I leaned over to kiss him and he closed his eyes. For the first time, I felt a vulnerability coming from him. I sensed he was unsure about something, but didn’t know what. I backed up to look at him as a whole again, as if reevaluating him.
“Stop trying to figure me out.” He said, and his brow furrowed.
I felt my face burn red, and tried to steer my thoughts back to where they were before the intrusion.
I looked down at his bare feet and got up.
“Lie down.” I said, and he obeyed. He put his hands behind his head and smirked at me. I straddled his legs and reached for his belt, unbuckled it and noticed his lightsaber under his robe. I’d never seen it before. Why was he armed now? What was he expecting to happen? Before I could reach it, he snatched it and put it on his night stand. I tried to ignore this, and got the belt off around his robes; I pulled his long black clothes over his head, his gloves came off and down onto the pile of clothes in the corner. I had to stop and admire him, lying on his pristine white bed, bare chested with his black leather pants still on, his handsome face staring back at me in anticipation.
He breathed hard and I reached down to the thick bulge in his pants. I caressed it and it grew larger. I unbuttoned and unzipped, leaned down and wrapped my lips around a giant, throbbing cock. I swirled my tongue around the head and Kylo trembled. I glanced up and caught his dark eyes watching me. I continued to gently suckle on his cock, and moved down to his balls. Licking them and stroking his penis with my hand. He was shaking now. I started kissing his thighs while I jerked him off. I licked up and down his cock, feeling every vein with my tongue and he ran his fingers through my hair. He was so gorgeous, his eyes closed and mouth gaping open in pleasure. I bobbed up and down while he moaned and panted faster. On the verge of orgasm, he stopped me so I started kissing his happy trail up to his stomach and chest. He held me in his big arms and kissed me. I touched his handsome face, feeling the stubble on his chin, and staring into his beautiful eyes. In the right light they looked almost green. He was so gorgeous, I brushed his soft, black hair back behind his adorably large ears, kissing them and biting on his earlobes,
“I want you inside me now.” I whispered.
He growled deeply and started pulling my long black night gown up over my head as I kissed his neck. He grabbed my breasts, sucking on my nipples, and I slid his huge cock inside me. I was riding him while he lied his head back, “I love fucking you, Kylo Ren… This is all I think about.”
“How about… I just keep you in here as my slave… I could fuck you whenever I wanted…” He said between breaths.
“Ohh please do.” I said and he smiled up at me.
He leaned forward and picked me up, threw me on my back and started fucking me with all his might. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer. I grabbed his ass, and ran my hands up and down his back feeling his soft skin and powerful muscles. I felt his strong arms and chest; his hair hanging down in front of his face. He thrusted hard, biting his lip, and started massaging my clitoris with his huge fingers. I couldn’t hide screaming with pleasure. He was so handsome covered in sweat, his naked body dripping on me. I kissed his chest and neck and lips and he shivered; moaning louder, I felt his hot cum inside me. I held him tight and came hard while he continued humping. I locked fingers with him and stared into his eyes, he was so gorgeous, so young and eager to please. Still hard inside me, he turned me on my side and lied on his back so that we were in a sort of scissor position. He slapped my ass and pushed his cock deep inside me. I moved my hips in a circular motion, faster and faster. I held his leg tight in front of me and we fucked each other until he was shaking again, “Kylo, I want to taste your cum.” I spoke into the cold, dark air. It must have been nearly morning now; hours had gone by like an eternity of bliss. He breathed harder, pulled out his cock and masturbated himself; I rolled onto my back and he kneeled over me. With a long sigh he ejaculated all over my face while I held out my tongue. I licked his cum off my fingers and swallowed while he watched, panting, mouth gaping open, drenched in sweat.
He finally collapsed next to me and closed his eyes. He fell asleep immediately. I pulled his white sheets over us, lied my head on his chest and held him tight. I looked upon his handsome face again and stroked his hair until I too fell asleep…

anonymous asked:

Hullo! Secret Santa again! (Sorry for all the questions. D8) What is your favorite mask out of all the Phantom adaptations?

Oh, man, I’ve been meaning to do a mask retrospective for a while, and you just gave me the perfect excuse to avoid the rest of the work I’m supposed to be doing!

Well, first there’s the 1925 Julian/Chaney film’s mask, which is probably among the creepiest of all of them:

Amazing bonus points for the creepiness of the painted face, and the almost sad, wistful expression it wears.  It’s also the only film mask I know of that is the barbe du masque, a particular style of mask, that is directly referenced in Leroux’s novel, so once again the 1925 movie may be the most accurate when compared to the original book.  (Check out rjdaae’s post because they are the bearer of these interesting tidings!)  He also has a pretty fantastic Red Death mask, which is literally just a grinning skull (and the excellent cane to match!).

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Reunited (Mark)

Request: a scenario where mark is your childhood family friend that liked to tease you when you guys were like 5, he moves to america and then years later his family comes back to visit korea and they drop by your family’s place and you think he’s cute ;)
Length: 1,507 words
Genre: Fluff

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A Moment at Miss Eda’s

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Fili x Reader

Warnings: Despite the prompt, surprisingly, this is not smutty, lol. Food mentions. Jealousy.

Word count: 3,207

A few of the Company have already retired to a room with their favorite lady of Miss Eda’s House, indulging in their wiles and, likely as not, compensating them generously for it. With money, that is; you’ve seen some of them naked on far too many occasions to feel as though those women were being done any other kinds of favors, the poor dears.

It’s late by this time and the communal parts of the building are emptying, you notice as you wander about to nowhere in particular.

“Thank you again,” you hear Balin say from the front room. Approaching the doorway, you see that he’s speaking with the madam. “You are most hospitable.”

“No trouble at all,” she replies, waving her hands. “We have the room and are glad of the pay in any way we can get it. Now, you’re certain you won’t be needing girls for yourselves?”

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Let me Hold You, Let me Love You: A Solangelo Request

She died.

He knew he did everything he could have to help, but he still felt useless. If not angry with himself.

But he had to face the facts.

She died.

He didn’t know her name.

He didn’t even know who her parent was.

No one did. She was knew. But before a camper from the Demeter Cabin brought her in, Will had already been up to his elbows in patients, some with major injuries, others freaking out about paper cuts and splinters. He was actually trying to calm down a young Hesphastaus camper who had fallen an scrapped her knee when the little girl was brought in by a frantic looking Demeter boy who was screaming for someone to help. Apparently he had gotten an off camp pass to visit his sickly aunt and on his way back witnessed her get attacked, but by the tike he made his presence known and was about to help, the monster vanished, leaving the wounded girl.

She had lost too much blood to begin with.

And yet Will still felt guilty.

It had been a bad day. And his boyfriend Nico Di Angelo knew that. So, with a surge of enthusiasm and determination he set out to prepare a date. The perfect date! All other dates would seem miniscule by comparison. Yeah! He was going to do this. With an excited yet nervous smile he ran off to get help from Piper and Annabeth. He was going to make sure Will knew how much he meant to him. How much he lo…lo….cared for him. He would work on the love thing. He was pretty sure he wasn’t quite ready to tell him that just yet.

With his heart racing and a plan ready, he set out.


Will was exhausted. Physically and Mentally. So he wasn’t really aware that someone had dropped off a letter for him until one of his siblings, he didn’t really know which if he was honest since his mind felt so foggy, pointed it out to him.

With a brow raised in curiosity, he carefully picked up the letter and opened it. As he read it, a small smile tugged at his lips.

I know you don’t really like to miss dinner and the campfires, but make an exception? Just this once, please. Austin has already agreed to be in charge for tonight. So dress nice-ish, like casual with a touch of fancy. And meet me in Cabin 13
-Nico ’

What was that boy planning? Well, Will thought, he’d find out soon as he headed to his cabin for a quick shower.


Nico paced around his cabin making sure everything was set. He had aquired a nice little round table from Annabeth, promising to give it back, dishes and such he snuck from the dining pavilion, he used a Hesphastaus campers oven, he was surprised he was still alive quite frankly, to cook spinach tomato tortellini and some zeppoles for dessert. He even somehow got a bottle of red wine from the Stoll brothers. So dinner was set, and smell heavenly if he did say so himself.

He even fucking lit candles and had a small vase of roses in the middle of the table.

He nodded everything was set, he had an old record player on a desk a bit aways from the table with a record in place but not playing yet, it was one of those ones you had to crank with that old tuba looking thingy on it. He smiled. Everything was perfect.

But just to make sure (again ) he looked over everything. He even went to his bathroom to see how he looked, he got a small haircut from the Aphrodite campers, even a facial not that Will needed to know of though. His clothes were nice as well, he had on a short sleeved button down black shirt, a red bow tie, not ripped black skinny jeans, and red suspenders. He even brought out his black polished loafers. The Aphrodite campers tried to slick his hair back, but his curls would not allow it.

He was ready.

A knock at the door broke his attention.

He was not ready. What if Will thought this was stupid? What if he loved it? Oh gods what if he laughed!?

Another knock.

Nico took a deep breath in before stomping to the door and yelling out for Will to close his eyes.

Then with one last glance over he opened the door.


Will was kinda confused as to why he had to close his eyes but did so nevertheless. He was sporting a white short sleeve button down with a yellow tie, dark blue jeans, the darkest he owned, and put on his old yellow converse for good measure instead of his usual flip flops.

When he heard Nico open the door he smiled but then chuckled as he felt Nico wrap something over his eyes.

He let himself be lead by the smaller demigod till he was told to sit down. His nostrils were invaded by various different scents, some delicious, some…intoxicating.

“Nico are you wearing cologne?” He asked, clearly amused.

“Shut up you idiot! Take off your blind fold.” Nico grumbled out.

Will could hear him walk away somewhere as he fumbled with the knot of the blindfold then he heard some squeaking and suddenly the room was filled with a soft jazz melody. When he finally got the blindfold off he couldn’t help but gasp.

The beautifully set table with food that looked to die for, then his eyes made their way to his red faced boyfriend who was scowling to hide his embarrassment and he looked so handsome.

Will felt himself blush as well as he gaped at everything. “Nico this….this is amazing….it must have taken so long to set up.” He breathed out as Nico took his seat across from him and looked at the table. “It was nothing….” He mumbled out. But Will did not buy it, “nothing? Nico this is great.”

Said boy just blushed more as he picked up his fork, gripping it so tightly his knuckles were turning white. “Just eat the dumb food, Solace. I didn’t make it for nothing.”

The blond raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly before he too picked up his fork. “With pleasure Di Angelo.” He cooed before taking a bite of his pasta, and actually letting out a pleased moan at the taste. “Oh my gods……” Nico let himself smile proudly before the two dug into there food, occasionally sipping at their wine. Will would have questioned him on where he got the liquor and lecture him on how underage drinking was bad, but that could wait. They ate they laughed and will relaxed. The music helped with that as well. The woman who was singing had a beautiful voice. “What song is this?”

“It’s Forse un Di by Norma Bruni. It’s nice huh?” Nico said with a small smile as he stared at his record player. Will would tease him later about being so old fashioned but for now he reveled in the peace and affection. He was about to say something else when Nico suddenly stood up and held out his hand. “C-Come on. I’m gonna teach you how to dance. You’re probably too much of a klutz to know how to slow dance.” Will knew he was nervous by how insulting he was being, so he just laughed and let himself be led into the middle of the cabin. Nico taught him some basic steps and soon their dancing turned into just swaying, pressed together, with Nico against his chest, and him with his face buried in those curly dark locks. Nico hummed along to the song and it was just so wonderful. Will felt like he was in Elysium. “Thank you Death Boy….I…..I needed this.”

“Nico looked up and smiled at him. “I know. I….also know something else to help you relax.” He mumbled out as a light blush dusted his cheeks.

“And what would that beeE!” Will was caught off guard as Nico palmed him through his jeans. The son of Apollo let out a series of groans as Nico rubbed him over and over again until he felt himself begin to strain against said denim prison. Nico chuckled softly before he looked up at Will. “Go sit at the end of the bed Tesoro. Let me help you relax.”

Will hesitantly did so and slightly stretched his legs away from one another. “Nico you don’t have to.”

Nico got down on his knees as he slowly unzipped Will’s jeans and unbuttoned them. “I know. But I want to. Is that okay?” He asked with a tilt of his head which looked too innocent for what he was about to do. Will nodded his head, “it is perfectly okay. 100 percent okay in fact. Please do.”

With a small chuckle, Nico released him from his prison before pressing a soft kiss to the head of his erection, eliciting a small moan from Will. Nico took his time pressing a trail of kisses from the tip, down the base, and liking his way up before he took just the tip in and swirled his tongue. Will’s eyes had fluttered close as his hands gripped the comforter harshly. “Nico..” He whined out as one hand ran through the Italians hair, before lightly gripping it. He wanted more. He needed more.

So Nico gave it to him. He took in his whole length and began to suck, occasionally stopping to just lick, but quickly going back to sucking. But when he began to bob his head, Will knew he wasn’t going to last long.

He was barely even able to give Nico a warning before he came in his mouth. The younger demigod let him finish before spitting out the cum on a tissue and smiling up at Will. Which should have been illegal. “Better?”


Nico stood up and placed a chaste kiss to Will’s lips, and that’s when he noticed how hard Nico was. Here he was getting spoiled as poor Nico was just giving, not getting, so he did the only logical thing and palmed his boyfriend. “But I think I want more. Is….is that okay?”

Nico, the beautiful italian washed in candlelight, arousal clear on his face, looking more beautiful than Aphrodite or some even Apollo (don’t tell them he thought that) had the audacity to whisper “Please,” in a desperate voice. Was this boy even real?

Will got to feel just how real he was over the course of the night, as they made love and as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Nico was a dream come true.

And Will was certain that he loved him and would continue to do so. So he pulled the sleepy demigod closer, kissed his forehead, and whispered.

“I love you, Nico Di Angelo.”

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