hide in the basement

My problem is that Jimmy Urine looks like he spent the first 21 years of his life forcibly locked in someone’s basement playing video games and subsisting entirely off of diet coke until one day Steve was running from the cops, broke into the basement to hide, discovered Jimmy, hosed him off with a pressure washer, and then started a band with him, and despite all of this he is the most attractive man I have ever seen

Just A Random Thought

Eleven, in the Upside Down, hiding in Mike’s basement, in the little fort he made for her
How meaningful would that be?

(I mean, just the fact that when he came home he remade it and organized it and everything, putting the walkie talkie on the pillow…)

I’ve never made a video like this before so pardon my awkward rambling :’)

inspired by @ormondsacker’s video last night about John, and of course the inestimable rebs @quietlyprim, here’s 15 minutes of talking about Sherlock’s relationships and why he is the way he is when we meet him

On 12 January, 2015, Amedy Coulibaly entered a Parisan kosher market in France and began shooting, killing four people. The number of deaths and casualties would have been much higher if it were not for a Malian Muslim immigrant called Lassana Bathily, who managed to hide more than a dozen customers inside the basement freezer. They remained inside the freezer for hours while Coulibaly engaged in a stand-off with the police. Bathily managed to escape through a fire escape and alerted the police. He was initially suspected of being another perpetrator of the attack and was placed under arrest for over an hour, even though he had delivered the shutter key which would allow them to enter the building. He was finally deemed a hero after those he managed to save corroborated his story and he was granted citizenship.

Babysitting, Pt. 3

*Warning* This imagine may be triggering to some, and it is generally darker and more intense than some of the others that I’ve done. Please know this going forward.

Babysitting, Pt. 3

“Y/N?” Rick said, knocking on the door to your bedroom.

“What’s up?” You say, opening the door.

“Negan’s back to collect his dues.” Rick looked upset. “I want you to take Judith down to the basement and hide with her there. I don’t want that man holding my child again.”

“I’m with you there.” You say, moving past Rick and towards Judy’s room. “Hi, honey!” You cooed at your goddaughter. “Wanna come play in the basement with Auntie Y/N?” You picked her up and moved quickly downstairs as Rick made his way outside.

You settled in on the couch in the basement and began to play peek-a-boo with Judith. You laughed as she giggled and giggled, and you watched as she began to play with your hair. You had almost forgotten about what was going on outside, though, when a commotion upstairs made you freeze and clutch Judith close to your chest.

“There’s nothing left to take in here.” You heard Rick say from the living room.

“Oh, I beg to differ.” Negan said. “Where’s Y/N?”

Rick hesitated a moment. “Who?”

“Don’t play games with me.” Negan said. “She’s in the basement, isn’t she?” You stood up and moved to the far side of the basement. “You know,” You heard Negan say as he started walking towards the basement stairs, “You really shouldn’t look in the direction of the person you’re trying to hide. It doesn’t help you out.” Negan began walking down the stairs. “There’s my two favorite girls!” He exclaimed when he reached the bottom of the stairs.

Rick was grinding his teeth as he stood behind Negan. “Look, Negan, there’s nothing down here for you. Why don’t we go back upstairs—“

“Shut up, Rick.” Negan says with a laugh. “Why don’t you take your little girl upstairs for a nap, and leave Y/N and I to talk?”

Rick hesitated for a moment before stepping forward and taking Judith out of your arms. “Rick.” You say quietly.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt her.” Negan says, then watches as Rick goes to take Judith upstairs. “Oh, and Rick. Why don’t you wait outside with the others when you’re done? This will only take a moment.”

Rick nods and walks upstairs, leaving you and Negan to stare at each other from across the room. Finally, after a long silence, you say, “What do you want from me?”

Negan smiles, then goes to take a seat on the couch, leaning Lucille against the armrest next to him. “I just wanna talk.”

“About what?”

“You know, you need to lighten the fuck up, Y/N. I bet you’d be even hotter if you’d just smile.” You scowled even more at him. He frowned at you, suddenly upset. “I said,” He put his feet up on the coffee table, his boots thunking heavily as he did. “Smile.” You hesitated for a moment, then smiled. “I was right. I’d like to fuck your teeth right in when you smile.”

You immediately stop smiling. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I brought Daryl with me this time.” Negan say, taking his gloves off.

“So?” You cross your arms. “You told us last time that we’re not allowed to speak to him, or else you’d hurt him.”

“Yeah, but this time is different.”

You drop your arms, getting hopeful. “Can I talk to him?”

“Actually, I’m thinking about leaving him here. Permanently.” He took a drink from a flask in his pocket.

Your face fell. “I don’t believe you.”

“Well, you haven’t heard the deal yet.” Negan says, taking his feet off of the table and leaning forward. “I’ll let Daryl stay here permanently, with all his body parts intact, cause I know that part is important to you, and all I want in return is you.”

“I’m not going with you.”

“I’m not asking you to.” Negan smiles widely at you. “I just want to screw your brains out. Right here, right now.”

Your jaw drops, and you have the sudden urge to smack the smile off his face. “Excuse me?” You manage to stutter out.

“That’s the deal. And you have full liberty to say no. If Daryl comes back with me to my place, then he’ll eventually become one of my soldiers, and he’ll be allowed to bring you along as his wife. So, you’ll be united eventually. It’s just your decision as to when and under what circumstances.” Negan puts his hands behind his head and leans back on the couch. “Completely up to you, baby.”

“Why should I trust you to do what you say?” You say.

“Because I’m nothing if not a man of my word.” Negan shrugs.

You look down at the carpet. You shouldn’t even be considering this. Negan made your skin crawl, and you’d never even consider cheating on your husband for a second. But you weren’t considering it for you, you were considering it for him. He could come home. He could take a shower and sleep in his bed again and be with his friends and family.

“Time’s running out on my offer.” Negan said, and you looked up.

“Fine. But if you’re lying to me, I will kill you.”

Negan jumped up from the couch, clapping his hands together once in excitement before starting to unbuckle his belt. “Shit, I love ‘em feisty.”


You were grateful that Negan wanted you on your knees; you couldn’t look at him. But you hated the mirror that faced you behind the couch; you couldn’t look at yourself, either. You could only grit your teeth, blink back the tears, and continue to recite ‘I’m saving my husband’ under your breath.


When the deed was done, you quickly pulled your pants back on and said, “Go tell Daryl he’s free.”

“What’s your rush, baby?” Negan asked, catching his breath on the couch. He reached up and put his hand on your hip, trying to get you to sit back down next to him.

You pulled away from him. “I want to see Daryl. Go tell him he’s free.” You cross your arms.

“Fine.” Negan sighs and stands up, re-buttoning his pants and picking Lucille up again. “Let’s go address the masses.

You followed Negan as he strolled confidently upstairs and outside. The rest of the community were standing near the front gate, watching the Saviors as they finished loading up half of everything you’d accumulated in the recent weeks. You walked over and stood next to Rick and Michonne, hugging yourself and staring at the pavement as Negan walked casually over to where his men were closing up the trucks.

“Daryl!” He yelled out. “Dwight!” The two men came to stand in front of Negan. “Dwight, give Daryl his jacket back.”

“But—“ Dwight started to protest.

“Don’t argue with me. Besides, you look stupid in it.” Negan stares at Dwight until he takes the vest off and shoves it into Daryl’s chest. “Daryl, you’re free to go.”

Daryl looks up in shock, but doesn’t move. “What?”

“You heard me. You’re free to either go over there with your people, or leave with me. But you make the decision right now before I close the window and choose for you.”

Daryl immediately turned and strode over to where you were standing, enveloping you in a hug and crushing you tightly to his chest. When he pulled back again, you began pushing the hair out of his face and wiping away the tears and dirt as you tried to ask him if he was OK.

You took his hand and were about to take him back to your house to get cleaned up when Negan spoke again. “Oh, and Daryl?” You both turned to look at him. “I told you you’d be the first to know.”

Daryl dropped your hand and stepped back, looking between you and Negan. All the blood drained from your face. He knew. You burst into tears, and Daryl lunged at Negan. “You fucking son of bitch!” He yelled.

Daryl was intercepted by Rick, who tackled him to the ground at Negan’s feet and put him in a headlock. “Calm down, Daryl. Now!” You were sobbing uncontrollably now, and Michonne pulled you into a hug.

“Oh, c’mon now, Y/N, don’t cry.” Negan smirked at Daryl. “The fuck couldn’t have been THAT bad. Or maybe it was just THAT good.” He winks at you and Daryl struggles harder. At this point, the whole community knows, and they’re all staring at you. “Let’s load up.” Negan waves Lucille and his men start to load up into the trucks.

It’s quiet for a long time, then, when all of Negan’s men are gone and the gate is closed again, Rick releases Daryl and Michonne steps away from you. Daryl slowly picks himself up off the ground, then stomps past you and towards the house you share with the Grimes family.

You have to practically run in order to keep up with him, and you can’t get close enough to talk to him until you actually get into the house. “Daryl, wait, please!” You say, the front door snapping shut behind you.

“Why?” Daryl says, climbing the stairs.

“Cause we need to talk!” You start climbing after him.

Daryl spins around on the stairs. “YOU FUCKED HIM, Y/N!” He yells in your face.

“I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE!” You yell back. “He told me that if I did it, he’d let you go. I did it for you. I couldn’t justify letting you go again when I had the opportunity to save you.”

“I was handling myself fine.” Daryl said.

“Yeah, and regardless, it’s because of me that you’re home. I hate myself because of it, but you’re home. So it was worth it. And if you never want to see me again, then fine. I get it. But I did what I had to in order to bring you back to your friends and family.” You turn around and start to walk back down the stairs.

“Wait.” Daryl says, grabbing your arm lightly. You turn back around. Daryl now has tears in his eyes and his grip is getting tighter. “Please don’t leave me.”

“I’m never going to be away from you again.” You say, gripping the back of his dirty prison jumper in a hug. You silently held each other on the staircase and cried for what felt like hours before you finally pulled away and kissed your husband for the first time since he’d been taken from you. “We will kill him someday.” You say. “This isn’t the end.”

“Together.” Daryl whispers.



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[Part One]


When I imagine Mrs. Wheeler’s reaction to Mike admitting that he had been hiding a young girl in a blanket fort in his basement and only feeding her Eggos (and leftovers and candy), I feel like she’d be most outraged, not at the fact that he snuck a girl into the house, but at the fact that he hadn’t brought her a proper meal or made her a proper bed. She’d invite El over for dinner a lot (partially to make up for the weeklong diet of frozen waffles and partially due to her wariness of Hopper’s cooking ability) and give her lots of Nancy’s old dresses and always tell her how pretty she looks because if this little girl’s first contact with the outside world was my son feeding her Eggos and hiding her in a blanket fort, she deserves to be cared for properly

12 Days of Christmas [NurseyDex] - Day One: Decorating the Haus

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Most of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team (and the rest of the Samwell campus, to be honest) aren’t going to deny the fact that the Haus is a high-energy place for most occasions. Nothing, though, and they do mean nothing, compares to the Haus around Christmas time. So, the minute the calendar hits December 1st, Ransom and Holster call a team meeting, agenda Holiday Time Motherfuckers. The first item on the list?


And that is how Derek Nurse finds himself shuffling precariously on one of the shitty ladders they had hiding in the basement, hands covered in tinsel, trying to tack up some holiday decorations in the Haus hallway.

“Wait, woah, what the fuck, who the hell let you up there?” Derek startles as a voice rings out from below him, jerking back a little and beginning to lose his balance. He starts to waver and dimly hears the thump of something hitting the floor before he feels a warm hand on his lower back and another on his hip. They steady his movement and lean him forward until he has his wits about him. Derek looks down to see Dex grimacing up at him.

“See?” he says, poking at Derek’s stomach. “Can’t be trusted.” Dex kind of smiles up at Derek, which takes the slight sting out of his words, but a chirp is a chirp and Derek must defend his honor.

“Oh, I’m sorry, what exactly made me lose my balance in the first place?” he drawls. “I seem to recall a certain someone whose name rhymes with Fill Joinhexter rudely disrupting my concentration.” He sniffs and turns back to the tinsel. He hears Dex huff out a laugh below him and has to hide a grin of his own.

“Wow, Nurse, those poetry classes are really paying off. ‘Fill Joinhexter,’ I can hear the influences.” He gestures dramatically. “Emerson, Keats, Byron.” Derek raises an eyebrow.


“I went to high school, Nursey, don’t look so surprised.” He begins to walk off to the kitchen, clearly intent on hunting out something to eat.

“Oh yeah? Name five of their albums.” Derek calls after him, laughing.

“Fuck off, Nurse!” He’s only just gone back to his work when he hears the floor boards near the kitchen entryway creak again,

“Hey, Nursey?” Dex asks. Derek twists around, mind still half on his placement of the paper snowflake Chowder had made. Dex tilts his head and, his expression gentle, begins to move towards Derek, speaking softly all the while.

“And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, so soft, so calm, yet eloquent, the smiles that win, the tints that glow, but tell of days in goodness spent, a mind at peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent.” He blinks up at Derek a second longer, his freckles lit up by the sun pouring in through the kitchen, and seems to consider the look on Derek’s undoubtedly shocked face. Dex’s eyes crinkle and he breaks into a blinding grin before he starts to laugh.

Derek throws a piece of tinsel at him as Dex beats a quick retreat, still laughing. The fucker.


Well i saw a lot people draw fusions of characters from Don’t Starve and i thought maybe i ll try too .Maxwell and Wilson love child.I know they are not a Gems or something ..but hey it was fun to fuse 2 my fav. characters . Now  if you excuse me ..i’m gonna hide in basement for like 115 years and cry .

I hide in the basement of my heart. It’s cold and empty down here. There’s no love to give and none to be received. The walls bleed blue and the ceiling drips salt. The cold has made me numb. The darkness has made me blind.

There is no love to give.

—  No one knows how I really feel.
Every highschool frerard fic ever:

•frank is 15,heavily tattooed and smokes under the bleachers while gerard is the art nerd who never washes his hair and draws frank’s scorpion tattoo all the time.frank sees his drawings when they crash into eachother in the hall and instantly falls in love with him,they do it in the boy’s room and then in gerard’s basement where he hides 7 million drawings of frank’s lip ring.gerard has homophobic parents,mikey smokes weed with pete wentz,gerard gets beaten up and they run away together.gerard probably dyes his hair red in the car and they do it again on the back seat.the end.

the home inside my head

inside me there is a hallway
running the length of my spine
surrounded by locked doors
and promises

because the places you cannot find
are sacred
I have blacked out my soul windows
and shuttered the airways

I am hiding unspoken words
in the basement under my ribcage
and keeping secrets
in the attic beneath my skull

  • Ryan, Help.
  • Let's Build in Minecraft - Cakewalk Part 2

Geoff: Ryan.
Ryan: (offmic the entire time) Wha.
Geoff: Help.
Ryan: Huh?
Geoff: (whining a bit) Help.
Ryan: What?
Geoff: Help.
Gavin: Ryan, there’s a cow here! You can look at it.
Ryan: …Why would you think that would be appealing to me?
Geoff: You’re the Cow Guy!
Gavin: You’re the cow–the animal guy.
Ryan: ‘nother cow. That’s the only cow for me.
Geoff: Nobody else has a cow.
Ryan: I have the one! I don’t need your cow.
Gavin: You have the Neo Cow?
Ryan: Yeah! Hide him in the basement. Wait for his powers to kick in.

Might wanna turn up the sound a bit so you can hear Ryan better.


Currently 6°

Cold weather generally doesn’t bother me. I have good winter clothing, excellent boots, silk long underwear, things made with Gore-Tex and down feathers, a well insulated home, and a small flask of bourbon. My filthy Camry even has a well functioning heater.

My neighbor is outside today making ice for his kids’ hockey rink. Ella and Oliver are keeping an eye on him.

I just noticed a shadow or something on Oliver’s coat that looks like someone giving the finger. Which is what @mmommmmmm will likely give me when I brag to her about Midwesterners shrugging off snowfall while the sad people of the PNW hide in their basements at the hint of winter precipitation. Snowflakes indeed!

Except we don’t have any snow right now :(  Low temperatures and snow should be together like cheese and burger. Like Target stores and crying children. Like running skirts and absolutely nothing.

With a layer of snow on the ground bone-chilling frost doesn’t seem so bad. Tonight’s forecast finally has a few inches of snow for us. Yea! We will have a white Christmas.

Bob! Snow doesn’t make it less cold than lipstick makes the pig pretty!

I disagree. Being comfortable outside in the winter is a state of mind. A blanket of snow helps that. It makes the landscape pretty. Calms one’s thoughts. Soothes the soul. Lights a fire in the heart.

Bob! STFU!

Anyway, I soon get to use my new snowblower.

anonymous asked:

Not only Noora's changed when she got a season, Isak is unrecognizable as well. I get the whole look through their eyes thing but I feel like I'm watching different people. What's your take on itv

Isak’s change was so different from Nooras in my opinion. He was sweet in season one and alot more grown up when we saw him in season three yes, but atleast we know what changed him? Like him being in love with Jonas, him being left with his mentally ill mother, him living in the basement in the kollektiv, him hiding his sexuality, and it was over a larger period of time.

Same with Eva. She changed too, from being sweet to a party girl, but the breakup and coming to know herself and realising she could do whatever she wanted.

But Noora? She was so fricking cool the entire season one then the first episode in s2 she was so nagging and annoying and childish! It changed so fast. It just seemed really ooc and unrealistic, even though falling in love with someone like William obviously will have to change you, it happened too fast.

Barba / Post Collateral Damages

Per Request HERE by @lunadegitana
re: a Barba imagine from the episode “Collateral Damages” where he’s been struggling with this case and at the end comes home to his wife and daughter. (Season 17, Episode 15)

Warning: SPOILERS!!! Talk about pedophilia (the crime, not the act)

Originally posted by knittingharlot

okay that’s fine my heart is broke it’s cool; Jessica Phillips killlllls me in this episode and now I’m tearing up at work- all aboard the feels train.

Was it ever enough?

They found a pedophile. Who gave up more pedophiles.
Who have further offered to reveal even more damned pedophiles.

Things like this were supposed to be done by cretins hiding in dark basements, or crude celebrities drunk on their own power. Monsters who dug through the internet until they hit the hidden depths of the dark web, sorry excuses for men that lay in the shadows until the blinding light of justice comes crashing down to expose them.

This was not a beast hiding in the dark underbelly of the world.
This was a man Rafael has held meetings with, made jokes with and about.

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