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im JUST SAYIN!!! BUT!!! PJO/HoO/ToA makeup artist au!!! Just throwin it out there!!! All of them as makeup artists!!!

- Jason’s eyeshadow is blended to perfection always. Eyeshadow god.
- Leo and Nico fight over the title for best eyeliner
- Piper is actually the contour queen
- Percy and Hazel are both highlight hoes
- Annabeth has her own line of foundation
- Leo doesn’t wear foundation much because he has freckles and doesn’t want to hide them, but wears everything else really dramatic and loud and bold
- Hazel rocks metallics better than anyone else ever and has a really perfect lip shape
- Percy cried during a video tutorial one time because it was a first impressions video for a highlighter and it was so blinding that he actually got emotional
- Frank is the king of “natural” or “nude” looks and also lashes for YEARS
- Reyna is the actual queen. She slays everything and everybody accepts that as fact
- Get Ready With Me/Us videos
- Piper and Leo doing challenge videos always
- Jason and Percy are the kings of “first impressions”
- Nico does SFX makeup, leaning more towards the style of Glam And Gore
- Will is on the “I can’t hide my freckles I like them too much” boat with Leo
- Tbh Will doesn’t really need foundation much regardless because his skin is really good
- Apollo/Lester is a drag queen

Edit: feel free to add more to this!!

I finally got the time and space to dedicate a large, permanent shrine to Cernunnos. For a year now it’s been tucked in a small shelf in my witchcraft cabinet, but now he has a proper place in the house!

I found this incredible statue in my regular witchy supply store, and even if it has a plate that says “Herne” on the front that the incense bowl is hiding, everything else about it just screamed my patron. As @sacred-elk will tell you, I teared up when I saw it. The rest of the shrine is compiled of pieces that I’ve had dedicated to him for years. The fox fur on the wall and accompanying fox and coyote heads felt like a suitable addition, too.

It feels so right. So like home. 🦌🌲💕☀️

The thing that gets me about the elves supposedly being vegetarian/vegan is that they have leather armour, or they have leather as part of their armour. (Thranduil’s people have leather armour)

That leather had to come from somewhere, and I doubt it was a human, or a dwarf, or an orc, or a hobbit, or another elf. So, where did that leather come from? 

And if the elves don’t eat meat, but they use the leather from the animals, then that means they’re taking the animal hides and leaving everything else untouched. Which I think would be a dishonour as far as the elves were concerned. They’re killing these animals just to take their hides, they’re not even killing them for food. 

If the elves won’t even eat meat because they don’t stand by the killing of animals, then they wouldn’t wear leather either, for the same reason. But they wear leather, so it stands to reason they’d eat meat as well. I’ve always just thought it was a normal thing for them to eat meat. And that as far as killing animals goes, they’ll have some sort of tradition where they give thanks to the animal for giving its life, and they treat the carcass with as much respect as can be given. 

But also, before anyone argues. Canon says no. 

“ There was a fire in their midst and there were torches fastened to some of the trees round about; but the most splendid sight of all: they were eating and drinking and laughing merrily. The smell of the roast meats was so enchanting that, without waiting to consult one another, every one of them got up and scrambled forwards into the ring with the one idea of begging some food. “

Taken from the Hobbit, chapter Flies and Spiders. 

Guys. The Elves aren’t vegetarian/Vegan. They eat meat. Guys. They eat meat. 

I see people freaking out because of sherlock and I want to reassure you, it’s always been gay and still is.

Older johnlockers survived tsot setlock, people told how it was awful and look what we have got, for a het marriage tsot is one of the gayest episodes!

Remember the BBC report? Every interview where Moffat and gatiss said they want to correct what acd couldn’t do and was got wrong by each other adaptation? How they mislead and lie to not spoil the plot? The scene that is so important they can’t even write down in fear it gets leaked? Every interview where Ben and Martin freak out when they get asked about John and sherlock’s relationship? The entirety of tab? If it’s not for gay reasons then why?

They show us what they want to show and hide everything else, and for all that I know Ben and Martin could have already kissed 5 times.

Get your hopes up!