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Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 25.02.2017

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Bubbles | Oneshot

Summary: You always thought blowing bubbles was for children.
Word Count: 5,479
Genre: mahou!au, fantasy, angst, fluff
Member: Lee “Dino” Chan 
TW: weapons, violence, death

A/N: it’s taking a lot of courage for me to post this aha,,, this originally the first fic (or fic part lmao) i posted in my transition from a gfx to a writing blog so it’s rly dear to me…. the original flopped (like. 0 notes flopped. lmao.) so i deleted it and put up coffee + roses instead (which actually caught the interest of a few people.) i decided to bring back my first fic (revised and the entire storyline condensed into a oneshot, obviously) as a special in my lil project for chan’s birthday. i hope you enjoy!

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Originally posted by cutiepatoodie

  • Get ready for some Neurosurgeon Jihoon
  • voted number one hardass by the interns, they all pray they don’t get him, they all would sell their souls to not get Jihoon has their attending surgeon
  • makes at least one resident or intern cry every day
  • he’s small but he’s terrifying
  • although terrifying, was voted best neurosurgeon in the hospital, unlike Seungcheol’s poll this one was valid and Jihoon has the article to prove it
  • has soft music playing when he’s in surgery
  • under a lot of stress all the time, even when he doesn’t need to be
  • doesn’t know what vacation or break time means
  • gets roped every year into being an elf for Santa Seungcheol
  • striving to be head of neurosurgeon which everyone believes he will get anyways
  • didn’t sleep for 2 days and was found talking to the coffee vending machine
  • “Jihoon maybe you should take a rest in the on call room”
  • cue maniac laughter and everyone in the hallway freezing because it’s the scariest sound they’ve ever heard
  • gives his interns a hard time, not because he doesn’t like them, but because he believes they need to learn how hard the job is and that not everyone is going to be saved
  • forces interns to practice stitching on an orange, and they must be able to complete 10 perfectly stitched oranges before they can step in an operating room with him
  • can often be found bickering with Seungcheol about something he’s doing
  • on his break, he was coded a code red in the pediatric unit (he recently had a patient discharged to that unit for recovery), and he was RUNNING
  • when he got there, all he got was this smiley Seungcheol with ten kids and a little girl in the middle crying
  • turns out the little girl’s stuffed puppy got ripped up and Seungcheol knew a very good surgeon in the hospital
  • Jihoon is grumbling because now he’s spending his break ‘giving surgery’ to a stuffed dog, he does give a small smile in the end with the little girl hugs Jihoon for saving her dog
  • Seungcheol saw the smile but decided against to give him shit about it (he did it in the break room later)
  • Known as the ‘single for life” guy because he’s always working
  • as much of a hardass he can be on the interns, he does that thing where he gives words of wisdom
  • cue Jeonghan laughing in the background like “stop trying to make yourself look cool”
  • “I’M NOT”
  • In the building, you’re a grief counselor, much to Jihoon’s distaste
  • your job requires you to not only deal with patients who experience a loss, but you’re also required to work with several doctors who have lost their patients as well as evaluate their emotional state
  • in all your years of working, you’ve never got the chance to talk to Jihoon, in all honesty, he avoids you like the plague
  • not because he doesn’t like you, noo, he finds you beautiful, but he also thinks, why should he waste time spewing his feelings or what not when he can be working
  • you finally decide that this year would be the year that you talk to Jihoon and evaluate him properly for the records
  • but every time you see him in the hallway, he always turns around and walks in the opposite direction
  • it isn’t until one day you catch him in the elevator, “Jihoon! Wonderful, I think we should sit down and talk about past grievances as well as present ones. You know the board directors require this of my job.”
  • For a job dealing with death and loss, Jihoon finds your personality a bit too chipper for him
  • “No.” That’s all he says before he leaves the elevator
  • “Come by my office at 1:30, if you don’t, I’ll make sure the hospital knows of your unstable health. You’ll be on leave for 2-3 weeks if I send that report!”
  • 1:30 comes around and just as you’re about to fill out a non-compliant report, Jihoon walks in with a scowl
  • Once again, Jihoon believes your attitude is too chipper for your job and the thirty minutes of your personality is wearing him out
  • “One last question, are you in a relationship”
  • “No.”
  • “Relationships are a vital signs of moving on, do you think your various losses are reasons for your struggles with relationships.”
  • “No. We’re done now.”
  • Jihoon just ups and leaves and as astonished as you are about his actions, you kind of grin as he leaves because well he’s kind of cute
  • You don’t really leave him alone after that, often walking with him as he looks over his charts, talking to him, getting him coffee, you two even ride home together or get food together in the cafeteria
  • Without him knowing, you’ve suddenly become his girlfriend and the whole hospital is whispering about it
  • “how did jihoon get a girlfriend before me, this isn’t fair”
  • “shhh he’s coming”
  • Finally ask Jeonghan why everyone is looking at him weird and always whispering
  • “It’s because the single for life Jihoon is suddenly not so single anymore. When did you and Y/N start dating.”
  • “What.”
  • And it just kind of dawns on him that you two spend a lot more time together, and he really doesn’t mind getting off of work anymore because he always finds you waiting outside for him after his shifts
  • The title boyfriend and girlfriend just becomes this natural thing between you two that doesn’t really need verbal agreement, it just happened.
  • Jihoon smiles a lot more now and it’s creeping the interns out
  • Once ran into you while giving rounds with the interns, and everyone saw how sweet and nice he talked to you, and he smiled really big, and he did a small whine when you didn’t kiss him and now the interns have to wash their eyes with bleach
  • The interns now use you as a shield, like intern Chan who was on the verge of being scolded by Jihoon, ran into your room and when Jihoon came in after, he just couldn’t yell so he glares at Chan before leaving and Chan just hides in your room for most of the day
  • You get used to interns hiding in your room
  • “Hey Jihoon can you cover my shift this weekend”
  • “No Y/N and I are going on a short trip”
  • Everyone does a big gasp and it falls silent
  • Jihoon always just melts when he sees you in the hallway, like his stomach fills with butterflies and his heart is just throbbing really bad
  • Now that you’re his girlfriend, grief counselor Joshua has to step in and evaluate Jihoon, you really have to force Jihoon into the room for him to do it
  • Got really jealous in the beginning of your relationship, he barged into a patients room while you were working like
  • “Why are you always with Joshua”
  • “I’m with a patient right now Jihoon”
  • “Does Joshua like you, you need to tell him to stop clinging around you.”
  • You have this smirk on your face, “Why? Because I’m yours?”
  • Jihoon’s really red now and the patient is all into this because wow it’s like a kdrama and Jihoon lets out a meek “yes”
  • “Joshua is a grief counselor also, Jihoon. Just like how you work with other neurosurgeons, I work with other grief counselors. But it’s cute seeing you flustered and call me yours.”
  • All in all, small neurosurgeon Jihoon is a flustered little boy head over heels for you that it scares the interns and everyone. He loves his breaks and days off that he can spend with you, and he’s always caught waiting for you like a puppy and it’s adorable.
Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ruki Mukami (heaven 2) ~translation/traducción~

Esta traducción esta en español abajo de todo~ 
*Sorry for the mistakes, my English is not very good c: c’:

Place: Storageroom.

Yui: (Fuu… Maybe he won’t find me here)
Yui: (When Azusa-kun said that we should hide, Kou-kun didn’t have much motivation)
Yui: (But in the end we all hid… Fufu, they get along so good…)


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anonymous asked:

How would the boys react to their s/o trying to hide that she's a masochist and loves being bitten? Like she bites her sleeve to stifle moans and such


♥Shu: Heh, those lewd sounds… You should let them all out. Or are you afraid that any of my brothers might hear you?

♥Reiji: Seems you are a very naughty woman after all… And I thought you were pretty decent at first. I was wrong, I see… Not that it disappoints me.

♥Ayato: Don’t cover your mouth! Let everyone in this house know who do you belong to, Chichinashi! I’ll just bite you more, then…

♥Kanato: Heheheh~ You look so desperate trying to keep your innocent façade. I already know the way you are, silly.

♥Laito: Why do you hide your feelings, Bitch-chan~? You should let Laito-kun know you like what he’s doing~ Though, watching you resist is kind of amusing, nfu~

♥Subaru: You’re not resisting… Could it be that you like this? Don’t whimper like that! It’s annoying… Just let me hear your pained voice better…


♥Ruki: You’re always making a fuss, and now you’re trying to be silent, Livestock? Let me hear you… I own you, every part of you… Even your voice.

♥Kou: Heheh~♫ I knew from the start you were so masochistic! Come on, let me hear you~ and I might reward you after this…

♥Yuma: Tch… Stop pretending you don’t like it! Ne, tell me, if I bite you harder, will you be able to hide those sounds you make?

♥Azusa: Fufu~… I know you enjoy this, Eve… And you’ll enjoy it… Even more when I… Cut you… With this knife… Again and again…


♥Carla: You say you don’t want this but your body says otherwise. It doesn’t surprises me. In the end, humans always let themselves fall into their pleasures.

♥Shin: Do you enjoy having your blood sucked like that? And you’re always resisting and wailing… But it looks like someone’s mask just fell off, heheh…

sooo that was like my first cosplay I’ve ever done but I think it’s not THAT BAD and I guess I should finally post smth about my cosplaying sooooo here we are 💋🔫


So I wrote this fanfiction about a week ago, but I wanted to wait to read the new chapter to add the final details. However, yesterday I was too shocked to write anything, and I finished this today. Hope you like it. This is basically Touken’s journey from Kaneki’s POV. You can also read it here.

Summary: Touka is not the first girl Kaneki likes, but she’s the first girl he loves.


Touka is not the first girl that Kaneki likes. She is definitely not the first one to catch his interest. There were others before her. He does think she’s cute when Hide points to her at the coffee shop, so long ago it seems like centuries have passed. But, although she is attractive, he has his eyes set on another girl, who unknowingly sets his life spiraling towards the path of tragedy.

Kamishiro Rize is both beautiful and smart. And she likes the same books as Kaneki does. Not to mention, she accepts going on a date with him. Kaneki is not hopeless anymore. And he thinks this could be the start of something new, until she corners him on an empty alley and tries to eat him.

His life changes forever.

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onliafaze  asked:

The UK, Mayuzumi, and Imayoshi find their crush's notebook... and discover it has a well drawn portrait of them surrounded by little hearts. What's their next move?

Hanamiya: He eyed the shaded detail of his biceps curiously, as his scowl edged into a wide smirk. “This girl,” he drawled, crossing his arms in an unusual, prideful way. He approached your desk, where you were evidently sketching for your art class, and dropped the notebook on the surface, causing you to jerk to attention. “Sweetie, that was a gorgeous portrait,” he whispered, peering closely at your face. “Although the hearts ruined it, slightly.” Your gaze never wavered. Instead, you retort back, “The hearts were meant to take away from your overt masculinity.” He laughed — a short, loud bark that drew stares from across the room. “Well, if you ever want a heartbreaker deal, sweetheart, you know where to find me.” 

Kiyoshi: He felt his face heat up, and his mouth twitched into a small smile. “She’s so cute,” he said aloud, running his large hands through his chocolate brown hair. He wasn’t sure how to approach you — a popular art student who was known for portraits of fellow students in the school. But, the hearts signified something, and his attraction to you only grew with the possibility that you reflected the same feelings he had. He saw your familiar head in the hallway, and he struck a casual conversation. “____-chan,” Kiyoshi called out, as you turned around to give him a winning smile. “Do you happen to sell your art?” he asked, and you shook your head. “Well, I really would like to buy that portrait of myself, with the hearts around it. I thought it was very sweet.” 

Hayama: He couldn’t hide his excitement as he realized that you reciprocated the same feelings he did — although he was a bit offended you drew his nose bigger than how he perceived it to be. The next day in class, he approached you without thought. “____-chan, why’d you draw my nose so big?” he asked, pouting his lips. You laughed aloud and responded back, “What about the hearts, Hayama-kun?” He grinned at your directness. “I liked that part, although, I was wondering if I took you out for lunch, you’d redraw my nose better?” 

Nebuya: Nebuya was not one who paid much attention to art, but he admired your artistic capabilities since the first time he saw your portraits in the school’s art gallery. Now, before him, a well-drawn portrait of himself with hearts surrounding it, he didn’t know what to think or do. “Ask her on a date,” he said to himself, but he immediately shook his head. That was too abrupt. Should he pretend he never saw the portrait? Or should he just play it casually? He ended up just deciding to bring up the image, but not making direct reference to the hearts, or any insinuation that he knew you might have liked him too. The next day, he cautiously approached your desk. “_____,” he started, and when you turned your head to look at him, his brain froze. “Yes, Nebuya-san?” you asked. It took him a second or two to recuperate, but his heart gave way to his brain. “I saw that portrait you drew of me, and…” You cocked an eyebrow at him, seeing that he was much more nervous than you are. He didn’t know how to continue, but you finished for him. “You’re cute, Nebuya-san.” 

Mibuchi: “Darling, you’re too kind,” Mibuchi gushed to you, after seeing your portrait of him. “I love the hearts,” he added, slightly oblivious to the fact that you had feelings for him romantically. Mibuchi was always slightly romantically incompetent, and you rolled your eyes and him not understanding your clear, artistic confession. “Reo, did you not know what the hearts meant?” you asked, slightly annoyed. Mibuchi smiled, “You like me right?” which took you slightly aback. “I’m not THAT incompetent, dear, but I just needed to tell you how much I love that portrait of me. It captures my good side!” 

Mayuzumi: Mayuzumi was at a loss for words, as he gazed at the detailed portrait of himself. The small hearts made his own heart leap with joy, although he was unsure how to clearly express his sentiments. He was never good with words, nor was he with emotions — and usually, the two don’t mix. He caught you on the rooftop of the school building: the place where you both met each other. He cleared his throat to join next to you, his right arm holding your sketch pad. “You forgot this,” he said, handing it to you. “I know,” you said, looking out at the horizon above the school. “I hope you like the portrait.” Mayuzumi froze for a second, recollecting his thoughts. “I…I thought that was very kind of you.” He felt himself about to stutter, so he drew in a sharp breath of city air and continued. “I wanted to…see if I could return the favor with lunch sometime.” 

Imayoshi: “I like that,” Imayoshi said, catching you by surprise. He had a habit of leaning over people’s shoulders, and this time, he saw exactly what he needed to see. You gasped, hurriedly closing your sketch pad and accidentally slamming your desk in the quick action. “There’s no need to hide it, ____-chan,” Imayoshi laughed. You scowled at him, annoyed how he could be a gentleman one moment and a complete douchebag the next. “It’s personal art, Imayoshi,” you retorted. “I was going to go home and draw some devil horns on it.” He let out a loose chuckle. “I saw those hearts, ______-chan. Why don’t we just admit we have some fucking feelings for each other and go on a date?” 

Kaneki walked in to see Hide’s eyes glued to the monitor. Glancing over to the clock, Kaneki frowned when he realized Hide stayed up all night to gather up Intel on Furuta and to guess his next move.

He’s going to hurt his eyes, Kaneku thought.

Sneaking over, Kaneki pounced and covered Hide’s bloodshot eyes. Unsurprisingly, Hide had already known Kaneki was there and what he would do. Ever since he entered the ghoul world, Hide gained another terrifying ability: sensing when ghouls were around. It’s like a sixth sense, Hide explained. 

“Morning,” Hide said, removing Kaneki’s hands and turning to get a look at Kaneki’s concerned face, a small smile still gracing his soft features.

“Did you sleep?” Kaneki ran his hands through Hide’s soft locks. To his amusement, Kaneki chuckled at Hide’s reaction; he closed his eyes in bliss and let out a sigh in euphoric delight. He’s like a puppy, Kaneki thought.

“Hmmm. I got a little bit of sleep.” Hide pressed his cheek against Kaneki’s stomach, letting Kaneki’s fingers work their magic as he continued to massage his scalp. Kaneki looked around to see cups and cups of coffee, and he frowned.

“Are you lying to me again, Hide?” Kaneki was not angry, even if Hide was lying, but it worried him knowing Hide overwhelmed himself with so much work. Couldn’t Marude take over? “When’s the last time you slept a full eight hours?” Kaneki began to interrogate him.

“Who sleeps eight hours anymore, Kaneki? We forfeited that privilege when we entered coll- Ow ow ow!”

Kaneki pinched Hide’s ears in irritation. So he hasn’t sleep well in a long time. No wonder he looked like a walking corpse half the time. All this time he thought Hide went to bed at night, but he was here in this stuffy room.

“Hide, you need proper sleep or you’ll lose your sanity.” Cupping Hide’s cheek, Kaneki kneeled down to meet eye to eye with Hide. “Come to bed with me.” Kaneki watched as Hide’s eyes widen and a tint of soft pink slowly dusted Hide’s cheek and ears.

“So forward, Kaneki-chan~“Hide joked but Kaneki could hear Hide’s beat faster and Hide radiate off Hide’s exposed skin. "But I have to stay here and- Hey!”

Without warning, Hide was thrown over Kaneki’s shoulder and torn away from his work. In attempt to break free, Hide wiggled in hopes that Kaneki would lose his hold, but Hide knew it would be no use, the strength of a ghoul was unmatchable compared his human strength.

Flimsily, Hide grabbed onto his office chair, but it only got dragged along with him. 

“Hide…” Kaneki warned, slight tenderness and concern underlying as Kaneki said his name.

Letting out a sigh, Hide gave up and went limp, looking like a exhausted rag doll.

“You’re so mean,” Hide exhaled. Even though he could not see his face, Kaneki imagined a pout on Hide’s face.

“You need to sleep.” Kaneki stated, firmly. When Kaneki reached Hide’s room, he paused and continued walking to his own. If Hide was left alone, he’d sneak out and start working again.

As Kaneki turned the doorknob, Touka walked by and saw Kaneki and Hide over his shoulder.

“Uhhh,” Touka stared dryly at Kaneki, red as a rose.

“I-I can explain, you see, Hide-” Kaneki stuttered, trying to defend the awkward moment. However, Touka shook her head and walked to the bathroom, shutting the door before Kaneki said more.

“Haha. Have fun explaining that to everyone. You know she’s gonna tell them, right?” Kaneki pouted when he turned and looked downward to see Hide smug grinning face followed by Hide sticking out his tongue.

“Shut up,"Kaneki huffed as he walked in an closed the door behind them.

In a couple of minutes, Kaneki managed to get Hide to relax and watched and Hide’s eyes became heavy with sleep. Every so often, Hide fought off sleep, jerking his body to stay awake, but Kaneki talked softly, retelling some of Hide’s favorite stories and humming some of Hide’s favorite songs. Finally, Hide fell asleep, snoring slightly, making Kaneki smile in content. For a couple of minutes, Kaneki watched Hide sleep and felt a warm tear fall down his cheek and on the pillow.

I’m glad you’re here, Hide, Kaneki smiled. Taking Hide’s hand into his, Kaneki lightly squeezed it three times. One, two, three. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Hide. And for the time in years, neither Hide nor Kaneki were haunted with nightmares, to wonder where the other went. For the first time in so long, they were side-by-side.