hide and seek in the dark

How an INTJs Ni-Fi sees the 8 intuitive types


1. Exhaling cuteness

2. Empathizing

3. Wonder beam


1. Visiting their inner temple

2. Magnetic eyes, hiding it

3. Talking about their problems


1. They have a helping hand for everybody

2. Ignoring their own feelings

3. Wearing the mask you need


1. Those mystical INFx eyes, incromprehensible, enigmatic

2. A monster exists behind the beauty

3. Capable of reading peoples minds


1. Seeking freedom, through scientific exploration

2. Sincerely enjoying the nature of matter

3. Seeing infinite possibilities


1. Their robotic nature is condensed into the flesh

2. Isolating from the world, they see colors in ideas

3. And masterfully creating beauty, with alchemical associations


1. Their logic is firm, their visions are true, they anticipate the evolution of society

2. Don’t mess with the dark side. Brutal, direct and powerful


1. Clearly seeing the path crossing the time and the personalized space we percieve

2. Things get clearer thanks to epiphanies

3. Moving in the background, living in the shadow

1. How do your ocs react to nightmares?

2. What makes your ocs laugh without fail?

3. Which oc wakes up every night because the covers have either fallen off the bed, or their partner stole them?

4. Which oc paces their house in the dark?

4a. Which oc is the one who bumps into them and screams?

5. Which oc wins hide and seek?

6. Which oc tells the best ghost stories?

6a. Which oc hates ghost stories and goes to clean something in lieu of listening?

7. Which ocs get really invested in whatever they’re watching?

8. Which oc likes their food burnt to a crisp?

9. Which oc likes their food rare or raw?
10. Which oc refuses to touch 8 or 9’s food?

11. Which oc is the least picky?

12. What do your ocs give as their go-to gifts?

13. What would your ocs give their best friend/partner as a present?

14. What is your ocs’ least favorite season?

15. Which oc always gets too much food at the buffet and can’t finish their plate?

considering how much more fun I’ve had playing Bloodborne than most hide-and-seek horror games, despite it being just as tense

it’d be neat to see a Silent Hill game with Bloodborne/Dark Souls’s game play, using more modern weapons such as baseball bats and crowbars rather than swords.

Inner Circle's Aesthetic Feel

Cullen: Leather, Chilly mountainsides, Bitter toffee, Night owls, Quick kisses, Rushed words, Lemon water, Distance, Protection, Searing daylight, Ruffled hair.

Dorian: Dusty antiques, Corner of the library, Hushed giggles, Metal comb, Terrible coffee, Sneaking out with Privacy and Secret meetings, Cheesy jokes.

Cassandra: Tired eyes, Alone time, Red wine, Hand mirror, Wardrobe of things never wore, Ram horns, Security and Safety.

Cole: Silence, Running water, Dark corridors, Deep jokes, Hide and Seek, Stained glass windows, wandering, iced tea.

Vivienne: White, Order and Prosperity, Royal treatment, blueberries, Tidy house, Strolling through city markets.

Iron Bull: Making fun jokes at others, Pride and Will, Feasts, Adventures, A ton of piggy back rides, Tight hugs, Metallic taste.

Blackwall: Telling stories, Boasting, Evening dew on tall grass, Dragonflies and Lightening bugs, Force, Heights, Tavern visits.

Varric: Ink and quill, Talent, Silent and slow fear, Messy chamber, Annoying for fun, Breaking rules, Red, cotton weaved shirts.

Sera: Stealing apples from the market, Oak woods, Honey, The lute, Prancing about, Falling leaves, Brash winds, Poorly chosen vocabulary.

Solas: Study, Practicing ability, Bright ideas forgotten to write down, Cold, Grey days, Silk robes, Drakestone and Embrium.

I wanna sit with you up on the roof when it’s dark out, when the moon comes out to play hide and seek, and the stars glow selflessly, lighting up a part of you that you never thought existed. I want to ask my deepest, darkest questions, speak from the most abandoned parts of my soul and feed the little spots of emptiness that have etched onto your soul. I want to hear your story, what gave you those scars? Where did you find light? Who did you think you would be when you were 5? How were the people in the town you used lived in? Why does your expression change when I talk about love? I want hear about everything from you, and I want to tell you everything, because you’re the one who’s taken time to understand me. Because I am in love with you and my soul is itching to be finally reunited with its mate.
—  And I can’t wait any longer
Hide and Seek


Klance fic

Hide and Seek

Smooth dark hands, slapped away the pail fingerless gloved ones. The bitterness in his blue eyes, the anger. All Lance could do in that moment when he saw Keith try to explain that he was still “human” yet part “Galra” was futile. That his transformation was accidental and he didn’t mean to lash out.

“How could you possibly help?” Lance grimaced as he pulled his hand back to his head, to stop the blood flow from a gash above his left brow while sparing with Keith. “You’re the enemy!”  

Keith pulled his hand back, his violet eyes wavered for a moment before he looked away. He felt a pressure rise inside of him, as his heart started to race. He let out a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but nothing seem to relieve it. Those words Lance said, really hurt. It struck a chord so deep, he had to leave, otherwise he would lose it right then and there.

“I’m sorry…” Keith turned to leave, looking down at the ground as Lance didn’t reply back. The door opened, leaving Keith to enjoy his escape. Enjoy that he didn’t have to be around people he hurt. Enjoy that he could leave without anyone telling him to wait.

He left Lance as the man continued to look for some medical supplies, pressing hard so the blood flow wouldn’t reach his eyes.

Lance gave an annoyed sigh, as he pulled out a med-kit. He turned around, expecting Keith to be there, but he was gone. With dark eyes, moved his way over to a wash station to clear away the wound and patch it up himself.

He turned on the water, washing away the blood down the sink. The cut wasn’t as deep as he originally thought, but it still hurt. He took a small vile, snapping it between his fingers and the healing medication did it’s work. It stopped the blood flow, slowly rebuilding the skin tissue. He next reached for a bandage and placed it over his left brow.

Once he was satisfied that the wound was properly taken care of, he went looking for Keith. He walked out of the room, peeking his head out of the door. He looked left, then right. The halls were empty, not a sound could be heard.

“Keith?” He called down. His voice echoed down the empty corridor. He gave a frustrated groan, placing his hands in his pockets, figuring he better find the man. “Always something…”

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when trying to pitch the barebones’ story to his father, Langdon Shaw starts listing evidence he sees to support Mary Lou’s claim that witchcraft is behind it and one of the first things he lists is “the crazy disturbances in the subway”. does this mean that when credence hides in the subway at the climax of the film it isnt the first time he’s been there? does this mean that credence, when frightened and angry and overwhelmed into the shreds of his obscurus, routinely flees to and seeks shelter in the dark dripping subway tunnels after losing control and knowing he slipped up? does this mean that credence has gone time and time again into the deep dark to hide from what he’s done and what he is and creep along the walls like choking black vines until he collapses back into himself shaking and crying and walks all the way home hating himself?

what i love abt the intro mission of Dishonored is how Emily says “let’s go play hide-and-seek first, run with me” and the Lord Protector, who only put foot on the ground for the first time in weeks, does actually run after her at high speed in that dark romanticism goth longcoat and fully armed with a sword and a pistol, in front of several witnesses, including a guard, Sokolov and Campbell, none of whom comment on the situation in any way whatsoever, making it clear that this situation is such a normal occurance it’s not even worth their attention

Creepypasta #974: Always Be Home before the Street Lamps Turn On

Length: Super long

I’ve been lurking here for a while, and I never really thought that I had anything worth posting here, until I drove through my old neighborhood. The memory hit me like a freight train, and even though I try not to think about it, it’s stuck in my head replaying over and over again. I have to tell someone before I go crazy.

I’m sure most people over the age of twenty know about the street lamp rule. As soon as the street lamps turn on, you come straight home, no ifs ands or buts. Even if you were playing a really fun game of kickball, or you still had one last person to find during your game of hide and seek, you always had to come home before it got too dark, even if you lived in the safest neighborhood in the world.

Now, we had those rules growing up in my neighborhood. I don’t want to say the name of it for obvious reasons, but it was a small neighborhood in southern California. It was a very quiet neighborhood, where everyone knew each other and there was never any trouble. But we always had to come home before the lights came on. Everything was fine during the day, but at night all the parents got… Anxious.

I never really noticed at first, I thought it was just parents upset that their kids weren’t home yet, but as I got older I realized that their reaction was odd. It would be normal if there was crime in our neighborhood, but save for the raccoons knocking over garbage cans there was never any trouble. I just shrugged it off as parents being parents until I finally realized why we were supposed to come home.

My friends and I had been playing all afternoon, and our games eventually moved from the quiet streets to the nearby woods. Even though it was getting late, my friends and I wanted to play one more game of hide and seek before we had to go home. We were around 10 at the time, so we were pretty young, but definitely not little kids.

It was Mark, Sam, Tom and I that day. Mark was the seeker and the rest of us hid. I hid in the spot that I always used and that had never failed me before: The old treehouse. I don’t know why, but no one ever thought to check up there. It was probably because it was old and rickety, but I was never afraid to climb up there. Plus, I could see out the window and watch everyone else run around and sometimes even see people hiding.

About 20 minutes into our game I saw Mark walk over to the street before turning back to the woods and yelling “The lights are on, game over! See you later guys,” before he turned to run back home which was just down the street. I sighed in disappointment before trudging down the ladder. As soon as my feet hit the forest floor, something felt… Wrong.

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Being short and chubby and insecure in the squad would include:

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Requested by Anon. 

Request: "being short and chubby and insecure in the suicide squad" would involve pls???

Warning: Depression, anxiety, suicidal and anorexic thoughts (?), sad shit that made me tear up. Just want to make sure that nothing will trigger you.

A/N: This is like 99% me. I made this sooo dark and long and I’m sorry. I’m almost feeling bad. I think I’m going to do a second part or an imagine because ya’ll deserve happiness.

[Y/F/C]= Your favourite character

  • Being shy at first. 
    • Keeping your mouth shut and never butting in during verbal fights.
    • Never seeking eye contact.
    • Looking at the ground. 
  • Hiding behind Killer Croc so no one notices you.
  • Stuttering when someone tries to speak with you.
    • “Uhm…” , “Uh…” , “Uh-hu.” 
    • Them calling you “Shorty”, “Midget” and “Pikkie”.
  • Comparing yourself to the others.
    • “Why am I so short?”
    • “I’m a fat cow.”   
    • “Why can’t I be dead?”
    • “Why did I fucking eat that shit. No wonder I’m so fat.” 
    • “They hate me because I’m fat.” 
  • Quiet emotional break downs.
    • No one notices it because you keep it down until you’re alone.
    • Feeling lonely and not likeable. 
  • Being the outsider and sitting as far away as possible from the squad. 
    • Isolating yourself even thought you would like to be friends with them.
  • Locking yourself in the bathroom for as long as possible.
    • Hiding. 
    • Crying.
    • Muttering things to yourself.
    • Trying to calm down. 
  • Giving your best during missions and feeling proud of yourself when you did well.

  • Harley realising that you’re not feeling well one day. 
  • Her eyeing you up and down and noticing your puffy red eyes and sad facial expression. 
    • Harley being confused as to why you would be crying. 
    • Harley getting aware of you always disappearing after a few days of observing you.
    • Her sneaking quietly into the bathroom and hearing you cry and mutter words about yourself.
  • Her telling the squad about what happened.
    • “Crying? Why would [Y/N] do that?”
    • Her telling what she heard and expressing how concerned she is.
    • “Never realised [Y/N] was feeling left out because of her/his looks.”
    • “Left out?”
    • “Yeah, we’re always together and [Y/N] is never with us- always sitting in the corner.”
    • “You know what, Shorty never really talks with us. What do we actually know about Shorty?” 
    • “She/He is always hiding behind me. I thought [Y/N] was afraid during the missions.”
  • The Squad deciding to include you into the group.
    • Them starting to ask if you want to sit and drink with them. 
    • Them trying to do small talk with you.
    • [Y/F/C] being the only one who is not too intrusive.
      • Them having a slight crush on you but you never noticed it.
  • You being suspicious about their behaviour.
    • “What if they want something?”
    • “What if they want to use me?” 
    • “They wanna use me and make fun of me…”

  • You getting angry at the Squad at some point. 
    • “Could you please stop pretending you like me!” 
    • “What do you mean, hun?”
    • “You’re nice. Too nice. Why are you behaving like this?”
    • “We… we noticed you’re always all by yourself.” 
    • “And?”
    • “You look lonely, and you’re our friend. So what? You wanna lynch us for being nice to you?” 
    • “No… but… it’s weird.” 
    • “It’s weird that you’re hiding away, mate.”
    • “What?”
    • “We know you’re hiding in the bathroom. It wasn’t that hard to figure out why, hun.” 
  • You hiding away for the next few days out of embarassement until the squad visits you and makes sure you’re okay. 
    • Them being natural around you.
    • Captain Boomerang even letting you hold his beloved Pinky.
    • Talking alone with [Y/F/C].
      • “Whatever you think about yourself. I think you’re awesome.” 

  • You slowly feeling like you belong to them.
Hide n Seek-TW preference


  •  Hide and seek for the hell of it
  • hide and seek in the dark

  • power goes out and you touch their penis or they touch ur boobs

  • hide and seek and you accidentally touch their private parts or they do

 A/N: hello, the intro is the sae for all of them so please read :)



You did not know how or why it happened, it was a werewolf party with slightly wolfsabaned drinks and stuff but after an hour or two you and the pack were extremely drunk. Someone suggested Hide and Seek in a dark room and the whole pack just sort of went along with it.



‘’Aaaand hide !’’ Scott announced as he started counting in the dark. You had spotted a place before the lights were off so now you knew how to navigate yourself in the thick blackness.

On your way to your hiding place you bumped against Lydia who whispered a sorry and kept walking and then minutes later you felt the wood of the furniture you were aiming for. It was a huge desk with a chair and a tiny spot beneath it. Scott had stopped counting and was crawling around the room touching random stuff. The rest of the pack would avoid him once hearing him, but your hiding place was so good that you thought you’d never have to move.

Scott was cheating using his scent to smell you and he realized everyone else was constantly moving, besides you, making you an easier target. He silently walked towards the desk he remembered being in the room and just as he was about to bend and grab you, you felt someone tugging at your feet, pulling you from under the desk. You were about to make a sound when that someone lifted you up and placed his hand on your lips. He walked with you until you heard Scott moving further.

‘’That was close…’’ You recognized Derek’s voice. You were about to thank him and move on , when as your body shifted you felt pressure applied on a specific part of your body. Derek immediately heard the change in your heartbeat.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ he asked you. You had to admit, the feeling of his big strong hands cupping your breast like that. It made you go weak on the knees. If he would just squeeze them…you nearly moaned in excitement of the thought but held it in and answered.

‘’you’re um…kinda …holding my tit.’’ You said and an

‘’OW !’’ was heard from Stiles banging on the couch.

‘’oh, I’m sorry…’’ Derek said and you could practically hear him smirking, but he did not remove his hand.

‘’still holding it…’’ you mumbled. And he smirked even louder.

‘’I know’’ he leaned in and whispered giving it a light squeeze.




‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Derek yelled as he begun counting in Spanish. Where did he even learn that ? Stiles , your best friend held your hand as he lead you through the room , trying to find a hiding place.

‘’who farted?’’ someone you thought was Liam yelled and you laughed.

Derek begun looking under furniture, and you heard the curtains being dragged once.

‘’how the hell are we supposed to hide if we can’t even see our noses ?’’ you whispered to Stiles. You two were behind a pillar.

‘’I saw a torch somewhere. If we can find it, we’ll have a privilege.’’ Stiles instructed.

‘’you go.’’ You said.

‘’what ? why me ? , no you’re smaller , you’ll get around easier…’’ he argued.

‘’rock paper scissors ?’’ you asked and he sighed saying fine. Youpulled out a rock and he pulled out a paper.

‘’DAMN ! okay I’ll be back Stilinski’’ you said falling on your knees and crawling on the floor. You started feeling furniture and things in an attempt to get a hold of the torch when your fingers traced something like a shoe.

‘’ehem’’ you heard Derek’s voice.

‘’SHIT !’’ you cried out. You did not want to lose just yet so you started running in the dark with Derek following you, As you were running , you felt your feet tripping and you grabbed something. You run your fingers against it and heard someone calling your name

‘’y/n’’ it was Stiles, you smiled

‘’HEY I THINK I FOUND THE TORCH !’’you said and you felt a pair of hands pulling yours away.

‘’that’s…that wasn’t..a torch…’’ Stiles explained and maybe it was the fact that you were drunk but you did not understand.

‘’but it was hard !’ you protested and Stiles felt his cheeks getting red.

‘’I will not apologize for getting hard at a beautiful girl caressing me whilst on her knees. I will not.’’ He defended himself.




‘’AAAaaand hide !’’ Stiles yelled. You had decided on a strategy where you would not hide, but rather stay in an open space that you would be able to move, if you heard Stiles. You jumped on the couch and felt the wall.

Seconds later the couch’s mattress slightly shifted and you felt someone next to you.

‘’IS THAT YOU LYDIA ?’’ Stiles asked and you assumed he had taken hold of someone.

‘’yes’’ Derek replied sarcastically in his deep voice and the person next to you laughed.

You would recognize that laughter anywhere.

‘’I think he’s coming our way…’’ Liam told you . You focused on the sound and indeed , Stiles was heading towards the couch.

‘’did he stop ?’’ you asked , not being able to hear him approaching anymore. Then you heard a warrior’s cry and realized Stiles was taking a run up to jump onto the couch as well.

‘’abandon ship !’’ you yelled as you and Liam jumped in the air awkwardly. Once landing, Liam stepped onto something sharp that caused him to lose balance and trip. In an attempt to not hit the ground he raised his hands and tried to hold onto.

You let out a cry of pain and only then did he realize what he had done.

‘’please tell me these are your shoulders…’’ Liam whispered and you chuckled.

It was awkward but he had taken a very strong grip on them, and as it had always been happening, when someone violently grabbed the delicate skin, your nipples hardened. Liam felt that beneath his fingers and let out a groan.

‘’sorry…’’ he mumbled.

‘’you can let go now…?’’ you said and he removed his hands.

‘’right.. um sorry. Sorry’’ He thanked god the lights were off or you would be able to see the crimson color in which he had turned into.




‘’Aaaand Hide!’’Liam said and the game was on. You walked around, trying to avoid making a mess when you fell onto someone.

‘’ouch!’’ him and you let out at the same time.

‘’oh sorry Scott’’ you said figuring it was him, as you got up and kept moving. A few steps later you were supporting your back on the wall and walking at its length when you bumped again into someone.

‘’oops’’ he said

‘’we need to stop meeting like this’’ you joked and Scott kept walking.

You finally felt the knobs of the wardrobe and smiled in victory, This was your ticket to it, anyway. You pulled it open and entered, pushing aside some of the clothes and closing the door again. You tried to keep quiet by controlling your breathing. Then one of the hangers of the clothes fell onto your head and you cried out.

‘’hush’ someone said and you froze realizing you were not alone in there.

‘’excuse you. I hurt my head and you’re hushing me ?’’ you asked and heard Scott chuckling. His hand came to your waist pulling you closer.

‘’I don’t really want to be found right now…’’ he whispered.

‘’Scott that’s not my waist…’’ you mumbled against him and he gave your ass a slight spank

‘’I definitely don’t want to be found..’’ he smirked and you sighed.

‘’let go’’ you demanded.

‘’ not fair. For all I know your hand could be on my bum as well’’ he argued.  

‘’it isn’t..’’ you reassured him and he made his eyes glow. The red illuminated the wardrobe and gave you both a perfect view of your innocence, since both of your hands were resting against his torso.

‘’see they aren’t ‘’ you whispered.

‘’they should be’’ he leaned in smashing his lips onto yours, closing his eyes , as the dark returned.



‘’I’m so bloody wasted !’’ Isaac said and Stiles smacked his shoulder.

‘’just say it.’’

‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Isaac finally said as he started counting. The room was very dark and huge and thus you had already lost precious time trying to walk without hurting anything or anyone , that when Isaac announced he was done counting you were yet without a hiding place.

‘’ this is my butt !’’ Liam said from somewhere in the room. You panicked, not knowing what to do. Why wasn’t Kira playing? She’d  lighten things up. Literally

‘’ I can hear your heartbeaaat’’ Isaac said as if he was the villain in a children’s nursery story.

‘’fuck ‘’ you let out and started walking in a faster pace hoping to avoid him. You leaned against what felt like  doorframe and breathed slowly.

Then all of a sudden you felt fingers brushing against your private parts.

‘’um…’’ you mumbled wanting to warn whoever it was, that they had made things sort of awkward.

‘’if you were going for my hands…you missed.’’ You informed the person next to you and then you felt one strong hand pressing against your centre, shifting the fabric as you pressed further against the wall.

‘’ I didn’t miss’’ Isaac smiled and you laughed pulling him in for a kiss.




‘’Aaand- whatever just hide.’’ Peter said holding his bottle as he walked around in the room searching for the pack, without even counting.

Scott , who was walking behind him trying to avoid him pinched the back of his neck causing Peter to groan.

‘’playing hide and seek with a bunch of teenagers was not on this years resolution…’’he mumbled as he kept looking for you.

Apparently he was very drunk and useless at the game.


‘’I hate this game’’ he mubled giving up and sitting on a couch.

‘’That’s against the rules !’’ Stiles cried and Peter motioned his fingers ignoring him. You made your way to the couch , and bumped into it due to the darkness of the room , but then you sat down next to Peter, placing your hand on his thigh.

‘’pretty sure that’s against the rules as well y/n..’’ Peter raised an eyebrow and you squeezed his thigh moving your hand upwards.


‘’do you still hate this game ?’’ you asked reaching his crotch as he flipped you on the couch , getting on top of you.

‘’so much.’’ He mumbled against you.

Scorpios aren’t demons. They just seek the truest part of ourselves, the most raw, inhibited part of us. They don’t like people that hide behind secrecy and put forward a false front. They see straight through it, and we know it. Which I think is why they get cast as the “dark” sign or whatever.

But actually, they bring people into the light.


Here is a continuation of sorts from my last turtle tot picture.
There were two idea floating in my head of what was going on in that picture, but this was the cutest so I had to draw it.
They are playing hide and seek (not very well, I might add and yes they all hide together, cause why would you hide separately in dark, scary sewer tunnels, haha) and Splinter found them ^^

(Also, no one will let Mikey get the thing. I don’t know what it is he has his eyes on, but he is one determined little turtle.)

@kleptotello you told me to bring it, I brought it ;)

The Devil in Disguise

Credence grew up hearing stories of the Devil. He was Heaven’s most beautiful angel. He lured people using only truths and beauty. He was Temptation Incarnate.

It turned out the Devil was an unassuming British man with a small smile and a large suitcase.

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