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etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 7.21.17

leather goodies by hustleandhide

let’s dive into our friday frenzy with some superrad leather finds from EFOTD go-to hustleandhide — whether you are looking for a sweet wrap bracelet or a new bag, this etsy shop has the cool styles and colors you’re craving.

anonymous asked:

I remember your 5/20/80 rule and it was an awesome post to put perceived vocal audiences into perspective. I wonder if you'd be willing to revisit that idea from a different angle. Let's say the playerbase actually wanted to gain the ear of you/a gamedev to get something changed. What would be a meaningful way to get that to happen? I'm sure writing an angry message on my exit survey when I unsubscribe wouldn't be on the top of the list. Is there a way?

Sure there is. Devs love getting feedback, but we often have to sift the useful stuff from stuff that isn’t particularly useful. That’s one of the reasons we hire community managers. So here are some guidelines to making your feedback useful to us. Some of this might feel a bit counter-intuitive, but I guarantee you that this sort of feedback is the most useful to us.

#1. Speak for yourself

Don’t spend time telling us what the majority of our fans think. You really don’t speak for them and we have the data to prove it. But that’s ok! You don’t have to speak for everybody. Just tell us what you think. Believing you represent everybody else might make you feel like it carries more weight, but it really doesn’t unless you really do represent everybody. You’re already posting on a forum or social media or whatever, which already statistically excludes you from representing everybody. So just tell us what you think. I promise that we’ll listen.

#2. Speak honestly. Avoid hyperbole.

No, this feature did not give you cancer. No, this weapon is not the worst in the game. No, that other class is not our favorite pet class and we do not give them everything they ever wanted. The problem with parsing hyperbole is that it is basically hiding a grain of truth inside a ball of lies. When we have to sift out truth from the lies around it, it makes us grumpy.

#3. Speak about problems. Don’t propose solutions.

Players giving feedback often skip straight to their own proposed solutions and it doesn’t help very much. It isn’t that players who give feedback are bad or stupid - most of the hardcore players who provide feedback are very smart and analytical. The problem is that their proposed solutions often lack crucial context to make an informed decision. You don’t know the limitations we have to work within or the resources we have available. Just because some other game did it doesn’t mean we can do it too. It’s really hard for someone to come up with a feasible solution without knowing all of that information. Just tell us what you don’t like, why you don’t like it, and leave the solutions to us. We made the rest of the game, after all. Give us a little faith.

#4. Speak to a comrade, not an enemy

Remember that we all have something in common - we all like and believe in the game. We all want what’s best for it. Lashing out in anger isn’t going to make us more likely to do what you say. Threats are also not going to work. Threats to quit especially don’t work - the actual rate at which people who threaten to quit and follow through is so miniscule that it is almost unnoticeable. We are not trying to kill your family or destroy everything you hold dear. We want what you want - what’s best for the game. We are not your enemy, even if there are choices we made that you don’t agree with. We know that not everyone will agree with every decision we make, but nobody reacts favorably to being called names and told they’re stupid or incompetent.

#5. Speak with brevity

Refrain from posting enormous dissertations. Keep it simple and short. If you cannot explain the problem with a handful of sentences, you probably haven’t isolated it. This point tends to be related to #3 - usually, articulating a problem isn’t that difficult to get across in a sentence or three. It’s the solutions that tend to require a lot of explanation. Here’s the biggest issue with walls of text - the feedback will be distilled down by the community managers for the devs anyway. They’ll condense it all down to a list of bullet points and give it to us. So why not cut out the middle man and make it easier on them? They’ll certainly be happier if you do them the courtesy. 

#6. Speak without expectations

There is nothing you can do to guarantee that we will do what you say. You cannot argue us into doing what you want. You cannot force us to do what you want. You cannot “logic” your way into doing what you want. It is very likely that we won’t always acknowledge you individually, because there’s so many of you for each one of us on the forums that it’s just not particularly feasible. Also, don’t take dev or official responses to indicate the only posts we’re reading. The feedback that gets collected and passed on to us isn’t only gathered from those posts that garner official responses. The majority of the useful feedback won’t ever get an official response -most of us believe that the best way to acknowledge your feedback is to through the game itself (even though it is likely that changes are weeks if not months away… patches need to pass testing and cert, after all). 

And that’s basically it. I know that the fans that engage with the game’s community and developers are super passionate and only want what they feel is best for the game. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t reach out. Believe me when I say that we devs feel the same way. Please believe me when I say that well-written, concise, and honest feedback is far more likely to reach us than anything else. I swear that’s the best way to get your feedback heard and considered.

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Monsta X AU part 1

          authors note: this was a dream i had and it was originally going to be a one shot but i got carried away. i kinda based the aesthetic on their music video All In. that’s the look i’m picturing in my brain anyways. 

          summary: you and Minhyuk were all each other had when your family had been killed in a war. you and him had to survive, while trying to keep your old family home from literally falling apart. not to mention, how much longer could you suppress your feeling for him?

          word count: 4095

part 2  part 3  part 4  masterlist

“Minhyuk! This bread is stale!” you shouted from the gray kitchen, hoping your voice reached up into the rooms on the second floor. You began to cut up the bread into slices, even though it had become hard from being out on the counter for a few days. There was nothing else to eat.

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anonymous asked:

I didn't understand something? Why the shovels, isn't Kaneki on that tower? They want to go into the kakuja?

Hi! Yes, they need shovels because…

Kaneki most likely is still down in the 24th ward, where Dragon originated from.

Look, that’s Dragon:

but Kaneki is a rinkaku ghoul so he should be at the opposite end of all the “heads” of Dragon that we see rampaging through Tokyo.

I think of it as a tree: Kaneki is the trunk, his kakuhou the roots and what we saw rampaging through Tokyo are the many branches, but Kaneki as the trunk stayed where Dragon was “born”…

…which is why they need shovels, especially now that the 24th ward was crushed (and that’s why Nishiki joked that it would take forever when they have 72 hours according to Hide).

Take it with a grain of salt, I could be wrong, but I doubt they want to use shovels to visit Dragoneki’s kakuja from the inside xD 

I hope it helps, have a nice day Anon!

Desert Ship (Part 1 of 2)

For generations, my family line has been bless with the ability to control sand. “It’s our gift.” my father told me over and over again whenever he was around.

My ability first appeared when I was thirteen years old, when I managed to lift a single grain of sand in the air. I quickly tossed it around between me and my half-siblings. For the next few days I just ran between the communal tents, throwing sand around and making shapes in the sand with my siblings and friends much to the enjoyment of my mother and the annoyance of everybody else in the tribe.

That saturday, when my dad arrived to pick me up for his week of custody, I showed him my abilities. I was already able to move a mound of sand the size of a small vase. He was impressed, but he had a devious smile on his face. He asked me if I wanted to come on a trip with him in order to test my powers for real. I obviously accepted.

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anonymous asked:

Do u take the hide's washuu theories?

With a grain of salt. 

Hide is specifically mentioned as having tipped Marude off presumably about the gates, but besides that where he got that information and what his goal was in tipping Marude off is not mentioned at all. 

When it comes to Hide, my favorite theory is the witch’s servant one but they’re all kind of far fetched. The only two real pieces of information we have is that:

1) Somebody sent Hide’s copy of The Hanged Man’s Makguffin to Sasaki
2) Hide probably tipped Marude off about the gates. 

It’s hard to flush out a hidden character background from what is basically scraps of evidence. 


A Very Brief Look At Graining A Deerskin

Because watching things get sped up is fun, hide tanning is often monotonous, and because I can. There will be more helpful videos in the future, but since I just started work on two out of three hides today (eek!), this is what you get first. <3

(Please Note: This is a Raw hide, it has not been bucked, which is why graining it looks rather difficult. Once I get my hands on some ashes I’ll speed this up. I just couldn’t resist getting started.)