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Prompt: you're having a bad self love day and Liam shows you just how beautiful you are, fluffy and/or smutty. ❤️

It doesn’t happen every day or even a lot of the time, but every once in a while you just end up having … a bad day.  Of course, it starts the same way every time, an early glance in the mirror or something that’s too tight that fit perfectly before.  And it’s just downhill from there, nothing short of a miracle can really lift you up out of the dumps.

Today it was the discovery that you’ve gained a few too many pounds to fit into a pair of jeans you’ve had for years - one that you honestly should have thrown out some time ago but they were always “just right”.  Until now.  So you’d gone and moped about the house most of the day, since you’d had it off work and couldn’t remember if your boyfriend was busy or not.  And you surely didn’t want to bother him with something like this.  As down as it makes you feel to begin with, you also feel kind of dumb for being so upset.

Either way, it’s a day for staying in and keeping to yourself.  No need to bog down Liam anymore than you’re doing to yourself.

Until he calls around noonish and says, “Thought you were coming around for lunch, babe.  You okay?”

You sigh into your phone before you can stop yourself and that assures that you can’t lie to Liam about how you’re having a crap day.

He’s over in a matter of half an hour and despite the fact you’d haltingly explained that you were upset over gaining weight, he’s got your favorite dessert pastries in a paper bag.  When you protest, he shushes you with a finger to the lips and then sets about making your favorite cup of tea in the kitchen while you watch through the doorway from your sofa.

Soon, he’s settled in beside you, pressing your mug of steaming tea between your hands and kissing your forehead.

“You didn’t have to come do all this,” you tell him after a quiet sip, your cheeks rosy already from his attention.

Liam opens up the sack and takes a single pastry, breaking it between his fingers before he says, “Of course, I did.  COuldn’t let my missus spend all day feeling bad.”

You hide your face in your tea, shy and warmed by his words and the drink.  "Oh.“

Between sips of tea and stolen kisses, Liam feeds you the pastry bite by bite, only taking a couple for himself when you protest because "there’s more in the bag!”.  When it’s gone, he licks off his fingers and pretends not to notice the way your gaze lingers on his mouth.

“How about a bath?” he asks, seemingly out of the blue, as he returns a few minutes later from the kitchen, the pastries left all arranged in the fancy - but usually useless - cake dish your mother gave you several Christmases ago.

You cringe, “I don’t know, Liam.  I took a shower yesterday…”

“You always feel better after a bath,” he claims, and you take his hand, let him pull you up despite how tense and anxious you are.  It’s not until he’s lead you all the way to the bathroom door that he says, “Besides, I’ll get in with you.”

Before you can really say anything, he’s slipped into the bathroom and gotten the water going.  He knows how self conscious you can get sometimes, but it never seems to bother him; instead, like today, he just does nice things for you.  You almost crack a smile when you see him dig out your lavender scented bubble bath from under the sink.

“That’s the stuff,” he quips while he pours it in, uses his free hand to make a giant fragrant froth of bubbles on top of the steaming bathwater.  "Bath’s ready, love.“  And then his shirt’s over his head, making a navy blue puddle on your floor.

You stall, watching him undress, and Liam teasingly makes a little show of it, rolls his hips out of his jeans and pants before letting them drop to the floor after he’s stepped out of his socks and shoes.  He snaps off his watch, twirls it around his finger a bit and then sets it aside on the back of your toilet, only to hook his finger in a "come hither” motion a moment later.

By this time, you’re feeling shy again, almost embarrassed, but you’re grinning.  Liam’s a dope, but he’s your dope and he’ll do just about anything you ask him to.  It’s hard to feel gross over a few pounds when he can tease and kiss you the way he does when you finally make your way to him.  He takes your clothes off for you, slowly and gently, fingertips touching every inch of skin and drawing tingling paths of goosebumps behind them.  To pull down the pajama bottoms and panties you’d never changed out of, he sinks slowly to his knees, kissing his way down your belly and then dragging the clothing down your hips and thighs, lifting your feet in the daintiest way to help you step out.  

Those plush pink lips of his kiss their way up your trembling thighs and you feel the first real stir of heat low in your tummy.  You roll your bottom lip between your teeth, chewing it hard as his hands splay over the tops of your thighs, start to spread them apart before his name rasps out of your mouth.

He looks up at you from the floor, puppy brown eyes so curious, but no less willing to finish what he’s started.

You mumble, “The water’ll get cold…”

He chuckles, but pushes his way back to his feet and you both have to ignore how he’s half hard between the two of you as you finally climb into the bath together.  Liam pulls you into his lap as you sink underneath the water, bubbles churning lightly around you.  His lips touch your shoulder and neck, sliding your hair away from it to pepper gentle kisses there.

“I love you, babe,” he says, hands finding your body under the water, touching you tenderly, reverently.

You lay your head back against his chest, nosing up against his stubbly chin as you finally, really relax for the first time today.  "I love you too,“ you say, the last word sucked in as Liam’s hand runs down your belly, seeking the moist and heated treasure between your thighs one more time.

Your eyes clench shut and this time you don’t stop him, let him finger you open until you’re writhing in the bath water, stirring up both bubbles and their floral aroma.  He makes love to you there in the water, eventually turning you to face him so he can touch down your throat, collar and breasts with his mouth, sucking the perfumed water off them as you ride him.  He doesn’t have to whisper sweet things for you to know just what he believes every time you slide all the way down, every time his fingertips dig into your back and hips, and every time his lips find yours, alternately filling them with sounds of pleasure and swallowing up yours.

When the two of you are toweling off sometime later, giggling like teenagers and shivering from the chill of water cooling on your skin, you wonder why you felt so awful in the first place.  Not for long though, when Liam’s drawing you in against him, sliding his arms around your waist and burying his nose in your wet hair.

Suddenly having to throw out some old pair of jeans doesn’t seem so bad.