kaito from ajin, hide from tokyo ghoul prompto from ffxv and katsuki from bnha are all in a room together. the first three be like “i would die for my dark haired protag friend, i would kill for him, i would risk life, freedom and property so he can do what he needs to do” and bakugou just puts his cup down, stands up and is like “i am the protagonist” and walks away. 

Just small fries.

Hide invades Kaneki’s dorm for the weekend while they got the time off from studying, having several plans to distribute throughout the 2 days. First, they make a bunch of juicy homemade hamburgers, topped with melted cheese, onion and bacon pieces with a good fresh glass of fizz. It’s quite hot out, so the window is wide open as the sun’s rays dart right through. 

Some relaxing music is playing from Hide’s laptop, linked up from his phone, an acoustic in English. Hide occasionally trying to impress Kaneki with his improving English vocab and to say the least, his singing voice isn’t so bad though he knew Kaneki could hit the notes easily but of course- he’s too shy. Hide eventually shakes it out of him and they sing together, rocking side to side in unison opposite eachother on the bed with a plate full of grub. Kaneki hits the one note in the song Hide can’t and he just stares in awe with a wave of goosebumps and a gaping mouth. Did his heart just skip a beat- or did a slice of freshly cut tomato drizzled in ketchup slide out of the now loosely gripped bun and plonk flat on the plate? Kaneki looks back at him, clocking his expression and instantly shrivels up again and remains quiet. 

‘‘Oh my god why you gotta stare at me like that?!’‘

‘‘Well sorry, Beyoncé.’‘ Sassy z-snap. 

They both cackle. 

Throughout the rest of that day they spent listening to more English tunes.
Some that painted the history of music, some that Hide thought Japan couldn’t understand very well due to the vast differences in western culture. He loved that he could share it with Kaneki, even he picked up on most of the verses.
The chorus were the best, goosebumps and stomach butterflies all around.

This is what they wished they could both experience whenever and wherever.
The world was so vast, yet only two of them.

Like the last two small fries remaining on their huge platter plate. 


Hideyoshi Nagachika : Probable damage assessment 

I guess this is what I do at 1:30 am when I’m not making angst.

My apologies for the Hide-ache.

Gotta say though, I think I actually learned a few things while getting into this.

If there are mistakes anatomy or namesake wise (because the wounds are not gonna be exactly as I guessed), 

feel free to point them out to me in private, I may update them.

Use for whatever my dudes, just know I’m the nerd that did it.


hide: when did you start liking him?
touka: “if you died, i’d be sad.” that’s what he said. i guess that was when.
hide: no way! that scamp managed to say something like that?!