“In theatrical terms, the rising sign is the mask one puts up automatically, especially when in a scared or uncertain situation. (…) 
Aries rising, for instance, adopts an “angry” attitude or an overly antagonistic personality when he is on the firing line.
Taurus rising may become stubborn or overly charming, hiding a completely different self underneath.
Gemini rising invariably talks a blue streak when he is in an unsafe situation. Verbal facility, wit, and conversation may conceal someone sensitive or deep.
Cancer rising hides behind his emotions, talking too much on an emotional level, overreacting or showing great vulterability. Inner strenght may be the hidden gem, or more analytical awareness may emerge if the mask can be penetrated.
Leo rising has a natural ability to be dramatic. He may overdo the drama and the fiery personality when he is not safe.
Virgo rising can be counted on to ask questions if he is less than secure. He can be critical or overly analytical as his way of staying safe. Too much objectivity may hide sweetness or sensitivity. 
Libra rising has a great difficulty in dropping the sweetness and charm. His survival has to do with being especially nice early in life. He may have much hiddne anger submerged beneath that overtly “nice” manner.
Scorpio rising comes on as tremendously intense, forceful, and powerful. He may hide a sweetness or sense of humor that only emerges when he feels safe. He has to learn to pull back his tremendous energy rather than knock people over, perhaps unknowingly. 
Sagittarius rising is always sunny and laughing, even if things are very difficult. His mask has to do with a Pollyanna attitude, an “Oh well, everything will be okay” outlook. Behind his cheeriness, perhaps even lying close to the surface, can be great strenght or perhaps some sadness.
For one with Capricorn rising, the stern or shy facade hides a different character altogether. Jugdamental personality most often denotes tremendous insecurity and self-imposed hardships or pressures. 
The more erratic Aquarian rising personality may hide a deeply sensitive person. He is sade if he is “different” or rebelling. That is the part of his mask that is easy to show.
For Pisces rising the facade is simply to tune out, blur the images, and go up to dreamland. He avoids confrontation. It is hard for a Pisces rising to allow himsef the possibility of seeing ugliness or pain. He is heavily invested in being right simply because he is safe as long as everything and everyone lives up to his expectations. Behind his perceptions and instincts, he may reveal greater strenght by transmuting that facade of idealism into a practical, but visionary, appraoch.”
— The Rising Sign, Your Astrological Mask - Jeanne Avery