A Pledge

In 2017 I pledge to not only read more fanfic but also to be less complacent about leaving comments.

So many times I’ll read a fic (often on my eReader) and really enjoy it so much, only to end up getting distracted or busy or just not knowing how to properly express how the fic has made me feel…so then time passes and I end up not commenting at all.

And then the writer has no idea how magical they made my life for the duration of the story, how beautiful I found their characterisation, how swept away I was by their world building, or just how damn hot their smut was.

And, ugh, this happens way more often than I’m proud of.

So, yes, in 2017 I pledge to take the time to comment on more fics - because as a writer myself I know that while it’s really wonderful to receive kudos, it’s incredibly motivating and rewarding to receive a little note along with it, even if all it says is “I loved this”.

Because I do. I love fanfic, I love being a part of this fandom, and I think it’s time I got serious about showing my appreciation.

I just had to do it! It was in my mind the second we heard of that conversation! <3

Tom Hiddleston got asked, which Shakespeare character he’d like to play for the rest of his life.

Chris: “Juliet.”

Tom: “Yeah, Juliet, definitely. And will you be my Romeo?”

Chris: “Sure, yep.”

Tom: “And in that moment we created a monster.”

Chris: “It’s no secret…”