“We’re all capable of courage and heroism. We’ve all experienced joy, we’ve all felt pain. And every time I go to work, that’s really what I’m trying to communicate. Whether I’m playing Loki, or Hank Williams, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Coriolanus, or Henry V, or Jonathan Pine, I hope there’s some expression of something that people relate to.”

-Tom Hiddleston

Photo by John Phillips.

“There’s a disconnect between who I am and who people expect me to be because of my background. And I feel compelled to be rebellious and go against that.”
-Tom Hiddleston

From “How Tom Hiddleston Makes Psycho Sexy”, 19 April 2016.

[exhibit A: Jackyll/Hyde or The inner Hannibal shining through].


“But actually, there were parts of the singing, aside from the yodeling, which I hadn’t anticipated would be so challenging. It’s so interesting, the way Hank had such instinctive control over his own instrument that sometimes he would bend a single note, and glide through three in one… [Pauses, sings.] "Came in last night at a half past 10, that baby of mine wouldn’t let me in / So move it on oooooooooover…” He would twist and bend that o through a series of notes. And Rodney was correctly exacting about that. Every time we’d go back and try. If I was too metronomic and precise about the beat, Rodney wanted me to try and break that up a bit. Because Hank Williams was basically a blues singer, so I would have to be more rebellious with the beat and the rhythm, without being out of time. I think that was the most challenging aspect of it. “Lovesick Blues” was my own personal Everest, because it’s such an extraordinary song, and what he does with it is unique.“

-Tom Hiddleston

My Mom on Tom [3]

Me: How come he is so open? He reveals so much of himself to the public as an actor, an artist, while someone nearly anonymous like me doesn’t have that much courage to do so even when there are not millions people to judge you? I meant I speak my mind all the time (in private), but the level Tom is sharing his thoughts with the world–it’s phenomenal…

Mom: That’s because he’s confident–of himself and of what he knows. He speaks sincerely because he knows the things he says aren’t putting anyone in harm or stem from an ill-will. He speaks truthfully because he knows he’s not putting anyone at stake. When you know you have nothing to hide, that’s when you can truly be yourself.


“I think there’s a certain kind of person who…just has an inclination to addiction. And some people say that’s genetic. And they live without a safety catch. I know that I have that safety catch, thank God. I feel very grateful. I know when to stop, and I’ve known many people in my life who don’t. And Hank was a binger. He binged on everything. He just couldn’t have one cocktail. He had to drink until he was unconscious. And trying to represent that aspect of him was interesting, because I think ‘where does that self-destructive instinct come from?’, Or ‘the instinct to… need to …escape, because the noise is too loud?’”

-Tom Hiddleston

“My first day of shooting was like meeting an old friend. It was exactly 12 months since I wrapped on Avengers. [There was] a lot of self-applied pressure, but it always is, that’s partly why I love doing it. [I’m] really acknowledging the privilege of a third chance. It’s so rare, as an actor that you can get a second chance on a character as an actor, let alone a third chance. And really wanting to expand and evolve and deepen the characterization. And keep him interesting (for me and the audience). And try and find new ways and new things to do.” -Tom Hiddleston [6 Nov 2013]

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“I don’t really know any other way. I suppose it’s the way that I work. It’s such a unique privilege to get to make films and to be an actor, so for a long time, the way that I work is, if I don’t throw my whole soul at it, I’d never forgive myself.”

-Tom Hiddleston [on playing Hank Williams, smashinginterview.com]

“The reason I’m an actor is that I’m interested in identity. I’m interested in the mutability of identity. What’s the Buddhist saying? Maybe it’s not a Buddhist saying… “We contain multitudes.” I’m not a practising Buddhist – it’s just a phrase! ‘You get to live in the shoes of other people. You get a sense of what it might be like doing another job, being a soldier, like in “The Night Manager”, or a physiologist, as in “High-Rise”. It excites my completely amateur and untrained interest in psychology. I find people fascinating. It’s a way of testing myself. "Another thing that fascinates me is the turbulence that happens to all of us in private and lies behind our calm exterior. Human beings are intensely complex.” –Tom Hiddleston [Timeout.com] Thanks Brokeinflight.tumblr for the link!

“Yeah, it’s so interesting that a lot of people talk about acting as being in the moment, being present, and having the discipline to stay present. And I actually sometimes think that it’s not quite that. Coz sometimes if you’re in the present moment and the moment present is Friday night, the sun is going down, you’re losing the light, the crew are tired. And you have to take yourself out of the present moment and commit to another moment, which is fueled by your imagination.”

-Tom Hiddleston [BAFTA NYC 2016]