• Must be following Bucky Barnes
  • Reblog this post once (you can like it to bookmark it but it won’t count)
  • Have your ask & submit open
What we're looking for
  • Marvel blogs (multi-fandom is fine but marvel has to be one of your mains)
  • Clean theme with easy navigation
  • Tags because tags are awesome :D
  • Bloggers who are nice and friendly (✿◠‿◠)
If you get accepted
  • You will receive a welcome message from myself
  • Submit an icon and a short description about yourself as well as your email for the network chat
  • Please have a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • Track the tag #wintersoldiernw for updates and stuff
  • Awesome bloggers to fangirl with
  • Our love ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
  • Help with html, promos, edits, etc.
Other important things
  • Will only be picking members who have seen the film, starting tomorrow 28th March
  • 2-5 members will be picked every time the film is released in another country
  • Drop me an ask if you have any questions :)

May is on the way and it’s time to find ourselves a blog of the month. (Hold on a sec just take a second to appreciate that gif right there. Ok continue)


  • Must be following Danielle and Heather
  • Reblog this post until April 30 (you can like to bookmark it but LIKES WILL NOT COUNT)
  • Must reach at least 30 notes or this disappears
  • We will be picking one winner and however many runner ups we see fit

What we’re looking for

  • Nice clean theme
  • Nice blogger
  • Lovely posts
  • Can be multifandom but one of your fandoms has to be Marvel

What the winner will receive

  • +f from both of us if we are not already
  • A spot on our updates tab or blog for the whole entire month
  • Promos from us whenever you want
  • An edit or two

Runner ups will receive

  • +f from both of us if not already
  • A spot on our updates tab/ blog for the entire month
  • If you ask, you can get an edit
  • Also group promos

Other stuff

  • Winners will be announced May 1st or as close to that date as possible
  • If you have any questions just ask Heather or Danielle