Okay can we discuss the effectiveness of the Australian Higher Education system?

If there’s one thing our government has done right, it’s tertiary education

1. First of all, you’re guaranteed into a very large majority of courses if you meet the minimum academic entry requirements.

2. A typical Bachelor’s Degree is three years, and the semesters are only three months long. That means you have just as much holiday time as you do class time– it works out to be 6 months of studying and 6 months of holidays which is fab.

3. Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are guaranteed acceptance for a wonderful thing called a HECS loan. This service is free and organised by the government. Loans are interest free so you literally only owe the cost of your tuition.

4. You only start paying back these loans once you’re earning above a certain income threshold. One of my mum’s friends is a part- time teacher and is yet to have fully repaid her student loans. When you do start paying it back, it’ll come out of your regular income taxes, so you don’t even notice you’re paying it back.

5. At the moment, Australian universities are regulated by the Government, which means fees for courses are the SAME throughout the country.

6. Finally, domestic student fees are between $6000-8000 a year. This is relatively inexpensive on a global scale, especially since the Aussie dollar is pretty weak at the moment. Anyway, because the government covers you, it’s not a burden on you while you study and even after you graduate there’s no time limit in which you need to repay your loans.

The thing I hated the most about high school P.E wasn’t that I was bad at it (I kinda just accepted that lol), it was that every one of the P.E teachers I had made kids feel bad if they weren’t good enough, or naturally skilled. Like I’m all for the importance of physical education, all I’m saying is, you wouldn’t see any of my English teachers picking on a kid for not being able to quote an entire book chapter during the first class.