hiddlestoner problem

  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

A drabble in the “Problem with Sushi” Series

Anon Request

What if you’re pregnant and super hormonal and cry for no reason at all and Tom is always there to console you but secretly finds it amusing sometimes? Xx

“Oh my goodness, there are a lot of different swings, and gliders,” Tom shook his head looking slightly overwhelmed at the laptop on the kitchen table. “Oh and don’t forget rockers, jumpers, and bouncers. Are you sure we even need one of these? This one site says it’s pretty much useless after six mo-” he stopped when he heard you half cough and sniffle, “Oh, darling, come here.” He turned in his seat and took your hands, pulling you between his legs and petting your rounding middle, “It’s okay, my Darling, we can get one of each, anything you want.”

You rest your hand on his, shaking your head and wiping at the tears, “No, no it’s just, they’re going to get so big so fast and it’s two of them, and what will we put them in when they are too big for this?”

He smiled then, letting out a gentle laugh, “Oh, Love,” he reached to wipe another tear, “We’ll keep reading and searching, this is all going to be so very wonderful. Please don’t cry, Love.”

You shake your head and pet his cheek with a half laughing pout, “I can’t help it! All I do anymore is cry. What is happening to me?”

He kisses your hand and bites back another laugh, “Well, I don’t want to make any rash judgments, but I think you may be pregnant.”

You playfully swat him and pull away, “Don’t make fun of me, do you think I like being like this? I cried for fifteen minutes earlier because I remembered you brought home that gelato we had on our second date and I just love you so much,” you wipe your eyes again, “and here I go again!”

He crosses to you again, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your shoulder, “I love you too, my Darling, always, and I promise you, this will all settle down and be just fine, you’re just,” his hand comes to rest again on your middle. “adjusting to growing two babies inside you, it’s going to make you a little…”

You jump in when he trails off, “Crazy?”

“Emotional, the doctor told you, everything would feel off for a bit, but it will leve–oh?”

His hand pulls back and you turn to look at him, pulling his hand back to your belly, “Did you feel that too?”

His eyes go wide as another fluttering shift ripples through you, “Are they… oh wow…” he looks back and forth between your eyes and his hand, his eyes going glassy with yours, “Our babies are moving.”

You giggle softly, “Don’t you start crying now, we can’t both be weeping messes.”

His tears fall with his laughter. “You, this, this is just, my God.” he follows the light movements until they stop, keeping his hand there as he kisses your forehead.

As you fall into a contented silence, he finally gets his ability to speak back, “Fifteen minutes because of the gelato? Oh, my dear, sweet love, what will you do if I make dinner tonight.”

You laugh again, a real deep laugh, “Cry. Duh.”

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Okay, but since the writers are clearly screwing with everyone now, and so many fans were convinced Tom Hiddleston would be playing a third Holmes brother…

The ACTUAL BEST thing they could do is say they were taking John to meet Sherrinford up in the tower. When they get there, he sees Tom Hiddleston. But then it turns out Tom’s just the maintenance man or something.

You hear, “I am Sherrinford.” And Mary steps out.

Birdy-effin-Edwardsed, man.

hiddlestoner problem
  • ME: listens to rihanna's "we found love"
  • *remembers tom saying loki might pole dance to this song*
  • ME: don't imagine loki pole dancing don't imagine loki pole dancing don't imagine loki pole dancing don't imagine loki pole dancing don't imagine loki pole dancing don't imagine loki pole dancing
  • *imagines loki pole dancing*
  • ME: damn you brain
Okay, y'all say it with me now.

“Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are two consenting adults. They are real people, not a TV show. It does not matter if you like them together, Tom Hiddleston does not belong to you. He is dating her, you know Tom - he obviously sees something in her he really likes and vice versa. They are not fictional characters. You don’t get to pout because your ship didn’t happen. They’re human. You don’t know Tom. You don’t know Taylor. You don’t get an opinion on who they date. You don’t own Tom Hiddleston.”

Now, again. A little louder for the people in the back.