A jumpy stabby boi has appeared! 🗡🗡🗡
Finally got to watch Thor Ragnarok on Tuesday! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am utterly hopeless in the face of Loki. What can I say? I just love the shit he gets himself into, not to mention Tom Hiddleston is a total cutie.

Also Taika Waititi is an absolute legend. I said in my previous Loki-related post that I had doubts about the horned helmet appearing in Thor Ragnarok, but lo and behold! Not only is the helmet back, but it’s reminiscent of Loki’s Agent of Asgard helmet in the comics. ❤

I highly recommend seeing this film even if you’re not a fan of superhero movies. And make sure you watch Waititi’s other films as well. They’re a hoot!

Loki Imagine - You Realize He’s ‘Odin’

WARNING! Ragnarok spoilers!!!!

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Your P.O.V.

Ever since Thor had left Asgard, going back on Midgard to be with his human friends, Odin had been acting strange. I was a maid in the royal castle and a long time ago I had been great friends with Loki. He had been the only person I could lean on and it was the same for him. Sadly, he got dragged into a pit of darkness and during the chaos with the dark elves, he had died.

I had cried for weeks in row, not being able to handle my crushed heart. A part of me hoped he was still alive and to this day, I mentioned him in my prayers to Valhalla.

It was evening and Odin had returned from his daily duties, which nowadays consisted of theatre and other fun things. The people of Asgard seemed to enjoy the less uptight king but I thought it was fishy.

As I put the books back in place in the library, someone walked in. I stood behind a shelf and held my breath as I saw Odin. He looked around him after closing the door, almost as if he searched for other people. What on earth was Odin doing in the library? I had never seen a book in that old man’s hands.

Odin walked to a tall bookshelf and looked around. Instead of grabbing the book with his hands, he lifted his hand and a golden shimmer appeared around his fingers. Then the book levitated to him magically. A gasp left my lips and I dropped the book I had been holding, making Odin notice me.

Our eyes met and we were quiet for a while. That’s when I put all the puzzle pieces together. Of course! I couldn’t have been this dumb. ‘’Loki’’ I whispered and stepped out from my hiding place. He seemed a little stressed now. ‘’I know it’s you, quit the act’’ I added harshly and felt adrenaline in my veins. My heart was beating harder and I was a little scared.

‘‘Fine’‘ He groaned and let his magic vanish, revealing the truth. Loki stood right in front of me, tall and healthy. His black hair was shiny and he was wearing his usual green clothes. Seeing him alive blew my mind. I covered my trembling lips with my hands as tears stung my eyes sharply. A shiver ran down my spine and I tried to process this all.

‘‘Y/N I can explain’‘ Loki attempted to speak with me but it made it worse. Hearing his voice brought back so many memories. A sob escaped my lips and I closed my eyes, trying hard to contain my emotions but I couldn’t. I had lived long believing my best friend and the man I adored had died!

‘‘W-why didn’t you t-tell me?’‘ I whimpered and looked him in the eye. Loki seemed genuinely worried now. I could almost see a hint of sadness in his pretty blue-green eyes. ‘‘I couldn’t afford getting caught but here we are’‘ He smiled lightly almost like this wasn’t a big deal.

‘‘I thought you were dead!’‘ I raised my voice which caused him to shush me immediately. Loki stepped right in front of me and he grabbed me by my wrists, gently tho. His touch sent another shiver to run down my spine coldly. My entire body was quivering and my mind was running in circles.

‘‘I know, I know and I’m sorry’‘ Loki whispered to me softly. That’s when I couldn’t deny my actions anymore. I freed my wrists from his hands and wrapped my arms around his body, hiding my face in his chest. His scent made me feel like home again. Loki hesitated for a moment until he decided to hug me back, wrapping his arms around my frame safely.

I was crying lightly and my hot tears soaked his clothes. Luckily, Loki and I had been friends through tough times so he had comforted me before. It was bittersweet tho, because he was the reason for my tears this time. ‘’I missed you’’ I admitted and sniffled. Loki’s cool hands were patting my back gently.

‘‘I missed you too’‘ He let me know and it swelled my heart a little bit.After a while of hugging, I looked up to see his face. His eyes were glistening but he wasn’t crying. As he saw me facing him, he offered me a tiny smile. There was absolutely zero signs of mischief. He was actually there and he cared.

We gazed into each other’s eyes and somehow he made my anger fade away. I knew that somehow he could explain this all to me in a way it would make sense. Suddenly Loki’s hand travelled up so he cupped my face, wiping a tear away with his big thumb. His touch felt nice and I was pretty sure my cheeks warmed up.

‘‘I’m glad you caught me’‘ He admitted silently. I couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle. He was back and it filled me with joy. Suddenly Loki leaned down and the tip of his nose brushed against mine. My heart skipped a beat because I was taken by surprise.

‘‘May I?’‘ He whispered and I felt his breath on my lips. My entire body felt tense because I was so nervous but I didn’t back off either. I nodded and that’s when he shut the distance between us by pressing his rosy lips on mine. It felt perfect. My eyes shut and I melted into our luscious kiss. 

For a perfect moment, I forgot about all the pain. Loki fucking kissed me! Our lips molded almost like they were made for each other. I felt like I was on fire because the passion inside me crawled through. I held onto his shoulder and pressed myself closer, devouring his lips with pleasure.

Our emotions were evident in our sweet shared moment. We had both missed each other madly and during that time, we had both realized how much we truly cared for each other. It was obvious now that I cared about Loki in a romantic way and he seemed to feel the same. 

After a while we had to part so we could breathe. A smile appeared on my face and Loki seemed surprised by his actions. Luckily, he smiled as well. ‘’That was nice’’ I let him know quietly. ‘’Indeed my princess’’ He purred and the way he spoke sent a thrill to my body.

 Loki pulled me close again and kissed me hungrily, all our feelings finally pulling through. After years of nervous talk, hinting about our feelings yet never doing anything about it, this was truly an overwhelming moment.Loki bit my bottom lip, asking for access for a deeper kiss.

Just like that, the God of Mischief made me forgive his actions and I melted against him like ice in sunshine. I was just thankful that he was alive and well and all the explanations would be told later, not now.

I was glad I caught him too.