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H I D D L E S W E E K ⟶ D A Y  S I X

from acting to activism. “I’m someone who can write about [issues] and make people aware, but I’m not distributing vaccines; I’m not organizing transportation; I can’t make fortified milk for infants who are malnourished; I can’t build schools and find jobs and build training systems; I’m not a chemist; I’m not an engineer; I’m not a politician - I’m just in a position where people, some people, a few people, will read what I’ve got to say.

Imagine that you and Loki have been married a while and you live on Midgard. One day you get badly injured on SHIELD mission and you lose all your memory from past 2 or 3 years. When you wake up in the hospital and see Loki, you freak out because you recognize him as the god who attacked New York. He tells you that you’re married and he loves you and he would never hurt you, but you don’t believe him. Loki is with you all the time, but because you’re terrified of him, he doesn’t come near you, he just quietly watches you so that you can see him too.
Finally, when you can go home from the hospital, Loki shows you your house and you stay there in hopes that if Loki is telling the truth, maybe your memory will return. Loki is very supportive and sweet to you and he agreed to sleep on the couch. Though he is so loving, you’re still a bit afraid of him and he does everything he can to make you see that he loves you.
One night Loki can’t stand sleeping on the couch anymore because he misses you so much and he asks you if he can sleep in the bed with you. You’re hesitant, but he gives you his puppy eyes and so you agree.
You lay on your back while Loki softly talks to you, playing with your hair, telling you things you have done together, cuddling with you, caressing you, kissing you softly on your neck and shoulders and face, but not on your lips because he knows you’re not ready. But whatever he does, you don’t dare to move. Finally you feel comfortable enough and fall asleep in his arms.
Next morning, when Loki awakes, he sees you looking at him and he realizes that you remember. He kisses you on the lips passionately and says “I’ve missed you so much”.