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“He’s the type of man who would treat you like a queen.”

This looks like the beginning of a music video

Kneel Laufeyson By Loki

Featuring the number one hit: You’re not my dad”

Bonus track: I do what I want“

My ideal Mr.Right

-heart as golden as Newt Scamander
-friendly and helpful as Remus Lupin
-intelligent like  Artemis Fowl
-inventive and funny as Tony Stark
-sexy as Loki
-chivalrous as Captain America
-righteous as Doctor Strange
-loving unconditonally like Edward Scissorhands
-gothic as Morpheus (from Sandman)
-cool-headed like Sherlock
-protective and cheeky as Tom Ellis’ Lucifer (that sounded so wrong)
-adventurous and nice as the 10th Doctor
-adventurous and quirky as the 11th Doctor
-faithful and brave as Aragorn

no wonder i’m still single af

Tom's from Britian
  • My crazy friend: OMFG Tom Hiddleston is amazing and his accent is even better just kill me
  • Me: Oh yeah, my Tom's pretty cute too
  • Crazy Friend: Where's Tom Holland from?
  • Me: He's also from Britain
  • Crazy Friend: Omfg it's happening
  • Me: What's happening?
  • Crazy Friend: The hot British Tompocalypse
Happy Little Roll 《 A Tom Hiddleston Imagine/One-Shot》 [Request’s Open]

It is that day of the month again, where you took the form a very fragile banshee - The day where you were cranky and emotional; the day you wished never existed because of the pain and irritation it brought you. If possible, you’d rip out your ovaries and hurl them at the wall repeatedly. The summer’s heat was not helping you calm down today. Nothing ever did except for your husband, Thomas. W. Hiddleston.

Usually, the thought of him brought blushes and smiles on your face. Right now, it just brought anger, frustration and tears. Why? Because, he isn’t there to calm you today. He had to go for some last minute shoots earlier this week and he still hasn’t returned. You longed to see him and stay cooped up in his long embrace that somehow contained the period monster in you.

You groan and roll in an attempt to ease your tummy ache, kicking off your sheets as you wear sweating profusely. You regretted throwing the air conditioner’s remote in your blind rage. Now, the remote was lost and you couldn’t find it. Not that you were in a position to find it. The sheets get tangled with your legs and you end up falling on the carpeted floor with a thud. Generally, you’d laugh about it and brush it off. Today, it pissed you off even more. You sniffled slightly and wiped your bleary eyes. You reached for your phone and dialed Tom’s number hoping to be calmed by his voice.

‘Hey! if you are hearing this, I’m probably off on an another adventure. Leave your message after the beep and I’ll make sure to get back to you at my earliest. See ya!’ His velvet voice laced with fun and happiness boomed through your phone.

Your expectations and hopes reversed. Hearing that, only made you want him more and you burst into tears. You sniffled and cried hugging a fluffy plushy pillow which again, smelled of him. In your frustration, you hurled the pillow at the door “Fuck you Hiddleston! Fuck you ovary! Fuck the female curse of having to live through this horrendous episode.” You barely made sense but you shouted and ranted and sniffled just as the door opened and a head popped inside.

Two blue pools of eyes fixated themselves on you and the pillow before the figure pushed the door open and came into view, clad in his blue full hand tee shirt that was pulled up till his elbows and his skinny jeans. He cocked his head “Surprise?” He mumbled and that was all it took for you to break down. Why did you breakdown? You had no idea. You felt like a helpless child that just wanted its teddy bear and currently Tom was that teddy bear. The moment you broke into tears, he rushed and engulfed you in his signature bear hug, pulling you to his lap as he rocked you to and fro “Shh…It’s alright. I’m here little bee, everything is going to be alright.” His deep voice echoed in your head. He knew exactly what was going on. He was used to this during your five year relationship.

You clutch his tee shirt and curl into him “Make it stop.” You mumble like a child “It hurts so much.”

“Shh. It’ll pass sweetling. It’ll pass. I’ve got you.” His lips touch your head as he rocked you to and fro for at least fifteen minutes. That was how long it took for you to calm down slightly. Once he was sure you calmed, he pulled back slightly. “I’m going to go and get you a tub of ice cream. How about you pick us a movie for us to watch hm?” He offered you a very warm smile as you nodded.

You skimmed through the DVD shelf and finally decided on (Your favorite movie here). You sniffled and blinked, holding your tummy as you set up the DVD. You noticed Tom bringing in bundles of plushy pillows and setting them up on the bed. He places the tub of ice cream and the bottle of water on the tea table and goes back inside as you sit on the sofa. He comes in with one of his extra large tee shirt in hand, having changed into his boxers and white tee himself. “Come on, sweets. Hands up.” You did as you were asked. His long slender fingers slipped under your silk nightdress that was drenched with sweat at this point and gently lifted them up, leaving you only in your laced underwear.

Generally, He’d make some sexy remark about him liking you being topless during presence but he knew better than that today. He pulled the tee shirt he hand in hand over you and set it properly and then switched on the AC. He settled on the sofa with his legs stretched on the coffee table as he pulled you to him wrapping a blanket around you. By the end of it, you looked like a sushi roll, occasionally sniffling as he cuddles you and feeds you ice cream.

Slowly the initial six hours passed in his company and you were now lying on top of him, still in the form of a roll. His arms wrapped protectively around you as a very cold ice pack lay between your tummy and his numbing the area of pain. “Tommy?” You mumbled.

“Yes (Y/n)?” he mumbled. Eyes looking into yours as you gazed up at him.

“Why didn’t you answer my call? And why didn’t you tell me you were coming today?” You mumbled again weakly. You felt really comfortable right now. This was your safe haven.

“I wanted to surprise you sweetheart. I’m sorry alright?” He kissed your nose making you sneeze “I will never skip your call again. Promise.”

You smiled at him, feeling relaxed and calm. Leaning up you placed a gentle kiss on his lips. His hands cupped your face as he reciprocated and deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring every nook and corner of your mouth. You playfully push his tongue aside and suck on it as he moans into your mouth. He growls and takes over. It goes on for awhile before you realize you need to breathe and you pull away lapping his lower lip in the process. His eyes fixed themselves on you and smile with lust as you chuckle “You know what you look like right now?” He asks you, just as you lie back down with you head on his chest.

“What?” You mumble, kissing his chest. His fingers run through your (H/C) strands stroking them gently as he chuckled and then laughed to himself spiking your curiosity “What?” You ask him again.

“A happy little sushi roll.” He laughs like a child, throwing his head back, eyes closed as they formed wrinkles. You blushed and laughed with him.

“Well, I don’t know about sushi.” You giggled “But I am a happy little roll”

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