Me and my mum went down to Hartland, North Devon today for uh “my art project” (and really it turns out she’s a better stalker than I am) and saw Tom Hiddleston on the set for TNM! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet him but we got to sit and watch him film and rehearse for 4 and a half hours. We saw him practice his own stunts as well as lifting heavy dumbbells in between shoots (what’s up with that Tom?), getting his makeup done and dancing a long to Happy Days. Legit he put on the song and started boogieing, snake hips and all, with one of the makeup artists and holy fuck it is the hottest and goofiest thing I have ever seen, like god damn.

 These were all the photos I took as I didn’t want to get into any trouble and they include the original photo and a close-up for those who don’t like to play Where’s Tom? :)

I also have a few photos of the set without Tom in them if anyone is interested.