Soooooooo…. last saturday night, me and the lovely Hiddlesitalia were at London Film Festival, to see “Only Lovers Left Alive”, with the charming, stunning, gifted, insanely gorgeous Tom Hiddleston!!!

As you can see from the crappiest photos ever (I was shaking as hell, too much emotion), we’ve been REALLY lucky; we managed to saw him on the red carpet, he was so kind to make an autograph on the magazine I took with me and… he actually spoked briefly to me O____O he asked what kind of magazine it was, I told him that it was an italian one and he went “Wow, very cool!”. (you can see the “epic” moment in my friend’s video, around 00.53 here: http://hiddlesitalia.tumblr.com/post/64667880277/here-is-my-video-of-the-bfi-london-premiere-sorry )

Of course it’s nothing special, but… it was the very first time I saw him in person *shock*, HE talked to ME *double shock* and I managed to reply without fainting *triple shock*

Then, he entered the theatre with us and did a brief introduction before the movie (I loved it, it’s slow and cool, but also funny, and Adam is… WOW.) and a little Q&A after… it was incredible, I’m still trembling. I don’t know in how much time I will recover, but, for now, I’m the happiest person on earth. Thank you, Mr. Hiddleston!


I know, I know, this is nothing special and it’s more than an year old (it’s the London premiere of OLLA in October 2013), but… the two girls passing behind Mr. Hiddleston are me&the dear hiddlesitalia so I had to gif the *epic* moment!!

I still have issue to remember that, few minutes earlier, he actually spoke a moment to me and I did reply… crazy stuff, I know, I know :P

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I am. And I don’t understand a word XD

My sister studied german for three years and I kinda want to drag her to my room and bribe to translate for me but that seems extreme, he keeps saying Tom’s name so I’m good for now (I just want to look at the pretty). Also I’m pretty sure he was looking for specific Chris’ fans because all the girls there were carrying Loki pictures, oops.

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Neanche a me dispiace il doppiatore di Loki, la voce è bella in realtà ed è bravo. Ma sarà che sono abituata alla voce meravigliosa di Tom quindi doppiato non mi piace mai :D

Hai perfettamente ragione. Il problema è che Tom ha una voce unica, bellissima, perciò temo che qualsiasi doppiatore, per quanto bravo, non gli renderebbe mai giustizia. :D

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Hello! Just wanted to say that your Thor/Loki video "Pieces" is one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life. It always makes me cry. I hope you'll make another video of these two!

WOW thank you sooo much ;_; That video is special to me so this is one of the best messages I’ve received. You’re really kind.

And of course :) I’m working on a few. I just need to focus and finish one of them.